F2P Console Age Begins: Dust 514 Open Beta Date Announced

This is an interesting time for Free-to-Play gaming. For those of us that have embraced the F2P culture over the past few years, we have seen the multiplayer side of the PC gaming industry undeniably shaped by the F2P model. The model is practically ubiquitous when it comes to the MMO market, with more high [...]

Added 465 days ago - 2013-01-14 - 52 comments

Free To Play Weekly (Ep.75)

This week on Free to Play Weekly: Ragnarok Online 2 restricted to Asia, Age of Empires Online Stops Production, Arctic Combat gets it’s first update of 2013 and more! Free-To-Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play [...]

Added 467 days ago - 2013-01-12 - 15 comments

NeverWinter’s Great Weapon Fighter Revealed

Cryptic Studios dropped their newest class trailer and decided gamers wanted to see more faces smashed than in previous NeverWinter videos. Enter the “Great Weapon Fighter.” While the name may sound cheesy, don’t be fooled or confused. This class is your typical 2 handed weapon class that most MMO players are already used to seeing. [...]

Added 468 days ago - 2013-01-11 - 32 comments

F2P Cast: That’s a Lot of War! (Ep 55)

This week it’s a guy’s night on the Free to Play Cast and that works out because today’s show is all about WAR! Warframe and War Z are on the agenda followed by a full serving of Weekly Bombs and your Viewer Feedback! Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of about free [...]

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Cabal Online (1)

Cabal Online’s next expansion “Rising force” announced

Cabal 2 (featured in the trailer above) still has yet to get an official release date here in the west, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from continuing to release content for the original which despite its age still remains fairly popular. has revealed its plans for Cabal Online’s ninth expansion dubbed “Rising Force”. [...]

Added 468 days ago - 2013-01-11 - 9 comments

FISHAO: New Open World Fishing MMO Announced

When I woke up this morning I certainly didn’t think I would be writing about a fishing MMO. Yet here I am telling you guys about FISHAO (Fish Always Online), a strangely cute 2D open world MMO which combines gameplay elements of Pokemon and Animal Crossing. The MMO which is being developed by a small [...]

Added 469 days ago - 2013-01-10 - 26 comments

MechWarrior Tactics moves into closed beta but at a price

The name MechWarrior Tactics may have some of you scratching your heads. After all didn’t we just have a MechWarrior game released? Yes we did; but besides similarities in name and the burning desire to annihilate thy enemie’s team in a hail of rockets and lasers, the two games have incredibly different gameplay. While MechWarrior [...]

Added 470 days ago - 2013-01-09 - 10 comments

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Open Beta Now Live

Spicy Horse Games, American McGee’s Shanghai based studio and the creative force behind the upcoming Akaneiro: Demon Hunters just announced the start of the open beta for the action-RPG. The open beta includes a variety of new developments such as advanced character training, weapon improvements, and the still-under-development locale Shivering Pines, which adds to the [...]

Added 470 days ago - 2013-01-09 - 15 comments

TERA Will be Free-to-Play in EU and NA

Another one bites the dust! Another one bites the dust! And another one gone, and another one gone! Another one bites the dust! Every time a free-to-play MMORPG transitions to a F2P model I can’t help but picture Freddie Mercury singing that song. Sure it may be a bit cynical but it’s also an exciting [...]

Added 470 days ago - 2013-01-09 - 134 comments

SilkRoad Online Announces Ignite Update Part 3, Features “Death Bone” Raid Boss

Late last year Joymax embarked on a crusade to bring huge amounts of updates to Silkroad Online. The campaign dubbed “Ignite Silkroad” has over the past two months brought a slew of skill balance enhancements, permanent beginner benefits and a variety of large-scale events. Today, Joymax unveiled the third part of the update series dubbed [...]

Added 471 days ago - 2013-01-08 - 7 comments

Free To Play Weekly (ep.74)

This week on Free to Play Weekly: C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal launches it’s next expansion, Nexon talks Ghost in The Shell games, DarkBlood Online shuts down and more! Free-To-Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about [...]

Added 474 days ago - 2013-01-05 - 25 comments

F2P Cast: Ladies Love Family Guy (Ep 54)

This week on the Free to Play Cast we ring in the new year by talking about games that are going the way of the Dodo! Are developers and publishers no longer on the same page? Can using older art styles hurt your new game? Come with us an answer these questions and leave a [...]

Added 475 days ago - 2013-01-04 - 32 comments
Age of Empires Online (1)

Age of Empires Online Ending Production of New Content

Age of Empires Online’s lifespan has been quite the roller-coaster ride. Upon release it was marred by bad balance and Pay-to-Win practices. Gas Powered Games, the studio behind the MMORTS, stepped up and began re-balancing all aspects of the game in order to improve the experience of F2P users. Throughout this whole process, the developers [...]

Added 476 days ago - 2013-01-03 - 21 comments

Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta Restricted to Asia

Ragnarok Online 2 had a rocky start in late December, with publisher Asiasoft having to delay the open beta date due to high server congestion which caused the game to be unplayable for most. The new open beta date was set for today, January 3rd and as promised Asiasoft has released RO2 into open beta, [...]

Added 476 days ago - 2013-01-03 - 65 comments

Wowzers! MMOBomb Hits Over 1 Million Unique Visitors

You can’t see it, but I’m doing my best impression of Michael Jackson’s famous dance moves in celebration of the recent news that MMOBomb hit over 1 million unique visitors in December! MMOBomb passed a major traffic milestone, to be precise we hit a record setting 1,053,782 unique visitors (source: Google Analytics), which is an [...]

Added 477 days ago - 2013-01-02 - 26 comments
DarkBlood Quest boss

DarkBlood Online to Shutdown

Man, reality wasted no time rushing back after the holidays to smack us in the face. Outspark announced yesterday that their side-scroller action MMO Darkblood Online would be shutting down. The MMO will be officially closing on January 15, with the premium shop having already closed down yesterday. For those that had made any purchases [...]

Added 481 days ago - 2012-12-29 - 65 comments

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