Trove Allows Multiple Cornerstones, but Not in the Way You’re Thinking

Trion World’s announced that Trove players will now be able to have multiple Cornerstones in game, but not in the way you may be thinking….

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LOTRO Migrating To New Data Center Soon; Does It Bode Well For The Future?

A brief post on the Lord of the Rings Online forums has my brain speculating a bit today. In it, executive producer Athena “Vyvyanne” Peters…

World of Tanks

Second World of Tanks PS4 Beta This Weekend

Rev up your engines — or maybe just your PlayStation 4 — for some World of Tanks action this weekend! The second open beta for…


SMITE Celebrates SWC With A Shiny New Trailer

Hi-Rez is busy prepping for the second annual SMITE World Championships this week, and in celebration they’ve dropped an all new cinematic video titled “To…


Firefall Parent Company Giving Out $1.5 Million To Chinese Players

Remember how Red 5 Studios was having problems paying their staff — and totally ruined their Christmas in the process? Well, as it turns out,…

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Valiance Online Defends City Of Titans By Sharing Demo Video

In response to recent internet critique comparing City of Titans to their own game, Valiance Online came to the rescue. As it turns out, the…


Daybreak Games Suffers DDoS Attack Over Holidays

It’s that time of year again. Winter holidays roll around, people have games to play and someone gets bored and kicks off DDoS attacks. This…

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Armored Warfare’s Plans For 2016: Make Everything Better

Armored Warfare Senior Producer Joshua Morris has penned a producer’s letter on the AW forums, thanking fans for the successes of 2015 and looking forward…


The Repopulation Denies Accusations Blaming Them For Hero Engine’s Financial Issues

Followers of The Repopulation may remember that in early November the company told players it was forced to delay a patch as a result of contract…


Albion Online Will Not Be-Free-To Play At Launch

Sandbox Interactive’s founder revealed today in a forum post that not only is Albion online’s closed beta being extended until at least August of 2016,…


UPDATED (again): Red 5 Reportedly Fails To Meet Payroll, On Christmas

UPDATE 12/30/2015: Red 5 reports that all employees have been paid (although the pay date was not disclosed) and also stated to GamesBeat that, “Recent…


Sources Claim Red 5 Is Using Facebook Page To Spy On Employees

EDITOR’S NOTE 12/30/2015: Please note that this story is reported as speculation by sources we are trying to confirm and in response to our inquiries,…


Tree Of Savior Cash Shop Charges $17-$25 For Haircuts

Tree of Savior Online has opened its cash shop, offering XP boosts, consumables, costumes, and pretty pricey haircuts. Steparu took a look at the free-to-play…


Clash of Avatars Alpha Server Now Available

AMZGame announced today that a new anime-inspired, free-to-play, browser-based MMO, Clash of Avatars, is now available to play. Featuring exotic companions and a wide variety…

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