LoL Jinx

Suicide Squad Trailer Re-created In League of Legends

Sometimes you just have to look at someone’s creation and say, “Yeah, that’s way more than I’d ever be willing to do,” and be OK…

paladins feat

Paladins Introduces New Champion; Skins

Hi-Rez’s upcoming shooter-MOBA, Paladins, recently introduced its 15th champion, the Bomb King. As his name indicates, this particular champion has a taste for all things…

paragon feat

Epic Sues Creator Of “World’s Most Powerful” Paragon Hack

A German cheat creator is being sued by Epic Games over a hack he created for their upcoming free-to-play MOBA Paragon. The cheat program —…

war thunder feat

War Thunder “Flaming Arrows” Update Is Live

Just in case you missed it, a new update has landed in War Thunder. Recently released, the update introduces more than 20 new vehicles, including…


Daybreak Shutting Down Original PlanetSide (And Legends of Norrath)

PlanetSide was already getting pretty long in the tooth when its sequel, PlanetSide 2, launched in late 2012, and going free-to-play in 2014 probably didn’t…

GW2 HoT Hylek

Leaked GW2 Article Hints At Next Update Coming “End Of The Summer”

An Italian website landed an interview with ArenaNet this week at E3 and published it today. Then it un-published the interview, possibly because it broke…

combat arms feat

Combat Arms Introduces Medieval-Themed Warzone

A new warzone titled “Castle Storm” is taking Combat Arms players back to the Middle Ages. The new zone — along with new events and…

gwent thumb

Gwent Card Packs Will Let You Choose Your Rare

Few things are worse than opening a pack of CCG cards and getting nothing you can use — especially from your rare slot. CD Projekt…

tera feat

TERA Announces Plans For Rest Of 2016; Closes Chinese Server

The year is nearly half over, which apparently means it’s time for game companies to tell us what they have planned for 2016 — or…

trinium wars feat

Trinium Wars Officially Launches

Trinium Wars has officially launched, according to a post on the game’s Steam page. Insel Games posted the announcement that the game — which went…

Marvel Heroes 2016 thumb

Marvel Heroes To Introduce Level Scaling By End Of The Month

Today’s evidence that vertical leveling in MMOs that separates players and causes more problems than it solves is a bad idea comes from Marvel Heroes….

duelyst feat

Duelyst Introduces Its First Set Of Achievement Cards

Duelyst Patch 1.66 goes live today, bringing with it the first ever set of Achievement Cards — the Seven Sisters. Achievement Cards are playable functional…

GW2 rainbow pride

Guild Wars 2 Fans Organize In-Game Pride March Across Tyria

As a show of support for people of all lifestyles and gender identification, some Guild Wars 2 fans are organizing “Pride March Tyria,” to take…

paragon feat

Paragon Kicking Off Second Free Beta Weekend

It’s time for another round of beta testing in Paragon. The second Free Beta Weekend for Epic Games’ free-to-play shooter-MOBA is kicking off tomorrow (June…

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