War Thunder Trauma Pack thumb

Gaijin Entertainment Listens To Players, Removes Trauma Packs From War Thunder Update

On the surface, it seemed like a good idea: a new consumable for War Thunder, Trauma Pack, which would automatically revive an injured or incapacitated…

SWTOR Shae Speech

SWTOR’s Next Story Chapter, Mandalore’s Revenge, Is Now Live

Star Wars: The Old Republic is full of lore, but now it’s full of Manda-lore! OK, I thought it was funny… The latest chapter of…

energy heroes feat

New Team Shooter “Energy Heroes” Announced

DSC Studio22 announced their latest game — a free-to-play, third person shooter with MOBA elements — today. Titled “Energy Heroes,” the game pits teams of…

warface feat

Warface Introduces Special Operation “Anubis”

A secret cyborg factory needs to be destroyed in the most recent Special Operation coming to Crytek’s free-to-play shooter, Warface. The new operation, titled “Anubis,”…

MXM Mondo Zax

NCSoft Reveals WildStar’s Mondo Zax As Newest Master X Master Fighter

Master X Master’s newest combatant is one of those pesky chua mad scientists from WildStar, Mondo Zax. He’s a crafty support master with a fair…

neverwinter feat

Neverwinter Announces New Expansion, PS4 Arrival

Perfect World Entertainment announced the 10th expansion for their free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons-based MMO, Neverwinter, earlier today. In addition, they also revealed that the game…

orcs must die feat

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Update Introduces New Hero

Developer Robot Entertainment and publisher Gameforge announced today that the most recent update for their free-to-play tower defense game, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, will introduce…

elsword feat

Elsword Introduces New Heroine – Rose

An all new character is coming to Elsword. Announced today by the free-to-play game’s developer, KOG Games, Rose is an elite marksman and solider. She…

duelyst feat

Duelyst Reveals June Season Cards

The newest season of Counterplay Games’ free-to-play digital CCG, Duelyst, is here. Of course, this means one thing… New cards! Today the dev team revealed…

GW2 Heroes Vote thumb

Guild Wars 2 Invites Players To Name Hero Group

The original Guild Wars 2 release featured the heroes of Destiny’s Edge, five adventurers who boldly challenged a pair of elder dragons. Throughout Season 1…

World of Tanks Football

Tank Football Kicks Off In World of Tanks June 10

Love tanks? Love football (or soccer)? Wish Rocket League had guns? If so, then prepare yourself for Tank Football, a special game mode coming to…

asta feat

ASTA Officially Releases; Brings First Expansion With It

Webzen’s free-to-play, Asian-themed fantasy MMO ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds, launched today. As part of the official launch, the company also released…

fable fortune feat

Flaming Fowl Studios Running Kickstarter To Fund Fable CCG

A Fable-based CCG is on its way, if the current Kickstarter by Flaming Fowl Studios is successful. Launched earlier today, the project — titled Fable…

apb reloaded feat

APB Reloaded Hits Xbox One

Shooter fans on Xbox One have a new(ish) game to add to their playlist. The developers of the free-to-play third person shooter APB Reloaded have…

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