ddo feat

DDO Producer’s Letter Offers Update 34 Highlights

DDO Executive Producer Severlin posted a letter on the game’s forums recently giving players a rundown of what’s been happening since the transition to Standing…

Warships commander

Elite Commanders and Clans Sail Into World of Warships’ Newest Update

Steven Seagal was just the beginning. Now any of your World of Warships commanders can be elite, just like Steven, earning XP beyond the maximum…

kaleigh feat

Robocraft Developer Freejam Hosting Weeklong Charity Event To Help Little Girl With Brain Tumor

Freejam, the developer of the robot build and battle game Robocraft, is on a mission for good. All week long, the company is running a…

mighty party

Tactical Card Online RPG Mighty Party Heads To Steam

Russian developer Panoramik is bringing its free-to-play tactical card-based RPG Mighty Party to Steam. The game is simple to play with rounds lasting less than…

mu legend feat

MU Legends Launching Second Closed Beta Event February 21

MU Legends’ second Closed Beta weekend is right around the corner. Kicking off Feb 21 and running to the 28, this new closed beta will…

blade and soul feat

Blade & Soul Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Fireworks And Cupcakes

Blade & Soul is turning one and NCSOFT is celebrating the event with a celebration event with all kinds of goodies. To begin with, players…

Orcs Must Die Unchaned Patch 1 7 thumb

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Patch 1.7 Adds Daily Quests And New Battlegrounds

The carnage continues in Orcs Must Die! Unchained’s latest patch, which adds three new battlegrounds for high-level play and gives guardians a boost when they’re…

Marvel Heroes Biggest Update Ever

Marvel Heroes’ “Biggest Update Ever” Now Live

Gazillion’s been pushing the hype train into overdrive the past few days, pumping up the “Biggest Update Ever” for Marvel Heroes. That’s not my exaggeration;…

PixArk floating house thumb

Snail And Wildcard Combine Forces For Ark-Themed Building Game PixArk

The partnership between Snail Games and Studio Wildcard just keeps getting stronger — and stranger. Today, Snail Games announced PixArk, a Minecraft-styled building game based…

Warframe Glast Gambit Nidus

Warframe’s Glast Gambit Now Available On PS4 and XB1

Games on consoles have to go through an approval process with their manufacturers, either Sony or Microsoft, which explains why PC updates for games often…

LoL Rendering Wireframe thumb

Find Out What It Takes For League Of Legends To Render One Frame

You’re probably not aware of the amount of work it requires to make your favorite game run at 60 frames per second. Inside your computer,…

gigantic feat

Gigantic Launches “Exile In The North” Update

Motiga and Perfect World launched the first major update to action MOBA Gigantic today. Titled “Exile in the North”, this update adds new features to…

Hearthstone Aya Blackpaw

Chinese Rollback Might Have Shown That Hearthstone Pack Rarity Is Predetermined

Blizzard’s Hearthstone servers in China melted this past week, forcing a rollback of all player data and wiping out over two days of progress. That’s…

sto feat

Star Trek Online Details The Lukari Restoration Initiative

With the introduction of the Tzenkethi, Star Trek Online is introducing a new type of reputation: The Lukari Restoration Initiative. Players will have the chance…

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