The War Within Pushes Warframe To #3 On Steam, Boasts 26 Million Registered Players

Everyone gets their turn in the spotlight, and last weekend it was Warframe’s turn. Digital Extremes’ hack-and-slasher released a new update, The War Within, last…


Hearthstone Teases The Kabal Faction Arriving In Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan

Blizzard announced the newest expansion “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” recently at Blizzcon and, now that the celebration of all things Blizzard is over, they’re busy…


Tree Of Savior Celebrating Thanksgiving With “Harvest Festival” Event

Tree of Savior is getting ready for the holidays — and it’s starting with its Thanksgiving celebration, the Harvest Festival. This event will run from…


EVE Online F2P Option Is Finally Here

EVE Online’s Ascension expansion has launched introducing Clone States which brings a form of free access to the game. As of today, non-subscribed players can…


Guild Wars 2’s Next Story Chapter, A Crack In The Ice, Arrives Nov. 21, Along With New Fractal

ArenaNet is keeping Guild Wars 2 players on the move. The last update to the Living World took them to the volcanic plains of Ember…


Orcs Must Die Unchained To Preview New Content During Extra Life Stream

Robot Entertainment is doing their part for Extra Life this weekend with a stream on Twitch. Taking place on November 18th, starting at 4 pm…


The Witch Archetype Comes To Champions Online

The most recent update to the free-to-play super hero MMO Champions online has arrived adding new powers and an all new Archetype, The Witch. The…


Starfall Prophecy Will Add A Whole Lot Of Goodies For Dimension Builders!

In just a couple more days (November 16th), RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy expansion will go live. For a while now the developers have been showing off…


Next Gigantic Closed Beta Runs Nov. 17-20, No Key Required For Windows 10 Store

Another week, another Gigantic closed beta! The next one is scheduled to run from Thursday, Nov. 17 at 9 a.m. PST to Sunday, Nov. 20…

Total War Arena Arminius

Wargaming Partners With Creative Assembly And SEGA To Publish Total War: Arena

During its closed beta, I felt like Total War: Arena’s progression reminded me quite a bit like the system for World of Tanks. That’s not…


Riders Of Icarus Implementing Balance Changes To Legendary Dungeons

Since the launch of Legendary Dungeons, Nexon has been keeping track of player input on their performance. This week, they revealed that changes are in…


STO Devs Post Overview Of Admirality System

With the addition of the new Admirality system, Star Trek Online offers players a new way to use all those ships they’ve earned access to…


Atlas Reactor Nixes Loot Matrix Delay For Free Players (And A Word On Atlas Reactor Coverage On MMOBomb)

I didn’t have the most complementary things to say about Atlas Reactor’s free implementation last month, but at least one thing has changed to make…


ArcheAge Devs Identify Issues Causing Disconnects And Lag

Recently, players using the Dallas datacenter have been experiencing a large amount of disconnects and lag while playing ArcheAge. The good news is that the…

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