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Salem is a crafting/gathering based MMO by Paradox Interactive. The game is set is the New World with every player taking on the role of a pilgrim trying to survive and learn all they can as they build their way to a safe and happy life.

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Humerox 10 years ago
It's a hardcore sandbox game, and it is a pinnacle of achievement for the niche. I liked some things they did in Haven and Hearth better, though.

No disrespect intended, but if you think the graphics suck, the game is too hard, and you get bored quickly with it, you don't understand or appreciate the true sandbox genre and don't belong in this type of game.

The game is not looking for huge commercial success and the developers aren't catering to mainstream MMO players.

Vieric 10 years ago
I just hope they finish this game up soon and devote more time to HnH, I love that game but the performance issues with it make it totally unplayable for all but the most dedicated and/or insane.

As for salem, I have played it as well, and while it seems good in its own right, I prefer HnH. currently Salem wins by virtue of me actually being able to play it for more than 5 minutes without wanting to rip my own hair out over server performance issues.

As for what others have said about its "unfriendliness", they are absolutely correct, however this is not a "bad" thing, it is merely different, It creates a different set of challenges than what one may be used to and therefore requires a different mindset going into the game. Some will love this, some will hate this.

Both Salem and HnH are not games that will appeal to everyone, And while I can respect that I would encourage all of you to check things out, and try to approach the game with an open mind and embrace new playstyles before casting the game off in contempt. Once you get into the right mindset with the game, it actually becomes quite fun.

Gladkathie 10 years ago
I really love the basic idea really much, and I somewhat enjoy the game. Too bad the outcome in overall is a failure tough. I personally prefer 2d over 3, even more if 3d means a crappy, outdated, ugly 3d because of the low budget/designers. Camera handling is horrible, even with all the modified clients out there. (And lol, what's this? NO ONE uses the original client it's so bad? Lol, fail...) Also the interface is like it's from the 90's... Everything need ages to complete. If you want to enjoy the game, you need to play it 5-10 (or even more!) hours a day. Also it's completely unfriendly to new users. No tutorial, no help. You need 3rd party sites, or the forums. It's the way of the 90s again, not a modern game's. There are titans out there who's infrastructure and stats will be unavailable to you. You'll never reach their level. On Plymouth for eg. there is one RPish town with a few guys, who are basically the gods of the server, they dictate all the rules. Which could be fun, player made society is one aspect of the game, but what's ruining it, that there is NO chance they will be overthrown. Just grew so strong, someday they will have the whole map on server 1... For defence (ha!) they ask taxes, if you don't pay, they'll kill you... because they can. And then no compensation, you'll lose your HUNDREDS of hours of gameplay... It needs a better interface/camera, cheaper IRL prices cause of the permadeath (you can loose what you just bought by dieing or through stealing), trade mechanism (currently you have to use storage barrels, if the trading halves aren't fast enough someone else can pick out their money and items instead of them, lol), better system on city stalls (first day players own them, and no one else can get one in the city currently), and no horses? No cows? Less than 10 animals in the whole game... And guess what? It's easier to kill a bunny than a freakin' grasshopper! (After a while you'll one hit both, but still it's a cosmic joke) They should have been spending way more time before releasing the beta. And somehow make it enjoyable to casuals. If you want to play 1 hour a day, you'll just freakin' get raided, griefed, and eventually killed along with all your town and friends. No matter how many friendly dude surrounds you. All of you will be one hitted.

crazystraw 10 years ago
Actually kiiind of interested. I don't mind how the game looks... but it would help if maybe there were at least more sound effects or some small bits of music while exploring since... that will be the bulk of what you do in this game. The perma-death is still kinda off-putting too but depends I guess.

Zhao Yun 10 years ago
This is one of the things i always wonder...why do they make games like these which seem to be from the 90s?the only thing they suceed is closing them 1-2 years later...or why do companies make gender locked classes?meh so many weird stuff and so many questions

killuminati 10 years ago
illuminati game lol

fdsaf 10 years ago
it's a SANDBOX mmo. if you don't know what that means why do you play games?

sniperman248 10 years ago
Lolz Man this game looks hard on the eyes. But looks quite interesting, its like a reverse world of runescape.

Aladeen 10 years ago
Looks like the developers went back 17 years back and made the game and came back to 2012.

Ewoker 10 years ago
MOUNTED LOL and u have played this game it was confused

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