Battle Pets crawl their way into Dark Blood

Halloween is approaching and everyone knows that you can’t go hanging out in any MMO without your very own Halloween themed pet! I mean what would your guildmates say if you showed up to the guild Halloween party with your bunny pet! You would be the laughingstock of an Online Halloween party!

No you need an awesome sidekick. Preferably one who can be your BFF while also releasing pulses of fire scorching your enemies around you and all the while giving you buffs.

Fear not because Dark Blood has you covered. In celebration of Halloween, Outspark is adding collectible pets to Dark Blood which players can hatch from eggs into trusty but deadly sidekicks. The update is scheduled to be released on October 25th. Outspark is showcasing a new pet each weekday through launch on their Facebook.



  1. o.o

  2. This looks better than I thought, I might try it out. I wonder if you can use a control pad or is it keyboard only?

    1. you can use control pad too

  3. When this game will have EU server?

  4. There is gamepad support.

  5. Just wondering guys, how is this game right now? Is it full of players?

  6. this is best action-rpg mmo

  7. looks fugly.

  8. this game is turning out to be way better then i expected.I hope it gets better as i progress through the game


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