Mobile Game Infinite Black Making The Move To Steam

The Infinite Black — a sci-fi MMO available for mobile platforms — is headed to PC via Steam. The game consists of a single-server universe…


The Great… Er… Giant Pumpkin Is Coming To Riders Of Icarus

Everyone’s favorite fall festival of fright is almost here and Riders of Icarus is celebrating. Nexon announced the free-to-play MMO’s first Halloween event, complete with…


Age of Wulin’s Chaper 9: Ancient Secrets Expansion Hits Servers Tomorrow

Webzen’s free-to-play sandbox MMO Age of Wulin is launching its latest expansion, Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets, tomorrow (October 18). The new update introduces 2 new…

Gigantic Pakko thumb

Gigantic’s Next Closed Beta Is This Weekend

There’s another closed beta scheduled for Gigantic this upcoming weekend, and this one promises to be… decently sized. Sorry, ran out of “gigantic” puns. The…


Blizzard Bringing Competitive Heroic Brawl To Hearthstone, Offers Substantial Prizes

If climbing up the ranked ladder bores you, and Arena has gotten stale, Hearthstone will soon have a new challenge for you to try. The…


Twin Saga Receives First Update

The first ever post-launch update for Aeria Games’ free-to-play MMO Twin Saga has launched and brings with it a bunch of new content for players….


Neverwinter Dev Blog Outlines Assault on Svardborg Trial

A new chapter in Neverwinter’s frost giant arc, Assault on Svardborg, is a level 70 trial that takes players into the lair of Jarl Storvald,…


Paladins Open Beta Patch 35 Adds New Champion: Mal’Damba

A new champion with a love of snakes is joining the ranks of Paladins. Mal’Damba is a champion with a bit of a witch doctor…


RIFT’s Autumn Harvest Returns, Brings New Mount, Gear, And More

Things are getting creepy in Telara as the Autumn Harvest event returns to RIFT. As of now, players can join in on the spooky fun…

LOTRO Throne of the Dread Terror thumb

Mordor Confirmed: LotRO Will Take Players There In Expansion Next Year

We speculated on it earlier this year — and heck, players have been speculating about it for nearly 10 years — but Turbine made it…


Riders of Icarus Adds Ability To Sell Some Cash Shop Items In-Game

Making major changes to how a free-to-play game’s cash shop operates is always going to be a controversial move. Usually there’s some good and some…


Champions Online’s Blood Moon Halloween Event Returns

Halloween is just a few short weeks away and Champions Online is ready to celebrate. Beginning today (October 13th) — and running through November 3rd…


Amazon Fury III Changes Loot Progression And Heralds DCUO’s Return To Big Content Updates

DC Universe Online is just about ready to unleash the fury — the Amazon Fury, that is. The final chapter in the Wonder Woman-centric storyline…


Nexon Celebrates Vindictus’ 6th Birthday With In-Game Event

It’s that time of year again. Nexon’s free-to-play MMO Vindictus is another year older. To celebrate the anniversary, players are invited to join in on…

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