First Look

Atlas Reactor – Gameplay First Look

Mix a brawler game with a lot of strategy and some insane personalities and you get Atlas Reactor, the latest free-to-play offering from Trion Worlds…

First Look

Crossout – Gameplay First Look

Crossout is an upcoming free-to-play automotive combat game from Gaijin Entertainment that features amazing customization and intense action! Build your vehicular manslaughter machine from the…

First Look

The Skies – Gameplay First Look

Check out The Skies, currently in closed alpha, if you’re into wide open sandbox worlds with player driven economies, RPG elements, full stat customization, and…

First Look

Luna Online Reborn – Gameplay First Look

Were you upset when Luna Online and Luna Plus went away? Now SubaGames has your back with Luna Online Reborn. The free-to-play title reworks a…

First Look

ARK: Survival of the Fittest – Gameplay First Look

Better find some cover and quick! This free-to-play spin-off of the B2P ARK: Survival Evolved challenges players to enter the fray solo or in teams…

First Look

Paragon – Gameplay First Look

Mix up some TPS elements, cards, and a heavy helping of MOBA and you just might get Epic Games’ latest project, Paragon. Taking a page…

First Look

Star Crusade – Gameplay First Look

Conquer the galaxy in Star Crusade, a new free-to-play CCG set amid a futuristic war between humans and aliens. To find out more about Star…

First Look

Bierzerkers – Gameplay First Look

Get drunk, carry the sheep, and score. Feel free to battle and brawl your way to that goal along the way. Bierzerkers if a free-to-play…

First Look

Time of Dragons – Gameplay First Look

Take to the skies for laser wielding dragon combat in this free-to-play aerial combat game from R I Lab. Time of Dragons features shooter combat…

First Look

Free to Play Cast: PAX South Wrap-up, Engine Changes, and First Look Reviews Ep 168

On this week’s Free to Play Cast, The Repopulation has to start coding again from scratch, Jason returns from PAX South with F2P and B2P…

First Look

Sphere 3 – Gameplay First Look

Nikita Online brings large scale PvP into the world of Sphere 3. The free-to-play title feels a bit old fashioned though and to get to…

First Look

SNOW – Gameplay First Look

Ever wanted to hit the slopes in an MMO based exclusively on skiing or snowboarding? If you answered that odd question with a “YES,” then…

First Look

Winning Putt – Gameplay First Look

BANDAI NAMCO mixes MMORPG elements and the golf course in Winning Putt. This free-to-play golfing game requires you to level up, complete quests, and yes…even…

First Look

Spellweaver – First Look Gameplay

Looking for another card game to catch your attention for a while? Dream Reactor’s Spellweaver may hit the free-to-play mark for you. Mixing just enough…

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