Dino Storm rampages it’s way into open beta

Splitscreen Studios announced today that its 3d Browser MMORPG Dino Storm, would be making its open beta debut today.

In Dino Storm players take on the role of cowboys and cowgirls as they ride into the west defending their land on dinosaurs with laser guns. Not exactly how I remember the old west movies but hey riding into a town on a multi-ton prehistoric beast sure beats saddling up on a pony.

Players can explore the town of Dinoville while facing enormous wild dinosaur herds and merciless bandits on their hunt for valuable items. All the while accumulating fame and respect in order to claim the title of Sheriff.

You can head on over to http://dinostorm.com/en to try out the prehistoric wild laser-gun slinging west that is Dino Storm today.


  1. At first this may seem unique, until you realize that half hte pictures on the internet involve dinosaurs and laser guns…

    1. if only you could count kid

  2. Seems weird. Gonna try it though :D

  3. tryed it boring as hell XD


  5. It’s not worth your time guys, trust me.

  6. THIS IS!! A!

    PICE! OF!!


  7. I actually found it boring, i believe it’s made for a younger audience, but it’s a fresh setting, combining cowboys, high technology and dinosaurs and it certainly did its best to distance it self from WoW and its clones.

    I can honestly say, that after playing this, i did not feel the need to shower like i did after trying out Sevencore. This has a ton more originality and charm.

    The great setting seams underused but if you don’t mind the grind you will enjoy this game.

    Unfortunately. I mind the grind.


  8. …What?
    I know we need new ideas, but COWBOYS RIDING DINOS SHOOTING LASERS?Its so crazy that its stupid in a whole new level…

    1. agree …..

      1. DINO RIDERS don’t agree but yea its bad but for real DINO RIDERS game would be awsome

  9. trash :<

  10. Well I’ll be.. I’ve been waiting for a game that involves two things: dinosaurs and lasers. Here it is. Unfortunate all other comments indicate it’s a boring grind fest, this could have easily been a dream come true.

  11. OMG did u guys see the dinosaurs and lasers. i always wanted to play a game like this. and u get to grind 20 billion exp to lv up to lv2 heck ya! :)

  12. this game must be a suck game.
    why? throw guns. keep throwing guns!!!!!!

  13. I don’t really know what to say…. just.. wow.. really? I thought abe lincoln vampire hunter was as abstract as it got. Points for being a unique idea at least.

  14. Somehow this concept is trash yet GW2 where some rat ass ugly looking character models is what people piss themselves over….

  15. laser guns + dinosaurs = Best shit ever D:

  16. It reminds me one certain cartoon about “the first bad man”…

    1. “Everybody wore leopard skin. Everybody except the leopards”

      I loved that cartoon.

  17. this game is just a peace of s**t. i tried in closed beta. dont waste your time for this game!!

  18. Yeah this game is pretty lame, but remember folks it is still in beta testing, so things can still change, honestly I hope they add a WASD movement scheme, point and click is such an old scheme. they need to utilize the complete keyboard.

    1. what are you talking about? Except for selecting targets, you can do everything with the keyboard. Moving with WASD, Basic attack with Space, Skills and items with 1-8. Use RMB to select without the menu.

      btw…the game rocks, especially all the dynamic group quests outside of Dino Ville

      1. hmm odd, I could not get WASD movement to work then all I got was point and click.

  19. nice try love dinos ; but fail

  20. RollercoasterXtra on October 16, 2010 We are taking this crsuie this upcoming May. Did you happen to notice if there were families with kids? Ours will be 12 and 15 , so just want to make sure it is fun for them. Beautiful video.

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