Forge of Empires Hits 100 Million Euros Revenue Mark

Most free to play games and publishers don’t reveal exact numbers when it comes to things like playerbase, revenue, and even subscribers where applicable. Innogames…


Skyforge’s Last Closed Beta Runs June 23-29

Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment, and, have announced the final closed beta test for Skyforge, running from June 23-29, which will introduce the knight and…

Hearthstone Alleria

The New Hearthstone Hunter Hero Is Alleria Windrunner (Update: And Medivh For Mage)

It seems like it’s been Hearthstone week at MMOBomb lately, and if you’re not a fan of the game… But if you are, and you…

Nosgoth Forge thumb

Nosgoth Adds The Forge Crafting System

Nosgoth’s got a new way for you to make use of all those excess items you’re hoarding in your inventory. The Forge is the game’s…


TERA’s Steam Client Adding Region Lock

Recently, TERA announced that it had become the most played MMORPG on Steam when it came to concurrent users. That number may dip a bit…

Hearthstone Innkeeper thumb

Blizzard To Add Tavern Brawls In Next Hearthstone Patch

That’s probably about the shortest shelf life an editorial has ever had. Unless you count this as an editorial. Which I’m totally going to do,…

albion 6 month thumb

Albion Online Hellgates Mesh PvE and PvP Together

Albion Online, the free to play sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, has a few things going for it that really interest a certain group of…


Smedley Opens Up About H1Z1’s Future

Daybreak Game Company President John Smedley has gone back to Reddit for a long post on what he envisions for the future of H1Z1. The…


Elvenar Adds Alternate Playstyle Options to City Building

Elvenar, the upcoming strategy game from InnoGames, has released a video detailing the alternate playstyles available in the free to play strategy game. When starting,…


Rise of Incarnates Steam Launch Set for July 1st

Rise of Incarnates, the 2v2 free to play fighting game from Bandai Namco, will officially go live on Steam on July 1st. If you haven’t…


Could Skyforge Head to Open Beta in July?

Skyforge’s next closed beta test, CBT4, is expected to hit sometime in June. While Obsidian Entertainment and haven’t released an exact date for the…

Forsaken World mobile

New Forsaken World Mobile Trailer Comes With Summer Launch Window

A couple months back, we told you about Fedeen Games’ plans to take Forsaken World to iOS and Android devices, and now there’s a new…


TERA Adding New PvE Server Tomorrow

You always hear about server mergers in the world of free to play MMORPGs. What you don’t often hear about is a game adding servers…

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