Dragon’s Prophet EU Giving Guilds a Chance to Claim Their Own Floating Island

Dragon’s Prophet has mountable flying dragons and you know what other MMO had flying mountable dragons? WoW and you know what that means…WoW clone! But beyond that obviously overly gross generalization, Dragon’s Prophet does indeed allow players to fly around on mountable flying dragons. I preface dragons with flying because Dragon’s Prophet is known for […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-22 - 16 comments
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Trailer Details the art of Castle Defense

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is a game about heroes and the castles they inhabit. The latest trailer showcases a key feature of the game. The ability to create your own intricate castle, fill it with varying monsters and traps of all shapes and sizes and then proceed to laugh at others misfortunes as […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-22 - 31 comments

Pretty Planes: War Thunder Undergoes Graphical Update, Adds New Planes

The militaristic combat flight simulator War Thunder has received its latest update which raises the games graphics and historical authenticity to new heights. Update 1.29 overhauls several key features starting with War Thunder’s damage model which was significantly improved through the addition of 10 new parts and adjustments to ammo types for all weapons. Damage […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-22 - 14 comments

Aion Continues To Soar With Update 3.9

In preparation for Aion’s 4.0 expansion set for this June, publisher Gameforge has released Update 3.9 for the fantasy MMO. Gameforge who has amassed over 3,000,000 accounts since the games Free-to-play transition has brought in some new content, as well as some enhancements to existing features. The update includes a new instance called “Corridor of […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-19 - 50 comments

F2P Cast: Kickstarters and Blocky Trailers! (Ep. 67)

On this week’s episode we talk about the newly announced blocky shooter Minimum which has players exploding other players into tiny blocky bits of power all while giant Titans clash around the level. We also talk about Grimlands last hope for survival via Kickstarter and the announcement of Neverwinter’s Open beta date and Age of […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-19 - 31 comments
The Lost Titans (1)

Open Beta for Mythological-Based “The Lost Titans” Commences

Developer ZQGames announced yesterday it’s Free-to-Play MMORPG The Lost Titans has entered Open Beta. Features became available last night on the Olympus server for new players, previous servers for those returning. For those of you that participated in the Closed Beta, you’ll be happy to know there have been no character wipes. The open beta […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-19 - 13 comments
world of tanks (5)

World of Tanks security breached, some passwords and emails exposed

As reported on by Eurogamer, World of Tanks has suffered an “incident”. While exact details are sparse, Wargaming has confirmed that some personal information including passwords and email addresses were compromised however no financial details were obtained. In an announcement on the official World of Tanks website, Wargaming stated: “As a part of our usual […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-19 - 12 comments

Alien Combat: Arctic Combat’s new Co-Op mode now available

A while back we announced Arctic Combat would be getting a new 4-player Co-Op Defense mode. Not wanting to jump the gun and accuse AC of following in the footsteps of practically every other lobby-based Free-to-Play shooter with a zombie mode, we held out hope the new baddies were more than just hordes of the […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-19 - 44 comments

Capcom developing Monster Hunter Online MMO

Capcom in conjunction with Tencent, has announced their intentions to publish an MMO based on Capcom’s extremely popular Monster Hunter franchise. The announcement came earlier today at a conference held in Beijing. The MMO is powered by Crytek’s CryEngine 3, the same engine used to power Warface and Farcry 3 and is set to begin […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-18 - 45 comments

Firefall finally gets open beta date

After almost two years in closed beta and numerous reworks to the various progression systems, Red 5 Studios has finally announced the open beta date for their MMOTPS Firefall. The sci-fi open world shooter will enter into open beta starting on July 9th. During the open beta Red 5 plans on adding new features and […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-18 - 30 comments

Ragnarok Online 2 North American Beta Weekend Kicks off Tomorrow

Back in December Asiasoft Online announced they would be publishing Ragnarok Online 2 for English Audiences. Soon after it was discovered that while the game was to be released for English speaking areas, the fine print dictated that these areas would be limited to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. So while the game is -to […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-17 - 24 comments

Free To Play Weekly (Ep.85)

This week on Free to Play Weekly: Neverwinter gets some Open Beta news, Prime World is primed for closed beta and more on this weeks episode of F2P Weekly! Free-To-Play Weekly with Hannah Noble is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-17 - 33 comments

Medic!: Hawken’s latest update adds support mech

In any real battlefield there are always unsung heroes, the medics who risk life and limb to help others with their own life and subsequent limbs. In the case of a team-oriented FPS not everyone enjoys being on the frontline of battle, but everyone enjoys showering a good medic with praise and gratitude. So while […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-17 - 7 comments

Leaping for Joy: Neverwinter’s Great Weapon Fighter gets new gameplay trailer

As the April 30th launch date for Perfect World’s new Neverwinter MMO approaches, the developers have released a new trailer for the Great Weapon Fighter class. Unlike the previous class reveal trailers, this trailer is all about the action. I’ll be honest and say it’s a bit hard at times to tell what’s going on. […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-12 - 26 comments

Primed: Prime World MOBA opens up closed beta registration

Developer Nival has announced the start of closed beta registration for their castle building, persistent RPG MOBA Prime World. Prime World forgoes the usual solo tri-lane map more notable MOBAs like LoL and Dota favor for a more diversified approach. Players can expect at least six game modes including a 3v3 and 4v4 map. Instead […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-11 - 47 comments

Free and Furious: Ridge Racer Free-to-Play Announced

Namco’s long running racing series Ridge Racer is set to get a new installment this year. The series originally debuted in 1994 with the majority of the subsequent sequels released on consoles and arcade machines. Now the latest version of Ridge Racer has the series is getting a new PC version (along with an accompanying […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-11 - 26 comments

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