League of Legends vs. Heroes of Newerth

Title: League of Legends
Genre: RPG
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1.3 GB
Publisher: Riot Games
Developer: Riot Games
Title: Heroes of Newerth
Genre: RPG
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 602 MB
Publisher: S2 Games
Developer: S2 Games
Quick Overview:

League of Legends (LoL) is a free to play MMO Game inspired by the classic Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients. This game mixes strategy and RPG elements in a perfect way to offer exciting and always different matches.

Quick Overview:

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is a free to play Team based arena style action RPG that is very similar to DotA (Defense of the Ancients – a Warcraft 3 Mod). If you enjoy challenge, you should not miss this one.

Gameplay Preview Video:
[rokbox title="League of Legends" thumb="http://www.mmobomb.com/file/2011/09/lol-vs.jpg" size="854 505" album=""]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcGbCUFh2z4&hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox]
Gameplay Preview Video:
[rokbox title="Heroes of Newerth" thumb="http://www.mmobomb.com/file/2011/09/hon-video.jpg" size="854 505" album=""]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYGfgPm-w4o&hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox]
What’s explosive about it:

- Great Mix of Strategy and RPG
Plenty of Heroes
Clean interface

What’s explosive about it:

- Over 100 items as well as regular content updates
Dozens of playable Hero characters
Match making and ranking features

League of Legends (LoL) vs. Heroes of Newerth (HoN) the epic clash of the DOTAs (Defense of The Ancients). What is the best DOTA-style game? What is your favorite? what DotA game should win in this arena? What “DotA clone” should we play?

It’s time to take part in this ultimate fight between the two games, so choose your side and vote. We are looking for productive and intelligent discussions concerning the two action-strategy-RPG games so please be reasonable, offensive comments will be removed.

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  1. LoL FTW on September 4, 2011

    LoL’s community is much better than HoN. i’ve played LoL for months and only ran into 1 or 2 people who were not fun to play with. in HoN i have played 5 matches and in every single one there was at least one person on my team yelling at me or other players, who were playing for the first time, through their mic saying “YOU SUCK OMG! DO SHIT RIGHT!” and stuff like that.

    • boetker1991 on April 19, 2012

      uhm, what game have you played? I have never been called as much bullshit as I’ve ever been in LoL… in HoN I at least get a ‘gj’ or ‘well done’ when I carry out my task on the team..

      • XCodes on May 12, 2012

        In all seriousness, this is not the norm. What’s more, on the end of game stat screen, there’s a button you can press to report abusive players. It is very important to the designers that the community atmosphere be positive, because if you don’t like the people you play a game with then you’re not going to like playing the game in the first place.

  2. ramy on September 4, 2011

    HoN is the best

    • RandomFunkyDude on April 10, 2012


    • Payback on April 30, 2012

      Not from what I heard. The game is somewhat….I don’t know. It just makes me more appreciative of the original DoTA.

  3. Viciouss on September 4, 2011

    what button do I press if both games suck horribly?

    • JesterH on September 7, 2011

      click the power button on your PC

      • Machinist on October 30, 2011


        • John on January 12, 2012

          if you hate the game, don’t even comment on it.

  4. Numot on September 4, 2011

    If you think both games suck the go back to your FPS, as to which which one is better, LoL by far.

    HoN has become a LoL wannabe, it was p2p, LoL kicked its but, so it copied LoL by going f2p. HoN also copied one of the the champs in LoL. LoL came out with Wukong, next thing you know HoN has the Monkey King. As far as the learning curve goes LoL once again wins by a mile, they clearly explain it all and all the players are willing to help. HoN explains almost nothing, not even how there items work, and you can’t even go onto the forum to get help until you hit lvl 5 or spend money on it, so HoN sucks. The pvp in LoL is much more balenced, faster paced, and just simply more fun, and once again HoN is just a wannabe, since LoL is rolling out a new map and game mode while HoN still has the same old maps an outdated game mode. Only reason I can think of to play HoN over LoL is A, you like shitty games, B, you just want different anoucers and nothing else matters, or C, you are one of those odd people that thinks HoN looks better and only care about looks.

    • Viciouss on September 5, 2011

      What dose both these games sucking have to do with fps’s? I play a large verity of games and I find these two games to be pretty bad it has nothing to do with fps’s so take your ignorance else where =)

    • Portnot on September 5, 2011

      okay, i read thru, and LoL AND HoN are copy each other,so its not only hon that copy from lol but also the other way, yes it went to free to play, unlikly lol, you can become a legacy player for free i’ve hear, whice includes all heros FREE,

      lol, is a f2p, but i also seem to find more problems login in on LoL than it is on HoN

      So its both negatvie and postive things.

      i would say they are pretty much the same in rate overall, personal prefrences comes to win here ;)

      • stivertsen on September 19, 2011

        dude u are all wrong, Riot made Dota and sold it to valve, and made a new game called LOL, if u every learned to read u would notice that.

        • MrG on December 22, 2011

          Wrong. Eul created the original Dota. He does work for Valve now.

          • ashgdkj;zvzv on March 29, 2012

            actually he had help and then the people who helped split and made LoL

          • joh2141 on May 7, 2012

            One of DoTa’s main developers created LoL. I forget his name but essentially the game is more akin to what the creators of the game had in mind.

      • joh2141 on May 7, 2012

        That logging in problem must be yours only. I’m logging in perfectly fine on LoL and I rarely get disconnected, and if I do, it’s because of my own internet or bandwidth.

    • xkieth on September 17, 2011

      its about the essence of DoTA, ofcourse, HoN have the essence,

      • TheGamer on October 8, 2011

        its not about the essence of Dota,its to see which game maked the revolution on the dota genre and put new things on it

    • mike on September 21, 2011

      I have only tried LOL and franly it pretty much sucked…oh and for those of you claiming how “help[ful” the player community is…I played 3 games, obviously still learning, AND i GOT HECKLED AND YELLED AT EVERY TIME I DIED!!!

      In fact, in the lobby post game, one douche bag continued heckling me crieing about how I should die…oh and we won that game…bunch of idiots…

      • asdlkxvc on September 29, 2011

        obviously you’re not suppose to die in LoL

      • rickybobby on October 14, 2011

        you know why you think LOL sucks?? It’s because LOL needs a player with high IQ, LOL is a game that need a lot more IQ than HoN, You need lots of patience in LOL because you will most probably die if you tower dive etc and if you do not use your summoner spells well

        • SuparAidz on March 2, 2012

          Are you serious? Hon is a much more strategic game than LoL, if you played professional matches in Hon you’d understand that. LoL is just a casual game where you don’t have to focus as much where as Hon is a much more intensive game.

          • asdasaafasdf on March 29, 2012

            area u kidding me there are so many strategies to LoL its insane
            the game changes all the time and people are changing game styles that it is hard to keep up with dont even try to say that HoN is more strategic

            play a draft pick with some lvl 30′s and u would know

          • joh2141 on May 7, 2012

            It’s proven LoL is more strategic than HoN. HoN’s only main advantage is the graphics and denying strategy (which isn’t really a strategy but a harassing tool that’s not all too important but HoN players will use it as their main argument for hating on LoL).

            And for those who think LoL sucks or HoN sucks, it’s just not your type of game. Go play something else, no one cares if you think it sucks or not. People are here to essentially decide which one they like better.

    • Bettur on September 21, 2011

      How can you say that when HoN incorporates DOTA so well and LoL ignores the game its based off of

      • wtfishon on November 18, 2011

        Hahaha, you realise lol has the actual ORIGINAL game designer on their team? You tools.

      • wtfishon on November 18, 2011

        Hahaha, you realise lol has the actual ORIGINAL dota game designer on their team? You tools.

        • MrG on December 22, 2011

          I don’t think you know who the original dota game designer was.

          • joh2141 on May 7, 2012

            No, one of LoL’s main game designers were one of few major designers for DoTa. HoN is just a carbon copy with better graphics. But that’s why it’s not as good. HoN seeks to imitate a game from Warcraft III and LoL sought to expand and evolve the DoTa gameplay into a more refined version.

    • Raalus on October 7, 2011

      LoL has no real competition because anyone can playa couple games and be just as good as a long term player, where as HoN requires much more skill and takes many more games to HoNe that skill. You just obviously tried HoN and got pwned.

      • JayJay on January 2, 2012

        Cause u suck balls! LoL doesn’t require skill!

        • Jeff on March 17, 2012

          You play Heroes of Newerth, right? Have you ever reached Level 30? When you’re level one, you play people that have never played a DOTA clone before. I can easily dominate anyone that played only 100 games while I have about 700 games with 400 wins.

          • john on May 3, 2012

            Jeff im totaly on your side i mean LoL is more fun to play and if you start a game at lvl 1 you meet poeple in same lvl as u than i mean people thats new to the game but wen u get to lvl 30 its a whole diffrent story more advanced play styles more tactical team fights and so on.. and @Raalus
            if u say your pawnd people than well try to pawn me if u can? im a lvl 30 player with 1645 wins and 800 losses a total of mabye 2500 games. and than we will se if u still pawn u moron.

          • ZeR0 on May 10, 2012

            Srsly i dont even believe that u ever played HoN…. HoN has nothing to do with ur level…. Even if a player is bad as shit if he has a ton of matchs he will have a high lvl… its all about the mmr
            U win or lose MMR (rating ) on each match and playing Matchmaking u will play with players that have the same MMR. If ur good u can be lvl 1 and pwn lvl 30′s …

        • OroChi on March 20, 2013

          LOL doesn’t require skill??? wow…wow…wow…does it mean LOL is for noobs??

      • Jarod on March 18, 2012

        I’d like to see a player with a couple wins top my experience in over 1400 half-hour to 1 hour long games. This game is much more in depth than you credit it. I’m very proud of Riot in creating such a beautiful game that f2p. Couldn’t be more pleased. I tried HoN and it seems to have a very steep learning curve for one. Not enough assistance in learning to play. The graphics of LoL do seem to top HoN’s. Riot has provided us with a tribunal in which the honest players judge those reported multiple times. Whether the reported player be punished or not is decided by the 30 or so LoL players that review the chat record and believe the reason of his being reported is true or not true. Riot is very fair in this way. I do not know if HoN has something similar to this but I believe it is truly a great thing to add into the League of Legends community. I see many friendly people throughout hours of gaming in chat logs. Of course there are a few negative players. You’ll get those anywhere. But they aren’t a problem for long. I vote LoL overall. I don’t want to diss on HoN because I’ve only played around two hundred games :/

      • Azza1552 on June 29, 2012

        HoN FTW …. tried LoL the Graphics is Terrible and u get stuff like teddy bears …WTF?
        and Everyone is Carry … GG noobs..?

        • Azza1552 on June 29, 2012

          just download LoL right now … to dominate every player thats playing it :D!

        • Kavalry_Master on July 1, 2012

          Tried on max graphics?
          and also hon is same shit compare to dota one man carry if fed from start its gg right away and puts balance on team, so i dont know which is better.
          Hon are for noobs i guess?

          • Azza1552 on July 1, 2012

            Naaa.. trust me….. Hon is well harder than LoL.. because in Hon it takes time to Learn … and LoL just start the game and you will get a Kill straight ..
            Anyways Dota is the best . Both of these games cant Beat Dota

          • Troll_Master on July 1, 2012

            Hey …. Kavalry_master … ill give u a game in HoN .. Trust me you’ll get ur Russian Ass Raped … Like ur mother did last night :D

      • bioshock on September 5, 2012

        anyone who played rank games in LoL can say this : you are a very very clueless boy ! words with no background ..

      • Rokrok on October 23, 2012

        oh really you say you can beat one of the pro guys.. tell me how your score will be like after a game vs one of them

    • Visceral on July 24, 2012

      Why are you people talking about 2 copies of DotA copying eachother? That’s completely ridiculous, what do you expect from rip off merchandising games do besides copy one another in order to horde the most players just to make themselves rich while their entire game is also a copy of an old game…… I’ll wait for DotA2

    • Deadrights on August 23, 2012

      You LoL players are way to sensitive and QQ/ RQ too much i played LoL before it went mainstream and HoN came out and it was okay but adapting to HoN wasn’t so difficult to me because iv’e played Dota before people probably like you are “A” retarded “B” mainstream follower and saw an add on some website like miniclip. “C” you all are twelve year old more or less. Both games were based of Dota all characters or some are similar to all 3-4 games if you count dota 2 you sir NUMOT are an immature gamer who needs to know the game from Pros and Noobs
      NOOBS= LoL
      all depends if you’re someone like you as I explained in Abc form as you did and need to learn that this is not and MOAB or w.e this is a TD team game, game. First of all don’t “F” up to all the QQ LoL players and learn your Sh*t. Second of all you LoL players probably thought LoL was the first TDMMORGPPVP and LoL players probably didn’t know that and Finally GROW A PAIR OR TWO AND PLAY REAL GAMES LIKE HoN, Dota, Dota 2 or even games as D3 Sc2 AND EVEN CoD

      • Arrow33 on October 28, 2012

        Example of a terrible community

      • Dat MF on November 27, 2012

        I think I’m “D”: Someone who wanted to try a new game.

        I think someone is butthurt because their game is basically irrelevant now.

        Also, because of the matchmaking alone I don’t want to play HoN.

        I am not going to say LoL is better than HoN, because I haven’t played HoN but I can say that thinking about the community and the learning curve of HoN kind of makes me not want to play it. Ever.

  5. Kawaiido on September 4, 2011

    Both games are interesting, but both have terrible communities, but HoN’s is FAR WORSE, so LoL wins, if only being the lesser evil.

  6. Huuahhh!!!! on September 5, 2011

    i really hate those kind of games but i tryed LoL so :D it should win :D

    • The Troll King on July 2, 2012

      i really hate those kind of games but i tried your mum so i should win :)


      The Troll King

      • how pro on November 27, 2012

        HOW BADASS YOU ARE awesome trolling im just laughing a lot i cannot stop OMG somebody save me

  7. aLkapoN on September 5, 2011

    i suck at both so im going back to brick games. im up for any challenger out there, ill bet my dog against anyone on brick game!

  8. Num 1# fan on September 5, 2011

    Hon is clearly better than Lol. Hon has better animation and gameplay, and really wth is people first impression when they here about a game that is called LoL?

    • Merugop on April 8, 2012

      LoL makes them curious while HoN sonds like North Vietnames communist Leader, LoL is by far better for unskilled players an by the time u lear n how to play ir becomes more intense,

    • karl on June 26, 2012

      hon better lol sucks i have an name for lol LEAGUE OF LOOSERS

      • Kavalry_Master on July 1, 2012

        LoL is simply better, which you actually use ur brain in strategies and etc
        hon is just one man carry sht game
        I have a name for Hon Heroes of Nooblets

        • The Troll King on July 2, 2012

          are you saying that a game where you rush and retreat has a strategic element that requires your brain to work

          Then you have to be a french retard go play age of empires and come back

          Love xxx

          The Troll king

        • Troll_SGTMCDONALD on July 2, 2012

          Your Clearly a noob for saying LoL needs Strategies …
          I never lost a match in LoL …. Cause everyone that plays the game Clearly Cant play any other Game


          • theh95 on March 10, 2013

            i really think you should reconsider what you just said; because no one wins all games and the way i’m seeing this, it seams that you were playing the tutorial and wining all the time and by the way you can add me and i’ll show you work “invincible”

  9. KungFuNinja on September 5, 2011

    Honestly , you can tell which game has more features and better graphics by just looking at the game size >.<

    Title: League of Legends | Filesize: 1.3 GB

    Title: Heroes of Newerth | Filesize: 602 MB

    That's almost 700 more MB so more than double HoN xD

    • portnot on September 5, 2011

      What about the updates? count them to, if u download hon u got over 1 gb 2gb and even more

      • Flazor on September 23, 2011

        Do you even know what updates do? when you get an update on like lets say… 300 mega byte, the game will only fill like 10 mb more, or maybe it wont even fill more on your pc. The patch updates old files and thats because of compatibility problems. Therefore when you download a patch on 300 mb its because alot of the old files are in there too, just reworked. And that doesnt make the game fill 300 mb more.

    • pikachu90 on February 28, 2012

      thats just the instaler idioit Lol download for files is close to 7GB and im sure about Hon

      i like em both

    • SuparAidz on March 2, 2012

      Are you serious? A difference in game size doesn’t mean anything when looking at graphics and features. If you want cartoonish graphics which kids love then go play LoL but if you want actually nice graphics that actually look like what its supposed to then HoN.

    • Azza1552 on July 1, 2012

      Watch the Top video again and the guy says Hon has Better Grapics

  10. LoL is batter then HoN on September 5, 2011

    BOTH Game sucks bout LoL IS BATTER I ALWAYS WIN IN lOl HoN sucks

    • Azza1552 on June 29, 2012

      Its probably your Crap at HoN … haha

  11. andrei on September 5, 2011

    League of Legends is more team-based skill-based , has more structure and its gameplay its at a lower pace’ , games take longer . Champions use the skills very often.

    HoN is more PvP-Action gameplay, u can win solo without support of your team ( one player to rule them all) and the skills are only once/use , u cannot spam your abilities like in LoL.

    both games are dota style but both games are so different gameplay.
    Consider HoN as an World of Warcraft PvP arena ( is the best analogy ) . Very rapid , action-oriented.

    vote : LoL , because of the ability that can be used so often, makes u skill-ful on how and when to use in regard to HoN that u can cast a skill every 10 seconds, or all skills and then 0 mana.

    • Isak on December 23, 2011

      you have no chance to win a game in higher ladders of HoN without a propper support. Sure, you can win without a support HERO, but someone must still support with wards, upgrading of courier and stacking of creeps in the woods. And if it is the amount of mana on each character that is going to be the last word in the discussion about what game that is the best, then i laugh out loud

    • SuparAidz on March 2, 2012

      If you’ve ever played a professional match in HoN you’d realise that one player cannot win a game. You need the support of every player. And in HoN you may be able to cast a skill every 10 seconds but you have to conserve mana where as in LoL you have 1000+ mana at like level 10 and you can spam moves which is just stupid.

    • The Shred on March 2, 2012

      Casting skills every 10 seconds and running out of mana actually makes you think MORE on when it would be wise to use the skill thus giving HoN more of a strategic side compared to LoL where you can just spam and spam till the world ends. If you can spam skills then you wouldn’t really need to know “when to use” because you can just spam it 2 secs later.

      • Jarod on March 18, 2012

        Resources are plentiful in LoL definitely, but that goes for health to. You can ult somebody and barely damage them, or completely destroy them. Depends on their build and your build. You can have lots of mana or you can be oom after spamming a skill twice. It all really depends.

  12. matt on September 5, 2011

    Hon takes more skill than LOL. player base sucks in Hon only because LOL is for like 10 year olds. overall HON is much harder to play. its like comparing COD to like Battlefield 3. Cod is for 10 year olds that need aim assist like halo does. battlefield 3 takes more skill to play.

    • TheJoystick on September 5, 2011

      Lol. BF3 and CoD. Youre comparing 2 completely different styles of shooting games to this? Let me tell you first off, BF3 wont sell as much as CoD:MW3 due to the fact more people are familiar with the CoD franchise. BF3 will look nicer but will run on the same amount of frames than any basic fps game. Turns out CoD is running on double the frame speed and is releasing 20 multiplayer maps with the game. BF3 cant keep a promise tell us players theyll have games with 64 players. at the end they can only fit, at the most, 40 players. Now tell me this style of play, In BF3 i spawn on one side of the map, ill spend 10 minutes getting to the warzone, after being in the warzone for 20 seconds i get blown up by a tank, i respawn and run back to warzone which is another 10 minutes then get killed by the same tank,ETC. In CoD, Im already spawning in the warzone and im killing and getting killed, im earning killstreaks and deathstreaks left in right and im using a large diverse amount of weapons which keep the game from getting dull. Overall i spend less time trying to get to a hotspot and im always in action in CoD. I am familiar with both games but if im a casual player ill love CoD if im willing to spend an hour to 30 minutes playing on the same map ill play BF more often but i never have that kind of time. For those people who hate my agrument, Im sorrying about about getting off track… LoL is like CoD cause of its fun, short gameplay and many people play… HoN is like BF, long games, but not as many people play it as much as LoL or CoD

    • TheJoystick on September 5, 2011

      @matt Lol. BF3 and CoD. Youre comparing 2 completely different styles of shooting games to this? Let me tell you first off, BF3 wont sell as much as CoD:MW3 due to the fact more people are familiar with the CoD franchise. BF3 will look nicer but will run on the same amount of frames than any basic fps game. Turns out CoD is running on double the frame speed and is releasing 20 multiplayer maps with the game. BF3 cant keep a promise tell us players theyll have games with 64 players. at the end they can only fit, at the most, 40 players. Now tell me this style of play, In BF3 i spawn on one side of the map, ill spend 10 minutes getting to the warzone, after being in the warzone for 20 seconds i get blown up by a tank, i respawn and run back to warzone which is another 10 minutes then get killed by the same tank,ETC. In CoD, Im already spawning in the warzone and im killing and getting killed, im earning killstreaks and deathstreaks left in right and im using a large diverse amount of weapons which keep the game from getting dull. Overall i spend less time trying to get to a hotspot and im always in action in CoD. I am familiar with both games but if im a casual player ill love CoD if im willing to spend an hour to 30 minutes playing on the same map ill play BF more often but i never have that kind of time. For those people who hate my agrument, Im sorrying about about getting off track… LoL is like CoD cause of its fun, short gameplay and many people play… HoN is like BF, long games, but not as many people play it as much as LoL or CoD

      • sSpadE on September 6, 2011

        Warning: Joystick is obviously a CoD player.

        You have no idea what Battlefield 3 is all about.
        If you want proper information tell me and I will personally email you, or send you a message on your youtube account.

        Stop spreading your bias bull all over the net.

        You’re not just making CoD’s community look like trash, but you are making yourself sound so stupid.

        • ... on March 3, 2012

          and it seems like you are not only a bf3 fan but you don’t seem to respect joysticks opinion at all, why? becuse he likes anoher game than you? you are making your’e self look like trash, instead make a counter argument! And learn to debate.

    • mr on October 31, 2011

      Do not compare halo with cod, that’s why they have a f*** war on it, which is ridiculous, both games are good. Halo takes more skill than other games because of the shield and the armor abilities add on to what you can do. There are endless possibilities of plans and tactics in halo that cod cant match. Like if you have a shield, you could go in quick, make a small attack and escape quickly. The shield gives you a fighting chance to survive and the armor abilities will add on to how long you survive. I am not a fan-boy, and I did not know cod had aim assist. I’m pretty sure you can turn off aim assist in halo though. Oh, and Battlefield IS MUCH BETTER THAN COD!!! Even tho I buy all three of these series, I kinda enjoy halo more >.>, STILL NOT A FANBOY

  13. Gustav on September 5, 2011

    LoL is much better, i love the graphics and interface and the lovely community!

  14. Iziry on September 5, 2011

    Lol is much more a team game than HoN, and MMOBOMB is clearly sponsored by HoN =P

    • w00dchuck on September 5, 2011

      Im pretty sure everyone is sponsored by HoN, even Mobafire… because no one plays it.

  15. dzosz on September 5, 2011

    this is pathethic, i can’t watch at those pathethic lol fans who never played hon and say “lol is more skillful because heroes have lower cd on skills”

    1. hon is faster
    2. hon has better graphic, it weights only 700 mb because of different technology. LOL’s adobe air is fail
    3. in hon we have creep denies, better juking, creep stacks, body blocking ( you can trap someone )
    4. hon has more heroes
    5. hon was never p2p, it was more like guildwars – one time payment, unfortunately s2 games needs cash every month to keep servers up, that’s why they changed system into micro payments
    6. lol is overall easier game to play and it was always free, it became popular really fast, 90% players of LoL never really played HoN and they can’t compare it objectively
    7. Harder game is not always a better game, not everyone is looking for superskilled game (cs1.6?) , a lot of people are having fun in LOL, i respect that but don’t say hon is easier, stupid or has worse graphics.
    8. LOL graphic is annyoing for anime NOTLOVERS. It’s cartoon and too colorful.
    9. You say in hon one player can win the match – yes this is true, but only if teams are unbalanced and carry hero will have a lot frags in early game ( rest of the team has to let him farm and lasthit ).
    10. Hon requires a lot of training, understanding hero spells and items. This is why beginners play it for 1-3 games and leaves it for ever.

    you already see that i am huge hon fan and i dislike lol, for me it’s just a worse and simpified version of dota/hon.

    • Numot on September 5, 2011

      Lol, your 10th reason for why Hon is better is the reason LoL will always be better.

      LoL is easy to learn, hard master, Hon is just plain hard. LoL has a learning curve, Hon has a 90 degree cliff.

      As for more reason, can anyone tell me what different game tournaments Hon was invited too? Lol is at 3 or 4 major tournaments a year, with season 2 having a is it 500k or 1mil prize?

      • Junkens on September 7, 2011

        Dreamhack and some others where btw LoL was too.

        and it’s 5Million prizepool for LoL. Which is pretty epic. Considering the size of the community and the money they made. Surely a good thing.
        Doesn’t make the others badder just because they went with a hardcore game-concept.

        BTW that is how things go. LoL(Riot Games) did a extremely great job making the rather hard DotA concept newbie friendly.
        HoN(S2Games) didn’t considered that because it was mainly made for experienced DotA gamers, of course they never reached with that the mainstream.

        just saying.

      • SuparAidz on March 2, 2012

        Yes LoL is easier to learn, thats why it is for kids with no patience, where as HoN requires skill and patience to learn about it. I respect that you like to play kiddie games where you have no real challenges, but don’t say LoL is better if you’ve never actually given the time to play HoN.

        • I am an experienced DotA/HoN/LoL player.

          HoN and LoL, as most of us know, based the game concept from DotA. On the other hand, HoN and LoL has its own style of game play. I must say this, though, HoN was more like DotA, if not for the graphics. I’ve played more than 1000 and I really appreciate how S2 games designed the character details–the fountain was cool but the overall map was a bit boring for me (but then again, map details are okay).

          LoL has a “cartoony” feel but the gameplay is exceptional. You don’t play it like the usual DotA. You will need to defend the tower and stay within tower range. In HoN, staying within your tower’s range doesn’t guarantee that you’re safe.

          HoN has more realistic graphics and it is for that very reason that visual effects of heroes’ spells during team clashes tend to populate the screen leading to confusion. It is only when one or two heroes die when you notice clearly some specific details.

          **If you have a decent video card, LOL graphics is not bad at all**

          Hero/Champion spotlights and instructions for beginners: I would say LOL is way better and you can find videos of these in several youtube channels.

          I like both games but I doubt there are other HoN players like me who played both LoL and HoN for more than 1000 games and still say HoN is better.

    • stivertsen on September 19, 2011

      dude you could only make 10 things there was bad about lol then everything else is good? and what about say why HON is bad u can make 5000 about that.

    • Idk on December 25, 2011

      your 4th reason is wrong. LoL has more heroes than HoN. 89vs78

      • Godslayer on March 3, 2012

        This youngster’s lack of knowledge about the most basic fact makes me laugh so hard

    • bobo93 on March 7, 2012

      Agree man!

    • Zanoth on August 18, 2012

      I think you’re very objective here in your opinion. I respect that. I have played both games at least a handful of times and have played DotA at least 50 games with my friends. I prefer LoL because it guides you to becoming better and you end up speeding through players less skilled than you. It’s honestly a lot more user friendly and that’s simply because of its matchmaking.
      HoN can pit a new player against great players alot more easily. HoN is prettier, however i don’t care because both lag on high graphics on my laptop. Both have learning curves, but HoN’s seems steeper. A steep learning curve shortens a players amount of time playing the game unless they’re a fast learner. LOL GETS THE PLAYERS AND IS THEREFORE GENERALLY BETTER! However i will admit HoN is more like DotA. But then why not just play DotA or DotA2? HoN is more open about competition and says its average gamer wants to be a pro. LoL is just fun with Pros who play ranked. That seem to sum it up? Everything else can probably change with time.

  16. Tenaka on September 5, 2011

    Is the poll “which is better” or “Which is played by more?”?

    One has been F2P since day one, the other only just recently become so. I cannot see many LoL players spending time learning a new game that for all intents is the same game.

    And how many people who have played only LoL, or indeed HoN, who see this poll will fairly think, well I only play one of them so I shouldn’t vote given my bias?

    @KungFuNinja Games companies love people who think like you do. Dare I wheel out the old adage “Size isn’t everything”……….

  17. darktitanzz on September 5, 2011

    i play bot hon and lol and too me.
    lol have unique gameplay and different hero and hon just copy dota allmost all off dota hero.
    only recently hon give new hero.
    thier graphic too me its the same.
    but iff you never play dota or other game like it you better off playing lol.because hon requires a lot off training and skill to play.I play hon for 2 years and i am still not very good,after that i try playing lol.its was easier but need more team work,if one left the team will most likely lose.hon in the other hand you will have a better change.lol has a better community than hon,because you need skill.every time i play hon its not much fun as lol,so the community lol its better

  18. dirtyzerg on September 5, 2011

    I play both, HoN for 2 years LoL for a few months

    LoL is more user friendly and alot easier to play, especially for people who never played DoTA at all, but you can’t earn skins by playing, there is no deny, there is no block..for someone going from DoTA to LoL after a week or so it will become very easy and quite frankly boring once you get some of the strong heroes, its not balanced really..the heroes range in power by far and are priced by that power, examples are blitzcrank and twitch, both are incredibly powerful, garen aswell, last time i played LoL i went 36-4 as twitch after a month or so break..

    HoN is pretty much a copy of DoTa, they even state this themselves, its no secret..the mechanics and such are very similar, the graphics are quite stunning and the game itself is a small size and only takes a few mins to dl, on top of this there is full stats for both ranked and public games, you can play the game while they are patching aswell, downtime is very rare on hon, 95% of the time you can play, maybe not matchmaking due to a patch or fix for an hour or two but pubs stay on always

    You also earn skins by playing HoN, in HoN they now have for the f2p users packages for a hero+skin for a cheaper price in silver and gold, there is also announcer you can buy aswell as name changes, stat resets etc, and you dont have to pump all you “ip” into runebooks

    There are some limited edition skins in HoN that sometimes cost a heavy price in silver but you can also buy it in gold, HoN’s gold packages are very generous compared to LoL, in LoL 1 skin = 9$ roughly, in HoN its around 3$-8$, the most expensive item in hon as far as cash is the purple name and duke nukem announcer, being around 24$ for the purple name color (5K IP) or 18-20$ for the announcer(6800 ip, because its an announcer)

    There are other colors/announcers that are much cheaper in IP then those 2 but those are the most expensive items, there is also early access for 2$ per hero, early access grants the use of a new hero 1 month before its released to everyone else and usually comes with a limited edition skin only attainable by getting early access on that hero.

    Overall HoN is much harder to play for someone new, someone coming from DoTa should be able to jump right in it tho as its almost the same and alot of dota heroes are in HoN, Axe, Puck, Jugg, Pudge,Lershac,Lich to name a few, also the items in HoN have amazing uses and can turn the games entirely around, the gameplay is also much faster paced and the creep spawn buildings do not revive after a short time, in LoL the game is pretty much catered to the casual player, where as in HoN the game is more competitive based as in making the right moves and knowing what to do in critical situations, altho the Community is very harsh because of the level of competitiveness, getting one wrong item or getting ganked at the worse time can ruin the game for your team very quickly, ofcourse there are heroes who can completely destroy the game if they get there items fast, but those heroes are also easily killed in the early-mid game times

    • Highestpants on February 14, 2012

      I was considering ur post to be legit until i read that twitch and blitzcrank over powered. I mean thats why u find the game so easy and boring, ur playing at an elo where those champs are overpowered. Also im taking into account that u posted this in september. Get some skill play at higher elo and u will find urself having a better time. Anyways how canu find LoL more boring, in lane all u have to do is farm and fight enemy champs (which u want to do). I HoN u have to woory about farming, denying, harrassing, body blocking and less about what u actually want to do and that is fighting. I’ve played HoN for a couple of months and its only fun for me when im carrying. And just another point out there at which game ppl find better and more fun look at the most popular sports (football, basketball, soccer, hockey) those are all team important sportss where ur TEAM is important like LoL. HoN is single player sport like golf, bowling, tennis less popular and fun!

      • SuparAidz on March 2, 2012

        “Get some skill play at higher elo” obviously you haven’t done what you’ve just said. Play HoN at a higher level and you’ll see why you’re stupid. In professional matches you don’t understand how much teamwork is necessary to win the game. Don’t make false accusations.

      • dirtyzerg on July 1, 2012

        higher elo? why? the game is boring to me..i guess i didn’t make it clear enough, you say “get some skill” the problem is LoL doesn’t require skill
        1.items aren’t usable, all passive, good job
        2.heroes are pay 2 win..you can’t sit here and say twitch/blitz is balanced, blitz cna shoot his hook thru creeps? really..some skill
        3.rune book is another pay 2 win..obviously
        4.no incentive to play, only thing you earn via playing is runes and heroes, cant buy skins with ip

        i could go on..if i seem hostile its because you came out spewing nonsense about “higher level of play” when a pretty good HoN player, Chu, went to LoL to try something different he became the #1 solo ladder player on LoL in a month and then dumped all over LoL calling it easy and boring even tho the prize pool is bigger he returned to HoN because it is more competitive. LoL is catered to people who suck at mobas, a decent HoN player topped your ladder in a month..that should tell you how casual LoL is

        • What? on July 1, 2012

          1. Quite a lot of items are, zhonyas hourglass makes you temporary invincible, but unable to move. A lifesaver
          2. Blitz can’t shoot his hook for creeps. Twitch is extremely weak for an ad carry, and will get murdered in level 10 onwards.
          3. Pay 2 Win? You literally CANT buy runes with real money, you have to earn the currency needed ingame.
          4. If your only incentive to play is to get skins, I feel sorry for you.
          5. Is it needed? Seems somewhat pointless really.

          I could go on…if I seem hostile its because you (don’t get your facts straight in your argument) Chu, was against fairly low elo (aka, noobs), also, he didn’t get anywhere NEAR #1 on any ladder, his elo was fairly low compared to the ‘pros’ LoL is not catered to people who ‘suck at mobas’, its a brand new approach to MOBAs, and is a game that tends to attract less idiots who sit behind their keyboards swearing at each other. Last sentence is a blatant lie. Nuff said.

    • DutchDamnation on June 24, 2012

      i dont get why you think those champions are OP. they are the most easily countered champions in the game. Example blitzcranck can grab you. not much different with Pudge (Dota) his hook except it cant pull minions or champions from your team. this is easily countered by standing behind your creeps or juking to bait since the mana cost is 1/5 of his mana pool. he cant do anything to you unless you are oblivious to his only dangerous skill. Twitch can turn invisible. he is however the weakest champion and very squishy. if you buy vision wards and dont give him a kill early game, he is useless since he is a high kill demanding champion. If a champion is considered OP or UP by the whole community then he is nerfed or buffed accordingly. If twitch or blitzcranck show up by ppl who never met them, then they are at a great advantage. you probably saw them and got completely destroyed by them judging by your words. you say the community is very hard , but if i wanna start with HoN. i dont wanna get yelled at by ppl who spent alot more hours than me in the game. the power of champions are not measured by their price. they are more measured by popularity or just plain strong in a specific role.i can say that their learn curve is the highest. Example Kennen(6300 IP) he is one of the strongest picks mid, because he can stun twice, but in order to do that the player must reach specific conditions. in case of Kennen he need to land all of his abilities. his stuns arent that long 1.5 seconds and are accamulated by getting 3 marks on the enemy. all his abilities give 1 mark and his ult gives 3. he is completely useless if he misses one of his skills. Garen( 1350 IP) is one of the easiest champs to play, but can kill kennen easily with one of his silences.He is a bit of a symbol since he spins to win. it all matters on positioning and skill of the player.

      In LoL every time you come in their base and destroy their inhibitors, they come back after a while and your advantage is lost. they can still come back, If they defended their base well. In HoN their barracks will never come back. You will forever have the advantage and it will snowball out of controll.

      I dont get what you mean with pumping IP in your runebook. If you buy a rune you can use it on every runepage you own and change it too. if you have some runes you dont like and probably will never use them, you can scramble them in the rune mixer. that way your IP wont be wasted. maybe it will turn out better.

      You dont even have to pay for skins. skins purely serve the purpose of showing off. if you want the skin for free, you can get custom skins. these skins will only be visible by yourself and is approved by riot. Also your runes only give your playstyle an edge. If i know that i will always play mid in LoL i can buy runes that support me in the current meta. i can also get a more standard rune page with armor, Abilitie power( power of spells) or AD(attack damage) and magic resist. i always use those runes. These runes will always be good no matter the situation. i built my rune page with a bout 20-30 games. i played about 2 games a day. thats about 2 weeks. not that much time wasted on runes that are always a safe pick

  19. TheJoystick on September 5, 2011

    I think i can say out of the two games, LoL wins hands down.
    The games in HoN take way too long and ranges from 40 to 60 minutes and reward silver is too low to earn anything for a good week. (It literally takes a week of “No-lifing” to unlock a good hero)
    The games in LoL range from 15 to 45 minutes and rewards may seem long but after play HoN itll appear a lot quicker due to the length of each game and prices of each champion.
    HoN has really nice art but i have to say, graphics are awesome for the people who have awesome computers… Sometimes it is really hard to tell when you’re hidden from enemy view due to the ground looking almost as close to the shading of the shadows.
    In LoL you get a bright range of colors to distinguish shading and the graphics look nice, which allows people with weaker computers to still be able to play.
    It is obvious to say but HoN’s playerbase is large, but a vast majority of the players are DotA players who already know the game, new player will instantly not want to play this game because in every game they can get hounded on for screwing up.
    LoL’s player is not large, its xxxxxxx-large, a 5 million playerbase. There can still be people who hound you but a lot of the community are noob-friendly and are will to help others get better.
    If anything LoL makes more money, gets more players, and is still being advertised a great deal compared to HoN. LoL is continuously giving great ideas and is even releasing a new game mode to make the game fresher. To allow history in, Riot Games have proven that they can make a game so stable it may last for many years to come on just LoL alone, with S2 games however, They’re becoming more like generic f2p websites like Nexon and Aeria. To also note, for those who disagree with my claim, the way something is better than another is by the show of the population. Does HoN have 5 million users? Has HoN had a $5 million prize pool in tournaments? Sure you can say the whole LoL playerbase is full of 10 year olds, but i’d rather be known as that than 30 year old couch potatoes who still live with their mom,who need to get a girlfriend, cause their hand doesnt count! The proof is behind the people, not one soul.

  20. w00dchuck on September 5, 2011

    Lets let the true online community of facebook decide for us. Heroes of Newerth: 648552 Fans, LoL: 926771.

    or on the basis of legitimacy, HoN has some people that play it… LoL is part of the MLG Pro Circuit…

  21. Bokye on September 5, 2011

    I didnt played Hon , but i can say that LoL is more better . Hon is a kinda retail and now i going to f2p side and thats worse bcuz hon playerbase will be afected by this . And Lol .. hmm , what to say about? Lol is the greatest dota style game i ever seen .

    • Badabinq on September 5, 2011

      um you didnt play HoN so how do you know wich ones better lmao?

    • SirDudeManGuy on February 10, 2012

      “More better” haha, nice grammar buddy.

  22. ironviking on September 5, 2011

    HoN got a serious bad community (was never able to learn to game because i was kicked from every match.) LoL got a much better community!

  23. xFuzzy on September 5, 2011

    i Think That More People Like Lol Beacuse HoN is so new and Lol has that Big Playerbase

    • Junkens on September 7, 2011

      HoN is new in the free-to-play area.
      HoN itself is about 2-3 years old already (including the succesful beta).
      When HoN was released LoL was still far away from being the LoL we know.
      but unlike S2Games. Riot Games adjusted and improved the already new version of DotA and used the money they generated to make it a good game.
      S2Games did something similar but failed in the attempt to go in the game market with a b2p which was already dominated by lots of f2p games(Perfect World, Maple Story, some no name fps games and then LoL).
      Their late decision to go F2P as(atleast it seemed like it) direct reaction to Riot Games revealing of what playersize LoL actually had could be already too late.

  24. Nuro0o on September 5, 2011

    LoL, is way better then HoN. Doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying but even if i compare HoN and LoL, HoN has alot of terible stuff :P i like LoLs interface and the gameplay. HoNs gameplay is awesome to. But still LoL wins xD

  25. hardtech on September 5, 2011

    whaaaat!? you guys ever played the game DemiGod ? these games are reminding me of it

    • random on March 6, 2012

      i played it a couple of times, it was pretty nice actually, too bad it didn’t hit it off though :(

  26. xWarpathx on September 5, 2011

    I have played LoL for quite a while now and found it fun.The community is great and the gameplay is simple.It still takes some strategy and thinking to get the right build for whatever champion you choose,but that’s why they give you the vs.bots match,so you can practice.HoN,which I have played (albeit one game due to a harrassing player who accused me of feeding non-stop even though he had the same,if not at some points more deaths then me)is also a great game,minus the community and learning curve.If HoN had a practice mode like LoL,I can see it getting alot more players in the future.But if they don’t,then they’re not going to get anyone new,except the people who are extremely serious about games.In other words they study it for a week or two before they play.

    In the end it boils down to this.If you want a fun,relaxing game,LoL is for you.If you want a serious game and some competition,HoN is for you.They’re both good in their own rights.

    • Zanoth on August 18, 2012

      Exactly my point. But not everyone can dedicate alot of time to play a game. So go against the good players in HoN? Or the people about your own skill in LoL? That’s why i prefer LoL

  27. McClintick on September 5, 2011

    LoL is far from considered relaxing and is roughly as competitive as HoN. Saying the word fun for one and not the other proves you are too biased.

    People seem to forget HoN is alot older then LoL and was pay2play the conversion makes alot of difference especially with the community. HoN may have been updated but its age shows and it was around before the MOBA boom. LoL is more up with the times as its newer.

    I’m waiting for a hero i like visually to come before i try either, visual look for character is highly important to me.

  28. Hellraza on September 5, 2011

    HoN, as like no player base, pretty much speak by it self…

    • rickybobby on October 14, 2011

      Hon is pretty much less strategic than LoL, furthermore, less patience needed

  29. Badabinq on September 5, 2011

    For people who are saying HoN sucks because its harder to play just meens that person sucks at HoN i personally love HoN because it has a good playerbase and is just all around funner to me i played Lol it was ok but still HoN gets my vote

    • RandomFunkyDude on April 10, 2012


      • john on April 16, 2012

        Unfortunately LoL is turning out like that as well. I’ve been playing for a year now. it was fun but more and more angry douchebags have surfaced. I even made another account so i could play with a friend who just started and 90% of the level 1-5 summoners are people who have a level 30 account and just rage about playing with noobs. Really? what do you expect when your such low level? i also think this isnt fair to new players to be treated like that. Anywhooo, I’m gonna give HoN a try. LoL is a great game and i recommend everyone at least tries it out.

    • Zanoth on August 18, 2012

      That person sucks at HoN because they could never learn to play it. Not everyone is just “i’ll play a game that i can own at it.” People like me want to be good at HoN but the game is just unmotivating to do so.

  30. GameboyKnight on September 5, 2011

    League of Legends. By far. I dont play a game for graphics. So HoN having awesome water effects and detailed animation dont mean anything to me. Learning the games, LoL’s tutorial system is very brief, giving you the basics you need and then directing you towards the Learning Center in case you want to learn more about tactics and playing styles and so on. HoN’s tutorial is soo long and redundant. It covers almost every single little thing about the game mechanics and what not. And HoN does lack a Learning Center type place. I could care less about champion guides, since I play my own way. League offers champion suggestions and tips available almost anywhere. Even in game.

    HoN is obviously not newbie friendly at all. I was placed into a match and was instantly barraged with insults because I’m a nub and I’m only level 1 and the creeps hadn’t even spawned yet. And the fact this was on Voicechat was even worse.

    There is so much that I can nitpick about on HoN that I’m not even going to go so deep into it. I find that LoL is so much more community based and involving as well as just all around more targeted to having those heat of the moment brawls and fast-paced action. LoL took DoTA and built off of it. Basing ideas and changing little key elements here and there tot he point where it seems to be an entirely different game almost and with the new map coming it might as well, be. HoN took DoTA and built with it. it’s DoTA except it has a terrible community as well as a really dumb matching system. Sorry, but I am not buying goblin coins just so I can have a choice to be matched with people around my level of experience.

    • holy_hexor on June 16, 2012

      u dont play for the graphics then play farmville thats good for u

      • *facepalm* on July 1, 2012

        And that, sadly, sums up our generation’s attitudes towards gaming. Go and play CoD or something, far away from mortal men.

      • -_- on November 27, 2012

        And this is why I hate this generation.

        To them: Graphics = EVERYTHING!

  31. Sopax on September 5, 2011

    I don’t want to be mean, or something, but the size of each game, proves that LoL is much more complex than HoN, you can see it like that, and it isn’t complex as in hard, it’s complex as in, more champions, more items, more stuff!

    • Model192 on September 6, 2011

      No. Absolutely not.

      • GameboyKnight on September 6, 2011

        LoL does contain more content than HoN. Especially now since they are preparing to release their new game mode. So, Yes. Absolutely yes.

        • centerisle on October 14, 2011

          true indeed, LoL is more complex than HoN, therefore, LoL brain activy > HoN brain activity

  32. Noclue on September 6, 2011

    Don’t even get me started. I prefer both games, one a little over the other , and the truth is LOL has been designed for the casual gamer , i mean look at graphics and such . HoN on the other hand, has been made exclusively for the hardcore PVP-er , and just a month ago got to F2P market . Don’t go there MMOBomb, this article is the worst idea someone in the online community can think of. Both games have their UP and DOWN and the article should be made to avoid confusion ” Which game do you like better” cause subjectively we can’t say which is better, when maybe none in here played both games . Cheers

    • w00dchuck on September 6, 2011

      LoL is in the MLG Pro circuit… So i guess you consider that casual play…

      • Junkens on September 7, 2011

        Not to defend the statement by noclue.

        It is true that LoL was primarly designed for casual gamers and especially for beginners of that genre but just that doesn’t make it unable to play it hardcore too.
        The game concept itself is competetive gameplay although less punishing like for example that you don’t lose money when your character dies. Which is really just makes it more casual friendly when the original. There are probably much more examples for that.

        But that doesn’t makes it bad. It is just not as aimed for like HoN.

        why it is in the MLG Pro circuit CAN be because of the huge fan base. Just saying.
        but that is a different thing.

      • bettur on September 21, 2011

        Just because of the company backing it. HoN’s earned its place as it starts showing up @ real events the for PC gamers surpasses MLG

        • InitialScissors on March 3, 2012

          While Hon when i first played it was pretty terrible due to my noob skills you eventually get used to a hero and the gear you require to win, LoL is way more “Beginner” ( I use the term beginner because noob is someone who has played a game for a significant time and still fails while beginner is someone new to a game and is learning the game) Friendly due to it picking players of relevant levels.

          Yes sometimes while your playing LoL you’ll get that lvl 30 who got dragged along by a lvl 6 and he’ll demolish the game, but majority of the time its hard.

          You have to remember Hon has like 1 game mode with 3 ( estimating because last Hon game was 3 months ago) game sizes. LoL has 2 game modes 2 game sizes and 4 different levels of types (Normal Blind pick = less strategic and more casual, Normal draft pick = more skil required than normal blind due to you have to choose your hero based around what the enemy are choosing, Ranked Duo/ Solo which i havent played cause havent gotten around to it and finally Ranked teams, which in my opinion is one the most intense and highly thinking gane modes due to the level of concentration required to play it, you need to know whats spells the enemies may use, where they may be, without coordinstion and talking between team members, you will be freaking out)

          In Conclusion LoL is probably one of the most intense games once u reach the final lvl ( which is 30) and begin playing serious LoL

  33. lolsucks23232332323 on September 6, 2011

    really u play a game named LoL u dont get it? hon is better because is have more heroes better graphic is moore easy for me!!! im begginner and i kick ass in lol is full of retards and ragers and noobs saying in your face bitch and blablabla and is too colorfull and u know why hon is 700mb? because is using another tehnology lol is using adobe air? wtf ? maybe lol is have 1gb but hon is downloading faster installing faster and is have better graphic that means hon is using new tehnology lol is using old tehnology soo hon kick ass :D lol sucks and i played lol and is boring like hell

    • centerisle on October 14, 2011

      LoL is using old technology?? Try playing LoL and switch all the graphical options to very high, Then you’ll see if you can say that again

    • Oh my... on November 27, 2012

      Wow. Umm… Hard to read, full of misinformation and just… bad. Childish.

      And the HoN community talks about the LoL community being 12 year olds. -_-

  34. stolennn1 on September 6, 2011

    As some of you say , LoL community is much bigger than the HoN one.It’s true , but don’t forget that LoL started as a F2P game , and HoN became a F2P recently.I’ve tried both but I decided to stay to HoN as the graphics and the gameplay were nice , and LoL seemed like a kids game.I’ve been playing HoN for over 2 years now , and you just can’t compare it to LoL.

    I apologize for my bad english :(

    • john on April 16, 2012

      Dude, your english is about 100 times better than some of the other posters. no apology needed haha :p

    • meh on July 2, 2012

      I don’t really agree with what you are saying, sticking with a game because of the graphics seems like a bad move. Its like those idiots out there who avoid games like minecraft because “OMFG THE GRAPHIKS SUUUCKKKKK LOL”

  35. trandill on September 6, 2011

    ive played both games i liked lol better but theres so many bugs theres like 3 bugs i know of in hon but 75 or so in lol

    • Junkens on September 7, 2011

      haha that is hilarious. :D
      Good thing HoN is keeping their easily noticeable bugs at a minimum it is punishing enough already.

      Although I never noticed that LoL is sooo bugged. Sometimes ofcourse you just don’t understand why a stun didn’t hit or these super jumps. Where a characters gets pushed in the sky at the same time by two skills. Stays there for a while. :D funny to look at though.

  36. bad1one on September 6, 2011

    lol better just 1 fact ,its got a shop f2p 4ever. HoN is not ,10 free games pwns.

    • Junkens on September 7, 2011

      10 free games was the TRIAL SYSTEM
      get your facts right.

      If that was the only problem. I would love to see you give HoN another chance since that restriction is now lifted.
      Have fun and good luck!

      • Lesi on September 7, 2011

        Well, cant blame him. MMOBOMB put that crap hon video on site. No wonder ppl dislike hon even more after watching all that false info.

  37. Junkens on September 7, 2011

    Could you just stop already?
    Does anyone even looks at what these games are?

    HoN was made to improve DotA mechanics and gameplay therefor mostly the same gameplay.
    LoL was made by some DotA devs to actually bring a new, evolved DotA like game. Although it is clear that DotA just inspired them to make LoL how it is now.
    Unlike HoN which is just improving a old System.

    Just so you fanboys know. DotA was already old when it came out because it was a WC3 map port of the SC map Aion Strife.

    For you who like LoL even compare the new evolved system, a very different one btw to the old system sounds so insulting to the devs of LoL. That they actually failed to evolve DotA to a new game.

    So please people. It is which game you like more and not which game is better.
    It is like comparing Counter-Strike and Quake. Just because they are FPS, you can kill people and have guns doesn’t make them equal.

    I like btw both.
    Level30 in LoL
    Level7 in HoN(yeah still low :D)

    • WellsaidLad on September 8, 2011

      Finally somebody said something wise…

  38. I make it simple on September 7, 2011

    Ok guys , i dislike to type much…i play both game…but still stick to DotA.
    For HoN:
    1.if your head still cant get off with DotA-ish gameplay..just go for hon…bcoz it is completely shameless copypaste of WARCRAFT3 ENGINE.with some features..
    2.the update is realllllly relevant in size.

    for LoL:
    1.if you looking for something new, with some original..welcome to LoL! simpler never mean easy..
    2.nw mode incoming

  39. Voice of Reason on September 7, 2011

    I like both games so let me give you the real breakdown on these so called “facts” people are throwing out.

    1) Game size: doesn’t determine anything regarding graphics. Each game has its own unique look which caters to different people.

    2) Game population: If milk “A”(set to expire in a week) was sold for $7 and next to it was m If both games were free at the start, then the game population would be relevant to this argument.

    3) Gameplay: Both games are basically identical to DOTA. There are minor differences in each one (ability cooldowns / creep deny / body blocking/runes) but they don’t necessarily make one game better than the other. Some people find it fun while others find it annoying.

    4) Tournaments: Just because LoL is featured in tournaments doesn’t make it a better game. Do you think the organizers/investors in these tournaments care about which game is better??? No, they do not. They care about which game will bring in the most people (the original free game in this case).

    5) Communities: Basically the same. Each game has it’s friendly helpful players and it’s douche bags. You can’t say one is better than the other unless you met and played with every player in each game on different occasions to rule out “bad days”.

    6) Learning curve: LoL is easier to LEARN the basics due to its tutorial. This doesn’t mean its requires any less skill than HoN. New players “Newbs” in LoL, find it easier to play in the beginning which means more of them stick around, which means you play against more newbs, which makes people believe its an easier game. Newbs that stick around in HoN are forced to play against more skilled players which makes it harder to compete. Again, both games require equal skill but LoL makes it easier to learn the basics.

    7) Game Pace: They can both be fast/slow depending on the people you are playing with. With each one, you are looking at an average of about 30-45 minutes minus those game where you get rocked in about 15min.

    8) Verdict: They are both great games with more similarities than differences. You have to play both for about a WEEK EACH to get the feel for the games and tell which one you like more. In the end, most people will just pick the game that their friends are playing regardless of personal preference.

    • Voice of Reason on September 7, 2011

      Err.. Let me fix #2

      2) Game population: If milk carton “A” (set to expire in a week) was sold for $7, and next to it was milk carton “B” (set to expire in 3 days) being given away for FREE, guess which one would be off the shelves first? Yup, carton “B”. Just because carton “B” is being taken off the shelves more often than carton “A”, that doesn’t make it a higher quality.

  40. aznplaya4 on September 9, 2011

    I’ve been playing LoL for a few months and I really like the community a lot. It seems very friendly to both experienced and nonexperienced players. LoL is hard for the first few games, but as you play you learn how to use the champion you play. And the fact that there’s free champions every week, it makes it easier for people to learn other champions without having to buy them or they can test out the champion before purchasing. While HoN on the other it’s less popular and the graphics look great. But it seems a bit harder to get used to. It has a more competitive and harsh community which leavers newcomers without any help. The controls/ gameplay is a lot harder to get used to than LoL. Especially when you just started, you will be like WTF! So it comes down to this….
    Learning Curve..LoL>HoN
    Fun to play..LoL>HoN Since of having a hard time to play in HoN. LoL feels a bit looser than HoN
    Variety……LoL>HoN LoL has about the equal amount of champs while still having a new mode
    Fun Later in the game..LoL<HoN Im guessing HoN would be a lot funner later in game when you know how to play and your good at it.
    Verdict: In my opinion LoL with HoN just a bit behind. Both are awesome games, please do try them both before you compare. To know what you talking about. Notice though as HoN will not accept noob players as they will rage at you.

    • aznplaya4 on September 9, 2011

      made a mistake.

      • centerisle on October 14, 2011

        buy a decent video card! Then you’ll see

      • Kavalry_Master on July 1, 2012

        Make every graphic setting to high then you shall see

  41. Valid on September 9, 2011

    OK, so I am one of those people who always bashed on DotA while playing Warcraft 3 because I was busy playing Island Defense and never had time to meet the expectations of the somewhat elitist DotA players you find in the pub games. I recently started playing HoN without any real experience in DotA and honestly I had absolutly no trouble with it. I got a couple creep denies, very few last hits and still managed to have 3 kills and 2 deaths by the end of the round using some random hero. Anyone who quits HoN because it “has to hard of a learning curve” is quite frankly pathetic. The game is not all that hard expecially when compared to other games like SC2 where the learning curve is a whole lot worse…

  42. LoL on September 9, 2011

    League of Legends Very Nice !!
    Heroes of Newerth Very boring !!
    League of Legends Soooo Funny !!
    Heroes of Newerth zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  43. oO4funOo on September 9, 2011

    LoL – based on dota but its diffrent somehow i cant say its dota copy because u cant deny or block creeps (stack neutrals and outlevel enemies on lane) and u dont have runes”ingame” for boost dmg,speed or isvisible, 2 illusions that helps gank and force to buy wards.. thats why i dont like it.
    LoL is based on rainbow graphic and strange play style (even when i lost game i won at the end because of itemz i farmed somehow).

    around 1200mb client to download and around 600mb patches also 400mb every week when they change ”free to play heroes”

    HoN – dota copy that has alost things improved (after playing 1 week i couldnt back to dota anymore^^) nice deny system, creep block (in dota was better but there at least u can :D), creep stackin (every 1 min), creep pull (its alot better with stackin creeps :), runes (from 2 min after game start and every 2 min after that + bottle that u can handle runes^^), atk system is betetr and graphic is nice (not much colors like in warcraft or lol), when it went f2p there alot nubs so i prefer to hit at least 5 lvl so u can thumb verifited only players that at least know how to play :)
    Every game u get silver coins that u can buy heroes for them, skin or anything else or just pay for gold coins that cost around 50% less price for them (heroes cost 65-650 silver and 25-400 gold)

    around 600mb client +30mb patch and around 15mb every week they change ”free 2 play heroes” >:)

    For some newbies at first u have to play easy heroes that arent important to get kills or gold, its called support heroes that get gold from supporting kills^^

    Map control is way to win a game.

    • oO4funOo on September 9, 2011

      I wanted to add that heroes in LoL has diffrent skillz/heroes thats why it isnt dota copy,
      in HoN there all heroes from dota but its names difrent also hero skin.
      Btw when i said 65-650 silver and 25-400 gold i meant 65-650 silver ”or” 25-400 gold so u can buy only for silver thats why its free^^ just u have to spent some time to get em.

  44. lorderrr on September 9, 2011

    Well,i have both here,and i can say that LoL is better,it have a large gamers base and it is noob-friendly because of it recommended builds and Players Vs Bots match and of course it have some new things such the RuneBook and the Masteries,HoN is prone to crashing i think, because it started coping LoL,LoL has released Wukong The Monkey King and HoN released the Monkey King AND the free-to-play system.LoL have a new update that bough the Capture the Point system to the MOBA-Style and a new map and history,but HoN, since its release it just punish non-pro and non-paying gamers (i have played a week and i dont getted even 300 silver to buy a single new hero,and in LoL i have bought 5 heroes).LoL have a great future,with new systems coming as the developer said,but HoN is just a DotA copy with nothing new right now and nothing new in the future.

    (Sorry for my bad english,iam brazilian)

  45. Cilaren on September 10, 2011

    well ive played LoL for awhile ,(almost a year i think), and i ive just started on HoN.
    over all i think LoL is a bit better, if only cuz is friendly to new ppl.
    im still not sure what im doing in the shop on HoN >.<

    but they are both good games really.

  46. Pitic on September 13, 2011

    Hmm.. I’m playing this type of games for 7 years old…so what to say..DOTA rocks.

  47. Bingo on September 17, 2011

    srry for posting without trying HoN first . But i tried LoL and the only thing i dont like in LoL is anime graphics so i think ill like HoN .

  48. holaaa on September 19, 2011

    yo e probado los 2 juegos y a mi parecer lol es mucho mejor y mas amigable de jugar, el hon es malo, es difícil en todo aspecto para una persona que recién quiere jugar y encuentro k sus personajes son muy genéricos, son los típicos personajes del dota

  49. lemonater on September 19, 2011

    well if HON got most there vote on them is because LOL players don’t got time for it, they need to play the game not talk about it.

  50. ThcMonkee on September 19, 2011

    What i seriously resent HoN for is the fact that they copied DOTA from ground up, including all of it faults.

    The people behind LoL took DOTA, and improved up on it in the way they felt was right. Unlike HoN which even copied the faults of the W3 engine. The biggest difference between DOTA and HoN is the graphics. I, personally, simply can not let that slide. I was always more of a fan of recycling then copying.

    You can argue that either one of the games suffer from imbalance or impolite community or anything similar but that if more a matter of personal opinion and experience, and arguments like those can be used against both games, the reason why i am a fan of LoL is that i sense the developers loved the original game and wanted to make a better version of it, which i can not say about the devs of HoN.

  51. Nerod on September 19, 2011

    I have played all three (LoL, HoN, DotA) very very extensively. I’ve played DotA for about 5 years now, LoL for 2 years and HoN for 2 years. I’m a very good player for all 3 games.

    Being a DotA veteran, HoN is relatively easy to get into. Pretty much same heroes and items with a different look and name. First hero I played was the “Yurnero the Juggernaut” clone in HoN. Note: Right now I still equate all the heroes in HoN to their DotA counterparts. 1st game I went godlike easy.

    LoL is pretty much the same albeit completely different heroes. Maybe some heroes have similar skills to other DotA heroes but overall still different.

    My take on this is, HoN is a complete ripoff of DotA. Looks nicer with some improvements on matching and reconnecting player drops but still pretty much a DotA clone. Being one of those DotA elitists, I would say screw HoN.

    LoL is actually very very fun to play. Easy to learn but difficult to master. At high level games, it’s just as tough to play. Dota and HoN can be carried by 1 hero but in LoL, it’s a team game through and through. So between HoN and LoL, LoL gets my vote through and through.

  52. Vicious` on September 21, 2011

    they both suck equally especilly since dota 2 is coming soon and actually adding more to the MOBA style games LOL and HON have just copied and not really added anything new or inventive.

    • Idk on December 30, 2011

      Rise of DotA 2 fall of HoN :D

  53. YoungC on September 21, 2011

    I have played both games i ‘ve played lol for about a year on and off one thing i notice is that as you reach a higher lvl the players sometimes( mostly) are better champs every2-3 weeks a new one is release which keeps it a bit intressting very user friendly interface and i can go on a bit more on what else i find is good, now my opinion of Hon is that the graphic is really depend on what you like yes i read alot of comment lol has childish graphic so it sucks….. comments such as those are very child like #just saying gameplay wise the game doesnt tech you much at all so basically you wont understand your 1st match so easy as you play more you do pick it up the players now i can say is horrible not one match they dint had some “hardcore”nerd raging to new(noobs) players i find it really sad for pl to react so just for a normal game now in lol if u want to play serious play ranked matchs :) simple anyways this is imo.

  54. HoN Since Beta on September 21, 2011

    I’ve played both and for me HoN is a better fit because of the competitive and relentless nature. I think people like LoL more because its a more casual game for those who don’t necessarily want to be good. Most decent HoN players i’ve seen swap over to LoL wreck but the other way around doesnt happen just because of the type of people that gravitate towards the game.

    • ... on November 27, 2012

      You do realize the Matchmaking is completely different in both games right? In HoN you are put in games with people of any skill level. While in LoL it depends on your level, and skill.

  55. George on September 23, 2011

    I have to say that LoL is the better of the two. hoN has better graphics, loads faster and has more uniqueness to it with each side having distinct creeps.

    That being said HoN is completely unbalanced. If your team feeds 1 player, the match is over because heroes in HoN get much more powerful than heroes i LoL. 1 HoN Hero 3 levels higher than the rest can solo kill the entire team and continue to lane.

    • FairGuy on May 31, 2012

      I play both games 30% LoL AND 70% HoN

      HoN is not unbalanced.
      We have this so called Hero-factor where you should pick the right hero to aim the weakness of the opponent’s hero. (Ex. pick magebane if the opponent has 2-5 int heroes.)
      And teamwork is really needed in HoN, so better play with the people you know/friends. For in HoN, communication is essential in winning :)

  56. Phoenix on September 26, 2011

    no matter how you deny…. DOTA rulez, and what will just happen if DOTA 2 launches and take over?

  57. darktitanzz on October 2, 2011

    hey every one lets play dota imba

  58. I Make It Clear for Dumb on October 4, 2011

    let say~
    HoN = M(oney)W(wasted)3(rd time)
    LoL = B(est)F(or)3(ver)

    MW3 < BF3 (…)
    realistic +1 bf3
    new thing +1 bf3
    fast game +1 bf3(soon bf3 will have tdm too …)
    graphic +1 bf3 (check it on youtube.com PLEASE :) )

    things that really similar between HoN and MW3…
    1. COPY PASTED THING(shamelessly):
    -i played cod4:mw… i really impressed…then mw2…what is this?again?i saw gameplay footage …and A-G-A-I-N
    -so do HoN , tell me which part of HoN is original? it copy warcraft 3 engine..SAD DEVELOPERS!
    2. day dreamer:
    - HoN have 100% same engine as warcraft 3 …so they thing they can pull many DoTa player(for me hell not , i still play DotA!)
    - MW believe they can resell the unused disc of cod4:mw by add more story on mw…and dream to outsell BF3
    3. pussy cat:
    - many MW fan beg for dino in MW(activition ignore it!) , you know? BF3 have DINO! …MW3 GOD DAMMIT SAD GAMES
    - why not HoN stay P2P? why must follow other step?
    4. they failed:
    - . . .MW3 still having 'rambo' play ~well? again slow motion effect?same engine~
    - HoN~they just…just…failed…many DotA pros who go to HoN will go back to DotA..ops…LoL!

  59. TheGamer on October 8, 2011

    LoL kicked HoN a$$< thats all i need to say

  60. Lemonater on October 11, 2011

    Wtf HON can steal from DOTA, But LOL can’t because riot made LOL and Dota

    • MrG on December 22, 2011

      Where are you tools getting this mis-information from? I played the original dota before Guinsoo and Pendragon, and Eul has always been the creator.

  61. Kreeper on October 13, 2011

    Ok so I see a lot of ” I’m a HoN player and I played LoL and I owned with … 30/2/50000 such easy game.” well of course you did its basically the same shit. your basically a lvl 30 player vs a lvl 1 player, and graphics please I happen to find it easier to follow lols anime style then hon realistic, and saying that hons graphics are better is stupid cuz that dont effect the game thats like saying Zelda:Wind waker sucked more then Twilight princess cuz it was too cartoonish. Also I thinkHons going down now cuz its trying to copy LOL.

    Same about lol tho there is still a lot of bashers on it cuz hey if you have a bad game someone is always gonna say ahh man feeder go die or some shit even in lol. HoN just has it worse. and cuz lol was f2p since 2009 and has change alot lol was sorta like HoN in 2009 i’d played both back then, and i have to say both suck.

    Also cuz LoL has more people that means more noobs so HoN has that and I haven’t played HoN in A long time so I cant say how bad its log in and load time is but LOL Fails a lot so HoN has that

    So I choose LoL Cuz of the cartoon ish graphics are easier to follow is hard when you get to lol 30 and play ranked. Takes more team basted skill so 1 person cant win it even tho it does happen sometimes. Nicer Community sorta, and DOMINION

  62. ArmorDon on October 13, 2011

    Those who say ‘LoL is easy’, obviously has tried the game and played a practice game against other idiots and has never tried ranked games before

    FYI, Chu8, a top HoN player, played LoL and got to the top of the ladder rankings for a short moment then dropped straight down below the top 1000 players in the LoL ladder. Why don’t HoN fanboys take that as a reference

    • FairGuy on May 31, 2012

      how about a top LoL player playing HoN? :)

  63. Shadow on October 15, 2011

    I say LoL, during Hon I sucked, but i tried to learn anyway. Every time i was yelled at for sucking and i could not get the basics of the game. Lol has interactive tutorials and a user friendly community, which i learned quickly. I also found LoL in my opinion had more fun heroes to play as compared to Hon, and LoL heroes to me were easier to get, as compared to Hon. Hon intrigued me in these types of games. But LoL made it my favorite.

  64. ELITE VIP on October 28, 2011

    Do you know why HON has the lowest vote?


    It’s because HON players don’t have time to take these kind of polls, it means that players are more addicted to HON than LOL ^^.

    This is what they will answer if they read you mind….. There is nothing to prove what’s better, we are players, not pollers.

  65. Trollerz on November 1, 2011

    Whatever, DOTA 2 will own both anyway, even if S2 and Riot combine forces XD

  66. pula on November 2, 2011

    no one can be compared with DotA – the king of them

  67. Lugia1101 on November 4, 2011

    I find both games fun. In HoN, I play Predator, Dampeer, and Blood Hunter. I seldomly lose as Damp. In LoL, I play Nasus, Malzahar, and Shyvana. Sure I wish LoL had creep denies, but at the same time you don’t get creep blocked and killed. I find both games have their positives and negatives and that people have to quit complaining. The only change I want HoN to have is and increase of silver earned in games. I vote both.

  68. ABCD on November 7, 2011

    I play both games and I think they’re good in their own manner.

    HoN is more action and LoL is more strategic. Both have action and strategy on game play.

  69. Lollerskates on November 8, 2011

    This is just filled with people’s personal opinions. The only ones that make any sense list the pros and cons of both and those come to the general consensus that both are fairly even and it comes down to personal choice(although majority favor LoL).
    P.S. Personal preference: LoL is better

  70. LeagueOfLegendsRocks on November 11, 2011

    HoN just copied LoL and tried to make a better version of it while LoL is still better.
    The map at the gameplay of HoN is just like Summoner’s rift on LoL except for the bad graphics and the dark sight.
    You can say what u want but LoL is better in the highscores of best games and just won the gamer’s choistick award, that says enough to me.

  71. Shine25 on November 14, 2011

    LOL is for noob players who cant even understand HON, Hon is for players who want challenge,, :D

    • :/ on November 27, 2012

      You sir, are an idiot.

  72. iPuls3 on November 16, 2011

    LoL… did u guys hear about Dominion? This makes LoL totally different from HoN, i mean its now way better… played HoN 1-2 mathces… seems dark and boring… in LoL u find more action… especialy in dominion where u dont fight for the kills but for controlling strategy points… which makes our brains work somehow ealse then in the simple DotA style match… League of Legends is my choice ^^

  73. TheGamer on November 17, 2011

    Guys, you are missing a important point:what makes a game trully awesome is the CONTENT, so, lets say simple:
    Lol=Runes,Masteries,Tournaments(high prizes),new heroes almost every weak,and the most important:DOMINION, with new game mode and map and of course systems

    HoN=Prone to crashing(why you think they turned f2p?),same old map and game mode,lots of Pro VS Noob(yes,you hon starter), and the same DotA heroes.Only that, no runes, masteries our sh*t.

    Hope i cleared your minds.

    PS:These guys saying LoL dont require skill, is just because, look, you play HoN for like 3 years, and reached i dont know,lvl 30 and play only with lvl30 players,then you come to LoL, and starts as a lvl 1 player playing with other lvl1 players(probally newbs) and then you kill then all and say is easy…i think i dont need to explain more about HoN players…

  74. Daedalus_GR on November 17, 2011

    Blablabla blablabla! Will all the 14 year old fanboys shut the f*ck up?
    I’ve played BOTH LoL and HoN for a while, LoL the most, both are good.

    But let’s try to talk in general and don’t make things relative with our opinions and taste.

    LoL is:
    -Very newbie friendly and has an easy learning curve
    -Has a very dedicated playerbase
    Has more RPG elements in form of a summoner who gains levels, has a customizeable skillset and runes giving an advantage over new players.

    HoN is:
    -Graphically much more beautiful and detailed than LoL
    -The client offers more configuration options
    -Has WAY more free heroes/champions
    -Has larger maps with more structures and creatures.
    -Has a fanbase of hardcore players whose skill level cannot be compared to anything you have or will encounter in LoL.
    -It has options like: No leavers :D

    Let’s proceed to the bad points:

    -Due to its immerse popularity it has attracted a heavy server load, thus leading to its developer, Riot Games making the use of the cash shop even more popular, giving payers advantages and making the game imbalanced by adding expensive champions.
    -Speaking of the cash shop I’ve found out that even that doesn’t work as it should, some payment methods are simply unusable and I’m actually glad I wasn’t able to spend my cash after all.
    -The graphics are cartoonish and outdated
    -There’s many ’12 year old kids’ running around… many people doen’t even know how to type something or at least read the chat log and you need to be very patient with them.
    -The new dominion mode also gives certain champions unfair advantages, very imbalanced.
    -OMFG leavers!

    -Being a b2p (buy to play) game which switched to the f2p with cash shop marketing model there’s bound to be changes in gameplay too.
    -Another thing I don’t like is you can’t rightclick n hold in order for your hero to constantly move in the direction your mouse pointer is pointing at, maybe I am missing something but it definitely seems that way.
    -No gains from unranked matches.
    -Quite a few rude players.

    Coming to the relative opinion: If you ask me: Heroes of Newerth ALL THE FREAKING WAY! At least till DotA 2 becomes public or if HoN’s developer becomes as greedy/capitalistic as Riot is, then I might change my opinion ;)

    • I could tell. on November 27, 2012

      it was obvious which you preferred more. Since you say that the more expensive champions are better than the cheaper ones. I’m sorry, but this just shows your ignorance. Also, IP is rewarded after battle you don’t need to use cash. Unless you want skins.

      Genius right here.

      Also, you forgot to mention the matchmaking.

      Finally, LoL rotates free champions every week so players can try out different champions every week.

  75. janus on November 17, 2011

    rs ftw

  76. visor on November 20, 2011

    Free games in general attract little kids, jews, people who cant afford real games and filipinos…so the player base includes EVERYONE, granted the pay to play or pay once games will have bitchy rich kids. When you have games that are free you get much more retards who dont know the genre because they just think “oh i’ve never played this game before but its free so imma try it”. Plus the worst part is all the little kids playing because they dont have money for their own games and they cant get their parents to buy them games so they play LoL, and now HoN since its free. So basically both games are decent in their own way, but since they are free they attract a shit player base and in the long run you are better off just playing DotA or World of Warcraft Arena/BGs

  77. L on December 2, 2011

    LOL is much better the HoN, HoN copies all lol ideas, LoL always does something new, their champions are always different, variety, and it’s as plain as HoN. HoN is boring, not fun, you just play. LoL, everytime i play i get excited. There is all balance in LoL from the characters, HoN, has no balance. For LoL if you know how to use them well, you will do well. For HoN, more expensive, more stronger. HoN only wants money, LoL wants money and satisfied gameplays from the players.

  78. Reasonable Person on December 6, 2011

    LoL is a game that requires little to no strategy because the game automatically puts forth systems that give you the ability to hit Oh **** buttons when the **** hits the fan. The fact that you rely on runes, and summoner abilities means that you lack the ability to fully utilize your characters. HoN isn’t perfect, but it’s the closet thing to truly seeing skill based on characters choices and team builds rather than the individual build. Sure HoN isn’t perfect, but after playing LoL for two weeks and HoN for 3 years, I can see the difference. The variance in items is overcomplicated in LoL while not even giving back the effectiveness that the items in HoN do after much farming. The team fighting in LoL is simply a large cluster f** with little to no skill and understanding of how you’re supposed to initiate. It’s simply a “hey guys let’s beat each other’s head in and let the carries mop up” type of game. The fact that deny’s don’t exist a tactical system ensuring your opponents lack of ability to put up a fight against you is simply another example of a overly simplistic game. You can argue that denies don’t need to be in the game, but I challenge a LoL player to come to HoN without HoN experience and try to deal with players denying them precious XP and Gold. These one example of HoN’s strategic complexity is more than enough for me to simply step away from a game that is badly designed and worshipped by fool players who want nothing more than a simple game for simpletons. The era of good games where designers come to make challenges for the players is gone. People say that 11 million players on LoL can’t be wrong about how good the game is. The fact is, the person is smart, PEOPLE are stupid. And clearly, 11 million people are retarded. Good day sir!

    • Sad. on November 27, 2012

      Your ignorance and arrogance are astounding.

  79. Ultimate LoL on December 31, 2011

    Only LoL makes me feel so good. HoN is piece of crap against LoL. CLOSED.

  80. JayJay on January 2, 2012

    OK i have played both LoL and HoN and it’s obvious HoN requires more skill and is much harder to play. And that’s a good thing. LoL is for people who have a bad graphics cards or just suck at video games. The only reason HoN has less players is because for two years HoN was out, it cost 30 for life time membership. Now that it’s free… Good luck LoL

    • abcdefg on June 8, 2012

      Good luck LoL and HoN , DotA 2 is coming …..

  81. Holymadman on January 4, 2012

    I played both games from beta, HoN was not bad while they just did copy/paste from dota with some minor changes, but when they started making some big changes they ruined game… One, and only good reason why HoN is bad game is that it changed to F2P after it started losing people… Im not saying LoL is great, it also has it flaws, but HoN flaws are way bigger then LoL’s…

  82. MoonDogDiggy on January 4, 2012

    I played both hon and lol, and lol is 100x easier, which is probably why 100x more people play it, Im the only one out of my buddies, who plays hon over lol. So we had a challenge, We both play each others games, they came into hon and it was embarrsing. I nearly cried at how bad they were. So i went to lol, played and stomped, they said i was in level 1, so i said give me lvl 30 acc, and ill play. Again, i pretty much owned. I think i had 50 more cs then any1 else in the game at like 18 minutes in. I have no idea what lol items do, just bought them and pretty much wrecked everything. So if you new looking for a game play lol, its easier. If your looking for a time consuming rage filled community, were it will take you awhile you learn and probably at times make u wanna hit someone, play hon =)

    But both games are good for the people who play them, since thats what they want and that game offers them it better than the other.

  83. Adrian on January 4, 2012

    I’ve played HoN ever since the beta and I’ve also played LoL a few times since the beta and i can tell you right away.

    HoN is superior.

    Why HoN is superior as a DOTA game is because LoL is a entirely different game from DOTA whilst HoN is a DOTA copy.

    LoL is much easier than HoN so noobs feel comfortable and thats the only reason I think LoL is so sucessful.

    I played with my friends which are all full leveled in LoL so when I was lvl 1 i met fully leveled people. And i still owned them.

  84. Edward_LV on January 5, 2012

    HON in my opinion is total crap – ! TOTAL ! WTF is with those graphics, you cant understand shit there if you are 1st time player. TOTAL CRAP !

  85. bumpimp on January 8, 2012

    there is 1 bad thing about LoL you cant kill your own minions and you cant block your minions. ( i love dota)

  86. michael on January 10, 2012

    srysly why all this vs shit BOTH games are awesome i play lol and HoN. i play LoL for fun and HoN for the competetive so stop f*** hating -.-’ when dota2 is coming up im going to play that

  87. Gopo on January 11, 2012

    LONG VERSION: When I first heard about LoL and HoN a couple of years ago I downloaded both clients and eagerly wanted to try them both. I first started HoN and played a few games and I thought to myself “this must be the best game ever” as I was and still am a huge DotA fan and have been playing DotA for a very long time (I hate DotA 2 though), so playing an upgraded DotA was like a dream come true. Then I played a couple of games of LoL and absolutely hated it. The first thing I didn’t like was the childish graphics, comparing HoN’s somber graphics to LoL’s is like comparing Wolverine to Hello Kitty. The second thing I hated was the game speed and the inefficiency of… well… everything, nothing really made me feel like I have any real power in the game. Before I continue, keep in mind that I tried both games the exact same day and had absolutely no idea of what they were all about. As I was saying… I absolutely hated LoL (and I was even winning more than losing) so I stuck with HoN which made a much better impression from my point of view. The reason I am writing this is because I cannot understand why most people say that LoL is better because it has better graphics, better gameplay, better comunity, because from where I stand it doesn’t, HoN owns LoL in every way known to man which can only bring me to the conclusion of this post: LoL is more appreciated because it has a larger player base but it has a larger player base because it started as a F2P game whereas HoN started as a one-time-fee game and most people looking for a DotA upgrade at the time were to cheap to pay the $30 for the game (or probably aren’t old enough to have bank accounts).

    SHORT VERSION: HoN has Devourer (Pudge the Butcher) = Irrevocable & Irrefutable WIN.

  88. Trey on January 13, 2012

    Just started playing Hon about 2 weeks ago. Never played any styled game like this. I enjoyed tower defense games so a friend suggested I might like dota style games. First thing I will tell you is the community is absolutely horrible. People take this game way too seriously. I swear some kid started crying because I didn’t know how to play in one of my first matches D: I stuck with it though and feel I can contribute to my team now and get raged at a lot less. I like the gameplay and once you know how each hero functions you can play well. I might decide to download lol one of these days and give it a try but I like how much skill is needed to play Hon properly and from the comments it seems like LoL takes a lot less. If I am gonna spend hours playing a game I would like it to be rewarding not a game that anybody can jump into and pwn. Just my opinion.

  89. Yiablow on January 14, 2012

    If you have trouble playing LoL, you suck at moba. If you have trouble playing HoN, you also suck at moba. If you keep practicing LoL, you wont get anywhere. If you keep practicing HoN, you’ll be able to play basically any moba out there.

  90. ehh on January 17, 2012

    ill wait for dota 2. played both LoL and HoN for years i dislike them both.

  91. -_H3art♥Br0k3n_- on January 18, 2012

    well i play both game and i think LoL is better bcause it easy play and the item is easy to buy. Am not saying HoN is not good but in my opinion LoL is better.

  92. UnSSeX on January 24, 2012

    Hon is good as graphics over 55-70k ppl online , but LoL has bad graphics and gameplay is too easy and there is over 100k-200k ppl on …why i don’t know

  93. Pupsrus13 on January 28, 2012

    League of Legends is better, in my opinion.

    Pros (LoL) Pros (HoN)
    More champs More arenas
    Larger playerbase Challenging all the way through
    Dominion Better graphics
    Uses champion suggestions
    Referral system
    Can’t be kicked from games
    Demacia (joke)
    More games per day

    Finally, here’s what really kills HoN: LoL has ALWAYS been F2P, with the option to pay for champion skins, bundles, the champions thenselves, and LoL even has its own memes. Everything else can be earned with time. The playerbase is a lot friendlier than HoN, and it’s simpler to learn how to play. It may be difficult to master, but that’s what makes it so fun at tournament levels. You KNOW that you’re playing against some of the best players in LoL, and if someone absolutely sucks, it’s because either A) they’re getting their ass handed to them by a much better player, or got hard countered, or B) it’s a friend, relative, or hacker using the account.

  94. Pupsrus13 on January 28, 2012

    ^ and apparently my lists got mashed together.

  95. Enydrial on February 6, 2012

    I have played DOTA, HON and LOL. Dota and HON are similars, nice map size and ítems. DOTA is 100% free (just need to install WCIII Frozen Throne). HON was made by the DOTA development team so we can find similarities in some heroes, items and skills. About LOL the map is shorter as well the skills like jump or trow something, there is a bif difference btw LOL and HON, also the pick hero screen, and the dominion mode, runes and summoner skills.
    If u r looking for good items and large map play HON and if u like a cheap game play LOL ^^ just my opinion of course.
    dark greetings!!! see you online!!

  96. Azza on February 11, 2012

    I played lol after being introduced to it by a friend. I have played a long time and love the game so i am a lil bias. However i did ATTEMPT to play hon once it became free. These are two problems i noticed.
    1.NO BOTS – to everyone saying lol is easier to learn its cos you can learn against easy computers rather than getting pwned by people from the start
    2.GLITCHES – i have yet to play a proper match of HON due to a crashing glitch that afetr reaserch seems many people expierience.

    Another thing, everyones saying OMG HON HAS MORE ITEM DIVERSITY, LOL has runes and masteries which give it as much diversity in a different way so i think the games are equal on this point.

    But nonetheless LOL is better especially cos it free and the only benefits you gain from spending money are all for fun and will forever be only for fun not to play it in the 1st place.

  97. Blitzkee on February 13, 2012

    I believe that LoL and HoN are the same, LoL is like CoD 4 you can jump in have a blast and then when you get more experienced you can play seriously (like promod). HoN is like CS it takes ages too get good at but once you do it is amazing, the only problem with that is you need to spend a lot of time getting your ass kicked and getting frustrated to get to that point. LoL has a lot to it like rune pages and masteries, and HoN has a lot to it in terms of items. At the end of the day the better game just comes down to personal preference.

  98. Kevin on February 16, 2012

    All about that LoL.

    If LoL = “League of Losers” then HoN = “Homosexuals of Nigeria”.

  99. Saelis on February 18, 2012

    hon is for sadistic noobshits.

    • Shmexy on February 23, 2012

      Have you even played???

  100. masterpeing on February 18, 2012

    get a life guys alot of comments for rate 2 free play games.. really this is stupid just play wtf you want its a fuking free world

  101. LoL is better on February 19, 2012

    is very obvious LoL is better
    LoL graphic is not as good as HoN,but HoN hero/champ are so op that they can kill hero in onli 1 sec,like deadwood,he use portal key and ulti 1 champ,that guy is confirm GG(if he got the item that can cancel 1 spell,then he might survive).HoN champ can go 1v5,but LoL champ cant 1v5 and they must have teamwork to win,and LoL skill can add more dmg,they say those champ are str,agi or int but fighter,tank,pusher,assassin and others.HoN copy some hero from LoL,especially wukong,LoL was going to release the champ and HoN is going to release the champ,HoN also copy something from LoL,they wan player to buy the champ to use orelse the player must w8 every week to see HoN got free other champ.

    just saying…..LoL is better

    • masterpeing on February 23, 2012

      … get a life “lol is better” ,,, just get a life. i played the 2 games but i wanted to unistall because boring me and consume my life.. reallly man just go to play soccer or go to gym.. doont waste time in games like this cya nd gg

      • CoffeKing on May 12, 2012

        Said the cool kid replying on the comparison of both of the games. “Get a life”

  102. TheTruth on February 23, 2012

    OKOK whoever says LoL is more complex than HoN is a complete troll. HoN is much more in depth than league in almost all aspects. I’ve played both for a while, and because i like the higher skill cap hoN has to offer and the more things you must be good to play i like it better. LoL is VERY basic. and annother thing, you play LoL lvl 1 you dont get noobs, you will 8/10 get the trolls that make a new account. Finally, this community thing is a bunch a BS, when yyou play HoN is the Pubs, (1-30 in LoL) it isnt ranked so ppl dont take it serioudly and are more liad back

  103. malloine on February 25, 2012

    hey just look at the facebook likes pages. LoL is more balanced. unlike HoN still the laidback same as DotA – 0 improvements. Games are made for everyone not only when ur good at it. for the recod i played both. lvl 30 on LoL, and not less than 500 games on HoN. though i still like both games. just prefered LoL. oh sorry HoN ur out. LoL welcome to the new edge of Moba genre.

  104. datemokid on February 27, 2012

    both games are great :D

  105. LOLHASNICEGRAphics on March 1, 2012

    Why would people play LOL only because of their friends not because of their own choice and people will tell people HoN sucks cuz they never tried it yah some but i hear people say HoN sux dont play it play LOL (which has bad graphics ) (O) (O) use your sight
    and see which of it has nice graphics and better game play HON was the 1st ones who made the recommended thing in HON then LOL copied tsk lol sux think its great playing HoN is like playing call of duty playing LOL is like playing that old dumb game SF special force whoo nc name super lag game zzz

  106. LOLISTHEBESTGAMEEVER on March 1, 2012

    Do you guys know why i play LOLcuz it has bad graphics and easy to make heroes cuz the graphics aint nice keep playing LOL so you will be like those stupid shit who thinks cartoon is better than hon HON sux cuz it has nice graphics but lol nah its a nice game it remembers me of the old supermario better if LOL has a background music of supermario cuz it fits right
    people in my school plays LOL cuz the popular people tell them to so they could flew with the cool people and when they ask is HON nice too no it sucks cuz it has nice graphics play LOL to be a dumb f*** like ME i think philippines is a country most of the people that plays LOL is in that country filipin;s are dumb people most dosnt go to school and they just play any game they like playing LOL then HON is like being an atheist to having a religion play LOL and become like me (im a dumb f***r)

  107. dominic on March 3, 2012

    Didn’t try yet LoL but I will asap.I play HoN a lot (about 3000 games) and I really love it for graphics and how s2 Always try to improve the game evrytime.since hon has become a f2p lost a lot of my atraction for the game cause I can pay to relax playing a good game instead of people that did not know what they hero does but all want kills.true hon it’s not a simple game but it’s a good one.I read it here that you can not denie creeps in LoL (from the start I can tell you that for me is very bad and I will give example why (in a 5 vs 5 game we have in enemy team 1 mid,2 on a lane,1 one on other and 1 farming woods from lvl 1,the denies help me and my teammate if we are fighting against the one that does solo on lane to not let him get a big lvl so he can have powErful spells and why not to get money.usualy I have at leAst 40-50 denies in a game and help me a lot,as about 1 vs 1 games if my enemy can not play last hits and denie,well I get overpowered and yes it’s because of experience))I will try LoL tommorow and I hope it’s not so sinple as people try it to describe it here becqause if I want sinple games I can still go back to mario or pacman .have a nice day and hope I didn’ make people upset on me.

  108. ArchRaphael on March 5, 2012

    Well I am a player of both games, and I have to say, I prefer HoN.

    I started League of Legends first, only really getting into HoN a couple of months before it went free to play. In League of Legends, you have a set item build for champions, there is no diversity at all really, that isn’t to say I don’t love the game, because I do, but HoN is simply..More, basically.

    In Heroes of Newerth, you really have to choose which items will help you now, while also picking out items that’ll help you later, in League of Legends, you don’t do that.

    I do like the summoner spells/runes/masteries of League, infact I’d go so far as to say I love it, but HoN has it aswell…Just as items. In Heroes of Newerth, everything has a longer range aswell, so you really have to be careful, when going about the jungle, people can pop out from anywhere instead of just from the brush. HoN is a MUCH harder game to play, is far more complicated, but, in my opinion, much more fun because of this.

    The range on all abilities is much longer in Heroes of Newerth, which means you need good reflexes instead of like League, where people have to be insanely close to do anything.

    There are so many more skillshots in HoN it isn’t even funny. People complain about having two skillshots on a Legend, but it’s not uncommon for a Hero to have three skillshots, then add in all the items…

    Very few items have actives in League, but in Newerth, I’d say approximately 50% of the items have an active.

    League of Legends is much more forgiving than Heroes of Newerth too, you can win the game even if you have bad champions, but in HoN, you damn well need a good team composition or you will lose. It’s that simple.

    In Heroes of Newerth there are a lot more game modes too, sure, this has changed with HoN becoming free to play and you needing Verified status to enter anything other than All Pick, but in Matchmaking, they still exist (If I ever get around to finishing the 238 matches I need to play for my Leaver status to bugger off >.>)

    I am a League of Legends veteran, it’s not boasting, it’s just fact. I’ve had an ELO of over 2.200 multiple times and played thousands of matches, in my opinion, HoN is more interesting.

  109. HON is THE BEST! on March 7, 2012

    To be honest,HON is more tougher to play,and that’s the reason make it interesting,those who says that HON is solo game just becausie you are still having a low mmr or psr.When you reach higher level,you will know how important teamwork is and sometimes a mistake can cause whole game to lose.And for somebody who says that his psr is 20++,I just want to say dont make stupid post because Garena HON and even international HON have no or very few 20++ player,so you think you are going to cheat us by simply say that you are pro in HON and HON is boring?Dont be stupid,we arent fool.You can own in LOL very easily,but in HON,DREAM ON!Even DSKB also never say HON is boring,so you think it’s your turn?

  110. hon is nice on March 7, 2012

    who says hon carry can,1v5?it nedds teamwork oso stupid..

  111. Katahimikan on March 7, 2012

    Whatever you all say, HoN is better than LoL. ask the people commented above about HoN, they speak nothing but true testimonies.. but i gues playing tetris is more fun. lol, i mean Hon!…

  112. NguyenLegend on March 8, 2012

    HoN > Dota 2 > LoL

    I have to say that I dislike LoL it looks funny and the Developers of LoL did not improve Dota they just made it super nub-friendly. It was free to play from the start and was made for low end computers. So you can see how it can grow exponentially.

    Dota 2 ( Biggest disappoint of all. Has built in delay – WTF?)

  113. MurkyWater on March 12, 2012

    I don’t understand why all the hype about whic one is better….

    I’d say the best one is the one you have more fun playing. Simple as that.

    I agree that LoL feels a bit ‘easier’ but that doesn’t make HoN better nor more chalenging.

    If LoL is in fact ‘easier’ to master, it means you will find A LOT MORE people that got very good at it thus making all your games a lot more chalenging.

    Also for what I’ve heard the communitty in HoN is unforgiving with newer players….

    Maybe HoN has a bit more depth and potencial (I also enjoy the darker map a lot more then LoL’s merry green everywhere ^_^) but I find LoL to be more fun making it the ‘better’ one.

    Peace…. and remember to have fun ^_^

  114. Morrocker on March 12, 2012

    I’ve done quite the research about both games on the internet. I haven’t played HoN, just LoL, but I’ll try show my findings as objectively as possible (since I’m only a LoL player).


    HoN seems to have an edge over LoL, more somber champs, better lighting effects. Some people dislike LoL because many champs are cartoonish (newer one are more serious IMO), still both have pretty decent graphics and effects.
    One complain I’ve found about HoN is that sometimes effects can dazzle you in the mid of a fight (comparations with MU online have been made).

    Learning curve

    Definitively LoL has the upper hand here. It features a step-by.step tutorial that teaches game basics. After that you can play with AI in 2 diferent dificulties. Even if you don’t actually play with AI you will be matched with players of similar level. Also, the game gives you recomended items so even if you dont know anything they tell you stuff that MAY be usefull to buy.
    HoN on the other hand seems to be harsh on new people, asuming you already know DOTA gameplay style. quoting a previous post: “LoL has a learning curve, HoN has a 90 degrees cliff”


    Clearly LoL has a larger player base. it takes 1+1 to realize a good game will have ,more people if you dont charge them for playing. (I’ll talk about money later). Personally I’ve found very anoying guys on LoL, but the same seems to happen in HoN.
    I’d call it even BUT, once again LoL is more noob friendly (noob as in “i just started to play”), since in HoN they can flare at you just because you’re new to the game.
    As a side note LoL started implementing the league of legends tribunal to try eliminating shit talkers, trolls, ragers, quiters. Dunno about HoN (maybe someone can confirm that point)

    Game deph.
    Ok, here the thing is both games are diferent enough to just leave it to players choice.

    HoN: abilities on high CD, meaning you get to fire prob about 1 shot from each skill on every fight. One nuke combo and you’re out. Fights last few seconds, spells seems to have, overall longer range. More items than LoL, roughly half of them have an active component. It seems game can be won, almost, by a single heroe.

    LoL: CD on abilities depend heavily on the Champion/items. Fights can range from long harrasing/juking to few seconds burst down. Less items, but it features runes and masteries to customize your champ before the match. Heavy teamwork component, 1 fed champion can decide the outcome, but that one champ can be shut down as well.

    I doubt ANYONE can claim to have played LoL and HoN at a competitive level, so I guess any comentary about how easy the opponents are is byassed and lacking real arguments. Same goes for the deph of competitive matches.

    Both games require strategy, however the strats are VERY diferent.

    Game balancing

    LoL: Even though there is a large cryout by the comunity babies the game it pretty balanced and it’s being constantly twitched to reach as much balance as posible (hey, try to balance an equation with more than 90 variables, with each one of them depending on 5 more variables. Seriously, its crazy).
    HoN: Seems to have some champs that can faceroll pretty easy, many of them havent been modified to keep the similarity with DOTA. Seems like overpowered is not just a cry from unskilled players here (anyone can confirm this information??)

    Money, money, money
    here i need some serious help from a HoN user since no coment seems to be made about payed options, I’ll just state what i know about LoL

    LoL: It’s a F2P game, however unlike other’s in this category paying does not give a any advantage over other players. Why?? The only feature that only money can pay are the skins. While they maybe be nice/cool or whatever you want to call them they dont offer battle advantage. Runes are bought with IP exclusively (you gain them after every game), so once again there is no advantage on gameplay.
    Sure, you can buy champions, but given the large amount of champions available it seems kind of weird to have ALL champs since even if you wanted you would be unable to rotate between all of them on a single day (about 45 hours to rotate 90 champs on 30 min aver games).
    As far as I go I’ve played as much as my free time has allowed me to do, and I have quite the number of champs. Then again just by playing you can start to hoard champions.

    Bottom line

    From all I’ve read LoL is better suited for people without that HUGE competitive impulse, more friendly to noobs, more relaxed comunity.
    HoN is more suited for people aiming for REAL serious gameplay. Making mistakes is not an option here. If you like more hardcore gaming HoN is better suited for you.

  115. dota on March 13, 2012

    Or you guys could just play DOTA2 beta. problems solved

  116. leagueoflegends on March 15, 2012

    lol is better just get over it turrets dont have 9999 range items are matched better (hon shop is crap),
    ad champions have normal ad not like hon that u have to be pro to last ht a minion, and ap champions dont have more ad than melee. hon play rage too much too -.- like the comment somewhere up is a guy saying hon is better and didnt write any fact or something why is it.
    OH and the hon money is so retarded once i got only 12 for a won game……and u need about 6000 or 5000 for a champion -.-’

  117. blah on March 15, 2012

    guys look at the likes lol is obviously better hon isnt tougher i played it once and i pwned because players (even the “pros”) are actually noobs.

  118. Mr. Alan on March 17, 2012

    I did not read the whole post, however, I think I am the first to point out(and this is mostly targeted at the HoN folks). LOOK AT THE SCORE! As I am writing this the votes tally: LOL 937, HoN 242. The point being, regardless of how passionate any one person is about either of these games, LOL is much more popular, and also has a much larger community. In any pole or contest, there is always someone voting and cheering for the loosing team; but honestly just look at the numbers. Almost 4x as many votes for LOL, that says it all to me.

    • Mr. Alan on March 17, 2012

      And, before someone says something stupid, like: “Having a larger community does not mean the game is better”, philosophically they would be right. However, when both games have been out for years and one has vastly surpassed the other in player base and overall popularity, this almost seems like it should be more obvious. For the most part HoN is playing catchup and likely will always be.

  119. Tyto on March 18, 2012

    This is like a BF vs CoD war.
    If you want to solo stuff and look like a boss you should play games Like HoN or CoD because you don’t need teamwork.
    If you like teamwork and think it helps, you should go play games like LoL and BF where it’s more-or-less required to work as a team.
    Solo = HoN
    Team = LoL
    Go cry, you either like it or you don’t

    • AeroSylvash on June 24, 2012

      seems right.
      LoL: let’s gank mid!
      HoN: Your mom’s a whore.

  120. F3v on March 20, 2012

    Lol I like em both.
    Hon = lot’s of strategy in ganking / item build / lane division / warding especially stealth heroes.
    Lol = Love the rune and talents feature and cute graphic.

  121. YoukaiZone on March 28, 2012

    You may like a game more than another, while someone else may like the other game than your preferred game. It all comes down to preference, I personally enjoy LoL because I’ve found that special little someone in my heart, Dr. Mundo. Everyone has different reasons, this is my reason.

  122. Pupsrus13 on March 28, 2012

    @YoukaiZone You’re not the only guy that plays Dr. Mundo…. Do you use the Maw of Malmortius?

  123. Kixmy on March 30, 2012

    I’ve played LoL for quite some time and with it’s popularity LoL got ruined in my mind, that’s why im going to HoN after 1.5 years on LoL. Now in every 2nd LoL match there is a:
    A) 12 year old annoying kid.
    B) Someone who somehow made it to LVL 30 but still sucks.
    C) Many people who don’t speak english.
    D) Many ragers/trolls and alike.
    LoL used to be fun, but now it just turned into a money making game. The worst thing in LoL is it’s shitty matchmaking system. E.g.
    ELO 1234 ELO 1250
    ELO 1300 vs ELO 1600
    ELO 1300 ELO 1250
    That 1600 ELO rating player is going to win the match.

  124. I am an experienced DotA/HoN/LoL player.

    HoN and LoL, as most of us know, based the game concept from DotA. On the other hand, HoN and LoL has its own style of game play. I must say this, though, HoN was more like DotA, if not for the graphics. I’ve played more than 1000 and I really appreciate how S2 games designed the character details–the fountain was cool but the overall map was a bit boring for me (but then again, map details are okay).

    LoL has a “cartoony” feel but the gameplay is exceptional. You don’t play it like the usual DotA. You will need to defend the tower and stay within tower range. In HoN, staying within your tower’s range doesn’t guarantee that you’re safe.

    HoN has more realistic graphics and it is for that very reason that visual effects of heroes’ spells during team clashes tend to populate the screen leading to confusion. It is only when one or two heroes die when you notice clearly some specific details.

    **If you have a decent video card, LOL graphics is not bad at all**

    Hero/Champion spotlights and instructions for beginners: I would say LOL is way better and you can find videos of these in several youtube channels.

    I like both games but I doubt there are other HoN players like me who played both LoL and HoN for more than 1000 games and still say HoN is better.

  125. In HoN, all heroes become available to you. So you can play Moraxus now and play Silhouette later…and so on and so forth…

    In LOL, although there are champions that are available for play (in rotation) every week you need to earn influence points per game to be able to purchase permanent champions. This is what makes LOL players like the game so much. They look forward to gaining new champions. Also, LOL has been very active with their champions lately. The number of champions in LOL dominates the number of heroes available for play in HoN.

    Just saying.

    • Kagekire on April 1, 2012

      actually HoN has 101 heroes, whereas LoL has 96. i prefer lol beause of a lot of reasons:

      -i dont like the idea of “denying” cs, or even champion kill gold;
      -LoL’s image is bright and easily distinguishable opposed to HoN’s dark and fancy graphics;
      -LoL’s user interface is much clearer
      -i miss the goofy, even cute, humorous creatures from HoN, since HoN is full of brutes;
      -playing lol is Much more fun thanks to the sensible cc timers, and TON of skillshots;
      -LoL is much more original, whereas HoN is more like a dota copy (u can see this as it is much more similar to DoTA2);
      -more players, even more competitive play
      -also, nerf irelia

  126. Jokers on April 3, 2012

    seriously,every people have their own way or own style to play the game,LoL or HoN.People like OP hero/champ then go play HoN,LoL hero/champ is better for me(not that I’m saying HoN sucks or something),is just HoN is too op for me to play,and people can use only 2 skill to kill you(or 3).I admit HoN have nice graphic,but LoL have runes,mastery and item in-game can buff your champ.People who say LoL sucks,see the vote up there ^_^ (and I’m not saying HoN sucks,cause I play HoN before and is quite fun to kill people instant).

    • Jokers on April 3, 2012

      oh and I forgot, HoN need to buy hero like LoL right now(I guess)

      • Jokers on April 3, 2012

        and HoN champ is so op maybe 3v5 or 2v5 also can win :) believe me, I try it before

    • Zera on April 5, 2012

      Psst….there are ingame items for HoN too…-_- Doubt you even tried HoN before voting, since you didn’t even know that HoN had items.

      Oh, and the heroes aren’t OP, your just bad because you didn’t take the time to learn how to play. Not trying to be an ass, just correcting your false information.

      Btw I HAVE played both HoN/LoL (DotA too, for several years). HoN back in beta, left when it was released because I couldn’t afford to buy it. Went to LoL, played for about a year off and on until HoN went F2P, never looked back. In my opinion, HoN is more catered to DotA players, while LoL is an alternative to people who want something more slow paced and new. Both games have their pros and cons, but I don’t care, off to DotA 2! :)

  127. dj on April 4, 2012


  128. faeros on April 5, 2012

    as i read in an earlier post the facts seem simple, hon is harder from the get go, lol is harder to master but easier from the get go. I cant even get to 1600psr in hon and i played for 1 week some games of LoL on my friends account which is over your precious level 30 excuse. i still wrecked on people (went 17/1 as that teddy bear girl) without knowing what the hell I was doing, the game is far easier and therefore garners more followers thats all it comes down too. i just prefer hon because i find the challenge greater than LoL. I have pet hates for both games easily, the spammable skills in Lol coupled with cheap ass free tp/heal master (or w/e) skills ruins the game and the utterly terrible community in hon.

  129. Name (Required) on April 5, 2012

    Kagekire I know why u dnt like denying becoz u weak the way to control ur lane or to prevent hero items is denying becoz of denying or denied u will lvlgap ur hero lane and also money and i think u dnt know how to lasthit Bitch!!!! LOL is for special child only!! ok

  130. Mr Biggs on April 5, 2012


  131. Mr.ZEIN on April 8, 2012

    ummm H.O.N. is BETTER in HON you need SKILLS and in LOL you dont you rely on your skill not on your STRATEGY and SKILL and LOL has low graphics compared to HON

    so LOL player if you think LOL is better than HON

  132. Alex on April 8, 2012

    I agree with zein

  133. J on April 10, 2012

    Heroes of noobeth are for retards i wasted my money and i want to sue them for making such a crappy game even my alienware will crash every single time when i open it they are such dicks for making the game. I think pacman is better. Whereas League of Legends is AWESOME its graphics are excellent on my alienware and i love using ashe as i usually use stun characters and also, ITS FREE AND IT ISNT A FKING SCAM

  134. fatkitty1 on April 14, 2012

    i play lol for the past 2 years i found that it did get more ragers and yellers only because they most likely came from hon which has alot of them. i think that lol has a slow based gameplay were as hon has a faster based gameplay. i like lol because the champions are some what balanced and easy to buy if you play in pvp mode. but in hon it take forever to even get your first bought hero. also lol’s first win of the day is way better than hon’s. but i like hon because it’s harder and runes that u pick up. really i don’t see any big difference in the graphics mostly. i also like that lol has a better camera lock feature were u can still move your sight to where your mouse clicks on the screen. but in hon if you like the lock camera u have to hold down c or you can’t see anything outside your vision. i like both games but i just started hon and I’ve been playing it more because lol got alittle boring to me due to the ragers and lack or english speakers. also lol’s shopping is alot easier to find what you want due to the multiple tabs that have the right explaition to them but in hon you have to go searching through to many of the tabs to find what you want. i give the like a 60% lol and 40% hon.

  135. rusaelee on April 15, 2012

    If you played dota,then you played hon. hon is just a 90% rip off of dota. LoL is more unique with original heroes and ect. Honestly for me, its LoL as it explains everything very well in a tutorial and is also friendlier

  136. mondragon on April 15, 2012

    Read through the comments but it seems no-one noticed one of, if not, the best innovation that LoL added to the table.

    The scaling system.

    Back in DotA, skills have a fix damage depending on its skill level. There is only one item that improves a skill after you max out its level, the Aghanim’s Scepter which only improves your ultimate.

    In LoL skills scale with one or two attribute (AP, AD) for them to be more powerful and thus more valuable even later in the game when champions have higher healths and resistances. AP or ability power is a stat that scales with abilities that deals magic damage, while AD or attack damage scales with abilities that deals physical damage. Armor and magic resistance also works this way, when a champion with low armor is attack by a skill that scales with attack damage or just plain auto attack he\she would suffer more damage than those with higher armor, lower magic resistance also means more damage received from skills that deals magic damage. I find this scaling system to be very strategic as you will have to build depending on the enemy team instead of just building whatever it is that you like. This makes playing different roles (especially tank roles) in LoL much more interesting and complex than it is on both DotA and HoN where a high health pool makes yoy instantly a tank or high main attribute that just buffs your auto attack to epic proportions.

    Anyone who says that LoL lacks depth and strategy surely doesn’t understand how this system works.

  137. John on April 18, 2012

    People play LoL because it is easy to get into. HoN will always be a superior game in every aspect. There is no denying that. LoL is one of those games like Call of Duty; it is very popular, but f** sucks and is boring as watching shit harden.

  138. Zehel on April 20, 2012

    Well a red all of the comments above. i play both of them.. in my opinion LoL has a very slow gameplay its suited better for player with “slow hands”.. hon has a faster gameplay.. also i have noticed that most of the skills in LoL is “heal”, “dash forward/back”, “stun” good thing that they are trying to change it in the newer heroes… LoL has a good gameplay with no bugs unlike hon which crashes every couple of games.. i can say that each game has their own positive and negative sides but hon requires a lot more practice and skill to play than LoL because of the pace of the gameplay.. I also think that hon’s graphics and animations are better than dota 2 since ive already seen dota 2…

  139. unicorne warior on April 21, 2012

    LOL is the best. Anyone who wana chalange me on eu east&nordic my usrname is unicorne warior.
    If someone wana challange me in eu west my name is unicorne warrior.

  140. Boksy on April 23, 2012

    I started to play Hon few days ago .I am a lol player , and is hard to play hon if your a lol player.I like both games . In my opinion Hon takes more skill to play as lol . But they are equally fun . So stop bitching about the game.

  141. Zaun on April 26, 2012

    Well, I play both games. But, I prefer LoL than HoN. It has better concept, build & strategy, and -most of all- better management. I left my PS3 / XBox away for playing LoL more and more. It’s SUPER FUN to play :)


  142. CURSE29 on April 27, 2012


  143. Scout_Pure on May 3, 2012

    HoN is WAY WAY better than LoL.

    HoN: Better name, no retarded heroes, better game play, can DUKE cuz of trees, more realistic HP, more heroes

    LoL: the name Lol because its practically a joke, turn invisible in grass (wtf?), too strong defense tower, retarded heroes, unrealistic HP (i can probably kill someone with auto attack), no hot keys for items (WTF?), more blaming, less heroes, it sucks, it sucks, oh yeah have i mentioned that it sucks?

    • Bob on May 4, 2012

      the hotkey for items is 1-6… dumbassss…. and i played both adn gotta SAY leagues gameplay triples it. someone said before that HoN is a fall off a cliff. no one knows about it cause its shittt

  144. BBGBB on May 8, 2012

    Lol hon is better then lol and better then dota2 coz they have bad anime graphics
    and for know dota is map of warcraft3 and was made by blizzard group :)) but when wil ldeveloped blizzard dota http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx1JDEnrVK8 it will be perfect game

  145. Icefroggy on May 9, 2012

    LoL and HoN are copying dota, but HoN is better.

  146. vibrate*sublime on May 9, 2012

    Playing both LoL and HoN for more than a year, just play whatever the hell you want. Graphically both have their satisfying effects, LoL reminds me of Kingdom of Amular and HoN would be the Elder Scrolls Skyrim, beat both games, very different yet many wish to make the comparison.

    Problems I have with HoN: (even though I like it better than LoL)
    Tutorial does not prepare new players for competitive play
    UI with shop appears overwhelming, give it a 100+ games to learn your items
    Even in “Casual Mode” there are more players who bully new players verbally
    The MMR system is flawed, starting all newbies at 1500, decreases per loss and increases per win. Creates a messy match up i.e
    1490-1530= potential noobs
    1300>0= really bad at the game
    1350-1450=some bad, random good players, bulk of most experienced players
    1590+ your probably playing with a consistent team and just as good as the random pro’s with crap ratings in the 1400′s

    What is good about HoN?
    Graphically I prefer it. I.E Skyrim vs Amular, Magic the Gathering, vs Yugioh, MW3 vs BF3, not saying one is better than the other, I played all of these and enjoyed them, I just prefer a certain graphical appeal, I like Thunderstorms, not so much Rainbows.

    HoN despite what most say about heroes and horrible cooldowns, there are a variety of Heroes just like LoL with respectable skills. In HoN there are heroes with even 2 second cool-down on skills, the ones with longer down times tend to be the heavy stuns and ultimates.

    In LoL there is a need for tactics just as much as HoN, though I have seen the comment “5v1″ if you really had played you would realize its mainly 3v2 due to Mid leading the ganks while the lanes do the best they can to farm. The 5v1 aspect comes into play when the team actually works together to single out the enemy nukers. And the random 1 guy who can solo, well he just earned the carry role for that game.

    What is better? eh right now I prefer HoN, though I really do enjoy LoL. If your new and you have NO friends, go play LoL, you’ll make some fast friends and play comfortable matches for HoN you
    will hate it, you will have a hard time making friends since you are new, you will lose more games than you win, unless your in a Clan or you have physical friends to join you the game will not enjoy it. My first few games in LoL were way better than HoN. As time went on though I appreciated HoN more. I learned all the items, easy to shop, wards make a huge difference, carrier is important, heck, choosing heroes pre-game is a battle in itself, people trying to make combos/counter picks. Its so funny when both teams screw up their heroes, (wtf no tank, we got no stuns, why did you random? no dps, no carry, and sometimes no english) Overall give it time, the game becomes very easy to play.

    Not going to bash on LoL, its good as it is, despite the leveling system, it does a slightly better job than HoN’s horrid MMR ratings.

    When it comes down to it, both are awesome, HoN takes longer to fall in love though, like a garden it requires water, tending and a lot of time, LoL, is love at first sight, easily played and enjoyed like a bouquet of flowers, pretty right away, little work, but no roots. I personally don’t feel as great winning a LoL game compared to winning a HoN match.

  147. CoffeKing on May 12, 2012

    This argument is stupid, let me explain why.

    1.LOL is making more money and more of a broader fan base.
    2.As said previously HON is an almost EXACT replica of DOTA 1 (so when DOTA 2 comes out HON is done for good)
    while LOL built new changes in the MOBA game play and match making system that has been used by DOTA 2.
    3.Skill wise: LOL is far better, the diversity of the champions makes for interesting team fights and requires you to work on positioning and proper spell timing to make the most out of a fight. unlike HON where your screen goes white with spells and you can’t see anything then the fights over in 4 seconds.

  148. iLold on May 14, 2012

    This artical is bloody old.

    Both games are similar and different at the same time let alone they are based off the same game and most people here are extremely biased.

    LoL was released as a newbie friendly FREE game which is where it got it’s main fanbase “NEWBIE FRIENDLY AND FREE OMFG”. HoN Competative p2p for the DoTa fans who wanted that little bit more than WC3 graphics.

    LoL while keeping the same concepts changed the way things go each game has its broken set of skills on characters while LoL is rounded making most characters able to carry with enough farm, HoN not so much imitation of DoTa having Tanks, Carries, Supports, nukers and many other sub-genres of characters.

    Team picking in LoL gives u suggestions and item suggestions HoN doesn’t have the hero suggestions but now has inbuilt guides as to when at the shop with your hero giving you examples of item builds, skill choices etc altho still not as noobie friendly as the PSR rating is quite abit broken starting off all newbies in the 1500 bracket which is the more experianced players bracket. HoN is very competative from the get go even in newbie games. having a balanced team with synergy so you can play on strengths this alone can be quite challanging making the right counter picks and such.

    Graphics: need i really go there? LoL very out dated and childish vs HoN quite dark themed and lets say more “modernised”

    Gameplay: i see a lot of crap about 1v5 in HoN, this made me laugh tho it is in itself possible to an extent. Example Scenarios you have fed a tank or hard carry to the point he has outleveled you all by a mile and you have let him free farm off creeps and well yourselves and very few heroes can do this as well and just shows the 1 player has a much higher skill then the other 5 he is against. Or the reverse way around 5 people ganking 1 hero to stop his farm.

    Hero/Champions diversity: there are many ways to play each hero in each game in a numerous amount of ways just depends on your skill level. HoN around 102-104 characters LoL 97characters. While HoN has hero skins LoL has more tho these are all purely cosmetic and don’t effect gameplay at all really. I did try LoL for a few weeks and couldn get myself attached to the play although it was very easy to learn and pick up i found HoN being the greater challenge i read a few guides which is reccomended watched a little gameplay and dove in i will have to say the LoL community is much friendlier and the HoN is much more competative and trollish (tho DoTa was way worse hahaha)

    in the end each game have their ups and downs don’t know why how many players make the differance HoN averages 55-75k players online at a time not sure about LoL not like u can play them all in 6-10ppl games.

    P.S. HoN just released Mid Wars yet to try it looks fun tho

    • I AM MAD on May 23, 2012

      please man go and pwn some retarted peapole that insist that lol is better and more competitive to what hon is just make ehm shhs i cant do that cuz my english is just bad like the average-proish skills of WHOLE lol community together

  149. LordDeltaWolf on May 20, 2012

    I dont know why people are arguing what game is better?
    I’ve played HoN and LoL and they are both awesome.
    Though at HoN if you suck at it, then you get this:
    ” F**** NOOB!”
    “Go back to LoL kids”
    “DUDE WTF!”
    “YOU SUCK!”
    And at LoL:
    “No matter what you do, dont play HoN you noob”
    “The fuck is wrong with you noob”
    And for those who dismiss this as just some shit that I made up, you’re wrong, at HoN you get verbally abused every 30 seconds if you suck, meanwhile at LoL you dont get verbally abused often.
    On the other hand, people who argue that HoN is more strategic than LoL vice versa then…I agree HoN is much more complicated than LoL. And anyone who disagrees then actually play a professional game of HoN k?
    At the end I personally think that LoL is better since its more player friendly and thats the only thing from keeping me from thinking that HoN is better than LoL. And this is a useless argument I dont give a fuck about what game is better it dosen’t matter as long as you have fun, I participated in this argument to give my verdict and my opinion, everyone has the right to an opinion and to tell you to stop this shitfest. this thing just gets people frustrated and stressed. Just have fun with whatever game you have.

    Peace be with you.

  150. I AM MAD on May 21, 2012

    First of all i have played both games i am brainsap at HoN and minadorakoc at lol look both games are so well balallnced
    HoN is more centered gaming for ppl that are mature enough OR skilled to understand situation and turn them to their favor
    abitehr thing is it has denies so u have to be cool and extra good and precies to what u do to win a match if u are killed you lose gold and no items plus its for more hardcore gaming of strategy compaired to lol which is just LOL.
    LoL btw is a FAR more better game FOR NEWBS NOT NOOBS BUT NEWBS if u want to become good at soemthing learn something the for the first time lol is the answer ok so what if u fk up ur lane u still end up wtih great items plus i agree it is mor ewll balanced cuz even the worst in there can kill a person (though i really h8 flamers)
    thnx for reading this is a view from a person which has played both games to GREAT EXTEND ( almost got cut thnx to this at my university exams)

  151. Redeflect on May 22, 2012

    I played Dota for years… about 5000 matches (HoN is almost entirely identical).

    I’ve played LoL for years… about 5000 matches

    They have pretty different play styles. But LoL is all-around better. Sure, the graphics may be “kiddy”. Sure, you can’t deny minions… but if you know how to last-hit a minion(which LoL requires) then you know how to deny a minion and no additional skill is needed. Sure, there are a few item builds for each hero that are far better than others when disregarding rune pages, masteries, and summoner spells(which actually make heroes FAR more customizable)

    However, LoL excels in every other aspect. It has far more features, the matchmaking system makes it competitive most of the time, it’s a better community, but mostly there is a significantly greater need for map awareness, strategy, cooperation and every hero is pretty well balanced if you know how to play them properly. Dota and HoN may “seem” more of a skill game simply because more experienced players have a significant advantage in games over newer ones. Any new player to LoL is matched up to other new players which means anyone familiar with Dota or HoN has a huge advantage and can do well. However, once you get beyond the new player games(about 100-200 games in) things become a lot more challenging. Yes, you need a good team composition. You need wards and support-tanks-carries-nukers-assasins-bruisers-chasers-disablers… and also most heroes are capable of filling a few different roles depending on how you use and build them.

    The only thing that LoL doesn’t have that Dota and HoN do have are couriers (which would be much more difficult because of how intense the action is… you have to constantly be on guard) and denying (which has less to do with skill and more to do with how much you’re able to last hit without the enemy team stomping you into the ground). LoL has its own form of personal couriers though, it’s called “Recall” and “Teleport”. It also has it’s own form of denying… it’s called lane-control. It requires a lot more skill to actually keep an enemy hero AWAY from the minions when they are much more inclined to attack you than it does to just last-hit them. I used to hate LoL for not having denies because it DOES make the game more challenging.

    In summary, Lol has childish graphics and there are a few features it doesn’t have (which are actually altered and improved). But it excels in every other area and regardless of how pro HoN players wish they were at the game genre… LoL is a lot more competitive and requires a lot faster thinking, skill, and strategy than the other two (or one, since HoN is a knock-off of Dota).

  152. I AM MAD on May 22, 2012

    OK so u sir insist that LoL is more ahrdcore THAT fkign HoN AND dota ARE U INSANE? to last hit a minion and take urs 2 it does not require skills sir i doubt u played 5k matches i play dota since 2010 when i met hon i was OMFG greater graphics i met LoL i was fk random guys are random to play a real match i have to go to an organization like dreamhack ffs its so easy that WHEN U FKING DIE U DONT LOSE MONEY !! how much easier can they make it plus no denies to anything come 1v1 to see who is skillfull and who is not i challenge u to hon and then lol talking crap about no skillz when u play 200 matches top

    • zbane on June 20, 2012

      @ I AM MAD
      one problem you have is that you can 1v1 ppl in LoL Its called the river and the jungle. Nobody ever accepts a 1v1 in LoL though (trust me I’ve tryed) becasue they aren’t stupid in LoL the Charecters are alot more balanced than what I have seen in HoN. Some charecters are made for 1v1 and chasing, others are made to destroy in team fights. Also the reason you don’t lose money in LoL is because it takes away from the balance. If a fed guy kills you and you don’t get you can’t buy that item you need to finish your build your never going to beabel to do anything. thats the problem with HoN DotA and CHW (custom hero wars the starcraft version of DotA) is it lacks game play balance. Call me a noob but its pretty friggen epic when you score an ACE in LoL and then push for the win in under a Min after you have been getting totally destroyed in the game

  153. Redeflect on May 22, 2012

    Judging from how you structured that sentence/paragraph/whatever that was… you obviously lack the mental capacity to grasp the intricacies of LoL. YES, it requires more skill to play. I already covered the fact that LoL has “kiddy” graphics. I already covered that you cannot deny minions in LoL which, no, does not require a significant amount of skill to do. All that is required to deny minions is to be a little faster at clicking than those that don’t play often. As for gold, you’re retarded. You don’t lose gold for dieing but heros gradually become worth less gold as they die, so that hero that you stomped into the ground repeatedly is now worth almost nothing while you are worth 4x the average… which actually gives them a chance after you’ve steamrolled them and makes the entire game competitive. Don’t be angry just because you’ve played maybe 10 games of LoL and probably either lost after getting to cocky or died repeatedly because you couldn’t adapt to the other team’s playstyle. In Dota or HoN once you deny a few extra minions and get 2-3 kills that the game is mostly won. LoL actually requires consistently evaluating the game and setting priorities… not just going to kill a hero you’ve already killed 10x before and then destroying the lane with no opposition.

    Also, I bought WC3 in 2003, so yes I’ve put a good 7+ years into Dota. However, I’m not going to argue with you because you’re obviously an angry HoN fanatic that cannot argue a decent point but can only say “I’M PRO RAWRRRRRR!”. To be honest most HoN players hate LoL simply because they rage when they get too careless and lose a match from their stupidity. They can’t own up to the fact that despite being able to control a character they have no idea what they or the enemy team is doing strategically. You have to look at the minimap at least 5x as often in LoL and actually pay attention to how the enemy champions are building and playing to find their vulnerabilities because if you don’t, then you’ll be crushed. The match isn’t just handed to you by looking at a character and knowing what they’ll be doing in a fight. It isn’t just handed to you by getting an early advantage through kills or denies and steamrolling the rest of the game.

    3 different heros (Int,Agil,Intel) and a few random spells that add variety… or 100 completely different characters with their play styles being completely dictated by the vulnerabilities, strengths, and spell combinations/capabilities of the team? One’s a no-brainer, the other takes thought.

  154. Pupsrus13 on May 22, 2012

    @ I AM MAD

    Do you have ANY idea how stupid you sound? Get the f**** out, moron. It’s people like you that are supressing the intelligent people in the world, that can write a solid argument, like Redeflect up there.

    Plus, LoL is SIGNIFICANTLY more well-known. Nine times out of ten, when I mention MOBA games to people who know them, they say, “Oh, you mean LoL?” Also, you don’t HAVE to go to Dreamhack to play a “real” match. Just get up to level 30 (I’ve been playing for a good year or so, ever since Riven came out, and yet I’ve only reached level 23, almost 24) and THEN you see some exciting matches. Until you have done so, shut up, sit down, and DO YOUR *** HOMEWORK.

  155. I AM MAD on May 23, 2012

    you guys are really retarted my account to lol is already 30 lvl so i beilive i played few matches dont you think? soory for my phrase or my grammar or the way i type but its not my language ok? i am from greece and u shoudl learn and type greek so i will type greek not fking english now try and read it… Για να σου δωσω να καταλαβεις το hon ειναι αρκετα πιο ανταγονιστηκο και θελει αρκετα πιο πολλυ στρατιγικη προφανοσ εχεις πεξει 2 game hon και πολλυ lol γιατι απλα εισαι αρχαριος λοιπον εχεις χασει το ολο θεμα σε παρακαλω απλα σταματα να μιλας

  156. Pupsrus13 on May 23, 2012

    Pics or your level 30 account didn’t happen.

    Also, English is spoken in more than 50% of the world… if you want to argue with an English-speaking people, don’t complain that you can’t just because you’re from Greece. Just learn the language.

    Lastly, writing the same argument that you wrote before in a different language does not make you right.

  157. I AM MAD on May 23, 2012

    And its not i do not enjoy LoL i love the game i got myself a second account but dont go around and say its more strategical than HoN ok? its plain stupid

  158. Pupsrus13 on May 23, 2012

    Glad to see we can drop this argument.

  159. Well, not sure where to start here, but none the less, I’ll give it my best.

    + Nice, smooth learning curve
    + Very nice gameplay, a large change from the typical DotA formula, while also keeping some of its basic elements
    + Nice graphically aesthetic (this is my own opinion, though if you crank both HoN’s graphics, and LoL’s graphics to max, you’ll be surprised by how beautiful LoL is compared to HoN
    + Efficient UI, easy to get your head around, unlike HoN’s, which, let’s face it, is a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing.
    + TWO WHOLE GAMEMODES! (Yes,. not much to make a sing and dance about, but its one more than HoN (being very picky here ^^))
    + Considerably more champions than in HoN, and are generally more interesting than HoN’s
    = A metagame that contains somewhat RPG elements such as leveling up, gathering runes and masteries etc (Reason that this is neutral is entirely due to personal preference, I believe that, while its a nice touch, it doesn’t contribute to the game in a large way
    - OCCASSIONAL dodgy servers, they do crash from time to time, but it happens to every game, including HoN, only it happens less frequently in HoN
    - Pretty poor community, same problem with HoN though. People are less likely to drop an F bomb in LoL, but are more likely to act like immature brats and leave the game.

    + Very nice graphics, and, while not being as ‘good’ as LoL’s if maxed, are a lot less taxing on lower tier PC’s
    + More interesting maps, while they are based around the same design, HoN does have more variety (not counting LoL’s Dominion, which would be cheating seeing as HoN only has one gamemode)
    = Has a fanbase more interested in winning than having fun (from what I’ve experienced in my 100 or so games I’ve played in HoN), which can be both a really good thing, and absolutely disasterous.
    - Has a terrible UI, much worse than DotA’s or LoL’s, making navigating the menus a real pain to get around
    - Centres around the idea of ranked matches, leaving little rewards from playing ‘normal’ games.
    - I am really sorry if I offend anyone here, I have met quite a few decent HoN players, but I have to say this. The community is absolutely terrible, much more so than LoL’s. Back when I was a newb, in nearly every game I played, I was screamed at for making the slightest of errors, be it dying, or not last hitting a creep. Being serious here, being sworn at for failing to last hit a CREEP?!! Yeah, not pleasant. It does get better later on, but not by much.

    Conclusion, which game do I prefer? LoL
    I simply find it more fun and easy to use. Call me a newb all you like, but I can guarantee that the skill level, when you get to the Elo I’m in; 2100, is significantly higher than anything I’ve ever seen, or heard of in HoN. However, HoN does seem to stick to the original DotA, perhaps more than I would like, innovation is always nice, but it is a still a ridiculously fun game, at least, when you get around the community and the learning curve that’s so steep it bends back on itself.
    Please leave your thoughts, but do it in a calm, civilised manner. Don’t, no matter whether you support LoL, or HoN, make that games community look bad for being a douche in the comments.

    • Eloben on May 25, 2012

      My two cents:

      + nice learning curve
      + noob friendly
      – no deny mechanism
      – gold is not that important (you always get your items)
      – recall mechanism
      – no collision with creeps (weak collision for those who disagree)
      + Very nice comunity
      - Not very efficient game engine
      – more size in MB does not imply better graphics
      – loading times are slower
      – server queue is nice but sometimes there are too long queues (it has more players though)

      + competitive and ranking oriented (suitable for hardcores)
      – deny system (gold relevance is very important)
      – team-work oriented (supporter, carry, ganker roles are mandatory)
      – advanced strategies: forest juking, warding
      – very detailed ranking system and stats collection
      – faster paced
      + more efficient game engine
      – better logging times (it has improved a lot from the old days)
      – better loading times
      – better performance with minimum requirements
      - Online community has been handled a bit late (now improving but a lot of unpolite comments can be heard in a match compared to LoL)
      - The freemium model was adopted afterwards (less players, and the difference between old players and new free-to-play players is wide)

      Conclusion: I don’t want to talk about which looks nicer. Aesthetics are totally different. I enjoy both games but I have to say that LoL targeted a wider audience, hence it has more players. HoN was not free-to-play at the beginning and has encouraged competitive play. Both games can have competitive matches (do not take me wrong) but HoN mechanics require more skill to be competent and is less newbie friendly due to the late freemium model migration. Legacy players have access to all heroes and more experience. Finally if I want to play a “serious” game with frenetical action I will play HoN at the risk of being insulted when I do a msitake. If I want to play a casual game with non-hardcore gamers I will play LoL and feel that warm “gj” o “ty” when you help in a gank. Both enjoyable in their own style.


      • Some of those points I agree with, although most of them are based purely on personal preference. For example, I like the denying mechanic in HoN, it adds a layer of depth to an already complex game. However, some of your points don’t seem to be that accurate. As someone who’s played both HoN and LoL quite a bit, I can assure you these things:
        Has faster loading times (at least on my fast internet connection)
        Logging times are about the same as HoN, no point even comparing the two points, after all, its about gameplay, not loading times.
        Both games are teamwork oriented, hell, I would go so far to say LoL does it in far more depth than HoN, at least in the competitive matchs.
        Advanced strategies (?) Not sure why you mentioned that in HoN, as you can do all that in LoL as well.
        Faster paced, good point, HoN matches are faster, if slightly more dull by not having characters with end game items juke it out.

        Detailed ranking system (Is even more detailed in LoL than in HoN, that is what makes the ‘metagame’ interesting)

        More efficient game engine. I honestly have no clue what you mean by this. Please can you clarify?

        Better performance, about the same really.

        And….that’s about it, please correct anything I’ve put down that is wrong :)

      • FairGuy on May 31, 2012

        I play both games 30% LoL 70% HoN


        additional Conclusion:

        HoN – Serious Gaming and Strategy.

        >when you win – “F*** yeah, eat that b****”
        >when you lose – Blame teammates

        LoL – Fun and Friendly Gaming

        >when you win – “Victory!! guess i’ll play one more”
        >when you lose – “But…. I did my best”

    • I AM MAD on May 25, 2012


  160. Pupsrus13 on May 25, 2012

    Alright, seriously? I AM MAD, just because HoN has more heroes and game modes than LoL, does NOT make it better. What if the extra game modes suck? What if the extra heroes suck? Honestly.

  161. grats I AM MAD, I have now filed you into my ‘LoL and HoN douchebag’s’ list. At least give valid reasons for your claim, don’t just flame. You’re the kind of person who makes these communities slump downhill.

    LoL 0 V HoN 1

    • Same person on May 25, 2012

      Also, HoN definitely does NOT have more heroes
      HoN: 72
      LoL: 98
      These are not made up, look it up if you don’t believe me.
      Also, care to list the gamemodes of HoN? I am certain there is not more than in LoL

      • Silver on May 26, 2012

        Nop actually i hate to admit but he is right HoN has more heroes they ahve 100+ soo your statement is wrong and I AM MAD stop being retartd because LoL is more well known and peapole think its better you dont go around preaching about your bullshit. If they like LoL SO BE IT be glad about it at least you wont have ppl ruining your games right? so let us be and you go play HoN its fair i think…and the rest ppl that play LoL like me dont say something about games you are not sure about wc3 and hon have helped lol be what it is even ppl from hin have been working on lol so stfu if you dont know what is happening because you love the game it does not mean you will act liek douchebag’s ok? HoN is a great game i agree but soo kind of “old” few ppl play it that does ot make it bad but dont preach that one is better than the other both to me seem equal now ppl go argue about your bullshit somewhere else.And i been playing HoN my experience and what i got to say is they seem a bit hardcore i mean if you fk up the game in the first 10 min there is no come back you lost it but what i love at lol is the possibilities to turn the tide (easier than HoN) and enjoy the game either you lose or win to me both games seem equal just ppl stfu go and learn something b4 you start being assholes to this kind of blogs forum w/e it is

  162. Preaching bullshit? on May 26, 2012

    Yes, I have now confirmed that there are more heroes in HoN, my apologies, I was looking at an outdated wiki page *derpface*

    Also, about turning the tide of the game, he’s right. Just played a game of LoL, abou 15 kills down, but then we managed to snatch Baron, and we won easily :)

    I’ll bet that the author of this thread didn’t count on most of the people commentating here being douchebags :(

  163. Tfn on June 1, 2012

    For Hon! Da best

  164. LOL! on June 1, 2012

    God! Why do people like this DOTA shit anyway? Play a good game, like Call of Duty! God, so many fags on the internet!!!

  165. ....really? on June 1, 2012

    Seems I need to add to the douchebags list
    LoL 0-HoN 1-Cod 1
    GJ, hope you’ve made your community proud.

  166. Dampeer_fan :D on June 2, 2012

    Obviously HON is Harder and competitive than LOL

    LOL is a good game…its like noob friendly game :)

    add me in HON guys im a dampeer pro :DD


    • Deadwood_fan on June 16, 2012

      HON ROCKS- Real Dota game and awesome graphics And its legen wait for it ……… dary LEGENDARY
      and hon has a bad community because u guys needs more practice.try the heroes u wanna play 1st in practice mode and then read some guides for the heroes items in HON is mostly likely DOTA

      LoL GOOD- yeah it has a good community cause im pawning my enemies cause i tried this hero garen who has no mana pool and a tank hahaha LoL but the graphics looks (gayish) for me and the items i dont know what to buy so i bought all the tanking items and the recommended doesnt really help

      add me in HON – HOLy_HeXor
      add me in LOL BlackWolfGang

  167. FagG_ot10 on June 7, 2012


    + Cartoonish graphics (May not please everyone though)
    + Has some (maybe even cute and fun) champions etc.
    + Better community (bigger, more newb-friendly playerbase and not so much d@uchebags)
    + Not long but ideal and good tutorial what introduces you into game fast.
    + “Slick” and non-complicated interface.
    + RPG elements

    - Cartoonish graphics, not so much details (such as particles)
    - RPG elements
    - More helium kids (seriously)

    = Almost all around good game which do not please everyone.

    (Sorry for my english)

    • Agreed on June 8, 2012

      Fair enough, only thing I don’t agree with is the ‘not so much details’ part. True, on low settings, HoN looks much better. However, if both were cranked to max, LoL is simply more…beautiful.

      • zbane on June 20, 2012

        I concur their the screen is much easier to follow in LoL than in HoN because its much more Beautiful.

  168. FagG_ot10 on June 8, 2012

    Agreed, Agreed and please nerf irelia.

  169. Newbie on June 8, 2012

    Honestly as a active LoL player, IMO LoL is abit better than HoN (im not saying HoN is shitty) I think that LoL is a decent game for not so competitive type of players (like myself)

    Good points of LoL
    - User friendly interface ( gameshop,tutorials etc etc)
    - Cute graphics ( easy to spot other champions without getting confused )
    - Usefull runes, masteries , summoner spells
    - Have few type of game modes such as ranked game, normal game,custom game
    - Different gameplay than HoN because LoL changed heroes from DotA to new type of heroes

    Once again im not talking shitty about HoN but i used to play HoN . I cant deny that HoN has a better graphics than LoL . But for a slow player like myself HoN is tricky fast paced game that are meant for pro players. I wouldnt say much about HoN caused i didnt played it that long maybe about 40+ games or so .

    Conc : Each game has it pros and cons . Different people wants different type of gameplay.

  170. o.o on June 16, 2012

    Ive played both games, both are good btw, but found myself playing more and more LoL for a couple of reasons:
    -HoN takes way to long to get into games for being “Unverified” and when i do im yelled at for not doing well,
    -HoN’s shop interface is such a confusing confusing thing…
    Overall I’d prefer LoL just cause its alot of simpler, and there is a bot mode if you actually want to practice.

  171. Aedon on June 17, 2012

    ok i have tested this theory that LoL players are less skilled and that an awesome League player would get raped in HoN. Well i am no where near an awesome player in league but mind you i hold my own, averaging game wins and losses 4-3. I went to HoN and ended up mopping my bathroom floor with the faces of all their players then got bored at level 15 and quit. And proof that LoL is better than HoN is the likes for the games right above us. Now one of you HoN tards may be thinking “Oh durrrrrr but its more popular” well theres a reason for that. ;)

  172. Sigh on June 18, 2012

    Sorry about this, but I’ve found my first douchebag for LoL

    Douchebag list:
    LoL-1 HoN-1 CoD-1

  173. zbane on June 20, 2012

    So i’m a log time LoL player and The other day i started playing Hon. I played 3 games 1 I DCed early on becasuse it was a first game and my security system went berserk so when i started playing i couldn’t do anything because i was lv 1 and everyone else was lv 7+. We ended up surrendering since i wasnt the only one who sucked. Then i played another game and the other team ended up surrendering in abou 20 min cause we could push hard. I went 0/4 then i played anther game this one lasted 1 hour, only 2 ppl did well on our team i wend 4/20 (im kinda embarrased) but i realized somthing HoN has no balance in its game play and team fighting. you cant get anywhere for an assist or a kill. where as in lol you alomost get a entire lv if ur lv 12 and land a killing blow on a lv 18. but instead i was lv 16 and landed a killing blow on a 22 and barley got any experiance. and yes i didnt do the most damage but i didnt do nothing i took out at least 1/3 of the hp. the balance of HoN is non existant as well as the mach making LoL is a much more player friendly game to play at your skill Lv. Ohh and on LoL i generally go 15+ kills and less than 10 deaths with AD carries and Solo top tanks. so i kinda rape on it.

  174. KobaIt on June 21, 2012

    Ok honestly , i have never played HoN but I have read a lot about it. I am a decent player when it comes to LoL. To me LoL is more based on teamwork and the ability to adapt to the situations such as the carry being fed, baron has been stolen or if they have more towers down, and etc.

    People who think HoN is better , I have nothing against that but to think that you guys think it is better than LoL is unbearable. Now , LoL has more champions than HoN by now surely with a new champion coming out every 2 weeeks or so. The next thing is yes, HoN might be more competitive in the game but in reality, LoL is more popular and known throught out the world. LoL has reached over 30 million players in its community , i bet you HoN doesn’t have nearly as much since I never even heard of HoN without researching MOBA games. And i bet you HoN doesn’t have nearly partake in World-wide tournaments as much as LoL has. And if HoN even had tournaments, they would not have no where as near a prize pool of $5 million and more to give to the winners.
    I have never seen a live stream of HoN that has hit over 10k views LIVE with only one player streaming. LoL is sponsered by many compaines. I doubt HoN will ever be as popular as LoL. Theres a reason why LoL is more popular than HoN. In reality, LoL is more competitive worldwide between countries and its players and HoN is just more competitive in its own game.

  175. icefrog on June 25, 2012

    if your playing DOTA and wanna try to play other game that have a true concept of dota.
    Go for HON.

    LOL is lack of dota concept.. its only a defense game, like having a (your hero/champion)creeps with skills and item which like an upgraded creeps…. LOL… yeah its a have a bit of strategy needed..

    why many people play LOL?
    because its childish game… kiddie game
    don’t get offended but its true.. a drawing graphics..

    things that are lack
    -no deny
    -no block
    -no ups
    -thinks such as uels
    -corny blink dagger

    if your a real/hardcore gamer – go for real action(HON)
    if your a kiddie/softcore player dont want to be scolded- go play easy game like LOL

    to people comparing the number of heroes/champion..
    your fcking noob!
    does DOTA start from dozens off hero? it doesn’t mean that too many heroes its more better..

    if your not addicted to DOTA, you will like LOL
    if your addicted to DOTA, you will like HON

    for people talking about leavers in HON?? and claiming its not good..
    why not play matchmaking? in matchmaking players 93% of players are not leavers unless they are disconnected…

    • No offense, but your grammar is pretty bad :\ Hard to understand some words that you are saying.

      The entire point of LoL (and the reason the designers decided to make it in the first place) was to break away from the DotA mold.

      -no deny, purposely removed to avoid being a complete DotA clone. Lots of people, including myself, believe that denying is a slightly pointless concept, and makes laning fairly dull if all you are doing is trying to deny the enemy creeps.
      -no block, no idea what you mean by this one, but if you are referring to dodge mechanics, they removed it from LoL a while ago due to overwhelming demand from the community to remove them. There are still many skills that allow basic attacks and abilities to be blocked though.
      -no ups, power-ups? If so, there are, just not in the form of random buffs on the floor. Instead, you have to kill jungle creeps for buffs (blue golem gives you mana regen, red gives you slow etc)
      -thinks such as uels, …I genuinely have no clue what that is.
      -corny blink dagger, see above.

      Also, kiddie game? LoL has beautiful graphics if cranked to max, better than HoN I would say. Not even going to bother arguing with the rest of the paragraph, but really, “real action” is HoN? What?

      Paragraph after this, raging, ignored.

      If you’re not addicted to DotA, you will like LoL (lol?)
      If you’re addicted to DotA…you will be PLAYING DotA, not HoN

      Leavers are in both games, though they do seem to be more common in HoN, simply because there is no punishment system against leavers.

      • icefrog on June 26, 2012

        i agree from what you said regarding of my grammar…

        as i can see on your message…

        100% im surely you don’t play dota… you even don’t know what is eul’s…
        on comparing of DOTA and LOL, im surely you will choose LOL coz 100% you dont know what DOTA is.


        Laughing Out Loud(LOL) for you…
        you comment without having idea on other game.. Go PLAY HON 1st, before you comment here… WEW
        maybe your just the one of many who where got scolded in HON, because of being noob.

        “Leavers are in both games, though they do seem to be more common in HoN, simply because there is no punishment system against leavers.”

        – maybe your only a JACK*** who is trying to give a comment without knowing what the game is…

        why? In HON when you become a leaver with a percentage of 7%(leave) of your total game.. your account wont be able to play matchmaking(matchmaking this type of game will give you amount of silver which is needed to buy a hero/avatar/etc) unless your leave status is 7% below. you will just play on public games(which have no award(silver))..

        so play 1st HON before you comment regarding on it..


        better to play the Original Game..

        • karl on June 26, 2012

          i agree

          • Ramy on June 27, 2012

            me too i agree!
            yup 4 thumbs up for HON!

        • icefrog on June 26, 2012

          in addition, i think there’s a possibility that other players you’ve played within LOL is an AI..
          coz in the game there’s a mode for (vs) AI, which me think if i’m the developer i will put an AI champion(without bot name) at the game which this will help my game to rank-up and enjoyable coz this will make all my players will feel that this game is peaceful. no harass nor scolded..

          for me HON is more challenging than LOL..

          • A very cross person on June 26, 2012

            I do know what eul means, problem is, you mispelt it, so I had idea what you meant. I’m in the DotA 2 beta, and loving it. i’m pretty good on HoN, I just prefer LoL, no need to assume things based on things I’ve said. Next, scolded because of being noob…dude, you know NOTHING about me, no need to be rude. In fact, most of this post is just flaming because I politely disagreed with you. Don’t be a child and just swear at me because you’ve lost an argument. True, HoN does have that leaver system, but LoL outright bans you after two leaves within a certain amount of games, much more effective. Please, don’t flame just because you appear to lack the maturity to answer in a calm manner.

          • Same person on June 26, 2012

            Also, I’m level 30 on the Eu West server, with an Elo of 1400, which, while not amazing, isn’t bad considering I rarely play ranked. Also, nearly no one gors vs AI, far too easy, and with very little rewards compared to standard games.

        • Same guy....again on June 28, 2012

          Slightly hypocritical, wouldn’t you say? Calling me a jackass, right after swearing at me, without knowing a single damn thing about me? Nice attempt at trolling though, truly you make people hate your guts.

      • A. Liapidevsky on June 28, 2012

        Тупой tupoy = Douchebag lister (don’t worry, you’re not on it)

  176. IHateMMOs on June 30, 2012


  177. 3aK on July 1, 2012

    one game to rule them all -=> DotA 2
    + it doesnt matter how many moba games will go out there… they will always be referred as “DotA-like games”
    - LoL is just an easy mode moba, made for the ppl who suck at DotA and more importantly so can Guinsoo (the maked of the wc3 dota) can make some cash. (P.S. LoL community is just full of retardet ppl)
    - HoN just copy-pasted DotA with (at least for the time) better graphics. They even do the same change logs as in DotA (nerfs, buffs, item changes etc)
    - Smite… is not bad… a bit easy mode on the item side but still… not bad
    EVERYTHING ELSE is just pure sh*t made by ppl who see the success of other mobas thinking they can get theyr “fair share”.

    • IHateMMOs on July 2, 2012

      I’m sorry but better graphics? Who the hell cares about graphics in a MOBA game, what are you going to stop and stare at the tree? And Smite is actually really good, it lets you feel the combat, instead of just looking at it from the top. But yes, Dota beats them all.

    • *facepalm* on July 2, 2012

      Oh look, another biased person who gives no account for any other opinions.
      LoL is not ‘easy mode’, it is a completely different take on the MOBA scene. If that community’s retarded, what about HoN’s? Or DotA’s? They are even worse.
      …Have to agree with you here, HoN is a copy and paste
      Smite, another unique look at MOBA, and is incredibly fun to play. Not liking the item setup is no way to criticize it.
      Final sentence…yeah, biased nonsense.

      • wow on July 2, 2012

        Yeah, how can an exact replica of another game be easier. HoN and LoL are the same god damn thing, how is one easier than the other? Maybe you mean HoN is harder to play because of all the fat ass thin minded trolls that play that game thinking so highly of themselves just because they’re good at a 3rd rate MOBA.

    • Zanoth on September 8, 2012

      MOBAs tend to be the new term.

  178. poorLOL on July 2, 2012

    why LOL has many likers??


    for GOLD PC = HON

    i assure that many hon players have better PC specs than those who played LOL…

    LOL can play without video card… i played it with my laptop no vc
    HON played on my laptop, graphics crash.. it means that the graphics is hard to render..

    there are many players have no video card on their pc or got 256mb vcard..
    so they can only play games that are not so heavy… +_+
    LOL graphics is like PLANTS VS ZOMBIE

    try to zoom your champion, its only a drawing not a 3D…
    3D vs DRAWING which is the best??? zzzzzzzzzzzz
    common sense..
    you will see the truth..

    don’t pretend that you know the better graphics if you don’t know what is graphics…

    sorry for my english..
    i just want to explain my comment.. :)

    opinion with a back-up not only a useless comment.. :)

    • What? on July 2, 2012

      One, you have absolutely no evidence to back your claim that HoN players have better PC’s, AT ALL. In fact, LoL has much higher system requirements than HoN, making your argument invalid.
      LoL cannot be played with a video card, that statement is sheer nonsense. It can be played with a low-end one, but nothing can be played without a video card of some sort.

      The fact that HoN crashed on your laptop could mean a driver failure, or an incompatiblity with your graphics card. It has nothing to do with ‘graphics being hard to render’

      Plants vs Zombies uses a completely different engine, so, yeah, good luck trying to make that statement a reality.

      It is 3D in LoL, try a mod called LoLReplay, you can rotate the map, proving that it is 3D. Of course, turning around your character also helps…

      Next sentence is just your opinion, I respect that, no matter how idiotic it may be.

      Do I need to say more to prove your idiocy?

      • poorLol on July 2, 2012

        You’re an idiot.. the map is 3d but not champion…. Zzzzzz..
        My laptop is toshiba without dedicated video card but still i can play LOL
        without hassles..

        You just made yourself look like a fool..

        • Same guy on July 2, 2012

          Download LoLReplay, see that I’m right. Don’t make ridiculous statements without verifying them bla bla bla had it with you people. Also, without DEDICATED means that it does have one, though it is built in. Remember, you can’t change graphics cards in laptops, so it obviously came with one. Don’t make your lies so see-through next time. Also, I thought you said you COULDN’T play LoL, or have you forgotten your argument already?

          • oops on July 2, 2012

            My mistake, I meant HoN. Also, if your laptop is really old, and by that I mean REALLY old, then it won’t play HoN, because HoN came out after LoL, meaning newer drivers are needed. Chances are, if you have a terrible graphics card, you won’t be able to play HoN, not because it is more graphically intensive, but because it requires newer drivers that you may not have?

    • IHateMMOs on July 2, 2012

      Graphics and MOBA shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

  179. Annoyed now on July 3, 2012

    I got an email notification that you replied, however, you appear to have deleted your message poorLOL, so here it is.
    wew…. *wow*

    idiot makes mistake… *this idiot make *a mistake,

    common sense… it surely have built-in but not a vcard.. Graphics cards nearly always come with a laptop, you just seem to have an especially bad one. Like I said LoL speciallises in adobe air, a very old engine. HoN uses a newer engine which may be incompatible with some older or lower-end graphics cards.

    you become idiot again, you didn’t know that the dedicated vcard in laptop can be replace… that why its dedicated not built-in idiot!!! For crying out loud, learn grammar, preferably of the english sort. And no, graphics cards CANNOT be replaced, at least not unless the laptop is specially designed to allow this process, which most ones aren’t.

    i got 2 laptops and 1 desktop.. Changes nothing, most laptop’s graphics cards cannot be replaced without severe damage to the laptop.

    IDIOT!! Immature and not correct.


  180. HON WINS on July 6, 2012

    HON is a better game because of the insane amount of dedication and time required to master the game. This doesn’t mean it is riddled with nonsensical things (denying, for instance); these things are so superficial to the eyes of an unexperienced player. I have been playing DOTA since 2004, and have been playing HON since six months after its beta release. To make it simple: HON/DOTA require constant awareness as well as intention on positioning, both in regards to the map and getting in proper position to land/initiate an attack as well as avoid unnecessary damage from harassers/enemies. This draws in creativity (such as juking using KNOWN areas of where fog of war can be utilized and trees to hide your path), ability to predict what the opposition will do, recognition of opportunities to strike, knowing your enemies hero’s weaknesses and strengths and playing them to your advantage, and having high game IQ, just like you need in any other sport.

    Now I am positive LoL possesses these characteristics, but represent them in a different and still worthy way. However, this is why HON is better.

    Every little thing matters. Everything. For instance, if you had reacted a certain way maybe .25seconds earlier, it would have saved you 1/2 a cm on the screen’s worth of travelling distance, saving your life. These instances happen every game, no matter what level. However, the pros in HON can distinguish these instances to their fullest potential.

    To be specific, the range of a ranged hero’s attack can be lesser than another ranged hero’s attack. When 1v1ing in mid, the slightest miscalculation or misclick in the wrong direction can get you in enough range to attack the creep or miss him. These attacks can be life threatening spells followed by potential combos by well positioned teammates. All in a matter of milliseconds. Now in LoL, this happens, obviously, but the pace in HON makes this such a crucial and difficult hard to master.

    The PACE of HON makes it difficult to understand, as well.

    First of all, 1v5 ganks are rare in professional games, because any idiot who thinks they are safe when they cannot see at least 2 heroes on the map does not deserve to speak on why their game is better than the next. You don’t just get magically positioned in a spot where you are in utmost danger: you are getting yourself there because of YOUR lack of awareness as well as needed reaction.

    Second of all, ITEMS, who cares about the UI of items anyway? An item menu? What are you complaining about that for?? Interface? Who cares?? There are hotkeys assigned to make purchasing items happen in literally 1 second (no lie, even shorter, pressing b, w, e for instance, as quick as you possibly could)…TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN THE GAME. It was needed in games like Starcraft, why not here? Don’t know what items to build on your hero? LEARN THE ITEMS. Item build not working for that particular situation? FIGURE OUT ANOTHER BUILD AND UNDERSTAND WHY THIS ONE WORKS AND NOT THE OTHER.

    All of these things culminate when combined to produce a very anal, shrewd game. This is the challenge. I want to be challenged when I play a video game. To win in HON, I am challenged by being focused literally every minute for 40 minutes. I am challenged by small mental mistakes that could have helped me avoid the situation and perhaps prevent a loss. When I lose, it is because I made a mistake, and it is clear. It isn’t because I was put at a disadvantage; I put myself there from that moment or this moment. This makes it rewarding, and so painfully addictive.

    • DDOy on July 6, 2012

      I personally prefer LoL, though I like HoN was well. I agree with you, HoN can be seen as the better game, if you take time to learn it. Problem is, the community is so abysmal that any noobs are usually insulting and sweared at if they make ONE mistake, putting them off the game. HoN’s problems don’t come from the gameplay, but from the players.

  181. HON WINS on July 6, 2012

    And for the record, the things I mentioned above aren’t the only things required to win a game of HON. I can go into an hour worth of the finest, minute things that will ensure I get the most gold as quickly as I can to distance my advantage from their weakness, as well as the combat system in its entirety, including its flaws as well as perks. There are a million things to be aware of and have knowledge. This is why I have played this type of game (DOTA/HON) for 8 years and still am not done learning it. The situations are so different, yet so relevant to game IQ.

  182. Miguel on July 6, 2012

    Okay let’s compare this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd_rR_cRLtw (or any other top 10 of the week)


    this : http://honcast.com/video/2012/04/03/honcast-top-10-plays-of-the-week-42 (or anything other top ten of the week)

    I mean LoL’s majority of nice plays result in a spam of your spell into some unorganised opponent coordinations where as HoN you constantly need to rely on every aspect of the game (teamate, environment, minimap, creeps, apm, etc.)

    This comparison speak my itself!

  183. DDOy on July 6, 2012

    Not really, Teammates are just as important in LoL than in HoN. The environment, while lacking trees, has the brush instead. The minimap…I fail to see how this is relevant. Creeps…again, how is that relevant? APM, definitely not relevant, carries in both games are mostly just right click to win.

  184. Hon wins on July 6, 2012

    Your last statement proves your credibility, being a carry is by far the most difficult role due to the carry being a beacon for damage as well as needing to understand the game to its fullest to ensure victory. There are counters to everything, strategies to shift gameplay, and a high need for real life and game IQ.

    Notice how I haven’t spoken of the community….yes, they are terrible, thankfully those who have played the game for a while don’t have to deal with the learnin curve. With that said, I can totally understand why LoL is more popular; that does not make it the more complete game however. Not to take anything away from LoL, but the quickness and mental agility to react and discern is much more difficult to master in a quicker paced game. As people have said, they die in a matter of seconds and find themselves hopeless. If they think this is the premise of the game, they are fools. Yes battles happen in seconds, but that is what makes it difficult. Remember, all players have the same disadvantages if you look at it from that way.

  185. DDOy on July 6, 2012

    The main difference between HoN and LoL is that HoN is much more difficult to get into, partly because of the community, and partly because of the very confusing UI, especially the shop system. If HoN had used a shop system similar to LoL, it would probably be much more popular. I can remember first playing HoN ages ago, and not having a clue what to do with the shop. Also, most carries, mainly melee ones, do require a certain amount of intelligence to play, but are far easier to play than, say, a support.

    • Item shop, really? on July 6, 2012

      If you really believe that the UI of an item shop determines how the game should be judged, you haven’t experienced 25% of the competitive scene in HON. HON is definitely more difficult to get into, but much more rewarding just for this same matter. It’s not difficult to get into because of its “very confusing UI” or because of things like denying, harassing, and things like this. Denying and harassing aren’t a part of the designed game, it is a part of the competition between laning against another player. If you deny a creep, they get less xp. In the first 15 min of a game, xp determines what skills are at the hero’s disposal: one less creep could have resulted in the difference between lvl 5 and 6, and an ultimate skill. This HAS happened NUMEROUS times to me in the past. Harassing is irrelevant to the experience you say? How is it more fun to simply wack away at creeps without risking anything?

      Again, these things are not noticed in the eyes of an unexperienced player. I’m sorry, but your ignorance is clouding your judgment. All of the things that are done in LoL are what happens in the noobiest games of HON, this is why people claim this. You don’t have to worry at all about getting creeps. You don’t have to worry about mana nearly as much as you do in HON, where EVERY spell counts.

      Carries are not easier to play than a support. I would safely say they require the same amount of attention and skill, but just in different aspects. The carry needs to be able to understand the other team completely, including their intentions as well as their weaknesses. The support needs to understand that he is to keep the carry alive in any way, whether it be killing another hero threatening his life, disabling him, saving him, or giving him farm/vision with wards to stay alive in team fights with stronger items. They are both very fun, and very diverse, but I would definitely say it takes more skill for the carry. The carry needs to put as much damage out as he can without getting killed, and this is much easier said than done. HON is an INTENSE game, no matter what LoL is, it will never be as INTENSE and FAST PACED as LoL. The margin for error is so wide you wouldn’t believe it. This is what makes winning so rewarding.

      Now how is working for a win a bad thing? Or how does that make it a worse game? They don’t simply get handed to you, and compared to LoL, HON has way more aspects that you have to constantly be aware of, straining you in more ways than you can imagine. I can only imagine this results in a more complete, intense experience.

      • DDOy on July 6, 2012

        That isn’t what I said at all. I actually prefer HoN to LoL before you get your knickers in a twist. I simply said the poor UI is extremely offputting to new players, trust me, if they improved the UI, many more people would play HoN. I never said anything like denying was confusing, in fact it is a remarkably simple mechanic that a three year old would understand. Also, ignorance? Really? Please read what I posted CAREFULLY before trying to insult me, you just sound like a hypocrite atm.

        Also, every spell counts in LoL, I fail to see your point. As for carries being harder to play than supports…I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. Everyone should understand the other teams weaknesses, not just the carry, so I’m ticking that point off the list.

        And…from here on, you start ranting about something I never even said. Pay attention to what I say before you make yourself look like an idiot.

      • Zanoth on September 8, 2012

        LoL has lulls in between its action, but when team fights last 15 seconds i don’t have all the time in the world to contemplate my actions. It’s face paced, but maybe not as fast, true. Why do i need all the grief of trying that hard for victory? I’m gonna fail alot more in HoN BECAUSE it’s harder. I don’t mind a challenge that is difficult to overcome. But in a video game i want to have fun too. HoN’s difficulty takes away from sheer enjoyment. I don’t need to get my feeling of accomplishment largely from video games.

  186. HON WINS on July 6, 2012

    It is just like playing a team sport. If you have put countless hours in something whereas your teammate has put in an eighth as well as is whining half the time about not knowing what to do, you’re going to get upset.

    The community in HON is terrible, no doubting that. However, it is due to the fact that people do spend a lot of time trying to understand and win games. Yes, noobs get called out in profane ways, but that doesn’t mean the GAME itself sucks. I have definitely gotten upset, but it is only because I want to win, not because I despise noobs.

    And plus, noobs have a terrible reaction: they assume they are threatened by such angry comments at them so they react the same way, resulting in a huge argument and a crappy experience.

    To avoid this, READ UP ON THE GAME. Have you never gotten stomped in a game before? Starcraft online games anyone? CS1.6 scrims anyone? FIFA anyone? I remember getting absolutely smashed when I started. That doesn’t mean the game is messed up, it’s because I suck at them at that time. You’re an ignorant fanboy if you are.

    • DDOy on July 6, 2012

      True enough, you have a point there. Like I said, the gameplays awesome. The community, and people’s reaction to the community, not so.

    • Zanoth on September 8, 2012

      Why is someone who has put countless hours into the game in a match with someone who has put mere minutes into the game? =my problem with HoN.

  187. srsly on July 7, 2012

    People, they’re the same shit, one was just free, that’s why it was much more successful. No need to argue over this. And you shouldn’t complain about the community, games can’t control their communities, besides, ALL MOBA games have terrible communities, HoN’s just happens to be far worse, because of fatass trolls that think they’re gods just because they’re good at some stupid game. I get that it’s competitive, but there a fine line between being competitive, and being a complete jackass, the HoN community doesn’t seem to understand this.

    • Zanoth on September 8, 2012

      games CAN monitor and ban negative members of their communities (*cough* RIOT)

  188. nictimus on July 8, 2012

    i read a lot of your comment and everyone have a very interesting idea of both games… I play LoL with my brother and I introduce many of my friends to it… we play all the time and we have a lot of fun… Then when I found out that HoN was free to play i downloaded immediately and wow… i was amazed on the graphics and the game style was so DotA…. HoN for in one hand is faithfull to DotA while LoL is a different version of DotA… I notice that the queue times in HoN are very long in comparisson with LoL… but i figure out that this is because LoL have more players, and the reason of that is that LoL is more friendly extremly easy to learn and very fun… is like a mario game, fun , easy and friendly but HoN is like the HardCore DotA was… HoN players are much better than LoL players, in HoN every time is a rank game, and in LoL every game is a casual game, LoL is for noobs in MOBAs and HoN is for experienced MOBA players, both are great games… The main issue with LoL is the matchmaking sistem… it has a lot of noobs that dont follow directions and in HoN you find much better players,,, HoN have a big issue, is so unbalanced, when you are fed in HoN is almost impossible to reverse the game, devourer is so op and amun ra is op as well and if they became fed is so hard to loose… another issue of LoL are the graphics, if we can call them graphics, LoL is ment for little kids, HoN is a more matture game, more gore more violent more dinamic more strategies more skillis require, while LoL is very easy, you have summoners spells, you have runes, masteries, and also recall, in HoN you dont have this, is all more harder, but for all,,, i bealive LoL is more famous because is very easy, HoN is not as famous because is very hard for new guys, isnt friendly and it doesnt have a punish sistem as good as LoL…both games are the top of every MOBA even better than DotA, but i have played more games in LoL and only a few in HoN and I think HoN is better.

    • Dejgo on July 9, 2012

      1. HoN players are not ‘much better’ than LoL players in any retrospect, most level 30 LoL players could wipe the floor with the pro HoN players.
      2. Every time it is a ranked game…so? Don’t you think it should be optional whether your rank is judged every game or not?
      3. “LoL is for noobs in MOBAs” You sir, are an idiot if you truly believe that.
      4. HoN has the broken matchmaking system, not LoL. LoL matches level 1′s with level 1′s. HoN matches level 1′s with level 15′s. You can work it out.
      5. Both games have unbalanced champs, not just HoN.
      6. “LoL is meant for little kids” Turn the graphics up, it is far more beautiful than HoN’s if you have a PC good enough to crank the settings up to max.
      7. “HoN is a more mature game, more GORE more VIOLENT” If that was the case, CoD is an incredibly mature game with a perfect community…not.
      8. “More strategies” Untrue. “More skills required” (work on your grammar) Again, untrue.
      9. Not even going to bother covering your many other errors, I am content with the knowledge that you are truly an idiot.

      • Zanoth on September 8, 2012

        Really i’m not sure LoL is really all that unbalanced. The champions do what Riot wants them to, otherwise they get fixed.

  189. StrategyPlayer101 on July 8, 2012

    Personally, i’ve tried Hon, LoL and DotA. I learned the basics from DotA, started training in a fast game-paced HoN and found it rather easy to play in LoL. LoL is basically a carry game where HoN requires MUCH MORE teamplay than LoL. Newbs will find LoL easier because of the less perplex shop system, recall system and the 7 skill system (Passive, Q W E R, and 2 summoner skill). With a most of the skills being carry ( Most skills get amplified due to your AD, AP, Mana etc. ) where HoN and DotA skills being stagnant. If you are fat enough in HoN, you can clear a cc with lets say a quad kill ( Eg. Monkey King ) . But, in LoL, teamplay is much required because skills have lower cd, lower manacost and champs have higher hp/ reg.

    Comparison between these 2 strategy games are unfair.

    Both HoN and LoL have skin/avatar system which can be bought with real cash to customise your specific hero/champ. What LoL do not have, is the announcer system. Which is basically a pity. And also, both games are free to some extent.

    • Dejgo on July 9, 2012

      Less ‘perplex’? You mean less unnecessarily complicated, right? How does the 7 skill system make it easier?

    • Zanoth on September 8, 2012

      Really, announcers? If Riot really wanted they could add that. They’re Riot.HoN skills don’t need to be buffed, they already deal enough damage. LoL skills usually don’t vaporize an opponent in one or two hits. So you need low cool-downs or buffing your abilities or just plain old make your attacks deal alot of damage.

  190. Vicious on July 8, 2012

    Im an old school dota and AoS game player, I played LOTS of game, atm with Hon Diablo III and WoW, and i neva tried lol,but i got pro friends who just tell me, its better in some ways, but its way to ez, Hon is a real challenge, and guys, lets get serious, Fluffy cant be a hero, thats just crap

    • Dejgo on July 9, 2012

      ‘pro friends?’ LoL would be easier to people who’ve played HoN and DotA before because you’re up against people who have NEVER played MOBA’s before! Grats, you can beat level 5′s, but I would like to see your ‘pro friends’ get a decent elo at level 30, at that point LoL becomes much harder than HoN. Having a decent matchmaking system does not mean that LoL is ‘ez’ compared to HoN.

    • Zanoth on September 8, 2012

      Fluffy CAN be a hero. How embarrassing is to be owned by Fluffy?!

  191. Tamas on July 10, 2012

    I play both games, and both games are good in different ways.

  192. Zipper on July 12, 2012

    I have two friends that are level 30 in LoL and theyre actually pretty good at the game going 11-2 on average. Coming from them, they say leage is a lot easier than hon. Also, for one of my friends, he has never played dota nor hon. He played LoL first. When he started to play HoN, he got crushed. Even after a few months of playing hon, he still isnt that great going 1-6 average. The other friend that played LoL played dota first, then LoL, and hon last. So naturally he has experience in moba games and he agrees also that hon is a lot more difficult. If anyone has played hon before lol, i guarentee you that they’ll say lol is a lot easier. LoL’s graphics are shit on low setting but if its maxed it looks really really nice i have to agree on that. Its unique. Hon’s graphics are typical. LoL goes be elo system for ranking. Hon goes with MMR. Everyone starts with 1500 which is average. In my personal opinion, the better players are roughly 1850+ MMR. Might i add you get +/- 5 points at most per games. A hon 1650 MMR friend of mine tried playing LoL and he got to 2000 elo in a few weeks, and 1650 MMR is an average rating. I onnly played rougly 3 games of LoL because i couldnt get into it, but thats my opinion and im not bashing the game, but ive never heard any of my friends that play both LoL and HoN that HoN is easier than LoL.Though, some of them say LoL is more fun which is fine. I havent played LoL long enough to say anything about it.There’s just way too much difference in between the two games to even compare the two. Ive only talked about the difficulty of LoL compared to HoN and thats the least of the difference

    • Dejgo on July 12, 2012

      I don’t believe that he got to 2000 ELO in a few weeks, because that would involve getting to level 30 (300 games +) and then playing many games of ranked to get to that elo. I think your friend is lying to you. HoN is a lot harder to get into, many because of its appalling UI and terrible community.

    • Zanoth on September 8, 2012

      It should start new players against new players in HoN don’t you think?

  193. SteppenLuc on July 13, 2012

    I’ve played Lol for about a year, and Hon for a couple of weeks, and in my opinion both have terrible communities. Then again, that seems to be the case for everything in the world. A world full of trolls and phonies. Both games always have some trolling idiot, some noob who doesn’t know how to last hit, or some hypocritical dumbass who lectures everyone like a drill sergeant while sucking terribly. What pisses me off the most if how all HoN people can defend their game is that “it’s more strategic, it has cooler, slicker graphics and it’s not some children’s game”. Its a god damn game, both HoN and Lol are played by KIDS! Your suppose to be having FUN. FUN FUN FUN FUN. Who gives a damn about competition. The only reason you should take these games seriously is if the only source of income you have is from a prize pool. Yes, League of Legends has cartoony graphics. But the proof is in the numbers. Lol beats Hon in likes, and that’s either because Lol has been more successful in commercializing to the Dota community, or Lol is simply much more fun. Keep your god damn strategic HoN, with your sophisticated strategy bull, both games have their own ups and downs, but Lol has appealed to the masses. And just reading the comments that HoN players use to defend their pretentious, minuscule game, they look like the upper class 1%. Are you people really that uptight :\. On top of that, your maturity and manners hardly match the real world 1% I admit, I enjoy both games, sometimes. And you can all keep your pent up anger and rage, and keep trolling and complaining in every HoN or Lol game you play. Me, I will enjoy it, because its a COMPUTER GAME. I play to have fun, not to win. Actually when I think about it, the only time I have had a match in these Dota games where both teams where near evenly matched in both items and skill, and the scale for victory was fluctuating on both sides was in Lol. In Lol, the transition to early, to mid, to late game is very smooth. And in Lol, people surrender much more quickly. In HoN it’s just a steam roll. The Gold gained from kills and teamfights is ridiculous. When I play a carry, and defeat the entire team, I have enough to buy a carry item that steam roll more and more, and then the unsatisfactory win. And HoN items are ridiculously unfair. With a portal key, some Heros ensure victory, with a team full of crow control and stunners that shutdown the other team for 10 seconds. By then, the enemy can only run away. “No clutch moves guys, the enemy is to tanky, and I keep getting stunned, and I can’t run away because they have a portal key!” HoN people seem to be very stubborn, and a 15 minute match becomes a 45 minute one, and I hardly feel satisfied at all. My preference, I enjoyed Lol from the early stages, all the way to the late. HoN just keeps pissing me off throughout my Lowbie phase. Yah HoN’s to hard, because its so complicated, noobs can’t understand it, and HoN has a small community as such. With HoN, the tutorial button is smaller than a mouse, and so some people just jump right in without a clue what their doing because they were not forced to do the tutorial. Then their thrown all the basic strategies all HoN players must have. All of HoN’s veterans who came from Dota will move on to Dota 2 when it comes out. And it will be no more. HoN has copied the original to much, so Lol will strive on due to it’s commercial success, fanbase, originality and easy accessibility. HoN’s a good game, but the problems they need to improve on will won’t be improved fast enough when Dota 2 comes out. In the end HoN is only going to get steamrolled in competition. The numbers don’t lie.

    • Zanoth on September 8, 2012

      I loved this, it was like a mini essay! :D You gave examples and support for your point. You didn’t use bland opinions and you stayed very objective. After reading so many comments I’ve almost fallen in love with yours. Your first sentence kinda bums me because i know a lot of great people on LoL. But i must agree that there are quite a few annoying people. Lately i’ve been finding about an average of one on my team every other match. Keep up the great comments, i hope you’re appreciated on any site where you comment.