Alien Combat: Arctic Combat’s new Co-Op mode now available

A while back we announced Arctic Combat would be getting a new 4-player Co-Op Defense mode. Not wanting to jump the gun and accuse AC of following in the footsteps of practically every other lobby-based Free-to-Play shooter with a zombie mode, we held out hope the new baddies were more than just hordes of the […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-19 - 44 comments

Capcom developing Monster Hunter Online MMO

Capcom in conjunction with Tencent, has announced their intentions to publish an MMO based on Capcom’s extremely popular Monster Hunter franchise. The announcement came earlier today at a conference held in Beijing. The MMO is powered by Crytek’s CryEngine 3, the same engine used to power Warface and Farcry 3 and is set to begin […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-18 - 45 comments

Firefall finally gets open beta date

After almost two years in closed beta and numerous reworks to the various progression systems, Red 5 Studios has finally announced the open beta date for their MMOTPS Firefall. The sci-fi open world shooter will enter into open beta starting on July 9th. During the open beta Red 5 plans on adding new features and […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-18 - 30 comments

Ragnarok Online 2 North American Beta Weekend Kicks off Tomorrow

Back in December Asiasoft Online announced they would be publishing Ragnarok Online 2 for English Audiences. Soon after it was discovered that while the game was to be released for English speaking areas, the fine print dictated that these areas would be limited to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. So while the game is -to […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-17 - 24 comments

Free To Play Weekly (Ep.85)

This week on Free to Play Weekly: Neverwinter gets some Open Beta news, Prime World is primed for closed beta and more on this weeks episode of F2P Weekly! Free-To-Play Weekly with Hannah Noble is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-17 - 33 comments

Medic!: Hawken’s latest update adds support mech

In any real battlefield there are always unsung heroes, the medics who risk life and limb to help others with their own life and subsequent limbs. In the case of a team-oriented FPS not everyone enjoys being on the frontline of battle, but everyone enjoys showering a good medic with praise and gratitude. So while […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-17 - 7 comments

Leaping for Joy: Neverwinter’s Great Weapon Fighter gets new gameplay trailer

As the April 30th launch date for Perfect World’s new Neverwinter MMO approaches, the developers have released a new trailer for the Great Weapon Fighter class. Unlike the previous class reveal trailers, this trailer is all about the action. I’ll be honest and say it’s a bit hard at times to tell what’s going on. […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-12 - 26 comments

Primed: Prime World MOBA opens up closed beta registration

Developer Nival has announced the start of closed beta registration for their castle building, persistent RPG MOBA Prime World. Prime World forgoes the usual solo tri-lane map more notable MOBAs like LoL and Dota favor for a more diversified approach. Players can expect at least six game modes including a 3v3 and 4v4 map. Instead […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-11 - 47 comments

Free and Furious: Ridge Racer Free-to-Play Announced

Namco’s long running racing series Ridge Racer is set to get a new installment this year. The series originally debuted in 1994 with the majority of the subsequent sequels released on consoles and arcade machines. Now the latest version of Ridge Racer has the series is getting a new PC version (along with an accompanying […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-11 - 26 comments

Age of Wushu Kicks Off Its Official North American Launch

Martial arts based MMORPG Age of Wushu was released today for North America. Players who participated in the beta will get to keep all guilds, titles and characters they earned prior to launch. Just yesterday we caught up with Snail Games in an interview to check in on how the company was preparing the MMO […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-10 - 18 comments

Block Battles: TimeGate Announces Minimum

With blocky graphics and a title like “Minimum” you would expect TimeGate Studio’s latest shooter to offer little more than cheap minimalist square-filled thrills. But on closer inspection the Free-to-Play shooter suddenly evolves into something very much the opposite. What it lacks in visuals it certainly makes up for in scale and sheer ridiculousness. Giant […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-10 - 32 comments

Arctic Combat to get new 4 player Co-Op mode

Arctic Combat is getting a new PvE 4 player Co-Op mode and it’s not based on you killing zombies! Well it might be, I couldn’t really tell from the trailer which featured little more than a few military looking guys standing up, some heavy breathing, a laser from the sky, and what looked to be […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-09 - 18 comments

Starboard Side: Navy Field 2 Open Beta Announced

One of the most impressive things to come out of World War 1 and 2 was the great navy’s of each country. Yet these fleets rarely saw combat against enemy fleet’s of equal size and power. Instead they were usually relegated to bombarding enemy installations on the side of mountains and protecting convoy routes. With […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-09 - 13 comments

F2P Cast: Post Apocalyptic MMO Madness! (Ep. 66)

On this week’s episode we talk about the recent cancellation of the Fallout-esque MMO Grimlands while discussing Survarium, the potential alternative to those seeking post apocalyptic MMO madness. We also discuss what truly constitutes an MMO sequel and whether a game like ArcheBlade is super hardcore with a high skill ceiling or just incredibly imbalanced. […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-09 - 33 comments

Age of Wushu Exclusive Interview

Age of Wushu is set to launch tomorrow April 10th and with that in mind we sat down with some of the developers of Age of Wushu in order to gleam some final bits of info before the game sheds its closed beta bonds and steps out into open beta. MMOBomb: You postponed the launch […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-09 - 21 comments

Scarlet Blade: All You Ever Wanted To Know

Scarlet Blade has kicked up quite the controversy lately, with gamers on both sides arguing for and against the Scantily Clad MMORPG. So when we were offered a chance to interview the game’s publishers over at Aeria Games we jumped at the opportunity to ask some hard hitting questions regarding where the game is at […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-08 - 85 comments

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