World of Warships gets new E3 cinematic trailer

We are just under a week away from the start of this year’s E3 expo where we will get our first real gameplay look at Wargaming’s upcoming World of Warships. In preparation for the debut, Wargaming has jumped the gun (see what I did there?) and released a new cinematic trailer for the naval MMO. [...]

Added 318 days ago - 2013-06-04 - 15 comments

Turboed: Path of Exile’s latest update takes hardcore to the next level

Grinding Gear Games has announced a major update to their ARPG Path of Exile. Update 0.11.0 will release on June 5th, and adds two new experimental leagues, Anarchy and Onslaught to the roster for the next four months. In the Anarchy League, players will encounter special NPCs, referred to as “rogues exiles”, that have the [...]

Added 319 days ago - 2013-06-03 - 17 comments

Two Hours of Tantalizing of Mechwarrior Tactics Gameplay

Fans of giant armored assault suits beating each other up will be excited to see the new video released by Roadhouse Interactive. Featuring the guys from the No Guts No Galaxy podcast, the two hour long (yes it’s really that long) video shows off Roadhouse Interactive’s new BattleTech inspired turn-based strategy game, MechWarrior Tactics. The [...]

Added 319 days ago - 2013-06-03 - 5 comments

Infinite Crisis dreams of going big, Partners with Major League Gaming

Even though it’s still in closed beta, Turbine’s new MOBA, Infinite Crisis, is already locked to be part of the competitive eSports world. The developers recently formed a partnership with Major League Gaming, and ensured the DC Universe themed game will be a featured title in competitions moving forward. Not happy with waiting for the [...]

Added 322 days ago - 2013-05-31 - 17 comments

League of Legends: Riot doesn’t care about the game anymore? (MemberZone)

Attention: The following post was submitted by a MMOBomb reader, so please please keep in mind that this is one individuals opinion, his views do not represent the views of the MMOBomb staff. MMOBomb is all about the Community, and our members and readers opinion is very important to us. The MemberZone is the place [...]

Added 322 days ago - 2013-05-31 - 119 comments

Shadowrun Online (Sort Of) Answers Questions About Payment Model

We haven’t heard much lately about Cliffhanger Productions’ Shadowrun Online MMO for a while, but hardcore deckers got a sweet bit of info earlier this week when the company clarified the differences (and similarities) between free-to-play and paid players. First things first: Free and paid players will all play on the same servers. Which really [...]

Added 323 days ago - 2013-05-30 - 11 comments

DragonMon: Dragon’s Prophet Open Beta Begins

In just a few hours the doors for Runewaker’s MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet will open up, welcoming thousands of players from both NA and EU regions into the game’s open beta. This is a key moment for Dragon’s Prophet as many players have been skeptical whether or not the MMO would be ready for the limelight. [...]

Added 323 days ago - 2013-05-30 - 40 comments

F2P Cast: Best in Dragon’s Prophet! (Ep. 70)

On this week’s episode we dawn our pokemon..I mean dragon training hats and set off to discuss the newly released MMO Dragon’s Prophet. Does it have what it takes to capture our hearts and push us to become the greatest dragon trainer of them all? We also delve into the first concrete details surrounding EA’s [...]

Added 323 days ago - 2013-05-30 - 26 comments

Free To Play Weekly (Ep.89)

Dragon’s Prophet open beta details emerge. EA discusses gameplay mechanics for their upcoming MOBA Dawngate . Obsidian and Al-lods team up to create the MMO, Skyforge. Cryptic devs discuss life in Neverwinter’s post-caturday, and much more! Free-To-Play Weekly with Squid is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important [...]

Added 323 days ago - 2013-05-30 - 23 comments

Hardware: Shipbreakers Trailer Gives Off The Homeworld Vibe

The Free-to-Play niche of the gaming market has quite a few quality titles that make up some of the staple genres like MMORPG and FPS, but there is a noticeable void when it comes to real time strategies. Sure we’ve got EA’s upcoming Command and Conquer and the now in limbo End of Nations, but [...]

Added 324 days ago - 2013-05-29 - 17 comments

Enter the Dojo: Warframe Update 8 adds Clan Dojos and new environments

A game with ninjas (even space ones) should always pay homage to the things that make ninjas, well ninjas. This includes things like throwing knives, near superhuman reflexes, katana skills, and a place to train. For ninjas, that place is a Dojo, a formal training place for martial art students and the birthplace of a [...]

Added 325 days ago - 2013-05-28 - 15 comments

Wargaming to reveal brand new console title at E3

Wargaming is once again headed to E3 to show off their latest Free-to-Play offerings. The studio will utilize an astounding 10,000 square feet of space to showcase several titles, including World of Warplanes and World of Warships. Warships debut at E3 will mark the game’s first “public” showing, with viewers presented with a behind-the-scenes theater [...]

Added 325 days ago - 2013-05-28 - 12 comments
Twist of Fate

League of Legends gets a new Cinematic trailer, It’s Pretty Awesome

Cinematic trailers are often over-hyped and over stylized representations of a game’s actual gameplay, but I for one still find them for the most part, extremely entertaining. This is especially true if I have ever had some sort of attachment to the game or its universe. This is why I found League of Legends newest [...]

Added 326 days ago - 2013-05-27 - 34 comments

Riot unveils Redesigned League of Legends Magma Chamber Map

To add to this weeks All-Star festivities going down in Shang-hai, Riot Games unveiled a completely redesigned Magma Chamber map. While the original was intended to provide 5 man teams with smaller, more tactical fights across a large map, this new iteration is designed for just 1v1 and 2v2 fights with the overall map significantly [...]

Added 329 days ago - 2013-05-24 - 36 comments

Cryptic devs discuss life in Neverwinter Post-Caturday

For most games, Open Beta is a chance to iron out the last few bugs, balance issues, and UI problems before officially launching. Other times it’s a frustrating sea of glitches, exploits, and crashes that can wreak havoc at the peak of the MMO’s attempt at capturing their audience’s attention. Unfortunately for developer Cryptic, Neverwinter [...]

Added 329 days ago - 2013-05-24 - 26 comments

Merc Elite Key Feature Trailer Gives First Gameplay Glimpse

It will always be a slow news day when the editor’s PC decides to have a meltdown. Computers seem so fickle today, one minute your changing out a fan and the next minute your having to replace your motherboard. But late news is better than no news and I aim to deliver. Prior to my [...]

Added 330 days ago - 2013-05-23 - 21 comments

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