Free To Play Weekly (ep.59)

This week on Free to Play Weekly, Star Wars: The Old Republic is going free to play, Divina launches open beta, PlanetSide 2 new CGI trailer and much more.

Free-To-Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Game of the Week: Microvolts


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  1. nice video cant wait too play planet side 2

    1. im a big fan of PLANET SIDE 2 can’t wait to play

  2. Great show !

  3. test test test :P

  4. Phew she’s so freakin hot :)
    I wanna send her a friendrequest. How is she named?

    1. How is she named? You mean, “What is her name?”. And she says it in the video if you would actually pay attention.

      1. Actually, SHE doesnt say, it just shows a caption. IF YOU WOULD PAY ATTENTION…

      2. Got that german style name asking up in here.

  5. She’s Hot. Also Nice video. Go Planet Side 2!!

  6. more more more MORE…

  7. Cute shirt ;) “Its alot like TF2, though I haven’t heard anything about hats in microvolt” HAHA! XD Devilishly clever.

    1. i kinda didnt get the part with the hats … u heard hacks but it didn mske alot of sense too

  8. Hello everyone from Mmobomb team. I seem to be having trouble with the latest shooters that are coming out. I cover their minimum and recomended reqs but when i start playing i have around 20 fps all the time which is wonderous givong the fact that i can play games like Crysis on ultra specs whithout ever breaking a sweat. So my question is: Could the problem be in my crappy internet connection? Thank you and have a nice day/night :-D

  9. no Video of the week? :o

  10. ok, she is a gamer – approved, she looks superb – can’t not approve, she READS = no approval.

    guys, your website, at least for me, was a great discovery for at least somewhat critical view on stuff, you are introducing. so please, make it main idea of this of website. you have great support for player kinda generated content already (loved that on rappelz, even without playing it – it just made me believe mmobomb is so user friendly), you have great f2p cast, i don’t like spunkify guys methods on first views, but with foreign fridays – it’s enormous win.

    and here we are with weekly news, again i will repeat my self – i like girl behind it, i like how she looks and speaks but format in which it is done is just plain wrong. you guys managed to grow in short time thanks for your idea of more fluid and loose content, like f2pcast stuff. why do you actually thinking about strict stuff like news? hell weekly news and comments are my most favorite thing in f2p cast! so please, stop doing this obviously scripted stuff.

    and i have a a-bomb for this. mmobomb, with all talents it has is using scripted and strict video news idea. very, very a-a-a-bomb :] seriously, cut it out(somewhat if needed) from f2pcast and do some discussions in news. yep it’s kinda tricky, yep it’s a bit more hard than just reading when some random video is going on screen – but still make it critical, make it loose :) go from time to time to do duet with jessica or whatsoever, but pls, stop that generic stuff :)

  11. i play payed swtor it sucks a little bit

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