Wakfu First Look Video

Wakfu is a free to play 2D anime-style MMORPG with unique features like a ecosystem, citizenship and much more featuring tactical turn-based combat, vast character customization, and a deep player influenced world.

To find more about Wakfu check out the Wakfu page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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volfie 12 years ago
Wakfu basst on the ANIME wakfu sesson 1-2 seasson 2 on going

70calories 12 years ago
So witch is better Dofus or Wakfu? or are they pretty much the same thing

Ryoo 12 years ago
Magicman if you joined the nation of brakmar then i may be able to help you lvl up i am lvl 19 right now and still going up. Plz add me my name in game is ryoo.

Magicman 12 years ago
Correction: In this video I incorrectly said and labeled the developers as "Angama", it was actually "Ankama". That's what I get for working on this way late. My deepest apologies to the hard workers at Ankama. Thanks!

cacalips 12 years ago
All good games if you like this genre. However, it is not F2P. Just a few noob features, then you must pay or be forever locked out of the content.

BET 12 years ago
The game has been out for nearly 4 years now, and it's still buggy; well not as worst at it first came out.

- Monster stuck / bug can't kill or harvest.
- Spread out market bag, can be put anywhere (Use this to sell items; there is no non playable character in this game that will buy junk items).
- Over Nerf Characters, and some abilities.
- Newbies wondering around killing monster without cares about the ecosystem.
- Karma the game currency is hard to obtain at the moment.
- Governor applicants can use their alts to cheat the ballot.
- Inactive Governor could stays in power for the whole two weeks.
- Ankarma disabled re-talent in Open Beta, making it harder for beta testers to test the abilities and skills for bugs or glitches.
- Plenty more.

None 12 years ago
lol now that some horrible build :D but yes the game has lots of going on and making monsters dissapear you must be pk :D

P2P 12 years ago
P2P GAME... thats a fail for p2p >.> ewwwwwww... better to play star wars..

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Tour 12 years ago
Great video for first impression! You should also talk about the following next time.

- Story Achievement (Some Achievement can only be obtain on certain time and certain requirements; for example Story Achievements on Incarnam the first map can only be obtained there; once you've left then there's no other way to get it as far as I know.)
- Most of the characters have been nerfed and greatly weakened; so dofus players might find it harder to level certain nerfed characters.
-Trapper professions can be obtain on Incarnam by talking to the Boss Wolf located within the east gate; also basic tutorial / strategy instructors located on the north gate. (The reason that you can't pass through the gate because it's bug; you need to move away and right click from a far.)

* I would like to play with you next time, but sadly I live in Europe and can't enter N/A Server.

Aeirn 12 years ago
Do you mind if fans add you in-game, Magicman??

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Andrew 12 years ago
Great game with amazing features TONS do to not a grind fest lots of professions to work on economic system is amazing Recommended.

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ReillyM 12 years ago
dofus re-make

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