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It's time to make your voice heard and celebrate the best in free-to-play gaming from the past year, with the 2014 MMOBomb Fans' Choice Awards!

We've got a slew of categories for games, from RPGs to shooters to driving (and flying) games, and we want you to help us pick the best! We'll announce the winners on a special edition of the free-to-play podcast, and inform each game's developer of their victory so they can bask in the glory of conquest.

As a reminder, except for the last category, only games that are currently fully available for free -- not via paid early access or that require you to be picked for an alpha or beta -- are eligible for rewards, even if they haven't officially launched yet. And yes, we will be monitoring things and won't hesitate to alter vote totals if we see any shenanigans. Keep it clean, guys!

It's all up to you guys to help us pick the champions from the contenders, the best of the best, the cream of the crop... or just the one with the least offensive cash shop, if that's how you want to do it.

Best Free MMORPG (Eastern)

The birthplace of the free-to-play RPG genre is still going strong in 2014, with several well-loved games, old and new, vying for the top spot.

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Best Free MMORPG (Western)

Or maybe you prefer something with a more 'Merican (or European) bent to it? There's plenty to choose from!

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Wait, there are free-to-play MOBAs? Well, color us surprised! And here we thought it was just a niche...

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Best F2P Shooter

First-person or third-person... it doesn't matter, as long as you get to blow stuff away!

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Best F2P Vehicular Game

We broke out “pure” vehicle games because we thought they had a different “feel” than games with foot-based gunplay or a combination thereof. So which game gets your engine running?

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Best F2P Card Game

The biggest controversy isn't which of these games is the best, but whether they should be called “trading card games” or “collectible card games.”

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Most Anticipated F2P Game

Good things may come to those who wait... but which of these games do you not feel like waiting for any longer?

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Black Desert Online is not up for 2015 Most Anticipated since it has a 2016 confirmed launch date.

Voting will be closed at 9:00 p.m. Pacific time on Monday, Dec. 22. Good luck to all the nominees!

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Discussion (71)

cenobyte 8 years ago
I've never been into digital card games but infinity Wars has been hands down the best one I played so far. Free, original and a great community

Roderick 8 years ago
Looks like I.W. won! If you haven't tried this game yet you probably should; I'm an older player who has played since a few days before the rise expansion and the game has improved tremendously in that time; sure there are a few bugs here and there but there's workarounds in the meantime and any serious bugs are taken care of pretty darn quickly. I do have to say one thing though,

Simultaneous turns are wonderful things, predicting your opponents moves can mean the difference between winning a game and losing it such as with the Cult of Verore (CoV). Cult of Verore is filled to the brim with situational kill/debuff spells but knowing when and where to place your units and calling your opponent's bluff means anyone can beat them; however if you are unprepared for the onslaught that is Verore you will probably be facedesking in frustration as the last of your defense crumbles. This really goes to show how experience and skill dictate a match much more so than anything else.

Oh and the community is great, I always try to lend new players a helping hand so if you see me ingame just send me a message!

manoftheyear 8 years ago
after the pay to win death of Magic (updates create only a pay to win game) IW is the only actual TCG that not require some special cards to win in a ranked or in normal one i ask to all commenters to come in game and check yourself
i downloaded on steam and i found that TCG very impressive
play it

manoftheyear 8 years ago
IW is absolutely best F2P TCG in the panorama, nice community and nice game
vote it and play it

xPepe 8 years ago
I can´t wait for IW to become popular. It really has the potential and DESERVES to be known.

BlastToBits 8 years ago
AirMech is certainly one of the best f2p MOBAs on that list. I've tried DOTA 2 and LoL, only to find its controls don't give me complete control. Click-to-move basically reduces skill cap for getting kills, sadly. WASD is definitely much preferred, which AirMech (and maybe other games) use.
There is also a ton of multi-tasking and other elements aside from kill creeps & kill enemy, which is pretty cool.
Dogfighting, both air and on ground. If you like that, try AirMech.

TinFoilMkIV 8 years ago
I just have to say, IW is freaking tied with freaking HS!
Even if this only lasts a moment the fact that IW could even touch the monster that is HS backed by Blizzard says a lot.

EViolet 8 years ago
Most Anticipated F2P Game: only one SKYFORGE, this Game is absolutely awesome....

Grinnin_Gin 8 years ago
I find it kind of funny that most of the people who're coming out in support of Hearthstone or other so-called ''TCGs'' are typing like illiterates and are being extremely rude while the people who are coming out in support of Infinity Wars are respectful and literate. I think that says more about the quality of the game then any glowing review ever will.

SE_Lain 8 years ago
"The biggest controversy isn’t which of these games is the best, but whether they should be called “trading card games” or “collectible card games.”" ::: t r a d i n g ::: only in Infinity Wars...

Qfasa 8 years ago
In my opinion, from all the card games in the list only Infinity Wars has potential to be someday as great and famous as M:tG. I won't say it doesn't have problems but the core gameplay is very solid and unique, and all what the game needs is more polishing and content (not just new cards but more modes, more options, more "meat" on its bones) and this is just a matter of time when all these things will be in the game. Oh, and the quality control of new updates which, in my opinion, is the weakest point of the game right now.

manoftheyear 8 years ago
hmm a lot of trolls against IW
guys download the game, try it and trust me you vote IW because in the f2p is the best TGc

manoftheyear 8 years ago
thumbs up for Infinity wars
i try and i still play ! IW is really not pay to win game and is funny and very addictive.
First trading game card in panorama that is good and enjoyable without spend money
is not true that gamers are unfriendly you find a lot of gamers that help you

Cassiusclay 8 years ago
Hawken is in the vote? The game is already dead and no players in the server.
LOL that's are the general 3 steps of all new players of hawken
1) install the game
2) try the tutorial and do jumping jack
3) uninstall Hawken

Cassiusclay 8 years ago
I dont see Might and Magic on F2p trading game that people can vote
actually after heartstone is decent TGC that you can found.
Solforge? Check the steam comments and you see how good is it lol Most of the judges of steam player on solforge is : wtf is that game!
IW such previously say that game is a mess screwed TGC i ever saw. The server is powered by coal-burning (disconnections freeze...). IWhave plenty of glitches and bugs, the community are unfriendly, rude and generally full of dumb kids with Parents CC. If you don't trade your grandmom on trade chat your deck lose forever and ever.

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K-leb 8 years ago
I'm a trainee in Lightmare Studios (believe it or not), so I get to test Infinity Wars for a couple hours on my day at work there. I'm glad to see that Infinity Wars is getting a lot of attention. It's not winning in the category, which is really unfortunate as it'd be great for the little guys to rise up to the top, but whatever. I enjoy the game, and considering it is the first card video game that I've played for more than a couple minutes (which honestly is because I had to for the job, but still it's a good excuse to actually expand my variety of video game preferences), I'm surprised. I haven't played Hearthstone, so I can't say whether it deserves the win, but from what I've heard it seems Infinity Wars mostly deserves a higher rank than that.

I'm pretty biased because I work at the company that makes the game, but still, it's a great game and thank you to everyone who voted for it!!!

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Flevalt 8 years ago
Most Anticipated F2P MMO

"which of these games do you NOT feel like waiting for any longer?"

Wait what? What did I vote for then? Did I vote for the most anticipated game? Or did I vote for the game that I do not feel like waiting for any longer, basically having dropped it?

Mabipetalperson 8 years ago
Mabinogi is a game nobody cares to look at...Its amazing though...Just get past ArcheAge and my life shall be happy for another year.

Hronos 8 years ago
Infinity Wars is the best TCG...

ThorFolklore 8 years ago
There was only one category that I cared about - TCG.

It came down to Solforge, MM:DoC and Infinity Wars for me. Hearthstone wasn't even worth a second look. I tried it for a week and tossed it aside forever.

Solforge has unique card levelling gameplay based on skill, predicting your next few draws and inherently, a bit of luck. It's very polarising. You either love it or you don't. Because of that, I couldn't justify voting it as the best TCG (I suppose you could call it a "TCG" as it has recently just implemented a form of trading called "sharing"). Of note is that Solforge has both constructed tournaments and drafting, which is very fun. You can enter a draft for free roughly once a week, and there are regular special constructed and draft tournaments called "Weekend Warriors".

MM:DoC has deep, complicated gameplay based on resource management and making use of hero skills (sometimes a little too complicated for newbies!). A great game that I would like to pick as the best, but until the game's developers (Ubisoft) have a clear direction for it going forward, it doesn't deserve this accolade (and new players should probably stay away from it). Newbies are limited to playing in Standard format, unless they want to get crushed in Open format by the veterans with OP older cards that are very hard (and expensive!) to obtain (Standard format doesn't allow the older cards to be played). I should know, because I've been playing for a month, and I'm nowhere near the point of being able to compete in Open. The game is dying due to bad decisions by Ubi, there's no doubt about that. It's got a very P2W feel to it nowadays. A very recent development is that Ubi's German subsidiary is taking over the game so we shall see what happens next. They have promised the implementation of draft mode, so that's a start.

Last but certainly not least, is Infinity Wars. Where do I even begin with this little known gem! Animated(!) art on every card, a low-cost draft mode with increasingly better payouts the more games you win, best-of-3 ranked matches, comprehensive training with tutorials and bots, a proper (albeit unfinished) campaign mode, FIVE free rotating community-made decks per week to let players with smaller card collections compete on a more equal footing with the big boys, weekly quests that award free cards, in-game achievements to earn for bragging rights, a full-fledged trading system... Heck, there's even a thriving secondary market for buying and selling cards run by community traders. Infinity Wars is the first DIGITAL TCG I've seen to have an active secondary market for trading!

The developers also release new expansions of around 100 cards every 3-4 months so you get around 3-4 new sets of cards every year. Oh, and did I mention how many factions there are to experiment with? Let's just say that you'll have some epic deck building lying ahead of you should you decide to dip your toes into Infinity Wars. While the developers are a young indie studio from Australia, they are constantly improving and they take community feedback seriously. I also can't emphasise enough how much I enjoy the gameplay - players take SIMULTANEOUS turns with a focus on getting a read on your opponent's game plan and countering what you predict he will do. There is a very engaging "priority" mechanic that will take new players by surprise but after a while, one gets the hang of it and learns to use it to their advantage by making game-changing plays based on "priority".

Finally, the game has a somewhat grind-y feel but definitely not a P2W feel. Almost every single digital CCG has a level of grind if you're trying to acquire cards without paying for them. Infinity Wars is kind enough to let you access every single card for free, provided you grind enough. Definitely a solid pick for best TCG of the year (although I admit that I'm a little biased).

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TinFoilMkIV 8 years ago
looks like Infinity wars is getting some attention in these comments, and its well deserved. Not only is it quite interesting and truly making use of the digital medium, but as stated above has proper trading making it a true TCG instead of taking the easy CCG route most digital card games end up with.

BlackLightning 8 years ago
If you want something unique and refreshing in the realm of TCGs, you would be wise to try out Infinity Wars. Trading is very much a thing and the community is second to none.

PandaStick 8 years ago
Who fkin vote Arche Age? that's the biggest piece of turd that got release this year beside FEAR online.

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EagleShadow 8 years ago
AirMech is the most under-appreciated F2P Moba out there. Sure, its not League or Dota, but at least it's original, and has a better F2P model than any of the games on the list.
Try it out.

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Electro13 8 years ago
Enough people seem to have preceded me, but it's worth noting that Infinity Wars has a trading system implemented in it, the card art is all animated, and the gameplay is unique in so many ways.

Smoshi 8 years ago
What the hell is Blade & Soul and why is it above H1Z1?

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Dray'Gon 8 years ago
I'm a little disappointed to see Hearthstone leading in the TCG/CCG poll, but I guess it's more well known being that it's made by Blizzard. I can kinda see the appeal to it as I have tried it out, but it's not too unique in the genre. Sure, they all have one-liners when you play or lose a minion, but the mechanics aren't that unique.

Also, of the choices up there, only Infinity Wars actually incorporates trading, so it's a true TCG. It's also possible to make a very viable deck with just commons and uncommons (and maybe a few rares) so it's not really "Pay to Win". While I have spent money on the game, it hasn't been a lot and it's because I really think Infinity Wars is a great game.

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Grinnin_Gin 8 years ago
The only decent f2p card game is Infinity Wars. Hearthstone is for kids with half a brain, MTGO is a bug ridden mess, Might and Magic, well thats more than a bit niche, Sol Forge is meh, and who the heck ever heard of Card Hunter.

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Kevkas 8 years ago
I'd just like to point out that Infinity Wars is actually a TCG, because it HAS trading in it. That, and the fact that each and every card in it is animated by professional artists makes it stand out from the rest of the card games suggested in the poll.

Winsanity 8 years ago
Just for reference, as opposed to the other games on the best ftp card game list you can actually TRADE in Infinity Wars. And the trading system is done very well.

Rawasa 8 years ago
You guys made a mistake by stating "Black Desert Online is not up for 2015 Most Anticipated since it has a 2016 confirmed launch date." The game is slated to be released in 2015 and not 2016. Where do you guys get your information from? like seriously do better research.

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michael 8 years ago
sad to so league winning while dota 2 is a better game :/ I guess all the scrubs are on today

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Vinal 8 years ago
You should disable results until the actual poll reveal to make it fair

Fandall 8 years ago
I'm disappointed not to see War INC Battlezone here, since it's quite fun and interesting game that takes a step back from fast paced action shooter and puts you more into a strategic setting. Also, Neverwinter DnD is missing, Dragon Nest?

Emanus 8 years ago
There should be the most horrendously buggy game of the year , i bet Warframe will win that one

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