skyforge feat

The Reapers Of Death Return To Skyforge

The Reapers of Death Invasion event is back, and those players who have access to their Divine Form can take part. During the event, two…

War Thunder sky

War Thunder Strives For “Photorealistic” Sky And Clouds

You probably don’t pay that much attention to the sky when you’re cruising around in War Thunder. Sure, it’s nice, the interplay of the clouds…

linage 2 feat

Lineage II Announces Server Merge

That’s right… We said the dreaded phrase “Server Merge.” On April 13, players on Shilen, Magmeld, and Bartz will find themselves with all new friends…

Guild Wars 2 HOPE thumb

Guild Wars 2 Suspends Legendary Weapon Development

Guild Wars 2 is prepping a new legendary weapon for the game, a shortbow called Chuka and Champawat. When it shows up in the Spring…

tree of savior feat

Tree Of Savior Reveals Plans For Free-To-Play Transition

IMC Games is laying out the plans for the transition of its new game to free-to-play. The game recently launched the sales of the buy-to-play…

paragon feat

Paragon Introducing New Tank Jungler, Sevarog, March 29

Paragon is releasing an all new Hero that will be available for everyone to play on March 29, in Early Access. The new Tank Jungler…

winning putt feat

Winning Putt Hosts Special March Events

Winning Putt is a little late to the St. Patrick’s Day party, but its come with gifts. Between now and April 7th, players will find…

archeage feat

Trion Offers 5 Free Days Of ArcheAge Patron Time To Players That Log In This Weekend

In celebration of Spring, Trion is offering 5 free days of Patron time to players of its free-to-play MMO, ArcheAge. In order to receive their…

allods ce feat

Allods Online Announces Collector’s Edition — Years After Launch

Allods Online’s next major update — New Order — will be available March 31, and in conjunction with that players can now pick up a…


SuperData: Chinese Companies Will Acquire “1-2 Western Publishers A Month”

SuperData’s newest games market research brief is out in the wild, and it makes a rather bold claim alongside its usual rundown of the most…


Daybreak Hires Former EA And Zynga Executive As Senior VP

PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, and EverQuest 1 and 2 are still free-to-play, so we can still report on Daybreak Game Company news for now,…

World of Tanks German AT1

Report: MOBAs Skew Young, But World Of Tanks Has Broad Age Appeal

Like charts? If so, then analytical firm Quantic Foundry has you covered. The group released a lengthy report earlier this week titled “Revisiting the Strategy…

caball ii feat

Cabal II Update Introduces Extensions And Improvements To Cartels

Cabal II went down for maintenance yesterday, and while it did, the devs snuck in some expansions to the Calamaity of War update. The new…

total war battles kingdom

Total War Battles: Kingdom Released

Creative Assembly and SEGA announced today that the latest installment of their free-to-play Total War Battles seires is now available to play on PC and…

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