Victus Game: Rewrite History Heads to KickStarter

Fans of strategy games of the past may want to take a peek at Victus Game: Rewrite History over on Kickstarter. Meshing three of history’s…

twin saga feat

Twin Saga Releases Lore Trailer

Aeria Games released a trailer for its free-to-play fantasy MMO Twin Saga today that expands on the game’s base lore. The trailer tells the story…

Chronicle Steam

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Now Live On Steam

While one game is trying to keep people from downloading it on Steam, another is saying, “Hey, check us out!” Jagex’s free-to-play CCG Chronicle: RuneScape…

riders of icarus feat

Riders Of Icarus Trailer Highlights The Classes

A lot of time has been spent talking about the collectible mount/pet system in Nexon’s upcoming free-to-play game, Riders of Icarus. Now, however, the devs…

skyforge feat

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance Update Gives Under-Represented Classes A Boost

As part of their ongoing effort to balance classes more effectively Allods announced today that the release of the Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance update would offer…

tera feat

TERA Crusade Season XV Now Under Way

Season 15 of TERA’s guild vs guild competition, The Crusades, has kicked off, bringing guilds another chance to prove themselves and claim ownership of the…

wildstar feat

WildStar Steam Release Date Confirmed …Maybe

WildStar is finally hitting Steam on June 1st… if the Steam page is correct. The game was previously listed by other sites as releasing on…

Tree of Savior 19

Tree of Savior To Temporarily Stop New Players From Downloading The Game

When a new MMO launches, the developers typically do everything in their power to get new people into the game. Not Tree of Savior, though….

eternal chaos online feat

New MMO Eternal Chaos Online Enters Open Beta

Indonesian game company Prodigy Infinitech announced today that its new MMO, Eternal Chaos Online, is entering Open Beta. A free-to-play, browser based MMORPG, Eternal Chaos…

World of Tanks Update 9 15

World of Tanks Update 9.15 Tweaks Physics, Vehicle Performance, And UI

When 30-ton tanks go vaulting over hills, a lot can happen. With Update 9.15, the World of Tanks team again spruces up the physics engines,…

mxm feat

Master X Master Introduces New Master Innowin

NCSoft West revealed the next Master heading to its upcoming free-to-play MOBA, Master X Master (MXM). Innowin is a kinetic-type master armed with a weapon…

asta feat

ASTA Announces A New Race And The End Of Open Beta

Webzen announced the end of open beta for its free-to-play game ASTA today, along with a new incoming race. With the end of beta announcement,…

smite feat

SMITE Celebrates Master Tournament at Dreamhack With Viking Invasion

The SMITE Masters tournament will be taking place at the Dreamhack Summer 2016 event in Jönköping, Sweden and Hi-Rez is celebrating with a limited time…

paladins feat

Paladins Patch Adds New Card Shop, New Map And More

The latest Paladins update brings a wide variety of quality of life changes for players, the first of them being allowing players to select the…

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