Hang out with Day[9], Will Wheaton, Nathan Fillion and more during the Firefall Fest. It’s Livestreamed!

Watch live video from Red 5 Studios on www.twitch.tv

Today marks the start of a week long marathon event in the MMOFPS Firefall. The Firefall developers over at Red5 studios will be livestreaming the game while “celebrity” guests pop up in the stream to provide commentary and appease the masses.

A lot of the notable guests have ties to some form of Sci-Fi universe. Will Wheaton is most notable for his role in Star-Trek and Nathan Fillion was the captain of Serenity, a spaceship in the cult favorite T.V. show Firefly. Other celeb guests of internet fame would include individuals such as Day[9] known for his insightful and often hilarious Starcraft 2 commentary.

The devs will be giving out a variety of prizes including a chance to win an AMD gaming Desktop Razer Blade Gaming laptop, and other less headliner but equally awesome prizes.

If you want to find out when your favorite guest will be streaming you can head on over to the official site to check the schedule and watch the stream yourself or you can watch it above!



  1. Have been whatching it some time now!!!

  2. its funny how they get excited for firefall

  3. i love how this game looks just like borderlands

  4. sry guys but i think many ppl me included will probably stay with Riderz since ur so picky ;)

  5. RaiderZ FTW :D !! also only reason i no WW iz cuz of “Big Bang theory” xD why is he so popular ?

  6. anyone who wants firefall? i still have 3 invites..

    1. I’d love an invite :P been waiting for the email for like 6 months now.

    2. Hey i could really use a invite :)

    3. nice of you to just give away beta invites :D . by the way if you still got 1 i would be thankful

  7. Firefall invite? I would love to have one, I have been waiting for quite some time too.

  8. I know Nathan Fillion through Castle (Richard Castle), as well as Felicia Day through Guild Wars 2 (Zojja)….but like the GW2 Halloween event, I just don’t think I have the time for such things at the moment, even though I’d really like to meet these guys on Firefall.

  9. can’t wait for it to come out…

  10. I’m in the beta yay me.

    1. i still have 3 invites as well.

      1. could i please have one? :)

      2. Hey if you still have a spare invite can i have one? =)

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