EverQuest Next Landmark Realizes Everyone is Confused

There’s a difference between EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark? Surprisingly, yes; there’s a stark fundamental difference between the two. Even SOE has taken notice to the audience confusion between the two titles. In response, there has been a video released explaining Landmark’s unique characteristics. EverQuest Next Landmark will be an expansive, highly customizable sandbox. [...]

Added 130 days ago - 2013-12-09 - 22 comments

Maplestory – Red: First Impact Update Live, Anime Trailer Inbound

Despite Maplestory 2 being in development, Nexon has yet to show any sign of slowing down support for the original. Case in point, Nexon just rolled out part one of their three part “Red” update dubbed ‘Impact’, which signals one of the game’s largest content additions in recent years. Explorer class revamps, a new zone, [...]

Added 133 days ago - 2013-12-06 - 11 comments

Neverwinter: Shadowmantle Goes Live

It’s finally here! Neverwinter’s latest expansion/”module”, Shadowmantle, just went live today. There’s quite an impressive amount of new features. Players will now get to experience using a bow in game for the first time thanks to the new class added, the Hunter Ranger. This bow wielding class has the ability to dish out ranged combat [...]

Added 134 days ago - 2013-12-05 - 13 comments

New Riot LCS rules prohibit professional players from streaming certain games

As Riot looks towards the start of its fourth season of competitive League of Legends, the company has made new adjustments to its League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) regulations which significantly change how professional players can operate their streams. For those unaware, the LCS pays a salary to professional teams which compete within the [...]

Added 135 days ago - 2013-12-04 - 23 comments

Ground Forces Closed Beta Launched, First Gameplay Trailer released

Gaijin has just announced the start of the closed beta and the release of a new Alpha gameplay trailer for War Thunder’s upcoming tank expansion, Ground Forces. The trailer marks the first time Gaijin has shown their response towards the current reigning champion World of Tanks, which has dominated the Free-to-Play tank space since its [...]

Added 135 days ago - 2013-12-04 - 10 comments

Survarium Continues to Survive: Moves Towards Closed Beta

The ecological apocalypse that is Survarium is inching towards their closed beta, according to the latest dev diary by Vostok Games. Taking place after a “green” catastrophe, this MMOFPS places players in a world of collapsing societies; where humans are no longer king. Players will encounter “poisonous plants, mutants, wild animals and yet unknown threats [...]

Added 136 days ago - 2013-12-03 - 10 comments

Jane Austen MMO Hits Kickstarter Goal: Mr. Darcy Can Finally Be Yours

Ever, Jane just squeaked by and reached their $100k Kickstarter goal, by giving pledge rewards like an “Associate producer” credit for $500 and a “Lead Producer” credit for $5000, in case you want to pizzazz your resume. This regal MMO will allow players to wield gossip as their weapon of choice, as you build your [...]

Added 136 days ago - 2013-12-03 - 21 comments

The Repopulation Injected With New Life In November Update

Ambitious sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation got a healthy dose of modifications in November, as detailed by lead developer Joshua Hall in a lengthy update list. There’s a big callout for new Structure Placement UI that gives players lots more options for placing, rotating, and resizing their decor. Seeing as how the game will revolve around [...]

Added 137 days ago - 2013-12-02 - 10 comments

Burning Heretics: Space Wolf Trailer Shows off the many weapons of a Space Wolf

Let’s cut to the chase shall we? The first gameplay trailer released for the upcoming tactical card game Warhammer 40k: Space Wolf does the game little favors in the graphical “wow” department. This was to be expected given we knew the game would launch as both a mobile and PC title. Plus, this is a [...]

Added 140 days ago - 2013-11-29 - 15 comments

C9 Rahkdan’s Counterattack expansion launches today

C9 (Continents of the Ninth Seal) is launching their fourth expansion entitled Rahkdan’s Counterattack today. Webzen’s dungeon-based MMORPG will be getting the first of a three-part content update in the upcoming months. But if you’re going rush off and try to the expansion, you’ll be meet with scheduled maintenance message at the moment. Don’t worry [...]

Added 142 days ago - 2013-11-27 - 8 comments

Hi-Rez announces SMITE Launch Date, $100,000 tournament in tow

Raise your hand if you forgot SMITE hadn’t officially launched. The third-person clash of the gods MOBA SMITE originally went into Open Beta back in January, but now appears to be launching in North America and Europe on March 25th of next year, 2014. That’s a fairly ridiculous amount of time to still be considered [...]

Added 143 days ago - 2013-11-26 - 9 comments

Three’s a crowd: SOE reveals new Everquest Next classes

Eight down, thirty two more to go. That’s the number of classes now revealed in SOE’s upcoming Everquest Next. The first five were revealed during Next’s SOE Live presentation and mainly fell into the typical Warrior, Wizard, Rogue archetypes. Now SOE has given PCGamer UK a small look at three new classes: the Necromancer, Beast [...]

Added 143 days ago - 2013-11-26 - 16 comments

Got $2,500? Trion Starts Selling Trove Support Packs

Trove was only announced 10 days ago, but if you want to start throwing money at it, Trion Worlds won’t stop you! Today Trion opened up the option to purchase Support Packs for the upcoming voxel-based MMO, in seven denominations: $5, $20, $50, $100, $200, $1,000 (whoah), and $2,500 (WHOAH). Each package comes with a [...]

Added 144 days ago - 2013-11-25 - 34 comments

Play Blade and Soul for free now… Chinese

Hey, no one said you were going to be able to play Blade and Soul for free in the West and have it localized in English simultaneously. In fact, while we do know Blade and Soul is destined for English speaking markets, NCSoft has yet to say what payment model the MMO will adopt. Until [...]

Added 147 days ago - 2013-11-22 - 46 comments

Globaled: Gameglobe to shutdown at the end of November

It can be a sad time announcing a game’s untimely departure, especially if that game attempted to do something at least moderately different from the crowds of clones crowding the small span of space that is our attention. Gameglobe’s demise is particularly frustrating, because the game seemed to have gone to great lengths producing something [...]

Added 147 days ago - 2013-11-22 - 14 comments

Shall we Shadowmantle? Neverwinter’s second expansion coming December 5th

It will have been just over three months between Neverwinter’s first expansion Fury of the Feywild, and its second, Shadowmantle whose release date has now been revealed as December 5th. A fairly impressive turnaround. The Shadowmantle “module” will add the MMO’s first new class, the Hunter Ranger and continue the fight against the unattractive lich [...]

Added 148 days ago - 2013-11-21 - 5 comments

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