Competitive Strategy Game Duelyst Kicks Off Open Beta

Duelyst, a turn-based strategy game developed by Counterplay Games, officially kicks off open beta as of today. A competitive game featuring tactical combat, squad building…

Aion Tiamat thumb

NCSoft Bringing Lineage II And Aion To Steam This Fall

NCSoft is taking two of its longest-running and most successful MMOs to a new audience later this fall, when it brings Lineage II and Aion…


Daybreak Games Announces Halloween Activities For All Its Games

It’s that time of year again; when we take a break from our dailies, our standard raids, and our farming to celebrate Halloween MMO-style. This…


Heroes Of The Storm Gives SC2: Legacy Of The Void Pre-Purchasers Artanis Starting Today

Beginning today, Blizzard is adding Protoss leader Artanis to Heroes of the Storm accounts belonging to those who have pre-ordered Star Craft II’s latest expansion….


Blade & Soul Destroyer Overview

Blade & Soul continues its Class Week series with the Destroyer. A giant-axe wielding melee class, the Destroyer is designed for the DPS-loving heroes among…

Path of Exile Vagan1920

Path of Exile Makes Poison Even More Useful And Deadlier

Poison in Path of Exile used to just be an effect on some weapons and skills that did additional damage, but soon it’ll be a…

STO Team Omega

It’s Alpha Vs. Omega In Star Trek Online’s Ship Showdown

For nearly a month, Star Trek Online players have been casting their votes for a new ship to be included in Update 11, starting with…

Defiance Datak Tarr

Defiance TV Show Not Renewed, But Game Will Continue

As news came down over the weekend that SyFy wouldn’t be renewing Defiance for a fourth season, my first thought was, “Dang.” After a bit…

Nexon NCSoft

Nexon To Sell NCSoft Shares Which Lost $153 Million In Value Over Three Years

In June 2012, Nexon purchased a 14.7% minority stake in NCSoft, paying $688 million and becoming NCSoft’s largest shareholder. Just three years later, Nexon has…


Echo of Soul Update 1.5 Brings New Content and Warlock Class

Aeria Games has unleashed the new Warlock class in its latest update to the free-to-play MMORPG Echo of Soul. In addition to the other update…

STO_New_Dawn_02 thumb

Star Trek Online Begins New Chapter Oct. 27

Star Trek Online’s Season 11 is just about out of spacedock and ready to engage players with the start of a new storyline and new…

Trove Mac thumb

Trove Now Available For Mac OS X

As announced in a brief post on the Trove site, the client for the game is now available for immediate download for Mac OS X….

Overwatch Junkrat

First Overwatch Beta Set For Oct. 27

If you’re very determined, and also very lucky, you might finally get a chance to try Blizzard’s Overwatch — which will totally be free-to-play, we’re…

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