Final Closed Beta For Nexon’s Side Scrolling MOBA Coming April 20

Nexon has announced that the final closed beta test for its upcoming side-scrolling MOBA, Hyper Universe will kick off on April 20. The test will…

Heartstone store thumb

Report: F2P PC/Console Gamers Who Pay Spend $92/Year

Free-to-play gamers who open their wallets spend $91.58 per year on PC and console F2P games, according to market research firm Slice Intelligence. That’s only…

zelda feat

Fan-Created Tribute Lets You Play The Legend Of Zelda In Voxel Form

30 years after first playing the Nintendo classic, The Legend of Zelda, two programmers have created an all new 3D voxel version in tribute. The…

paladins feat

Paladins Reveals A New Champion, Ying: The Blossom

A new champion will be hitting Paladins soon! Ying: the Blossom will be added in the game’s 20th closed beta update. She comes equipped with…

Wargaming Victor Kislyi

Wargaming CEO Addresses Player Concerns In Q&A Video

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to ask the head man (or woman) about the important issues pertaining to your favorite free-to-play game….


The Best And Worst Of Today’s Free-To-Play April Fools’ Pranks

April 1st… it’s the day no one on the Internet trusts. Sure, that patch news might look great, but something about it is just suspicious….

elvenar feat

InnoGames Introduces Tournaments To Elvenar

A new feature called “Tournaments” has been added to Elvenar. The feature will offer players a chance to participate in a new tournament every week,…


First Assault Update Introduces New Goodies for Togusa

The free-to-play Ghost in the Shell shooter, First Assault, released a new update for its Early Access phase. The update includes a variety of changes,…

Dreadnought Hero Ship Outis thumb

Dreadnought Producer’s Letter Talks Customization And Beta Coming “Later This Year”

When a developer diary mentions “a bright-pink Heavy Dreadnought with a painting of a killer bunny on the hull” on April 1, my natural reaction…

everquest ii feat

EverQuest II To Launch GU 100 April 28

EverQuest members have some new content to look forward to this month. The dev team announced last night that they are planning to launch GU100:…

ark feat

Ark: Survival Of The Fittest First “Survivor League” Event Begins April 15

In order to get in on that sweet eSports action, Ark developer Studio Wildcard launched a free-to-play mod of the game titled Survival of the…

gloria victis feat

Gloria Victis Update Introduces New Dynamic Events And More

A new Alpha update has been released for Black Eye Games’ free-to-play game Gloria Victis. This time around, players can look forward to the addition…

atlas reactor feat

Atlas Reactor Open Alpha Has Begun

Trion Worlds’ newest game launched Open Alpha testing today. The Open Alpha is open to everyone and offers the opportunity to try the game out…

League of Legends Fiora Headmistress thumb

UC Irvine Announces League Of Legends Scholarship Program

In many cases, esports are still playing catch-up with more well-established sports, though that gap may have just narrowed a bit. Yesterday, the University of…

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