Vote For Your Favorite Games in the Ultimate F2P Showdown!

It’s time to fill out your bracket – no, not for basketball, for video games! And with this one, you’ll get to pick the winners!

We’ve selected and seeded 64 of the top free-to-play games in existence and need you to let us know which is the best. Several times a week, we’ll open up voting for a bloc of match-ups, leaving it up to you, the community to determine who moves on to glory and who is relegated to the digital scrap heap.

The games in our brackets were selected and seeded based on their relative popularity and activity level. We intentionally left off games that have shut down or that have seen minimal support by the developers recently (like Tribes: Ascend) or are in the process of shutting down (Free Realms was on the list when we conceived of it in mid-January – oops) and while we do have a few games on the list that are technically in beta (like SMITE and Hearthstone), we aren’t including games that aren’t widely available for free yet (sorry EverQuest Next Landmark – maybe next year!).

And if you don’t like where your game is seeded? Vote for it! It’s not where you start, but where you finish that matters. I think John Wooden said that…

The Final Confrontation: SMITE vs. Warframe

(voting ends Monday, April 7 at 1 p.m. PDT)


  1. Mounted son

    1. ok so yea heres what I got to say ragnarok steady at 900 votes the first 2 rounds now at 20000 votes yea how obvious can that be mmobomb cmon dq them there obviously cheating and you should know that

      1. Obviously they are…come on…it went from 50/50 to 56/44 overnight? 36,153 votes?? really? That isn’t even possible. I think they should be ousted!! Obviously botting…I can’t believe they are allowing this AGAIN!

        1. RO is obviously botting again. It’s understandable that they want to bring their game back to life, but cheating in a tournament to get that is plain right unfair. A DQ is in order.

          1. I agree, there is NO way they got that far ahead overnight.
            Last night Mabi was in the lead and there were under 3k votes.
            Now RO is 10% in the lead and there are 41k Votes?
            Seems very suspicious….

          2. It is very obvious that they are cheating. We even have charts and stuff to prove it in the tumblr tag. I think MMO bomb just doesn’t want to admit they have no definite way to stop people from cheating. Last night the votes were raising about 500 every 20 minutes, but that was just as the botting was started; it is probably an even higher rate by now.

          3. RO is definitely botting. Their votes are still going up.

          4. Heck RO had like 5,000 bots in their game anyways.

          5. Now watch, nothing is going to be done about this.

          6. If nothing is going to be done about this I’m going to start botting!
            RO you started this bot warefare! grr..

          7. Or maybe mabi is botting for RO to make it look like they are cheating….

          8. So now that people are “requesting” for something to be done will it actually come to pass?

          9. No it’s definitely RO’s botting community. You see the gold sellers in RO would benefit from RO having a 2x drop event, hence they start botting for RO, while on the other hand Mabinogi’s 3x AP event doesn’t benefit the gold sellers/farmers at all.

            Actually there are no bots at all in Mabinogi, just about a thousand on RO however. Which is why RO has more votes, cause those gold sellers really want this event to farm gold and sell to players.

          10. Uhhh bro seriously that logic is so flawless. *bows down -.- lmfao

          11. 61% of about 50,000 is over 30,000 votes. Are we expected to believe that RO got over 30,000 votes in two days through legitimate reasons?

          12. i totally agree. RO should totally be disqualified IMMEDIATELY.

          13. I can’t see how a noname game can win this. Sorry Magijogi. In fact i heard they contacted other servers as well, so its not just the US Version that votes here.

          14. Agreed this is bs I have been watching and it went way up overnight. This is just stupid

          15. @Elia RO is the one that contacted other foreign servers to vote first >>

          16. @rawwrr

            But you see, Elia believes that insulting us by purposefully getting our game’s name wrong and saying it is obscure is to hide their own insecurity that a game they consider inferior to their own would wipe the floor with them if they did not contact others servers and start botting.

          17. @Kahluah *nods* trueee

          18. Okay, I’ve been following this mainly for League and Mabinogi, and this is ridiculous. I really don’t want to see it lose because of the other community so obviously cheating. I literally checked this, came back 20-30 minutes later, and the votes went up by 1,000. There’s no possible way that is legit. And 70,000+ votes? That’s just insane…

          19. I voted for mabi but I think both RO and Mabinogi should just be removed from voting over all. Both sides are botting like idiots and neither deserve to be in the finals for their brackets.

          20. @Dyingdemon

            When I last checked, the vote total was at around 80,800 with Mabi at 31%, which totals to around 24,240 votes for Mabi. Mabi has 30k followers on Facebook. If you assume that not everyone voted, but the people that did voted on average 3 times, 24k isn’t unreasonable; in fact, it’s quite plausible. I’m not saying that Mabi is guiltless; rather, I agree that both teams should be DQed because both communities participated in some rather shameful behaviour. What I *am* saying, however, is that in the current voting, Mabi is cheating far less than RO is. I saw a chart someone that had been monitoring the votes had made–every time Mabi got even *close* to RO, the number of votes for RO SKYROCKETED, then went back to normal once there was around a 10-15% gap again.

          21. @Emerinne

            Mabinogi has 184k likes on Facebook. RO only has 131k.

          22. Well, it looks like RO’s botting didn’t help them out. x3 AP!!!!! time to go get some nx.

          23. Both sides had someone (some people?) that were botting. It’s good that MMOBomb was able to just delete as many botted votes as they could and support the wishes of the legitimate voters rather than DQ for something a few people were doing. Saying that RO had the only botters because there’s “no bots in Mabi” is just pure misinformation and poor logic. There are definitely bots on Mabi and gold selling in Mabi although it has died down significantly in the last year or so.

            So many unnecessary bashing comments… There were people on BOTH side responsible for cheating but that doesn’t make the entire other community bad. Good game and close round to the legitimate voters of RO, I hope you don’t take the negative things some of the Mabi players are saying to heart and I hope some of you decide to try the game out. I hope some people will also try your game out too.

        2. well actually they did an ip check and discounted all the bot votes on the last night. Since mabinogi pulled ahead the bots were from rangnarok since rangnarok was only ahead because they had so many bots. Play mabinogi! It’s way better!

      2. Nice observation, first two rounds RO has 900 votes and suddenly they’re cheating with Mabi players demanding a dq? If someones gonna cheat they’re gonna play it smart and well that was obviously not lol, My money is on Mabi players botting in RO favor to get them DQ.

        1. Yes because people would do something so stupid as vote up another game and potentially lose in the process. Voting up the opposite side seems good on paper, but it is far too risky to actually try out.

          There probably were people botting as you just described, but the majority was most likely just voting up their own game. Both sides had something to gain out of winning this bout.

          Plus when IP address is being monitored there really is no smart way to cheat.

        2. All the statistics points otherwise though. But I’d be really happy to see some of your statistical correlations which helped you decide on “Mabi players botting in RO favor to get them DQ.”, using past polls as a source.

      3. Mabinogi is not cheating, we just have a helluva community

        1. Well, nexon had to use bribery, last night and today, they been spaming notice, vote for mabinogi and we will have 2x exp/drop rate in maplestory this weekend, I play mabinogi, it fine but I like warframe and league better, but I want the 2x so I went and vote for mabinogi

          1. I had respect for Mabi, however as it stands I’m loving Warframes comune… At least we don’t throw punches by calling Warframe players Sci-Fi CoD.

            Oh ye miserable lads, we need no bribery.

          2. *commune

            Apologies, I was a bit brash on that. It’s all in jest ofcourse :3

          3. Its funny Un1337ninj4 how you say were using bribes. When they need Airmech to get there votes up. So why don’t you sit yourself down and actually research more before talking shit bum. By the way you should learn to spell properly.

          4. Whoa lad, I recognize the tally Airmech has bestowed upon us and greatly appreciate it. It was a close one, and a very fun challenge, relax a bit.

            Airmech has a very nice fanbase, however and I was going to try out Mabi. After seeing the flame in your forums I’ve decided to play and support Airmech instead.

            This is a mere game of publicity for our games. Live up to your name eh? :)

          5. DontWorryAboutIt
            Laughing pretty hard at your dumbass telling people to ‘learn how to spell’ when you can’t even use the right form of their, there, they’re. Also, it’s we’re, not were. Two totally different words.

      4. yeah I kinda feel sorry for dota they’d have got a lot further

    2. It’s definitely RO’s botting community. You see the gold sellers in RO would benefit from RO having a 2x drop event, hence they start botting for RO, while on the other hand Mabinogi’s 3x AP event doesn’t benefit the gold sellers/farmers at all.

      Actually there are no bots at all in Mabinogi, just about a thousand on RO however. Which is why RO has more votes, cause those gold sellers really want this event to farm gold and sell to players.

      Just gonna put this up here.

      1. I totally agree, they should shut down the votes, even now it is going like 30 votes every 5 minutes, and if you check the percentages they are almost all for RO, there’s no way in hell that can happen normally.

        1. How unfair is that.
          Clearly RO was too butthurt. I believe which ever party was spamming votes should automatically be disqualified.
          I doubt mabi players are going to want to revote.
          Aint nobody got time for that.

        2. no there isnt. id like to know how to contact the people running this so i can tell them that RO should be disqualified and disqualified NOW

          1. I doubt anything is gonna be done about it.

          2. They already decided Mabinogi won with 54%. I don’t know how they go to that, they probably took the first poll into account too, or they probably took the number of votes before that one night when RO got ~40k votes lol

      2. Btw. It’s Zaro.


      3. Am I the only one here who hates the fact you have to keep scanning the entire length of this thread to find up-to-date comments rather just check the actual bottom of it.

      4. ^^^ Reposted comment from above. BOT CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!111!!!!!1

    3. Theres no way to prove it so we have to believe it. I’m just responding to this “omg they get votes overnight” comments. You know..timezones, right? I have no idea how many people actually play these 2 games. And im sorry for missspelling it.

    4. its obvious that walframe is cheating its jump 7k votes and taking lead now in 30mins. Another reason how you know walframe is cheating is becuz it morning most ppl would be busy or asleep if they play games.

      1. You have no idea how strong the Tenno are do you =) Warframe is dominating with one cause. The strong bond with the Tenno and DE. We alert those who are asleep when we vote and spectate, then its their turn to to the same for us… And continue till all the Tenno Rise once again.

        1. Warframe doesn’t seem like the devs or the community to mod.

          1. I like the part where the devs only posted up a couple times about this whole voting thing, with no promises of reward, and it still ended up winning. DQing all of the bot votes while displaying how neck and neck it was spurred the Teeno to kick Animefarmland to the curb.

          2. ^^ Actually they were active on Facebook.
            MMObomb does IP checks to remove bot votes.
            When the players were notified in-game…. It was over.

      2. WarFrame isn’t botting – there’s a push by the developer to get votes by sending in-game messages over the last few days.

      3. Nope, we just have a supportive army over here at Warframe.

        Tenno rule supreme, Tenno rule all, Tenno dominance is inevitable.

        1. We The Tenno Will not fall under anything other than the best.

      4. “you know walframe is cheating is becuz it morning most ppl would be busy or asleep if they play games.”


      5. Wow, i love the fact of how smart you are… i mean, OBVIOUSLY it was morning ALL OVER THE WORLD, right? and OBVIOUSLY all warframe players are from your country, right?

        Please, do us a favor, and start using your brain.

        Warframe players are all over the world, in every. single. country. timezones are different in each one, The reason of the votes is because of a push by the developer to get votes by sending in-game messages, so everyone playing started voting.

        1. As a mabi player, I was upset that we lost… but I’m glad it was warframe we lost to and not anyone else, cause I got into warframe recently and the community AND the devs are all really awesome people (for the most part, every community has it’s dark side). Make sure you win warframe! Don’t let SMITE beat you!

      6. Dude,seriously..morning,wat da f___ s___ have you been smoking..mother of ____ b____ don’t you know warframe has players from around the world?Hello?

      7. Considering at how barely a year old warframe already has almost 8mil players (7.8m to be exact, statistics on the game site) at barely a year old, yeahhhhh. THE WILL OF THE TENNO SHALL SWEEP ALL.

    5. Warframe is winning this shit :)


    1. The best f2p ive ever seen.

      1. Clearly, you haven’t seen Mabinogi.

        1. I can see Mabinogi potentially losing once it faces RO. RO has better music, older fanbase, amazing art, and has lived in private servers for long after the official servers went down. Plus, it will have renewed interest as people look forward to Tree of Savior online.

          Also, Mabinogi gets some default hate for being Nexon, and the pets/reforges create a very negative pay2win experience.

          As far as I can tell, the divisions are all locked.

          No telling what might happen after that tho.

          1. *original official servers. It has been passed around a lot since then

          2. when was the last time you played mabinogi? I’ve never played RO, so I don’t any 2 cents to give on that, however I have played mabinogi recently and it has undergone changes to better help those who won’t pay for items, such as the free unlimited horse and eagle for new players (don’t know about returning), plus the portal system has been updated to be used at anytime. Sure one can get reforges for cash, but there are reforges in game for a very cheap price that anyone can earn. And if you don’t like a reforge just buy a new weapon, reforge that, or get reforging restoration tool through the mercantile skill.

            And Don’t just skip over everquest like its a pushover, that game has been around for 15 years, sure not as impressive as RO, but still enough time to develop a big fan base. Runescape also came out a while back and also has a big fan base, I wouldn’t count them out either.

          3. Unless TF2 gets people to start voting it’s gonna end up being Smite. Smite’s gotten more votes alone than both TF2 and D&D: Online combined did.

          4. I’m actively playing Mabinogi even now, but I still would not put it above RO. More than the newbie mini mounts, the g18 completion pegasus does fill mount needs. They also do have events for free “normal” pets as storage, and did that flame mare giveaway a while back.

            It doesn’t change the fact that clouds and ice dragons give an immense advantage in combat, as well as how much alpaca, commerce partners, butlers, and maids add in the life department.

            The in-game economy is so-so on reforges. It’s about 300k per fine on my server, but they still only come from the cash shop or very rarely a slim chance to get them from an event. It’s not as bad as Maple’s cubes, but it’s still bad. The moongates opening up and free inv+ service does take pressure off of the monthly costs. Still, overall it is still unpleasantly manipulative against would-be free players.

          5. As an RO Veteran (of years past) I can agree, and Disagree. IRO (Legit RO server) has loads of maps and other stuff. but Private servers of RO offer custom stuff like wings and other sorts of things. but this thing is for lRO, not the private servers. IRO is Super low rates. 1x1x1, or some such like that, the leveling is INSANELY Slow. I play Mabinogi now, and have done so for years. Mabinogi is ballanced (Yes Nexon breaks things from time to time, but what company doesn’t?) There are LOADS of things you can do, it has more jobs that you can do than on RO. RO is SPRITE Based, which means that all the actions and whatnot are Images, think of them like gifs. Sprites may look good, but 3D Animation is always going to be better. and Sprites are only as good as your pixel artist. Mabinogi is Amazing. MARI SERVER FTW!

          6. LOL ragnarok having better music? have u seen mabinogi’s music and the fact u can create your own music in it? and IT’S A SOCIAL GAME? XD ragnarok is great for old fans of the game but, for everyone else it’s bleh.

          7. I never said Mabinogi has bad music. I really do enjoy it and would even give it second place, but SoundTEMP did THE best MMO music of all time for RO. Period.

          8. I disagree about RO beating Mabinogi because if you actually look at the vote numbers, and not just the percentages, 66% of 10,542 people voted for Mabinogi, which is 6,958 people. Ragnarok and Everquest, however, only have 951 total votes between them. Despite opinions, it would seem the RO community is not very active in this competition.

          9. Callback, what you seem to be forgetting is how many FREE pets nexon gives away, not to mention there’s an event going on right now that gives you Flying, ANYWHERE in mabi, for free, when you complete event. Which completely obliterates the need for flying mounts. It also gives away Doki Doki pet boxes which gives lovely pets, with nice inventory space, and they’re really easy to get. They have given away every type of mount, even just creating an account gives you a flying and land mount. Furthermore, the reforges are not just bought through NX, you can buy any reforge FROM players, because they are trade-able. So, YEAH, you have to pay gold to get GOOD items, but you have to do that in ANY game. Though they also have Hot Time event giveaways for really nice weapons. And an added bonus? They just came out with a spectral well to go in your homestead that gives you FREE flashy dyes, even after event ends. And if you want the one that gives 4, you can buy it from players because it’s also in-game trade-able. Anything negative you have to say about Mabinogi is moot because I can argue against anything you have to say WITH an example of how they’re the opposite. They are extremely free-player friendly, while still allowing people with money to buy NX a bonus experience, and an easier way to earn gold. It’s extremely fair.

          10. Don’t forget they ALSO gave away 2-Mount Thunder Dragon, a Bull pet that had huge inventory, the Warp Imp that can teleport you to a saved location, and several more. So your argument of “dragons having huge advantage”, I wasn’t there for the 2-Mount Thunder Dragon event, so GUESS WHAT? I’m a player that PAYS for pets and even I don’t have a 2-Mount Dragon, yet free players do! So YES, Nexon HAS given them an advantage and HAS given them Dragon Pets!

          11. Sorry but I want to disagree with you on music. Ragnarok is top notch in the sounds department, but honestly, other than the Prontera’s Theme and like about 8 other OST tracks, I don’t remember a lot of the rest.

            Hanstone is a musical genius, and while I agree that SoundTEMP is outstanding, I have to go with Hanstone. Mabinogi soundtracks are just unique to me.

          12. Nice how I have never heard about Ragnarok Online before.

          13. Well, even if RO loses through sheer numbers based on Nexon directing players here and bribing them to vote, while most of RO’s older fanbase has never even heard of MMObomb, at least I can enjoy the bribe as it is game-wide, even while voting against them. What is better than a 2x life weekend tho? Maybe a training seal hot time?

            And regarding HanStone, I still do think they are good, but SoundTEMP is just so much better. HanStone makes it pleasant to play the game, listening to something nice and repeatable. SoundTEMP makes you want to fill up your iPod and take it everywhere with you. Not only is it insanely good, and matches the theme and tone of each area perfectly, but it stands on its own.

          14. I still think mabinogi is the better game. As for the reforges you can buy them off other players with ingame gold and nexon has given countless of pets. As for AoE pets, newer content is becoming immune to them.

            Theres people that havent spent a single dime on this game and they love it to death.

            In no way do i see it manipulative to free players.

            And i think Mabinogis music is better as well. It gives strong feels.

          15. I totally fell in love with mabi, the skills aren’t limited to only classes, you can learn actually anything, and the quest lines are very well set up as well as the story. I love the storyline because it’s is really captivating and it keeps you thinking. And who says pets are the only thing that keeps mabi up? There have been awesome pets, and I hope they’ll bring some back again, because they always do. Nexn recycles everything, and the events are getting better as well. Coming back at the music, I love Belvast soundtrack, and a lot of other songs too (there are hundreds of awesome compositions). And yes you can create your own songs too. But this is such a small part of what’s possible in this game. And that is why I think mabi should win.

          16. Well I won’t be voting until freaking nexon Fixes the issue about all the players that have been locked out of their accounts because of channel malfunction. The game itself is great and everything but isn’t worth playing if something is gonna go wrong like every other day.

          17. I literally do the same thing you do, but with mabinogi: Carry around an ipod choked full of music. It’s more than just pleasant and while it definitely is repeatable(all songs are replayable), but it’s not at all repetitive. I’m now sure when you stopped playing, but the music is only getting better as the updates come along.

          18. I currently play Warframe, and I’m loving it. I haven’t been on Mabinogi for like 2 years. Between the two though, I’d say mabinogi is a better game. DevCat knows how to make a game original and good. It’s been 9 years since Mabinogi came out, and I literally haven’t seen another game like it.

          19. I think Mabinogi is better than RO in some cases. I also think in my opinion that saying Mabinogi is a pay 2 win game is just plain old not thinking about your opinion much. Sure, you need money to buy certain pets in the game but like you said there are some good free pets for travelling and pet pvping No one uses pet pvp so why should the power of the pet matter? The main idea for pets are for travelling anyway, and the free pets get the job done. Mabinogi has not been big on it’s pvp side much anyway. The reforges are not pay 2 win either because you can buy them for other players for a cheap price, and all you really need to do to get 300k (Which sounds like a lot for mabi noobs) is to do Shadow missions a few times or trade items or gold. I think reforges shouldn’t be free because if they were everyone would get them and pvp would feel kinda broken and everything everyone uses would make the game WAY to easy, which will make the game boring and have people complaining about how in the old days Mabinogi was harder and more fun, and who wants to hear that every 2 seconds? Pvping with other players with reforges is the only way for a new player to feel like mabi is a pay2win game when it really isn’t. All it takes is a little hard work and dedication to the game and you’ll be as strong as the next guy with reforges. Also, Ragnorak beating Star Trek or Planetside 2 in the finals? You sir, are a very silly person. As good as Mabinogi and Ragnorak is I don’t think those two can beat those games with that try hard fanbase of theirs. The fanbase in Star Trek is stronger than RO. I don’t care how old and dedicated the fans are. If their is a stronger/bigger fanbase that is willing to vote for the game then that’s that, the weaker game loses. I also think it’s not very good to lock predictions on what MMOs will win because you’ll never know which fanbase would be lazy enough to not vote and win against the other. This could happen to Star Trek/PlanetSide2 vs Mabinogi/Ragnorak Online but seeing that how big and commited those fans are in those games all it would take for Star Trek/ PlanetSide2 to win is alittle advertising to win against Ragnorak/Mabinogi.

          20. I’m not saying Mabi is the worst offender of pay2win, just look at anything from Alaplaya. The “power” of a pet I was referring to is the benefit it provides. Yes, all pets can smash rocket and act as a backpack, but take for example butlers, maids, commerce partners. Double gathering on rare resources is a huge boost. Summoning in your homestead, mobile magic armor repairs. Commerce partners make your elephant bigger so you get more from commerce. Clouds as emergency heals and strong stacking regen boosts, loot pets when doing ecology or mineralogy, alpaca for unlimited free material pouches and better wagon commerce (tail’s special good can give 30k in 1 run with alpaca), there are just tons of effects certain pets give that cannot be mimicked.

            I can see Mabi beating RO, but not because it is in any way a better game. Nexon’s event-based bribery is just too powerful. There is no possible way Maple, Nexon’s worst pay2win offender ( I did say cubes are 1000x worse than reforges) should have ever beat TF2 by legitimate means. At this point there is no more logic. It’s just shich game can bribe their players into action the hardest. LoL technically has the largest playerbase out of what is left, but they don’t care about this at all and aren’t getting anybody to vote. You say STO has a huge fanbase, but the game itself is horrendous. In the end, this is just one big joke, and means nothing.

          21. You got two out of four wrong so far: TF2 is out, LoL is going to get out, must be a miracle if they manage to get up again. No wonder if RO is going to get out too, ’cause mabi has had waaay more votes in total than RO had in total so. getting to warframe, no idea what’s gonna happen there. I’ll wish you luck with RO anyway :)

          22. it may be pay2win in that way but everything exept for pets (which are practically useless and given out in event) can be bought off of other players in game alone with having a worldwide fan base, we do have a chance to beat RO and a nice one at that I believe, we have made it this far and were not losing without a fight

          23. Idk >:3 I sure have a good multiple mabi songs on my ipod, kekekeke…

          24. “not because its the best game”

            that is just a subjective manner, in no way it is fact.

            the best game for us isnt always the most popular, im not going to go out and say call of duty is better than borderlands just because its more popular.

            because youre basically saying RO is better because its more popular.

            and again I put Mabinogi over it because i love the game and i DO think it is better than RO

          25. *before voting period*
            You: RO’s gonna win
            *during voting period*
            You: Nexon’s bribing people.

            As if they care about a poll.

          26. I would say RO is pretty good, but Mabinogi is way better- community wise. I played the first version RO, owned by the original owners. I love the sprites. Even played a game called Secret of the Solstice (which had a huge community and great gameplay, somewhat similar to RO), that has closed down due to not having enough “resources”. But anyways, who said the votes have to be based by how good a game is? Even Vindictus lost on the first round, and I really enjoy the transformations and the boss battles.

            Anyways, the voting is for f2p games (meaning you don’t have to pay to play) with great communities.

          27. RO only good when it was P2P

          28. Ragnarok!

            The SoundTeMP music is better than the grind-forever gameplay, we all know that. But if you ever play a game for more than just the kill-stuff-and-loot-stuff (which by the way, most every game in existence is, at its core, kill-stuff-and-loot-stuff) then you’ll appreciate what makes Ragnarok different than other games – namely, the environments, the funny little characters, the outfit designs, the music.

            Now if only Ragnarok would do different skin tones like the Pokemon sprites … then RO would be amazing.

            I have no idea what Mabinogi is. If it’s got great music, then I’m sure I’d like it, to be honest.

          29. As someone who has played RO, Mabi, and Planet2, I pretty sure it will be between mabi and planet 2 (and i called it when it all first started not just now) RO just doesnt provide enough content at a rate to match the communities needs. Mabi music is pretty good in comparison to RO (RO has reached the point where I prefer to use my own music while with Mabi i still use the IG music) though i havent played much planet2 so i think it will be extremely close between the highly competitive mabi and planet2 fan base. I doubt mabi will win the rouge/wizard/warrior/archer face off if it makes it there. its a good game but many of the other games in the other brackets have a far more active fan base. guess we will just have to see

          30. Alinea, Nexon is the only one here I have seen actively promoting this MMOBomb vote, and absolutely the only one offering events for each round their games win. Yes, they are showing a lot more care about this poll than the others.

            The sheer volume of votes on that one is surprising me. With Nexon having held their 2x life weekend and announced a 100% repair weekend, I expected the flood of players being directed from their main page and patcher to be overwhelming, but it seems a respectable amount of people found out about this site either against Nexon (as one of the internet’s least favorite f2p companies) or in support of RO. More raw votes than I expected for RO, but Nexon has snowballed this by wetting the community’s appetite.

          31. Callback: Nexon(with mabinogi) is not the only one who has offered rewards to their fans, in fact, the last group we faced, pirates 101, did the same thing, and they lost to us, who only started offering rewards after we beat pirates.

          32. Hello callback

            But why are you lying?

            Warframe did the same thing by putting up the message to vote on the player’s faces

            Which is how vindictus lost, ohh but it isnt ok for RO to lose the sameway?

            I play both warframe and mabinogi and i love em both, but i dont recall you saying anything about warframe destroying vindictus the same way mabi was doing with RO.

            Yet you have the nerve to say that its only nexon, arent you desperate?.

          33. Yea… I play mabi and I was worried a lil… but 60% mabi 40% RO last I saw xD

          34. HA, your funny my friend. RO beat mabi? No. Most games cant beat mabi, and It’s very NOT P2W. and despite its slightly better appearance, RO is out of date and barely holds a candle to the Mabi experience.

          35. Mabi sucks. There are a ton of problems with the servers, I have the IG music muted for a reason, and the fact that each “storyline” feels so cliche and poorly executed really does more harm. Plus the fact customer support was bullshit until they got new management and it still isn’t very supportive. RO gets my vote.

          36. Mabinogi has better game play and if it lost it’s because RO is cheating and you can find it on they facebook page.

          37. Exactly, I play Mabinogi a lot and REFUSE to vote for it because it is p2w. Even though I like the game a lot, the fact that you can pay 200 dollars (yes I’ve played with ppl that do this) and be op isn’t f2p in my books.

            For those who don’t know, pets in mabi have on summon effects. You can summon each pet with a one minute cool down on each pet. So say someone buys 12 ice dragons for around 130 dollars or so. The summon effect will freeze all mobs within a pretty wide radius so that you can bash them while they can’t move or attack. With 12 of them you can easily keep all the mobs you will ever face frozen, accept for a few bosses. Or buy nimbus that heal you by 150 hp on summon (average elite player hp is 700-900 hp) and make enemies sleep while constantly recovering your hp.

            Then there are reforges… Basically in my class in Mabinogi (puppetier) if I went all out with reforges I could have my main most powerful attack do nearly tripple damage and boost another attack along side that one.

            Sorry as I’m sure this will piss off a lot of mabi lovers, but just felt like I should tell people who haven’t played how this game works. It is extremely p2w.

        2. Clearly the game is terrible, if you are going to go out of your way to vote for a game for x3 EXP, then say the game is great you are just as guilty as the Mabinogi Staff. They are doing that because Nexon Staff knows Mabinogi isn’t gonna get any votes if they just ask for votes with every person in the server as well promoting for votes that should only depend on how the player actually feels about the game. Obviously people are gonna vote for Mabinogi because they finally decided to do something for their community that gives them a better end. In result, RO would be the top notch if it wasn’t for Mabinogi’s Staff Members constantly using their free NX to advertise for their low end game which they don’t even give a shit about their players at all.

          1. You do know all the games are doing this and your rageing about nothing its just a free perk to voteing why not step down and stop smashing your keyboard in rage because we want to get something for voteing.. oh maii exp for voteing mabi is shit boo whoooo what a moron… If this is the case all of these games on these lists are SHIT because majorty of them bribed their players…

          2. What you just said made absolutely no sense, please go back to grade school and take Remedial English.

          3. Popsy’s post gave me cancer, im sorry i like mabinogi better than RO 3x exp doesnt mean jack to me, other than something i to speed up my progress, i would still vote for mabi without it

            your argument is invalid.

          4. Smite has gotten to the finals on a purely community driven attempt. We have had only one tweet (in the first round) by the devs, and have had no bribes given to us. Unlike other games, who seem to be developers pushing fans into voting.

            Which isn’t wrong, I’m just proud of our community.

        3. So when Mabinogi is winning 60 to 40 its considered cheating. But when RO is winning 71 to 39 MMO just ignores it?

          1. 71 to 39 is 110

          2. Mabinogi won actually, 54 to 46.

    2. Which lost to AirMech sorry for your lost mines on APB

  3. Hawken for Warrior Division.

    1. I second Hawken. It’s one of the best MMOs that I’ve played.

      1. Hawken is not a MMO. It’s a Twitch FPS game.
        Still a great game though.

        1. It is an MMO; You may be confusing the term with MMORPG.

          1. It is not, Hawken is just multiplayer, not massively multiplayer.
            It is you who doesn’t understand the definition.

          2. MMO simply refers to “Massively Multiplayer Online Game”. HAWKEN fulfills this condition as it isn’t separated into many servers hosted by individual players, but on one mega server for each area.

          3. Hawken is a MMO. A MMO is Massive Multiplayer Online. even MOBA’s are MMO because the game is Massive and it’s Multiplayer and it’s online.

          4. Hawken is NOT an mmo. An MMO requires hundreds of simultaneous players in a session. Compare Hawken to Planetside and you’ll notice a major difference.

          5. MMO is a very vague term. You are redefining it to suit your needs by forcing it to include a persistent world. A definition that requires the game to have a persistent world would be less vague, and, as a result, more useful. For that reason, I understand why you would wish to argue that HAWKEN is not an MMO. HAWKEN, however, fully meets the conditions to be an MMO. It is Massive, it is Multiplayer, and it is Online. That is why I am arguing that it is an MMO.

            Now then, let us create a new, better term, MMOGPW. This would expand to “Massively Multiplayer Online Game with a Persistent World”.

          6. “An MMO requires hundreds of simultaneous players in a session.”
            I am not redefining MMO to require persistant worlds, I am using its intended definition. It’s not massive AND multiplayer but massively multiplayer. That means a large amount of players playing at once (usually in a persistant world), not a large amount of players separated between 6v6 matches in multiple games/lobbies.

          7. Sir, your logic does not work. In HAWKEN, there are a great many players at once. Each group of players is simply within a separate instance. Many MMOs that would fit your definition have instances. The difference here is that under your definition, those instances would be required to be connected via a persistent world, while in HAWKEN, they are connected via a single global lobby.

          8. “Each group of players is simply within a separate instance.”

            That’s why Hawken is just a multiplayer game and not an MMO. You can NEVER see up to hundreds of players within a single match.

          9. yea an mmo can not have a max number of people. if it is diablo, dota2, hawen they all fall short of massive,because they put restrictions on the number of people that can log in

          10. If TF2 is an mmo, so is Hawken. TF2 splits players up into separate sessions yet can only have up to a maximum of 32 players in each server.

          11. TF2 isn’t an MMO…

          12. The first M in MMO is for Massively not Massive. It’s not the world that needs to be massive, but the number of players in that world.

          13. *sigh*…

            As I said before, you guys are simply modifying it to suit your needs. “Massively Multiplayer Online”. Now, tell me this: Where the hell does it mention that the players all have to be in the same instance? It doesn’t. Hell, it doesn’t even mention that they have to be in the same server. It pretty much refers to ANY online multiplayer game that has a large amount of players. Even TF2 fills that role. Yes, it is retarded, but in the purest sense of the term, that is what it means.

          14. “It pretty much refers to ANY online multiplayer game that has a large amount of players.”
            There’s no point to the term MMO if that’s your definition.

          15. It’s not MY definition; It is the literal meaning of the acronym. Despite it’s vagueness, however, the term still manages to be useful by letting other terms take priority over it. For example, if someone were to ask me what genre TF2 is, I would reply “FPS”. This does not mean that it is not an MMO, but simply means that the FPS part of it is more profound. In the same way, we have terms such as MMOFPS, which denote that it is not any more FPS than it is MMO, or vice versa.

            I’m starting to really dislike the term MMO now though. I think we need a non-acronym with a definite definition that is more precise than what we currently have.

          16. there’s just no helping you if you think any multiplayer game is an MMO

          17. All you’ve made are claims with nothing to back them. I had the literal meaning of the word supporting my argument, and even provided an explanation as to how the word remains useful under such a literal definition. You have yet to refute them.

            Trying to turn those into an insult isn’t getting you anywhere. I should think it’s quite clear which of us it is that needs help.

          18. Exitium, you’re wrong. This is a sad debate. I’ve never met anyone who thought you could apply the term MMO to a multiplayer game that limits the amount of players to a small number in each session.

          19. This is MMObomb, Hawken is on MMObomb so Hawken is a MMO.

          20. Please enlighten me, sir. How am I wrong? I’ve seen no fault with the logic I’ve used, and no one else has yet to point any out. If a fault is found, I will gladly either retract my original statement, or revise my argument.

          21. @blackpower that logic

          22. Exitium stop argue with them. it seems they are incapable of understand the meaning of the word.
            you are 100% right and wrote down your arguments.
            they only thing they do is defining their own meaning of the word and claim it to be the right one.
            as soon as you play a game online with at least 1 other person its an mmo.
            if you play a singleplayergame its not an mmo.
            deal with it

          23. Zer0 is right.

          24. Hawken is an MMOFPS?

            Which is still an MMO?

            Same thing with Gunz.

            I think asdf is confusing MMO = Open World.

            I think that’s the problem.

          25. No, you’re confusing MMO with any regular multiplayer game that supports a small number of players in a single game environment.

            An MMO supports hundreds if not thousands, hence the ‘massively multiplayer’. think 100v100 not 5v5

          26. any game based on some server that handles thousands of connections at once and provides multiplayer gameplay is an MMO

          27. Since no on bothered to look it up, here’s the definition according to Google’s dictionary.

            “A massively multiplayer online game. A computer game in which a large number of players can simultaneously interact in a persistent world or can potentially play against a large number of players in matchmaking”

            It would appear that everyone who has posted so far is correct aside from Zer0 who posted: “as soon as you play a game online with at least 1 other person its an mmo.” according to this definition that is not the case.

            Now will everyone stop whining?


          28. So if a game has a million players but a match supports only 16, it’s not considered an MMO in your opinion, but if another game has a million players but it supports more people than that, it’s considered an MMO? So Elsword is not an MMO and Warframe as well as Dragons Nest is not an MMO due to it supporting only 4 players per a game right?

          29. @zarozian The games you listed are not MMOs.

          30. Well holy crap then Thompson.

            I guess we better tell them all that they’re not MMOs and have them remove the label “MMO” from their games.

          31. from wiki,

            A massively multiplayer online game (also called MMO and MMOG) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously. By necessity, they are played on the Internet.[1] Many games have at least one persistent world, however others just have large numbers of players competing at once in one form or another without any lasting effect to the world at all. These games can be found for most network-capable platforms, including the personal computer, video game console, or smartphones and other mobile devices.

          32. so many comments but of my skim I saw one massive mistake by someone stating mmo = massive, multiplayer, online. the missing final two letters in the first word are essential, its massively not massive. massively multiplayer. ie, a massive multiplayer session is required for it to meet the definition “massively multiplayer” – there is no comma between the two so a massive game that has multiplayer is NOT an mmo. thompson is right – hawken, tf2 etc are not MMOS. they are great games with multiplayer. but they are not massively multiplayer because to be massively multiplayer you require a multiplayer session with /hundreds of players/ – otherwise ANY multiplayer game that was popular and had a huge player base would be an mmo!

          33. Ho~oh Wow! This is one long debate in a comment section XD
            If Hawken and such isn’t an MMO then why are they listed in MMO genre in many sites?????
            Well the term is already sticken with vague glory, you can argue with logic as much as you want but general society is already riding the vague train anyway and hence labelled it regardless of any-ones logic.
            Its no use arguing anymore :P

          34. “If Hawken and such isn’t an MMO then why are they listed in MMO genre in many sites?????”

            I believe that is the core of this debate.

            Personally I’d have to agree that Hawken, TF2 and other such games do not qualify as an MMO under the basis that MMO is self-defined as a Massively Multiplayer Online game. I also take into consideration that a Lobby or Hub acting as little more than a junction between instances does not in any way count as part of actual game play. Further more I feel that such games that limit game play to a certain number of players per instance falls short of being called an MMO due to the fact that the only defining differences between such a game and an offline game is the physical location of the players in the instance and the medium through which they communicate.

            All that being said an MMO is just that, a game that is played online by a massive amount of players. If we take the definition as just that it gets confusion and so we add our own ideas to the end of the definition deluding the spirit of the acronym. One could say that any game played online by any number of players in excess of “X” is an MMO while another would say that the majority of players must play in the same world. I think that many people may be able to agree with me when I say that personally I would define an MMO as any game that is played via the internet in which a massive amount of players share the same world in a relatively seamless experience.

            It’s important to note that the point that I’m attempting to make here isn’t meant to discredit any game(s), nor is it intending to imply that Hawken, TF2 or any other game(s) lack in any way, shape or form. More so I’m hoping it will get people thinking about how and why we classify things the way we do. In the end, what purpose does it really serve? Do we enjoy a game, its community or any other portion of it less or more just, because someone does or doesn’t label it with some otherwise pointless label?

            A rose by any other name…

          35. League of Legends is an MMO, but it’s only groups of 10 or six playing on a single map at one time. Therefore Hawken is an MMO aswell

          36. LoL is not an MMO, therefore Hawken is not an MMO.

          37. ask the admin of MMOBomb to remove hawken if its not an MMO.

            for all I know and mostly here know… all the games listed here are MMO’s+

            Exitium dont argue on narrow mindeds :)
            theire interpretation of MMO is for open wold map games only… and that;s STUPIDITY

          38. Lol, everyone quick.. look up the first time the term “MMO” was ever used, and it’s history. RESEARCH NIGS. END OF DISCUSSION.

        2. I love how people argue that some games are not an MMO when “massive” is a relative term.

          1. Well “Massive” sounds more pleasing to my ears but the definition for MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously. They usually have at least one persistent world, however some games differ(world-wise only).

          2. Planetside 2 is MASSIVE, im sad it didnt make it, it doesnt have enough players yet to fill their 6000+ people servers

    2. It seems asdf just keeps repeating the same thing and the same claim and can’t stand that HAWKEN is a MMO game I don’t think he can understand that it’s obvious there’s no point in arguing about it, HAWKEN is an MMO, LoL is an MMO, no matter asdf’s,Dysturbed’s or anyone else’s definition of the word MMO they are MMO’s that is why they are on (MMO)bomb for this competition if they are not MMOs ask MMObomb to take them out of this and put a MMO in their place HAWKEN is multiplayer it’s online and it’s massive therefore it fills the requirements for a MMO and so does LoL so just deal with the fact it’s an MMO.

      1. They are on MMObomb because they’re F2P you idiot its in the URL(ultimate-f2p-showdown) and the definition from above is the actual definition not mine.

      2. ok, every multiplayer game is an MMO then

        you are an idiot

  4. Dead Island: Epidemic > All. Newbs.

  5. TF2





    Aura Kingdom

    Dust 514

    Star Wars the Old Republic.

    1. Dear Sir, can you read minds? o_O Thats exatly my pick too and i read your post after i voted.^^

      1. I don’t read minds, but I can make some pretty good informed decisions.

    2. I couldn’t think of a worse list, haha. Nice.

    3. seems like aura kingdom fell to smite after first round :)

    4. y doesn’t anybody think of planetside 2, that game is basically battlefield times 100, just the amount of people fighting on one server is amazing

  6. Aura Kingdom <3

  7. Aura kingdom

  8. Bad timing, just when aura kingdom with its aeria-incited hype had launched…
    Now all the AK fanboys are gonna vote for that piece of crap -_-”

    Anyways, in the list theres only 2 titles that worth my time, tf2 and dungeons and dragons, rest is either junk or not my thing.

    And whats up with the match-ups? you match dotas and rpgs? and rpgs with shooters? what point, if any, is there in doing that? at least divide the stuff by cathegory and genres.

    1. (Smite vs Aura Kingdom)

      Well, Smite is not an MMO, but I would rather play AK.

      1. Have a blast… i know i won’t waste my time on it at least as long as it’s run by aeria or any other p2w loving whores out there.

        1. Why don’t you move on with your life and stfu bitching about aeria, get over yourself dude, if you don’t like it then stop talking about it like some butthurt former fanboy. Irritating how you bagging on it so hard so its obvious that they hurt your little feelings huh?

          1. The only feeling i have towards aeria is hate, don’t like? well pal.. feel free to cry me a river across which i’ll build a bridge and name it: “i don’t give a rats ass”.


      2. well smite is mmo, do you even know concept of mmo, and plus Aura Kingdom is bad generic shit ass game.

        1. 5v5 does not an mmo make

          The concept of an MMO is hundreds of players at once.

          1. people might get cancer from reading this kinda retarded post like yours…

          2. they’ve already gotten cancer from yours

            there’s nothing massive about 5v5

          3. Actually it’s a MOBA not a MMO so.. I guess you’re right.

          4. guys guys guys, this is an F2P showdown, not an MMO one s

        2. He has a point it’s not really a Massive MO, its more on the lines MO, by definition massive means a large quantity of something, I do not consider 10 a large quantity. Unfortunately though you are also right, bc there is no grouping called a MO as far as I know.

          1. Why even argue about being an MMO or not, its not supposed to be an MMO contest, it’s a F2P one, like cmon guys

      3. I don’t think you know what “MMO” stands for.

        1. I don’t think you know either.

          1. This just made my day.

    2. It is merely a show of “team spirit”. What games have the more vocal players? You will note some are matched against respective genres, but the point isn’t to see what RPG is the best, merely to see which one has the more active and vocal community.

  9. This should be really fun.

  10. Seriously, they doing sh!tty job at match ups… matching tf2, a widely known and popular game, with something.. i don’t even know wtf is this game.. i never even heard of it? are you f@ckin’ for real mmo bomb? wtf are you doing lol use ur brains a little will ya? x_x

    One of the worst match ups ever… nuff said.

    1. That’s usually how big tournaments (like the NCAA tournament like this is based on) work. 1 vs. 16 matches are, admittedly, always going to be blowouts.

      1. This really shouldn’t be compared to NCAA. They do a much better job at seeding and they give everyone ample time to become aware of their tournaments.

    2. You don’t know how all tourneys are run. Since this is a seeded tournament, they made a bracket exactly how one should be made.

  11. Who the fk made this? Smite vs AK, lol god this site need help.

    1. Actually it is a though fight between both, and you probably thought AK would win, even after aeria advertising that. But nooope, smite community noticed it and we have lead by 3k players.

  12. You’re just putting up games against eachother without even having the games know it? aura kingdom somehow figured this out and now they are bribing their players with 50% exp boosts while smite still havent said it to anyone and probably wasnt told either terrible showdown.

    1. What? already? damn aeria -_- i bet those asshole keep tabs on every single mmo site out there, probably is how they still thrive.

    2. I don’t see how an exp boost can be considered that much of a bribe. Voting is like, what? 2 clicks? You don’t really need that much of an incentive to do something so simple. Besides, if I really wanted exp, I’d just play more.

      1. No matter how many clicks you missing the point which is: Bribing is still bribing.

        1. “I may or may not respond if you respond to this post” <— I guess that'd be considered bribing too. Heck, ya can call a lot of things bribing, doesn't mean they're worth mentioning.

          Gee willikers! an exp boost!? Imma go drop everything I'm doing an play non-stop for 2 days.

    3. We have been tweeting the match ups so both devs can have a chance at telling their fans. The match ups are just a popularity contest. That is why the genre’s don’t matter. It will slowly funnel down to the most popular games against each other.

      1. It’s still a very stupidly made spunk… you match extremely popular games with barely known ones and genre should matter as well.. this stunt is one giant “WTF”, imo.

        1. We could have made the total number of games smaller — down to 32 games — but then that would have left off a number of reasonably popular games. The first 50 or so were pretty easy to come up with, relatively commonly known games that people are familiar with, but the last dozen or so, I’ll admit, are a bit of a stretch. Still, we had to put something there.

          If you don’t like the first-round matchups, come back for later rounds, when the more popular games should be all that’s left.

          1. That is a bunch of crap & you know it! How much did MMOBOMB get paid to pick the shitty games on the list or are all of you just smoking spice? THIS LIST SUCKS ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            No warframe or STO on the list. Also genre should match up with genre you dumb asses.

          2. Chef STO and Warframe are both on the list just in different brackets. Calm down or take your caps elsewhere.

          3. :) Sorry but it is a lame list & didn’t see any of the games I like on it!

    4. We actually are informing the companies about it. If they choose to not take advantage of it, like Aeria is, that’s their issue :)

    5. And yet SMITE is winning because of the community. TBH itd be best if NO company knew or if incentives DQ’d games.

      1. I like Aura Kingdom an all, but these polls seem to be foreboding something unpleasant. I honestly think that when all is said and done that the only real winner here will be mmobomb.

  13. anyone else notice that within a short period of time the Smite vs AK matchup has 10x the votes of ANY OTHER MATCHUP… maybe these should have been the number 1 and 2 seeds instead of pitted against each other in round 1. just sayin

    1. Why didn’t mmohut do open polls as a qualifier? Have players pick amongst all 16 games, take the Top 8, and make brackets based on that. That way all of the games would be made aware when the time comes for elimination and there wouldn’t be issues like the Aura Kingdom vs SMITE poll.

      1. Because the big names would have inevitably received more votes. This way everyone has a fair chance.

        1. Giving everyone “a fair chance” at what? Having luck play a significant role in one’s placement for any competition isn’t right. I also recall that a lot of competitions that do use random seeds also have a Loser’s Bracket.

          I don’t wanna sound too cliché, but if they used random seeds in sports, a player’s placement wouldn’t be the most accurate representation of his/her ability. That’s why for sports like track, they hold preliminaries for seed placement or use race times from recent competitions.

          I’m assuming that Aura Kingdom was given such a low seed because of how new the game is (I think Open Beta ended about a month or 2 ago). If you read the post about this competition on the SMITE reddit, a representative from mmobomb states that all games were notified of the competition at the same time.

          (dang this post is getting long) If anyone is also wondering about the previous surge in votes for Aura Kingdom, it was a short while after a post about the competition appeared on AK’s news feed.

          SMITE vs LoL…now that’ll be interesting. (I like how some SMITE fans argue that Aura Kindgom doesn’t have a fan base just because the devs offer a conditional exp incentive for voting.)

  14. TF2
    Champions online

  15. Smite doesn’t even need bribes to get votes, one reddit post and down goes some random ass game I’ve never heard of.

    1. Haha so true :D


  17. 1:::: 16,9,5,13,6,3,10,15

  18. dota 2 vs ragnarok online? wat kinda match up is that? they’re 2 completely different types of games.

    1. they should puted dota vs lol :D

  19. I’m going to a different mmo site because this site is shit now. God i miss Mmohut and remotay.

  20. Path of exile
    Dota 2

  21. As for the overall question of “Why are you matching up an MMO against an FPS?” — this isn’t about picking the best FPS or MMO, but the best F2P game overall. I, and I’d bet many of you, have played both FPSes and MMOs (and MOBAs). If, say, TF2 and DDO, face off in the second round, I’d decide which I like more because I’ve played both. I doubt many people here are limited to just one type of game, no more than you’re limited to one type of movie, or book, or TV show. I can say I prefer Star Trek to Law & Order, and nobody’s going to say “One of those is sci-fi and the other is a legal drama, you can’t compare those!”

    Besides, even if we did do the first-round matchups in a way to only match MMO vs. MMO, FPS vs. FPS, etc., they would get all messed up in later rounds, like in the TF2/DDO example above. Finally, people will rarely agree on the category a game belongs in (like the Hawken debate), so why bother?

    1. You really can’t do that! They are all different. So one day i’ll play STO & the next ill play Warframe & the next ill play Smite. All of the genres are different so you can’t just pick one best I like all 3 genres but I can’t say witch game I like the best because they are all different in all respects. That’s like asking someone who love’s Prime Steaks to choose between a Rib Eye, N.Y.Strip, or a Flank Steak. If they were all marinated the same way & all cooked to MR. They all would be awesome in their own right separately!

  22. Waw…nice genre comparison mmofps vs. mmorpg /moba v.s rpg . To bad this site didn’t put card game vs. fps XD Rubbish comparison tho..

  23. Phantasy Star Online 2 I am playing right now (ENglish patch). Best game I have played in a long time. Makes all your other F2P titles look like poo covered in dihareah

    1. I’ve been playing it as well. It’s a good game.

    2. I have played PSO 2, it was enjoyable unfortunately I can’t stay with a game with classes for too long, I get bored and either make 50 charas on one account, like on Warcraft, or I make another 50 accounts. I the only games where I didn’t have such an issue was runescape before they did the huge update overhaul, bk in like 2004-ish, and mabinogi, which I still play since 2007

  24. LOL this is bullshit! you cant compare a mmo whit a fps………

  25. no city of steam: arkadia?

    what a useless showdown
    and this website is stupid

  26. Heroes and Generals,pretty good game instead of adding this one steam adds only high price aplha version games.And HG is for free low budged games,sometimes server maintanence make me crazy,but im playing this one about 1 year.

  27. Just because they’re f2p doesn’t mean you have to match fps against a mmorpg game. :s

  28. So the deadline for voting already passed, but polls are still receiving votes. Nice.

    1. Nope it hasn’t ended yet. It ends in 3 hours and 45 minutes. The time zone is PST.

      1. Oh whoops! Mixed up my time zones and added hours instead of deducting them. >w>

        1. Alrighty, I waited and *now* the deadline for voting has passed and I’m still seeing votes.

  29. Aww yeah Archeblade for 1st place.

  30. What a tease. I see Statesman in the picture and got pumped to support City of Heroes, even though NCSoft are idiots. Then, no CoH to be found. I hate you guys.

  31. Well League of Legends is probably the best game.

  32. League of Legends, cleric division

  33. At least Two-Thirds of these games are pay-to-win. That should automatically disqualify them from winning a “Free to Play” showdown.

  34. You could’ve put all of this in one poll rather than making really shitty comparisons with a whole lot of really shitty games.

  35. The Aura Kingdom fanboys can suck it. Smite FTW

    1. Conngrats. I cann nnot say that the SMITE communnity isnn’t active and fairly dynnamic. This is gonnna be ann innterrestinng two weeks…

  36. Blacklight Retribution :3

  37. Mabinogi has my vote as all time greatest. Once you try it. It is the last game you will ever play.

  38. i played Aura Kingdom and i can say that is worth to play if it come out at 2010 not 2014 xP

    Mabinogi FTW

  39. Mabinogi les do dis

  40. VOTE FOR MABINOGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. Mabinogi and Vindictus all the way to the Finals, let’s make this happen!


  43. Mabinogi, all the way!

  44. an old game with such a lot of feature i tell you, yes this vote is for Mabinogi!

  45. Mabinogi for the win! No one F2P game is anything like this game.

    1. totally agree with this

  46. Mabinogi its obviously gonna win this xD

  47. Mabi with 1000+ votes and counting

    1. Mabinogi ftw!

  48. Mabinogi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Mabinogi NO DOUBT!!!

  50. MABINOGI FTW!!!!! :D

  51. MABINOGI!!!!!!!

  52. Mabinogi <3<3<3

  53. Pirate101 is the best!

  54. mabinogi

  55. Mabinogi is the best F2P out there!

  56. Mabinogi definitely!!

  57. Mabinogi is the best F2P i have ever played.

  58. Mabinogi~

  59. Mabinogi ftw

  60. Mabinogi is THE BEST

  61. Honestly, I tried alot of F2P games, but most of those games I just drop. Mabinogi on the other hand always made me want to come back. Yes, people complain about the graphics, but imo I think Mabinogi is really a one of a kind game that mixes combat, social, and life skills. Best thing I like? No level cap or level requirements for equipments~!

  62. Mabinogi <3

  63. Mabinogi gogogogogogogogogogoggogo.

  64. MABINOGI!!!!!!!!!

  65. mabinogi for sure
    already past 2k
    keep it up guys

  66. Mabinogi

  67. Mabinogi

  68. Mabinogi <3

  69. Mabinogi in it to win it up in cloud-9 with 2k votes, while the rest are down suckin my big toe with no more than 500 votes. #Getrhaped.

  70. MABINOGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOI lets goooooooo~

  71. Mabinogi has a better online community than any other games. #Sabina

  72. Mabinogi at almost 2500
    COME ON PPL!!!!!! MABI FTW!!!!!

    1. Mabinogi rules.
      and what the hell does your name mean LOL? at least I can read the other guy above you name…

  73. The best mmorpg is vindictus right now.
    It would be tera but tera has one problem that is way too big to ignore.

  74. Halo must be an MMO, too. It’s like saying Bomberman Online is an MMO. It isn’t, it has it’s moments of outdated fun, but it isn’t. Anything online is not necessarily an MMO. Many online games can’t really be considered an MMO because they’re not entirely M, M, or O. They can have MO, but that wouldn’t make it MMO. “Massive” or “Massively”, that varies, as well, doesn’t it? 100 can be a lot for little games, even in Phantasy Star Online’s private servers, back in the days, 250 on average, that’s a lot..

    MMO does not limit itself to genre, hence it’s use. Some people use MMOG, G being game. If you really want to be definitive, it doesn’t mean that whatever is MMO has to be a game.

    MMOs are usually labeled without a genre because that’s simply what they wind up as.
    What person is this game in? Third? Thus, you add a T. MMOTP. Now what kind of game is this, a racing, or a shooter? MMOTPS.

    Nothing is really an MMO, because everything is an MMO. Otherwise everyone would say, “What OGs are you playing?”

    1. But Halo can always be played offline, MMO’s can’t.

  75. Mabinogi of course. I have tried some others, never what I wanted. But Mabi never lets me leave. it deserves to win- FOR ERINNN!!!!!

  76. Mabi is the best! It was the only one that I played and still playing for so long~~ Aura is cool too, but mabi definitly is the best >w< GOGO!!


  78. Excuse me for a moment while I scream ‘Mabinogi’ out of my window. I hope y’all can hear me.

  79. Mabinogi All the Way!


  80. Blacklight Retribution!

  81. Mabinogi!

  82. In the name of Ferghus, we shall prevail!

    1. FOR FERGIE!!!

  83. So far, none of these polls have been quite like the one between Aura Kingdom and SMITE.

  84. Go Mabinogi! =D

  85. I vote for Star Trek Online and Hawken. great games

  86. No games that have been shut down, but you use Statesman from City of Heroes on the banner.
    Nice, guys.

    RIP Paragon Studios.

  87. Just an educated guess: In Round 2 of Rogue, Runescape will crush STO, 85-15 (at least)

  88. Star Trek Online.

  89. Mabinogi. Definitely Mabinogi.

  90. Maplestory

  91. Maplestory. You have to get it, to get it.

  92. is there even a question to who is the best?
    its obviously mabinogi
    but this is really just a popularity contest, and the sheer amount of people playing games like games like dota means we might not win.

  93. City of Heroes was the BEST.. Hands down!

    1. was?

  94. Star Trek online all day long.

  95. Age of Wushu, best MMO I ever play but has support flaws, really unique and not a MMO clone.

  96. Best graphs, best storyline, amazing player community, dungeons, dragons, and music!!!!!!! Mabinogi is the best MMO I have played and that is the truth

    1. To all of you that voted Mabinogi may the goddess shine done upon our path to win this competion and let every other Game know we are the champions

      1. We, the warriors of Mabinogi, are following our beloved Goddess in war against the other games. With Morrighan’s blessing, we can’t lose. Plus, with Nao support, we can just come back each time we die.

        1. mabinogi might not win due to number of fanatic fanboys from another feggit game might devour mabinogi

        2. No offense, but I’m just scrolling through this and laughing.


  97. The Lord of the Rings Online


  99. I agree. Been watching it for the past half hour and the voting is super consistent.

  100. Yeah, this isn’t fairrrrrr

  101. Nah it’s called FB.

    1. Can confirm this, though the facebook group could use a little less trash talking.









      UR CRAZY

  103. Lord of the Rings online

  104. Lord of the Rings online

  105. the lord of the rings online is the bestt mmo from 2007.all the player who have already play this game 50+ lvls cant compare and say what i mean.the only mmo with dx11 full engines and more.stop to play manga games!

    1. @kromachine: You’ve obviously never played Mabi. No class restrictions, for one thing.

      I don’t know much about LotRO, but I’d probably drop LotRO before leaving the tutorial area.

      1. “You should try my game; it’s awesome and the best. I haven’t played yours, but I know it sucks.”

        Don’t you love that logic? XD

        1. Don’t you love how LotRO can do nothing better but bad mouth bc the game sux so bad. I’m sry but its been well known that any game made after a movie just plan reeks.


  107. LOTRO

  108. Star wars the old republic and Mabinogi are my games.

  109. Why can’t I vote in the LOTRO vs. Mabinogi poll? It keeps saying I already voted, but I didn’t.

  110. Warframe gained 1000+ votes in roughly the last 10 minutes after Vindictus was holding a lead on it up until then. Something doesn’t seem right.

    1. Unless you forget the fact that there is the moon clans category un warframe with more than 800 clan members (without counting the alliances) and the gms was announcing the vote at the region chat(unos as the red test) so warframe not just had won aganist vindictus but also won aganist the whole nexon community which was supporting vindictus soo this polo was seems more than legit to me even if both sides was using botts of proxies.

      1. I was watching for the hour before it ended, both sides were steadily gaining votes every few seconds. In the last 10 minutes warframe shot up 3-4 votes every second.

        1. That was when the ingame redtext appears un warframe to boost the moral and the moon clans as warbros, asuro, pone rangers AMD other clans( which has in some cases +800 clan members) joined together to mame votes un the poll checo the warframe forums and ser it for yourself.

          the warframe community isnt that small as you think plus warframe son aganist the nexon community (vindictus players and other nexon Games players who support them)

        2. their both grind games but have you seen Warframe its even on the ps4 now.

      2. have you seen planetdie 2 servers? or outfits?

    2. “something’s wrong,there’s a heavy unit approaching”

      1. I see what u did there lol

    3. it’s just because players rarely going into forum that big clans didn’t know about this poll…
      “then everything’s changed when the fire red colored text appears in game”

      1. “It’s the Grineer”.

        And the red text will forever be shown Tenno love.

  111. i say Star Wars the old Republic

  112. Wizard Division here – Specifically Wizard101!

  113. Um… Have you guys noticed, in the wizard section, wizard101? That’s the best. It has the most players I’ve ever seen in an mmo. Over 3 frickin million people play it! That had better win.

  114. Warframe is obviously the best game you can play for free! Guns, aweseom enemies, and aweseom characters. What game could be better?

    1. “what flesh is within that Warframe…?
      I will crush it…i will fill my lungs with your death!!!”

      -General Sargas Ruk

      1. “Ever get hammered in that suit?”

        -Lech Kril

        Lol, you’d have to play to get it.

  115. WIZARD101 hands down!!!!!!!!!

  116. seriously? mabinogi vs pirate 101? mabinogi wins hands down pirate 101 is not even f2p but just a demo in mabi they solved the inventory isue by giving everyone free inventory plus service PERMANENTLY and they solved the mounts issue by giving lots of eventswich give mounts and give a free permanent horse and fly mount to all beginners while pirate 101 just lets you play 1 part of the story and thats it

  117. Where is Champions of Regnum???? Those games selected are all inferior to Regnum!

  118. The best game i have played is wizard101 i love that game i hope wizard101 wins they say vote but where in the world do you vote when you can’t find where to vote :(

  119. Warrior: TF2
    Cleric: League of Legends
    Rogue: Mabinogi
    Wizard: Warframe

    No contest

    1. Exactly. On the spot. Except the final winner will be Mabinogi. You forgot that part :3

      1. Mabinogi = one of the best games I have ever played. Warframe is a hard contender though…

  120. Warrior : Maplestory
    Cleric: LoL

  121. I’ll vote for Warframe if you vote for Mabinogi. huehuehuehue. Seriously though, I think they’re both very original games. ♥♪♥♪

  122. i was playing wizard101 but it steals peoples money so can you just put it away from this competition

  123. Warrior division: SMITE
    Cleric division: League of Legends
    Rogue division: PlanetSide 2
    Wizard division: Warframe <333

    1. Um.. no… Mabinogi is going to win rogue division and maple in warrior so please. move aside with your SMITE and Planteside2.. please :T

      1. Maple has 1/4 of the votes smite has…

    2. I’ve never even heard of any of those games besides LoL until this poll. ~
      But anyways, Mabinogi is going to take that Rogue Division spot for sure.
      May be an older game, but it’s updated constantly and very often with brand new ADDED content. That age gives it an advantage of just having so much under it’s belt. Other games only have eye candy going on for them.

  124. voto por Maplestory es el mejor juego del mundo

  125. Im loving this competition but its sad that Vindictus already lost
    I can see Nexon games going far such as Maple and Mabi
    But LoL and TF2 can win this

  126. I really hope Maple wins! Maple is my favorite :D

  127. Maplestory!!!

  128. Hey, shouldn’t we be on Cleric Division round 2 by now?

  129. I have played both and cleary,Mabinogi and and will beat pirate101

  130. Blacklight is purely the best fps out there today ghost is nice, but blr for the win..

  131. …and mmobomb falls behind on its contest.

    1. Um no they didn’t? If you actually took the time to read when the polls begin for each bracket you’d notice the next bracket doesn’t start until tomorrow… They took the weekend off, which makes sense given its the weekend and people deserve time off from things. Plus it would have probably made it difficult on them to change out the polls and post info.

      1. “F 3/7: Cleric Division, Round 2″ Cleric was supposed to start on Friday. And they don’t need to take the weekend off, they aren’t doing any work. They just have to look at the votes at the end of the voting time and set up the new votes. That’s it. mmobomb failed at their job this time. :/

        1. No I see what happened,

          We had a new post which was covering the next round of voting. The new post has the updated polls, but the original here didn’t get updated. So a lot of people are still going back to this one to check even though the new one is the one which is on the home page.

      2. I like how my incorrect observation was initially corrected by an even worse rebuttal. Thanks spunkify, imma go look for the new poll.


  133. i really like mabinogi i’ve been playing since March 2012

  134. Mabinogi 4 3ever !!!

  135. Mabinogi!!! Luving it

  136. Mabinogi! ^_^

  137. let’s hope next time they only do the games that truly are Free To Play …. not Free To TRY AT A HANDICAPPED LEVEL UNTIL YOU COUGH UP THE SUBSCRIPTION MONEY

    Mabinogi all the way… freedom to develop characters, ability to choose genders, races, skills….no classes to choose from which is AWESOME….be a warrior with high levels of magic that’s not too shabby with a bow ….now that’s character creation

    take a break from battling to do crafting, farming, fishing, or just hanging out……sometimes when i can’t sleep i kick on Mabi….take of my characters (you get 3 of em for FREE) to sit under a tree away from everything to listen to the birds chirp overlooking Maiz Prairie then just drift off to sleep

    your first character (usually human) is totally free….as you play you come across two different races from which you get an assist character from each ….totally free…and can play as any one of them you choose….you can even play as one of your pets if you want in order to train them up so they can better help in battle IF you need them….and now we can transform into different creatures ourselves to take on their skills while transformed….totally awesome game

    1. you don’t really transform into other creatures and take on their skills, the transformation mastery allows you to use your basic melee skills while posing as let’s say a bear XD its mostly for fun since you can transform into almost everything. Choosing gender and race aren’t really features, things like that are standard. What is mentionable is that when you rebirth, which you can do endlessly you can actually not only change appearance but also gender.There is even a journal achievement for that ^^’. The maximum level is… none, anything under 300 is considered newbie and gets bonus beginner support like free potions and skill reset + daily rebirth. my main character has a total level over 4k base and 2k exploration + 2-3 k Ability points from daily quests and events. I know some people with a total level over 20k who are LITERALLY master of almost every skill in game XD. And the recent updates in korea abolished the 7 day premium rebirth and made it a free feature, so in a few months instead of rebirthing for free every time you hit age 20 you can do it every 7 days in NA too :D

  138. MABINOGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. The amount of retarded people raging over this orz, just reading through this is too funny, not fair? not a legit matchup? informing companies is wrong? #killyourself…. IIm sure people is gonna rip on any comment being positive for this but meh, I could care less, people… and eat my horrible spelling and grammer =D
    Popularity contest of obviously a random selection of mmo with a decent amount of players
    Informed companies so they can let the players know instead of limiting it to the mmobomb community only, plus wider coverage of the contest
    Not created to suit you freaken needs of specific titles
    The line up is not in any particular order or of age of existance
    Losers bracket? what is this? 1 bracket of specific genre games? no reason to have it since its basically showing who has a more active community or a community that cares
    people hating on cash shop prices? you make me sick…. sure free to play should be balanced but I havent even seen games that litterally breaks the game by selling shit to their players to keep the game alive…. it cost money to maintain games and server people, understand that… ill understand if its like 1 shot kill weapons in fps games but in mmos, who gives a shit, their money, their advantedge, apparently people who rage about cash items are people who don’t spend money at all to help the game they obviosuly like. IE: Mabinogi reforges imbalanced? Cash shop only? people sell them on a daily basis for a reasonable price…. 200-300k, which is easy as hell to make, even with only a low lvl character. AK eidoloians limited to cash shop? ITS freaken tradable people…… buy it from players….
    Some people just look for trouble over the dumbest things….
    Awaits the rage of people….
    Oh… and…..

  140. APB best game ever no argument thats just fact and you cant argue with factual statements. APB wins.

    1. Yes, I agree; it’s fact that you have no argument.

  141. MABINOGI is just full of cheaters I mean have you look at the forums they are telling ways you can multiple vote at least pirate101 is going down being fair.

    1. You keep on thinking that.

  142. If Mabinogi’s combat or gameplay isn’t unqiue, please I really want to know if there’s anything actually like it.

    You know, combo oriented combat that’s kind of similar to a fighting game, in that you have to consider positioning but also what attacks are viable where they all basically stun the enemy. Not just targeting an enemy and pressing a button to use a skill, or just doing so in sequence while minding the fire on the floor, I mean actually considering damage types, which attacks will keep you from being retaliated against and whether or not its viable based on your position etc. Tera isn’t really like that, WoW or any of the standard MMOs aren’t like that, seriously what is?

    I think Mabinogi is a spectacular game because of its combat, not to mention the fact that its supposed to have something for everybody like life skills or music, tons of clothes and a really social community, but god damnit is the administration horrific. The engine is old, you get your occasional hacking outbreaks, and in some cases its pretty pay to win (Yes, I’m talking about reforges, you can get a lot more potential damage out of reforges as compared to a skill/stat hoarding build, and is also just an RNG gamble)

    but the reason Im asking is because I love the combat more than any other MMO I have ever played. Its completely unique, as far as I can tell, which makes me feel like its completely under-rated, unless theres another game out there with similar combat or concept, in that case: i want to play it

    reposted because i need other things to play but im picky as hell

    1. Yeah, there’s a game that has combat like that. Well, actually it’s more like a whole series of games. OK, so to be more specific, that basically describes the ENTIRE FANTASY RPG GENRE.

  143. Mabinogi ^__^

  144. Wizard101 & Pirate101 best games better then others (people told me MABINOG cheating be unfair vote) Happy Wizard101 (There Spiral going chance forever!) Wizard getting new level so, spell coming more DANGEROUS ^0^

    which I love it :)

    1. sad FREE REALMS not in MMOBomb (Free Realms won’t be there anymore) but oh well I hope (WORLD TOUR FISHING BE NEXT YEARS AND HAVEN’T see anyone putting in Money Quest & Chrono Tales?

    2. Mabinogi cheating? lol you funny define how they’re cheating

    3. Mabinogi > Wizard101

      Dont believe everything you’re told kid
      How and why would anybody be devoted enough to start cheating on a poll?

      1. people threatening poll (cheat there poll) limit unfair people (people didn’t much for pirate101) only one win (have done any new update) only stupid wizard101 (Nobody care about wizard101 (even Khrysails World Starting) least ice wizard have chance win pvp (people threatening ice wizard immunity)

        least have shadow magic (Not easy destroy overpower wizard) like tank,spammer

        (mostly everybody on wizard101) waiting for Test Realms (for part 2 of 1 new world of shadow magic) kingsisle mostly well overdue (not winning event) major issus with wizard101 (over small bad glitch) got people banned already lost 3.5 million

        you know (those glitch want call: item pickup exploit)

        (SHUT UP Jason) your R-Tard because you act like one (because others one) that all you r-tard. (make better swear offense language then that)

        now want you are @Jason you are Hypocrites and other shits (puppet)

        1. Sorry but please speak English. Did not understand a word of that…

    4. How do you even think Pirate 101 is the best game? It’s not very nice at all, and I’m surprised it advanced. Well, this is about who has loudest fans, not best gameplay.

    5. Speak English, r-tard.

    6. Just because we do a good job informing the player base doesn’t mean you should label us as cheaters. Our official thread informing players as over 15k views, over 15k individual mabinogi players who knew about the mmo contest, do you really think we needed to sink to cheating?

  145. @LeagueKing
    people cheating there vote so, others so, be possible vote only higher so, can’t win

    100% bet MMOBomb showdown for best music on TV (Bet: The Naked Brothers Band) BEAT those Jonas Brothers & Big Time Rush & Justin Bieber

    free realms win more was in Showdown (Would Beat Legend of Angel) lol (don’t going happen) shutting down forever (Mostly Sick of Disney People winning Kids Choice Awards)

    only game don’t like Plant vs Zombies (But Lot of People Love It Allot) bet they would win they was nominees

    and they already made video game for Xbox One made: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfar
    watch that video on ZackScottLive

    Thinking when Xbox 360 (Don’t Sell) No Opinion show pick next: Xbox one or PS4?

    bet XBOX ONE WIN MORE THEN PS4 (don’t need tv for it) xD


    1. You lost me there….

    2. Xbox 1 and PS4 are horrible,and Hell Mabinogi is not cheating.

  146. warframe is the best

  147. WARFRAME!

  148. Not enough Aliens. Need more Aliens~

  149. Wizard101 rules boo warframe

  150. Mabinogi Kill em take out Ragnarok online(this online game that I have never heard about until now)

  151. ^.^ Mabinogi won another round. :) We’re winning.

  152. Er, really, who even made this list? It just takes purely random mmos and put them together. Also with no references to genre or category. Rpg with shooters? How can you compare them? What does rogue or warrior division even mean? Because they have no connection. And it seems the mmo being compared are very randomized. There are other mmo that should be in this list, and some needs to be taken out.

  153. Mabinogi is an awesome game. one of the best thing about it is that it doesn’t use a tank based battle system like other MMO games.

    for those curious a tank based battle system is where you attack an enemy(they don’t flinch from taking a sword to the face) and they attack you(you don’t flinch either) and you basically keep attacking each other till 1 of you dies. it’s like a race to get your enemy’s HP to zero first and you could practically just go afk and let the whole battle happen itself.

    Mabinogi uses a tactical battle system where you must observe your enemy’s actions and react to them to gain the upper hand. the battle does not happen automatically like with a tank based battle system. you have to stay active and aware of everything that’s happening during the battle. this gives you a chance to actually show your skills for what they are.

    another great thing about Mabinogi is character development. it is done in a variety of ways all at the same time(or almost all) and there is like no end to how far you can develop your character(s), no matter how much you develop you character(s) there is always room for improvement unlike many other MMO where your development stops once you’ve reached the level cap. in Mabinogi i am almost level 3000 and not only am i not even close to my fullest potential but even at this high level there are still enemies that are many, many times stronger than me yet despite that as long as i’m not rash, am smart enough and if possible have good friends at my side i can defeat these enemies that are way stronger than me.

    another appeal of Mabinogi is the very friendly community. no one has called me a noob in Mabinogi and i’ve never seen anyone call anyone else a noob. calling other players noobs is a problem i have seen in many other MMO.

    another appeal of Mabinogi is that it doesn’t have a class system. say you’re a skilled archer but you suddenly decide you want to use a sword, Many other MMO wouldn’t let you do that but in Mabinogi you can just put the bow/crossbow aside and equip a sword. you archery skills will remain as good as they are while you are perfecting your sword skills so if you decide to go back to archery you won’t have to restart your training.

    if culture and/or mythology is appealing to you then you’re in luck, Mabinogi draws from pre-christian Irish mythology. (and before you say Ragnarok Online is based on Norse mythology remember that game is based on a Korean comic based on Norse mythology so Ragnarok Online draws its mythology inspire theme from a secondary source where as Mabinogi draw it from a primary source)

    one final appeal to Mabinogi is that its theme of fantasy life is strongly present, say you don’t want to do battles, then you can be a cook, a blacksmith, a tailor and plenty of other things, you don’t want to go into dangerous dungeons and such to get the materials then have other players escort you or have them get it for you. you can reward them by making them swords, armors, food and other items of higher quality than what you’d find in an NPC shop. while you do this and other things your relationship with other players will get stronger and while you’re at it seek romance, Mabinogi has a marriage system and even a family system where married couples can adopt other players as their kids thus forming a family. this game took the life concept of fantasy life to a new level.

    1. It’s quite funny, I love the battle system and so does everyone who plays mabi, but according to game sites and some users I have met, who played the game for a short bit but didn’t understand what they were doing, the battle system is also considered a disadvantage to the game. What’s so great about sitting in place and hitting a monster and occasionally hitting a skill in hopes you kill the opponent first. People prefer all these realist-looking games, but they don’t prefer realistic battle systems?!
      Also RO is apparently a manwa based mmo. Sounds kinda similar to elsword in all honesty, except elsword has a decent battle system as well, a lot more fun then sitting in place and stabbing someone over and over… I dun like that in elsword tho everything is so cash based to me, and that your stuck with a specific looking chara.

  154. Mabinogi all the way! I have stopped playing this game three or four times along with several others because of real life obligations, I just recently picked it up again and OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!

    Dude… they even put SHAKESPEARE in the game!

  155. APB must win! there is no way!!

  156. I vote for Warframe, lets take our Kubrows into action!

  157. I vote for Warframe.
    Warframe is the best!

  158. i vote warframe, best game on this year!

  159. SMITE all the way!!

  160. League of Legends! :D Maplestory too!

  161. I hope Mabinogi wins the rogue division, but I wonder how big Planet Side 2′s player base is….. And as for a thread way up above about what constitutes an MMO, if people simply read the definition of MOBA and MMO I think it is pretty straight forward, as well as the fact that Massively Multiplayer in and of itself would mean many, many players playing together all at once, not separated into small games with no relation- which would be Massive Multiplayer.
    GO MABI!

  162. Smite for warrior divison PLEA

  163. Ragnarok Online all the way

  164. No way RO can lose to Mabinogi.

  165. League of Legends FTW!!!!!!!

  166. I love how Mabinogi’s players think that spamming alt accounts in the chat is gonna make them win.
    Mabinogi is horrible in my opinion I tried to play and it was just a nightmare.
    Go smite!
    Go Team Fortress 2!

    1. Someone’s a sore loser haha… You have a way to prove they’re all alts? Half of the comments aren’t even spam, and many are worthwhile reviews and comments.

  167. Sorry! Ragnarok Online is the only real MMORPG here! No channels for chu MMO wannabes!!! Lets do this!
    MapleStory > STWOR sorry not enough fanboys Vader

    League of Legends > Tera Online , sorry not enough eyecandy Elins

    Ragnarok Online > Star Trek Online , RO doesn’t come with PWE greedy gamble fest.

    uhh Eden Eternal??? > Who the heck knows Ragnarok Online will own them all


    Ragnarok Online vs League of Legends

    Two entirely different games. No winners or losers, League of Legends will win due to still being relevant.

  168. mabinogi and tf2 is all i play. these 2 are all that i will be voting for. enough said.

  169. I currently play Warframe, and I’m loving it. I haven’t been on Mabinogi for like 2 years. Between the two though, I’d say mabinogi is a better game. DevCat knows how to make a game original and good. It’s been 9 years since Mabinogi came out, and I literally haven’t seen another game like it.

    Sorry for the double post. I made the same paragraph in another reply if anyone saw it.

  170. Gogo Eden Eternal :D

  171. Ragnarok Online All the way. RO is the mother of all MMORPGs.
    Being released in 2003(if im not mistaken) has a good player and fan base. RO will beat Mabinogi. And will go all the way !

    RO Woo Hoo !

    1. Let’s see if you can accomplish that without using the cheating method one of you guys posted a little while ago.


    2. >mother of all MMORPGs
      >released in 2003

      Not even close, whippersnapper. Also, Mabi is almost as old as RO, since it was released in KR in 2003 (with RO being released in KR the year prior). I’ve played both. I’ve loved both, but Mabi gets my vote hands down.

      1. Mabinogi is one of the biggest game in korea, they go have conventions dedicated to it XD besides RO has RO2, you’ll be lucky if the RO fans haven’t quite RO and joined RO2 if they really are so dedicated, sadly for the RO2 fans, RO is a different game still. Mabinogi was not only released before RO, but the graphics are way better, RO was stuck on 2-dimensional. Yea so RO2 is 3-d and non -anime looking-I actually don’t visually like more realistic looking games- but mabi doesn’t have a class system, well it kinda does, but you don’t have to be dedicated to the class, just being in it gives u x2 exp towards your skills. Mabi also has been offering a lot of free stuff to the f2ps, such as new pets, and certain events give out pon for changing your charas looks,and the rebirth system allows you to start your charas lvl over so you can gather up more ap, but you still keep your skill ranks, which is what really matters anyways.

  172. TERA & Mabinogi

  173. Mabinogi :D

    1. wizard101 & pirate101 best (pirate101 just new online) didn’t win (because had glitch as blame on kingsisle didn’t fix in pass (some people got banned for it 3.5. million got banned,suspended more then week, some Way Out Of Control) (now stupid hall monitor mute people for 10 years x. x

      BUT don’t give damn crop (Others Game) wizard101 & pirate101 didn’t win (wish those game win showdown (make them to shut down there game)

  174. lmao
    mabinogi kicking RO ass

  175. Ohhh Kill em Mabi

  176. RO is the best

  177. Go Mabi!


  179. Callback
    March 7, 2014 at 12:06 pm
    I can see Mabinogi potentially losing once it faces RO. RO has better music, older fanbase, amazing art, and has lived in private servers for long after the official servers went down. Plus, it will have renewed interest as people look forward to Tree of Savior online.

    Also, Mabinogi gets some default hate for being Nexon, and the pets/reforges create a very negative pay2win experience.

    As far as I can tell, the divisions are all locked.

    No telling what might happen after that tho.


  180. Too many mabinogi fanboy/fangirl on here. Mabinogi isn’t that interesting, once you finish the story, not much left to do except pay 2 win to get stronger. In the end I voted for RO, unlike Mabinogi, RO is a true MMO.

    1. The hell you talking about?! There is no way to beat Mabinogi. End game doesn’t exist. If you believe there’s nothing after the main story, then I pity you.

      The story is only about 5% of what Mabinogi has to offer. There is no level cap. It’s not even about getting stronger!

      You’re forgetting that Mabinogi is also a social/casual game; players HANG OUT more often than they GRIND. One can make music, perform tasks for NPCs, or even collect clothing (the clothes themselves almost always offer the same stats so in no way is this for getting stronger). There’s a reason why Mabinogi has one of the best communities.

      By the way, I haven’t spent a single penny on Mabinogi… yet.

      1. I just got 3 dogs and 4 cats from the doki doki event :D I love cats <3 that widdle scarf is sooo kyooote~ and things people do in mabinogi? first of its not "the main story" but "the main STORIES" plural, we got like 18 of em not counting the iria drama which is entering a second season after the first 10 chapters of season 1 finished (thanks for the armored pegasus reward nexon muahaha) And grinding? you grind more in ragnarok then in any other mmo because leveling is the only real way to advance in that game. Sure, its cute and you can chat, but that's about it, in mabinogi I can dress up and pit my fashion sense against any of the other players with the fashion contest, heck if you win for 1 week (ingame year) a statue of your char will be seen posing in the squares of the towns XD. Also mabinogi is the only game where technological advancement as well as new spells make sense. A world that advances 52 years per real year? it would be weirder if there wasn't any progress.

        And ragnarok which couldn't even get 900 votes in total in each last round magically increasing by 2 votes every 15 seconds, exactly the time you need to reset your internet connection in the middle of the night? yeaaah sounds legit :P

        1. In all honesty if any of you are reading this, you should vote for RO. RO is a much better game than Mabinogi. Mabinogi doesn’t get decent enough events or any good new permanent content. Once you play the game long enough and have master all skills, enchanted all your gear, max stats,reforges the game gets boring. Even if you don’t and reach total level 1000, the game becomes ridiculously easy. There is no difficulty what so ever, you can also just pay 2 win. The combat is slow paced and there’s quite a lot of glitches. The game also has lag issue. The server and channel crashes from time to time, don’t even mention when you lose your precious item from crashing. Even if you do sent a support ticket it would take weeks, months for support to even answer your tickets. And so what if the game is casual/social game, it won’t last long being only that. Only reason the game lasted this long is because of gachapon, reforges, and rebirth cards. Mabinogi has lots of problems with it, so do yourself a favor and vote for RO, don’t listen to those mabinogi’s fanboy.

          1. The game gets ridiculously easy at level 1000? Clearly you’re doing something wrong. Sure, some of the Generation Quest lines get easy, but there are several that only get harder the higher your total and/or talent(s). And… how in the hell did you manage to master all of the skills in only 1000 levels? Seriously, I’ve been playing since 2008, I’m only just closing in one 5k and I have so many skills to train and master that it’s not even funny. Max stats? Unlikely, unless you’re total 10k+ I don’t even want to hear about Max Stats from you. In addition, of course the gameplay is slow, the point is NOT to get hit, unlike most other MMOs that allow you to endure hit after hit. The combat system is unique and your character is far from invincible, even the strongest players that do get over 10k can’t take too many hits in the harder Shadow Missions. And as for support, they haven’t been the greatest, I’ll agree with that, but they’ve been improving, living in Maplestory’s shadow has kept us with a lot less, but the staff such as our Community Manager has been putting in a lot more effort to get stuff back to people.

            To say it’s only lasted this long is a lie, the game has lasted a long time and will keep on going because of the content that keeps on coming. I won’t completely defend the pay2win side, because some of these pets are pretty overpowered, but you don’t need pets, gachapon, reforges or even rebirth cards to enjoy and progress in the game. You only need a rebirth card to rebirth every week, you get a freebie every time you age up to 20 (which typically takes 3 weeks from a rebirth after 12 PM PDT/PST on Saturday).

            And to back pedal a bit, you’re complaining about events when right now we’ve got one running called Doki Doki Island where people can go and get pet-less flight, new pets, fancy looking armor, and all other sorts of fun without paying a dime on the game. In the past we’ve even had events that provided free reforges and rare items. Come now, don’t try to brainwash people to RO just because you don’t understand anything other than hearsay about Mabi.

    2. Please dont comment. You’re making yourself look stupid.
      You obviously didnt even finish the story OR play it for very long im guessing, since everyone who has put time into Mabinogi knows that there are multiple stories and not just one. I’ve played RO for about 2 weeks only and got bored of it. I didn’t even notice RO had a story; either it was non-existant or extremely lacking. Mabinogi has 18+ of these stories with more to come. Don’t talk if you don’t know your facts. Also you dont pay to get stronger, you play to get stronger.

      1. *cough*
        Quest Log

        I’m sorry if you felt offended in anyway, but it’s sort of true. That’s just merely your opinion like this is my opinion with some true fact. You should also stop ,because you’re making yourself look like an ignorant fanboy. Once you finish G1-G18 not much to do, except daily/raid. The difficulty of the game is laughable, with these talent bonus, skill training pot that gachapon pooping out, they even nerfed G1-G3 and G9-G12. Don’t even get me started about lore there’s a scooter pet and soon to be flying food truck pet. And actually you do pay to get stronger, because enchant and reforges and even gachapon, have you seen elemental reforges? Or those somewhat new pre R1 item BDK Bow, BDK Sword, Beams, Dowra and etc.You also can’t “play” to get stronger without free rebirthing per 3weeks or paid weekly rebirth.

        1. 1) The pets have nothing to do with the lore lol please listen to yourself
          2) Difficulty increases with your talent level / total level and the dungeon you are doing. You prob haven’t gotten that far yet if you think the difficulty is laughable.
          3) Who says you need to pay for all that shit? I havent paid a dime for gachapon or reforges and I’ve been doing just fine.
          4) Rebirthing every 3 weeks isnt that bad. You just need to learn how to not blow all your ap in less than 3 weeks.

          I’ve played RO, to be honest, its boring and you grind more in that game than anything else. MMOs arent about grinding btw. MMO means massively multiplayer online so how is RO a “true MMO” and Mabi is not?

          P.S. I think you’re fanboying over RO a bit too much too btw. Also Mabi is a social game more than a KillShit&Level type of game like RO.

          1. first of all you have to rebirth cause its a INTEGRAL MECHANIC to the game O-o and 3 weeks paid rebirths? yeah paid rebirths is faster but for how long? after the fifth hero got released even before saga season 2 the game enhancements added 7 day free rebirth <3 I can't wait for that, finally mabi strips off the last vestiges of the old generation 1 pay to win crap :D

  181. Planetside 2 all the way. It’s by far the most epic shooter out there. The scale has to be experienced to be believed and the game is getting improved literally every week. Soon out on PS4 as well.

  182. Now why is the vote count of the RO vs Mabi match increasing by about 2 votes every second or so in favor of RO? Hmmm…

    1. Considering they never managed to get more then 900 votes before? voting bots I wrote the poll site and they said there have been attempts at cheating in the poll but won’t reveal more since I don’t own the poll … yet they suggested to get premium features XD

    2. It’s because, We (as a Ragnarok Online community) have mentioned it globally to the likes of our master server kRO aswell as jRO fRO since were all a community, we’re in it together.

      1. Oh so since Iro can’t amass more then 900 votes without vote botes (yes I’m looking at you , and -_-)you brought in the japanese and korean, guess we should do that too then.

        1. RAGNAROK ALL THE WAY! Vote from idRO player!

          1. And Vote from rAthena Incoming :P

        2. pRO votes coming in! :D

      2. And tons of private server too! :D

        1. Game has private servers…. doesnt that just mean people dislike the offical servers and its mechanics? DANG! glad i play moba games screw rpg, ill leave that to the consoles.

  183. Go Ragnarok Online! Go go go!!!

  184. mabinogi is better than all those games altogether

  185. Go Ragnarok Online!!!!

  186. Goodness… the hype for Mabi on here is ridiculous! Haha. My opinion: LoL is going to beat Path of Exile in votes, but Path of Exile should win in my opinion as being a better game. That’s an opinion though. Then you have Planetside vs. Mabi… That is going to be a tough call. Winner of that will probably be a good competitor for the throne either way. Maplestory vs. Smite? Never heard of Smite. My assumption is that people will do whatever possible to stop Maplestory vs. Mabinogi for the throne. It could still happen. For Wizard I see Warframe taking it but not being a competitor for the top spot. It’s going to come down to LoL, Maplestory, or Planetside/Mabinogi for winner. My bias is with Mabinogi, but I don’t see why it needs to win besides that I think it should. The other 3 are great games in their own right… I still think PoE should beat LoL, but I’m not hopeful and it honestly has no chance against Maplestory or Planetside/Mabinogi where LoL could be a fierce competitor…

    1. I like how you completely disregard Smite because you never heard of it, although it has crushed every opponent so far (and TF2 is a pretty decent opponent). I think this poll shows more about the communities, what communities love their game. League is immensely popular, but the community shows no love. Smite hasn’t made a single announcement about this poll, it’s all been fan driven from the reddit. I think if it wasn’t based on just how much of the community loves the game, LoL would have been able to win by leaps and bounds every single round, but because it is struggling to gain votes, I can see Smite as a likely winner. I don’t remember how I saw it, but I saw something that said that in the first 2 rounds Smite had the most votes over all (i think it was by a decent chunk too)

  187. I’ve played RO and mabinogi for years, but mabinogi is a game I keep coming back.

  188. Haven’t even heard of Mabinogi but it’s got my vote because it looks interesting not to mention RO (more like GAGnarok online) is so boring and horrible that it has to rely on private servers to get people interested.

  189. Mmmm the Vote Bots are tasty.

  190. Nice votes, mabinogi. Enjoy those bots and proxies.

    1. To be fair my friend, it seems both parties have been accused of cheating. Either-way, I can only see a fair few amount of people taking the time and effort to cheat, especially since 1 or 2 votes here are minute at best, and the rest being genuine.

      Just because one side is doing better doesn’t mean they’re cheating, or that your side isn’t cheating either. So please, pot kettle black, good luck, and enjoy the voting.

  191. Well I’m ashamed that my community is cheating, but it comes down to this…

    If we were to make a fair poll where no one could vote more than once and set it up between Mabinogi and Ragnarok Online in which there was no intervention between any other community – it would be only your version of Ragnarok (RO2 and other localized versions of the original can stay out) and only us as Mabinogi NA (no overseas servers or supportive players from other games) then I’d say Ragnarok Online would still lose. We’ve rallied our community rather well, the supportive non-cheaters are enough to carry us swiftly to victory.

  192. This is disgusting.

    I’ve been seeing that number tick up like clockwork, all for one game in particular that’s pulled away with a steady % per hour. Mabi :P

    I was even in the process of downloading that game and giving it a try, but I really don’t want to support or encourage such blatant cheating. I can only imagine what the game must be like, and it couldn’t possibly be friendly with all this trash-talking I’m seeing.

    I wonder if they’ll script votes in the Rogue div finals.

    1. Every vote Mabinogi has been in within this contest has had high vote counts, are you sure it’s just not that the players are more active in voting?

      If you are going to pass a game based on the fact /both/ parties are cheating, then you have no right to call anything disgusting, and also do you play RO?, If so you should stop since you find it disgusting.

      Therefore, you should be careful when commenting, as fair enough you are entitled to your opinion, but also make sure it doesn’t make you look like a fool, or tries to belittle the other game, as every game here is to a high standard with a strong player-base who love their game.

      1. There’s proof of Mabinogi cheating. Screencaps of people actually saying that they don’t care for the poll and are just cheating to get the rewards the mabinogi admins are giving for winning the round, and more.

        1. This is redundant since almost every single game on here has one single player who claims that they will cheat. Check the Pirates101 forums, or the Ragnarok forums. Mabinogi players took screen caps from their forums that shows that some people over there were gonna cheat as well. The fact of the matter is that it is extremely easy to cheat on this competition. If you don’t know how, then you’ve been living under a rock. However, the cheater do not even represent the majority most of the time.

        2. who care we all know PS2 is gonna win in the end, if RO wins, mabinogi will vote for PS2, if mabinogi wins, RO will vote for PS2,
          So quit yer yapping since we got this in the bag already

          1. No no no, If iRO beats mabi I’ll be voting for them in the finals

        3. Theres proof of aliens too, dang son look at these images!

      2. Nice to see you attempt to rationalize it. Calculate votes per hour as of the last 5 odd hours and you’ll find the numbers are strangely uniform.

        Also, you sound like a Mabinogi player. Take your cheating elsewhere.

        1. Seems pretty obvious both sides are cheating at this point, but it would seem either somehow Ragnarok has managed to rally ~10,000-12,000 players and far far more than their previous polls indicate. Or they’ve started botting.

          Now most of us are allured to the idea of golden rules/Hammurabi style behavior when we’re being wronged competitively. Whether politics or otherwise.

          Personal opinion is that unfortunately for all the legitimate voters out there I feel Ragnarok started vote botting, and Mabinogi is simply following suit at this point. Fact is if one side starts cheating the other side will start cheating equivalently to try to keep it “fair”.

          Regardless disappointed in both communities, and account registration should be required despite personally being against it.

          1. actually thats exactly the case

          2. True, account registration would be nice and all but would greatly limit votes from either community since it is a pain in the arse to make sometimes just to simply vote for both contest holders and voters.
            Better off with vote limited to ip address
            Proxy safegaurds
            Those picture questions when confirming vote
            Linking the vote to other accounts ie:FaceBook

            otherwise for all i care, just get rid of both games from the competition, all because a group of voters from both sides decided that cheating was the way to go.

        2. Person plays mabinogi…. Labeled as a cheater! gg
          we all know runescape is the mother of all games so any other opinion is invalid!

    2. That is very sad. :( You should not let a few cheaters ruin your image of something.
      Mabinogi is the most unqiue game I’ve ever played. I even think it will be the last game i ever play.
      I’ve played RO from beta in 2002 till it went P2P for the first time in 2003 then I played Mabinogi from korea in 2006, closed beta in 2008 till now. I’ve played both gamed additively and I still believe Mabinogi to be the best of the two, while both are nice to play.

      The game is really friendly and you should give it a try if you change your mind.
      I’ve never seen a game with as much content. It’s very mind blowing.

      1. I’ve seen your screenshots and I’m fairly positive 2nd jobs weren’t out back then ;p

          1. The one with the assassin in it? o.O”

          2. Wouldn’t let me reply directly, but I didn’t see any second class in it. Sure it was mine? The game went P2P before that ever happened. That was when I quit playing.

  193. I vote for mabinogi c:

    1. Yes, you obviously do because you are a furry weeb.

      1. That was unnecessary, respect people’s right to vote.


    1. le ironic faec EKS DEE

  195. So much rage between these two games, dang son….
    Just reading the previous comments made me go like…. What kind of crazy game are these that make their player so…. STUPID!!! like oh gawd, its not even a popularity contest, its basically a contest showing who has the stronger community awareness
    Cheating on both sides? GG, tell us something that isnt from year 2000….
    This game is better than that game…. No one gives a crap about your opinion, shut up and vote….
    God I am glad i dont even play either game, like screw this rouge division has it rough with all these no life players who are bleeding….

    1. Rouge is a color, Rogue is the proper word.

      1. I think cheating has been around before 2000 also, if not then mayhaps communism will be possible in the future, that is after greed is gone too…

      2. Aren’t you enjoying this?

        1. Why yes, yes I am.

    2. Mabinogi is one of those games you’ll quit for a year or two
      BUT you always come back.
      Story lines are very well written, gameplay, etc.
      Glad to see Mabinogi finally getting what it truly deserves

      1. I have been watching the polls, and they are gaining 1000 votes every 30 minutes since 10 hours ago.

        yes, they truly deserve those cheaters.

        1. They = Both games btw.

          There is almost no genuine polls in this contest.

  196. >player 1 cheats
    >player 2 cheats
    >both players are cheating, 2 is still winning
    player 1:”Hey, you’re cheating! Not fair!”
    Go away.

    1. FYI I have been watching the vote count with my coded software.

      The increase in Player 2′s vote isn’t even natural as its increasing with constant graph.
      (yes, its CONSTANT, which is UN-natural at all means.)

      To be exact, Player 2 has been using cheats first at EXACTLY 21 hours ago.
      They stopped after an hour.

      That is far before player 1, at exactly 12 hours ago.

      Then player 2 starts cheating again at exactly 9 hours ago,
      with rate of 1k votes / hour (10 votes / mins)

      and 2 hours later (Noticing Player 1 has reached 40%), player 2 increased their votes rate at exactly 1k votes / 30 Mins (33.3 votes/mins)

      Which is cheating first to be exact?
      Got brains to comprehend?

      1. Well, still doesnt prove anything since they “could” still be real votes for either player, besides it only speculations that you are providing, that is not hard evidence with no concrete source.
        Let just hope they beef up the security on the poles, with things like voting 1 per ip address, and like proxy safegaurds, along with word check when submitting votes, cancel out the bot possibilies, or at least mitigate their movements, cause obviously regardless of what anyone says, we all know that all players…. are idiots which would include me,
        and honestly, we all know who is gonna win in the final, IT AINT GONNA BE MABINOGI OR RAGNAROK ONLINE, since either side is gonna vote against them in the final
        which is also a great game, if they only let me enter it on my laptop…. stupid system requirements

      2. Yeah you’ve got it… We noticed they were using Macros and decided to fight back but really all we want is a fair fight. :/

        1. Calling BS.

  197. MMOBOMB announced that the polls are going to be remade tomorrow, therefore the current ones are void (I believe). Cheaters never prosper. Good luck tomorrow, and may the best one win!

    (hopefully without any hate and some decent, friendly comments!)

    1. Yup, but yeah…. We all know who ever win is gonna just get labeled as cheaters, for ever and ever and ever and ever by sore losers on either side

  198. Honestly, RO is good for old players. but nowadays it’s awful to anyone new. mabinogi however is still fresh enough to keep people coming back.

    1. to bad the combat in mabi is handholding now

      1. Handholding and dishing out damage at 800 per smack!

        1. liking hand holding = noob

          1. hand holding too strong !!

          2. lol handholding? yeah how about no. Despite combat itself being easier against older things in mabi. They keep adding new difficulties. plus the pvp hasnt become easier.

          3. it is PvE hand holding no matter how many difficulties they add dungeons, sm, or tm to the game cause no matter what u can see the skill they the monster is using. Was WAY better the old way.

    2. I agree RO renewal sucks.

      They aren’t even newbie friendly, NPC services cost are so high that its almost impossible to play. (With twice the fee to warp)

      I prefer playing jRO if you haven’t tried. They are doing a great job combining Pre-renewal with Renewal together.

      You feel exactly just like Pre-renewal, with added contents of 3rd Jobs and New world.

      Otherwise, you can always play the classic server, I had real fun back there at classic :P

  199. RO is a good game and I’m playing it currently and been playing for 4 years max and has a great community though I’m pretty sure it is not as large compared to Mabinogi (never gave it a try) but despite that RO only gets by since majority of folk like to spend ridiculous amounts of cash in order to go toe on toe with the old players that have been playing and accumulating wealth over the years. And not to mention the other official servers like pRO and bRO “holy shit they make a killing on hypermarket mvp cards and regular raffles LOL”

  200. I went to sleep last night with Mabinogi winning 78/22. Then I wake up the next day to see it become 53/47. What gives Ragnarok D:

  201. Regardless of which game wins Planetside 2 is by far the best.

    Although if I were to guess a winner I would go with LOL since it has the largest player base.

  202. Not only was the vote announced by iRO, it was also announced by rAthena the same day. They have 18k members on their own, then there’s all the RO fan-sites and private communities; I wouldn’t be surprised if either side of the competition used cheat tactics, but in all honesty if you’re going to use a cheapass survey site with a simple “clear cookies and vote again” system, then what do you expect?

    1. then you noticed, mabi has over 100k

  203. i have played RO for 5 min instant remove from my comp it might even gave my comp fractures and desease. I mean wdf is wrong with the graphic it fking hurts my eyes and the battle system is like POKEMON CRATER LOL. i never seen a shitter game then this other than dragonfable,adventure quest, and pokemon crater. I mean those RO GET A LIFE WTF the game is like from 1950s or sometshit it is so shiettttttttttt.


    1. Smooth. However, you should give games longer than five minutes, maybe a week, to fully understand and go in-depth before you criticize, and also with that eye-sore of a post you have actually humiliated yourself and basically disrespected Mabinogi by feeling you need to insult the competition, so please grow up and remember every game here is represented by a lot of people, successful and fun.

    2. I am Mabinogi fan but you are rude. >.<
      No need to be mean every game has their own thing, plus nothing wrong with Pokemon fight style you meany. Mabinogi fighting system isn't amazing either, even though I like it regardless. Both games have their own beauty lets just accept that and vote for the one that makes our hearts filled with joy~ ^-^

      1. Plus Mabinogi is not the mother of nay game is just a game calm down XD

        1. Technically you could call it the mother of Vindictus, or maybe its orphaned, not quite as violent, daughter.

    3. u were just playing with novice class for 5 min and already like that?
      bet ur so called mabi will not survive even monk class

  204. Well, for RO there is not only iRO, we from euro (european ro) do also participate in the vote and have a playerbase of over 20k players. If the word is also spread to other servers, let alone all the pservers in europe and USA and maybe even other official servers world wide or also inactive players I hardly doubt that Mabinogi has a chance to win.

    I know that Mabinogi also has some servers around the world but I doubt it reaches ROs fanbase all-time.

    But It’s quite funny that Mabinogi players were also considered cheating before this vote and nothing happened before. This shows tha if those RO players wouldn’t have started doing the same thing to, Mabinogi would have simply won like before. Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to do the right thing ^^

    1. Are you kidding me? do you even know how many players are in the kr and jp and eu to even make the speculation?

      1. Apparently, he doesn’t. RO maybe has an actual nostalgic value, but… Their fans are widespread around way too much to amount so some good polling from them. While Mabinogi is rumored to cheat since the beginning, RO probably is and nobody suspects it, because hey, RO players are apparently perfect.

        1. Well, the funny part is:
          It’s quite obvious Mabinogi was cheating before. Noone ever said RO players to be perfect but it doesn’t make the cheating on both sides any better.
          As already stated by someone, the RO side started doing so some hours after Mabinogi. I don’t defend doing this on any side. But if someone starts something, he shouldn’t wonder about the other side doing the same, ever heard of the time after WW2 (World War 2, for those who only know games)? Cold War?
          Anyways, for the european Ragnarok server it’s not that important to win this anyways, we also got offered an update that will come sooner or later anyways.
          But I heard other server put some more pressure into this contest. So people don’t really vote for the game but cheat for the benefits.

          And btw. still the playerbase of Ragnarok Online servers combined is bigger than all Mabinogi servers combined. Same goes for the Fanbase which is definitely to consider differently than the playerbase.

          But to put it back to your level:

          Blah blah a certain game is better than an other because my personal opinion is the only one that counts! So turn off every other online game server and stfu!
          Welcome to the internetz! ~.~

          Have fun cheaters, hope that the server administrators will not offer any of the promised benefits for the huge effort of making their game the one with most cheaters on it :)

          1. Here we go again, another person spewing random “facts” out here and still fails to provide any hard evidence

          2. Good sir, do you have evidence Mabinogi was cheating before?

            I was watching the poll and it was roughly 4000 Mabinogi votes to 1000 RO votes before things got crazy, and that was about right since NA Mabi has EU players~ NA players so all time zones are covered, while TMK at the time only NA RO players were voting for RO. Therefore, these results seemed likely until the North-American populace woke up from their beauty sleep and saw the current results and sprung into action to combat one another.

            Also, Nexon is a massive corporation with huge funding and income, and they have several adverts/commercials etc to accomidate for their range of games (each successful with a lot of players) so that also would mean they have a huge player-base for Mabinogi.

            Ragnarok also has a huge player-base and fans, and it was inevitable that these two games would clash head-on at high votes.

  205. The problem is RO is yelling Mabinogi is cheating, but from past numbers though while I do not recall the exact number and even from a post on here showing the top last two amounts Mabinogi is second in the highest votes just under SMITE while RO did not even make it in the top 4 or 5 list.

    Now with the poll being closed its not hard to see the numbers for the votes was totaly abnormal though, but going from how voting was going even on the redo and redone poll mabi would still win giving past numbers of both game votes in the last two polls.

    1. Also so I am clear too its clear that both sides was cheating with the poll vote total number before it was shut down, my post was just stating the view from past polls on vote numbers.

    2. I wouldn’t go by past numbers, a lot of people didn’t even know about the polls going on. Also, Ro asked other ro communities in other regions and private servers to vote as well as a few other sites. Ones where old players usually go to when they quit. Anyway they both had bad apples in the bunch. If I was MMOBomb I would have removed both from the competition for both playing dirty. Which could still be a outcome at this point.

  206. Mabinogi NA has a combination of multiple countries smacked into one server(technically 4, but w/e its one branch). I will say that I know without a doubt that both sides were cheating. But to sit and accuse one side of cheating without sitting back and looking at one self is plain hypocrisy.

  207. Oh god~ It will be hard to decide which game to vote for between Planet Side 2 and Mabinogi I love them both!! Planet Side 2 is very thrilling and lively and Mabinogi is more passive and comforting but also gives more options than just combat. Decision decisions~

  208. time to smack ro players again when the poll come up

  209. How can anyone from any game community be accused of cheating? Because folks are voting more than once? At the bottom of THIS very article it says “Vote early, VOTE OFTEN, but vote”. That sounds like an endorsement to me. So this is just like American Idol where you can vote as often as you want. Where do they say you can’t?

    Or is it that just using bots is the issue? It’s okay as long as you vote often manually? I can’t see that either. If you can vote more than once as long as you do so manually, then the vote isn’t nessessarily reflecting public opinion in the democratic sense but is rather a measure of game fan loyality instead. Then use of bots would be the same; a measure of game fan loyalty.

    If this is meant as a pure democratic vote then make it clear and say so rather than suggest the opposite, and set it up so you can only vote once. Otherwise it’s just hypocracy.

    1. I agree with this idea, if you say “vote often” then mean it, or clarify what you mean, if this bracket gets removed it will cancel out the validity of the poll. Cause it is to find the best f2p, not the best f2p with fans that wouldn’t do whatever they could to see the game win.

  210. Sad that there’s a lot of smaller games on this list that are gonna be ROFLstomped…..

    I will say though that Planetside 2 is the game you should vote to win. It gets updated literally every week, the player base is a rather friendly bunch, the game itself provides a 100% unique and it provides an absolutely amazing experience.

    That, and it’s the most likely to make it the longest. It has a TEN YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN, this means that over the next FRIGGIN DECADE, this game will only get better and better, while a lot of other games will just fade into obscurity.

    1. Planetside 2 looks interesting and its good that you like and support it. Me myself I don’t like shooters that much with a few exceptions that aren’t mmos.

    2. Very good point. I completely agree! But yeah there are different taste for games. Shooter isn’t what everyone loves the most.

      1. I hear Planetside 2 is great and a worthwhile game to sink hours into, but unfortunately I have not been able to make an account due to an error or something, and thus I miss out.


  211. Still no Eden Eternal vote ? =_= or i can’t find the link somehow..

  212. I think the reason Mabi votes spiked isn’t because of cheating but because Nexon announced what would happen if they won over RO. 3x AP. In Mabinogi, that’s a big thing. People would want that very very much.

    1. Pretty much. For those who don’t know how AP works, it’s essentially the points you get to improve literally everything. Combat skills, crafting skills, magic, and even stat boosts from those skills. Each level gets you 1 AP, and combat skills generally take anywhere between 200 to 400 AP to max out. Considering how you’ll generally only be able to get around 100-130 AP in a three week period…

      3x AP is freaking huge.

      1. If you rebirthed to level 1 atleast a week before the event and rebirth either with a free or paid rebirth during the event you can start over at level 1 twice, so even if you just (YES I SAID JUST :D ) 100 levels per rebirth thats still 600 ap which would be worth 1 and a half month of grinding. So yes 3 X ap = very huge.

        1. That’s pretty much the plan if Mabi does win. XD Rebirth to 17 Friday night, go nuts Saturday, use a card to rebirth Sunday and go nuts again. Got a bunch of exploration statues sitting around from an older gachapon thing, so that’s another 120-180 AP from the exploration levels.

          Every time this game pisses me off to leave, it drags me back in eventually. Goddammit.

          1. Even with a card you must wait 5 or 6 days between rebirths.

  213. 3x AP = 3 month worth of ap

    AP > everything else

    1. they just wants the bar set high for more players to vote. It works sometimes

    2. While AP is nice and all. Nothing beats getting our game our there and known.

  214. I like how it takes Mabinogi having to beat both LOTR and Pirates101 using voting bots and getting to ragnarok online for MMObomb to pull their heads out of their asses.

    1. mabi didn’t bot vote until 3x ap event was promised

      blame the 4channers

      1. Blame the publishers for offering bonuses (not only for Mabi, but all games).

    2. 184k likes. Parties open on every channel and server and people using world shouts over it. hmmmm…… YEP! we so cheated… not like Nexon MADE BIG POSTS ON FB AND THE GAME SITE ITS SELF ABOUT THIS! >:l

      Mabinogi shared a link.
      8 minutes ago
      The poll has re-opened! Be sure to get your votes in now if you haven’t already!

    3. last time i check lotr went from 20% to 49% at the last hour of the voting….

  215. Well the botting of RO vs Mabinogi has started already lol.

    1. rag jumped from 7% to 41% in under about 10 mins last time…. sorta y everyone was flipping out over it. at least now its not jumping randomly.

  216. I wonder who is in charge for security on MMOBOMB but simply monitoring IP won’t change a thing on that vote. Most kids can easily write a small tool nowadays using worldwide proxys to setup a voting bot. Reading out the MAC would be a bit more secure (you can still spoof the MAC adress but well).

    Guess most honest players won’t vote again anyways because some side will start botting again. I’d prefer to see both sides removed from the whole poll since it was quite obvious none of them played fair.

    And also it’s a funny move that many game publishers give bonuses. Most seem to vote only to get bonuses and not because of the game. So it say nothing about the community actually but only shows the grief (especially in the cheating on both sides).

    1. I’m in 11th grade, and I’ve never met anyone who could create a bot; not in my grade, nor in my school. “Most” isn’t just an overexaggeration; it’s a lie.

      1. It may be a bit more precise to say “enough kids can do so and share it for everyone on the internet”, ever heard of DDoS attacks? Same story ^^

        Well, maybe I’m just to much in contact with persons in this business ^^

  217. @MeepMeep

    You do know that Mabi has over 100k people on facebook and people ingame telling people to go vote right? …Right?

    1. 184k likes. Parties open on every channel and server and people using world shouts over it. hmmmm…… YEP!

    2. Gotta add the people who hate facebook (like me!), and the Vind players (Mabinogi: Heroes), etc.

      1. I forgot about Vind… xD and yea a lot hate FB but still a lot on it.

  218. If 3000 voters is botting for you then you must play really low player data base games … 3000 is the total of votes and this number isn’t even 1/10 of mabinogi’s NA/EU player base.

  219. we have 3000 votes already, thats way too much for any bot or macro to pull off this quickly, can we easily assume they cheated first? because I’m pretty sure that is the case. also I don’t know what Mabinogi players requested it, if everything was fair we would have won anyway.

    1. Oh boy 19 to 22% lets see that gradual increase can’t wait i have front row seats

    2. Actually it was ragnorak that cheated first…. I was following the poles just out of my own curiosity and mabi had way more people behind it than u believe. its an NA/EU game with over 184k likes on FB. as “unknown” said. 3k isn’t even 1/10th of mabi’s players. We are all working atm to create awareness of the reset. Even Nexon is

      1. I’m advertising it too, I’m just saying, the fact it was reset to begin with is bullshit, and the fact that they’re catching up is again, bullshit. They’re cheating again, so what happens when they figure out that both sides were again, cheating? Are they going to disqualify them both or go by the vote count the way it should have been to begin with?

        1. If even one cheats both are out for good.

          1. that isnt going to deter anyone lol

          2. also where are you seeing that?

  220. APB: Reloaded!!! FTW!!!

  221. How the hell is Warframe losing to APB Reloaded?
    Some people have no taste in games

  222. Not to be rude…. but is Ro really just 2d sprites with detailed texture? cause that’s what I got from their website

  223. sooo Mabinogi is 78 to Ragnarok Online 22 …… Yeah I only see Ragnarok doing even worst. You guys happy now? You gonna loose even more <3

    1. not so fast, legitimate voter!

      1. You can’t be sure until the end. 133k likes on facebook for just international Ragnarok then you want to count in international Ragnarok 2 with at least 60k likes. Also, then you have communities of private servers in the hundreds of thousands as well as Kro, Jro, IdRo, and Ero.

        So don’t be surprised if they do somehow pass mabinogi in a day or two.

        1. because people were rigging the votes out of good honest desire to provide their game with publicity?
          with the sarcasm recognized in the above statement, why would a private server of a game be persuaded to vote for ragnarok?

  224. Ragnarok Online seems to be QQing… hard
    It got reset and it’s being carefully watched


      1. Yeah because Mabinogi is graphically beautiful and doesn’t look like a cheap MMO built mid 2000

  225. I think people just need to calm down now. The polls have been reset, a poll reborn, a clean slate, a new sun has risen.

    Basically, stop all this hate and get on with the show. MMOBOMB have already said they’re tracking IPs and if anything suspicious crops up they will intervene, so stop this anti-(insert enemy game here) propaganda and instead show respect and root for your own game!

    note: If you are going to argue about player-counts and the such: bring cold hard proof so no one can disprove you, and then, only then, will you be taken seriously.

    ~ Happy voting and good luck guys :D

    1. I up on this guy! Finally someone with a sound clear mind!

  226. RO vs. Mabi…. I am finding both sides to be going childish and threatening each other so Im going to quit Mabi and go play Runescape again cause at least they did BS you all the time… might do Tera instead. Not sure but if this childishness keeps up both sides are going to lose a lot of credibility… so knock of the act and play it fair. Going to far now…

    1. Seems a bit childish to say you’re quitting a game over a popularity poll.

      1. You do know I am joking… and that if one side cheats both lose right?

        1. Hard to tell when people are joking when it’s just text without any knowledge of who the person is. Especially difficult when the internet is filled with people that are really THAT kind of stupid and mean things for real.

          Tera’s actually pretty good. Grindy with some questionable design choices, but the combat is great. Would be playing it more if not for law school being so damn time consuming. I JUST WANT TO HIT THINGS

          1. Im waiting for it to download. wanted to try it. Also thought it would be known as a joke second I said Runescape… especially after EoC….

  227. lol you RO and MABI peepz too srs about this crap poll actin like kids with uncurable chuunibyou disease. Uninstall them BS, go play a real game like WoW loserz.

    1. Tried WoW, got bored.

      It isn’t worth paying for.

    2. tried wow for sme time and i got bored when i got to lvl 80..don’t forget the bastard high lvl newb who’s picking on low lvl on booty bay….

  228. Mabinogi is one of the most common game names in this comment section. Foreshadowing? Who knows.

  229. As a long time fan of RO, I have so many feels for that game. But let’s be real. It’s 2014, and RO has fallen so much from what it was a decade ago. That, and very few kids even know what RO is now. So many other animu MMOs have come out that are flashy and have more conventional styles of play that have almost entirely wiped the internet’s memory of RO. So if Mabinogi isn’t winning by at least twice as many votes, I will be surprised.

    1. ro is just 2 years older than mabinogi

  230. Mabinogi will and should win for one reason: Ragnarok has SO MUCH GRINDING.

    There. I said it. You lose, RO nostalgia.

    1. Hey that’s… What’s what I said to my friend like 10 minutes ago!

      1. and in mabinogi you one hit everything and have zero challenges :3

        1. that sounds more like an accomplishment actually, 1 hitting everything.

        2. Only 1 hit if you have a good weapon and high ranked skill plus the strength, will, dex, or int to go with it… so its more of an achievement to the people with higher lvls… and u want a challenge? go fight the Black or White dragon…. Maybe Ifrit if you’re feeling so hot headed about yourself…

  231. Pointless poll reset if you aren’t even going to bother to fix the initial problem by limiting votes per IP.

    1. Yeah, i know,

    2. Monitor =/= prevent.

      The idea is that if one side cheats they (or both games, although that would suck) are disqualified.

      1. Both are… so if 1 goes we both go (at least that’s what we have been told on mabi)

      2. Both…. so if 1 cheats both lose (or at least that’s what we were told on mabi)

        1. I thought it erased that message…. odd… now I have 2 o3o

  232. I hope the bot problem gets resolved. These are both great games and they do not need to rely on cheating to obtain large quantities of votes. Both have a pretty good fan base and quite a large number of “dedicated players” that will be willing to defend the name of their respective game.
    I personally prefer Mabinogi over RO, but that is only because I love their stylized art and the amazing Celtic story line. If you have not played either of these games because they are “free to play”, I suggest you try them. These games are both a ton of fun! If you are an honest fan trying to support your favorite game, I agree that cheating on either side is intolerable. Not just for the two games in question, but all the other games in this Ultimate F2P Showdown.

    1. You are wise man!

  233. Seriously a recount on Mabi and RO. Smh i believe Mabi just killed it.

  234. Although the percentage for R.O. is rising this does not necessarily mean they are gaining. Mathematically speaking, the lower the percentage is, the easier it is for it to gain (in percentage). What matters are raw votes. The percentages don`t say the whole story.

    If you want to see who is gaining then what you need to do is at some point you calculate the total votes cast for each candidate and then the difference between them. Wait a while and do it again. Finally calculate the difference between the two differences.

    If you favor a particular candidate start with their number first and subtract the others number. When all is said and done if the difference of differences is positive your candidate is gaining, if negative the other is gaining and zero the difference between the two sums of votes is remaining constant.

    1. This is not quite correct. It is not true that it is easier for the percent to go up when it is small. It is true that it is easier for the percent to increase/decrease when the Total Number of Votes is smaller.

      The percentages, along with the total number of votes, do tell the whole story; and just compairing percentages is enough to determine the winner without any extra calculations.

  235. People in mabi are a pretty Wackly lot to be honest :P /watch?v=9A4ouCCtTPc and /watch?v=1e97bVRnLeE pretty much sums up a whole lot of the people that run around in mabi XD

    1. OMG ROFL!!!! Still love mabi xD

  236. Let’s go Mabi! that youtube : /watch?v=t4qq89rfacg

    1. That a new Mando coming out?


  237. Warframe

  238. Okay to illustrate what I was talking about I have some numbers for you ( I’ll try to make a table but it may look bad sorry ahead of time). I’ll describe the differences from Mabinogi’s view point.

    Total Votes—-7001—–8001
    Mabi %———-76%—–73%
    R.O Votes—–1680—–2160
    Mabi Votes—-5321—–5841

    Mabinogi gained by 3680-3641=39 votes even though R.O. went from 24% to 27%.

    1. Btw… atm its RO~30% and Mabi~70% 8804votes total

  239. Okay so here’s the next interval.
    Total Votes—-8001—9002
    Mabi %———-73%—–69%
    R.O Votes—–2160—–2791
    Mabi Votes—-5841—–6211


    R.O. gained 260 Votes on that last interval of 1000 votes.

  240. so derp…..

    is surprising that there are so many childish comment here on both games(Mabi – RO) and calling each other cheater…….

    seem almost like they’re bad apples of both sides >_>

    1. It’s sad indeed. I enjoy both games and thought this would be a nice experience to see how each community would react, but it turns out all they are doing is throwing hate either-side of the fence instead of promoting relations or representing their game.

      However, this competition has been stigmatized by suspected cheating and I think a lot of people are letting that cloud their vision, when it should just be forgotten about. If there’s cheating that is impacting the vote significantly MMOBOMB will notice it and act accordingly, they don’t need bickering fools to half-guess for them (especially when they have no evidence behind their claim).

    2. Well, if you were here a few days ago, you can tell both are cheating.

      The poll count raised 30k in just 10 hours.

  241. Something is fishy…. At 9:58pm votes were RO~30% and Mabi~70% 8804votes total

    now at 10:13pm its Ragnarok Online 32% Mabinogi 68% Total votes: 9285

    1. That’s a 15min Time interval… so:
      RO: 30%~32%
      Mabi: 70% ~68%
      Total: 8804~9285
      ROvotes: 2641~2971 = 330 votes in 15 mins…
      Mabi votes: 6163~6314 = 151 votes in 15 mins

      RO has 2 votes per min and Mabi only has 1 vote per min…. this seems fun… and its moving faster it seems

      1. oop…. Meant RO has 20 per min and Mabi has 10 per min with it speeding up

  242. Stat————–Prev—–Now——Change
    Total Votes—-9002—10001——999
    Mabi %———-69%—–66%—–(-)3%
    R.O Votes—–2791—–3400——610
    Mabi Votes—-6211—–6601——-389

    R.O. gained 220 votes on that interval

    1. Yeah it’s the morning now for the other official ragnarok servers so it’s going rise quite a bit faster.

      1. since when is 3am morning ?
        and yeah they are suddenly rapidly increasing by numbers breaching more then they got before,
        and if its true that if one side cheats then both are out then its kinda unfair seeing mabi was anihilating RO
        so yeah just like before they cant win so they start cheating (you can say what you want but just look at the player base and you can see mabi dominating)

        1. It’s 4am in fRo 10 am for IdRo 11 am for the chinese players, and it’s noon for both korea and japan.

  243. Stat————–Prev—–Now——Change
    Total Votes—-10001—11000——999
    Mabi %———-66%—–64%—–(-)2%
    R.O Votes—–3400—–3960——560
    Mabi Votes—-6601—–7040——-439

  244. if someone where to call on the jp and kr mabi players….. the zerg rush *shudders in horror*

  245. this whole “which is best” poll is just plain stupid simply for the fact that anybody can vote as many times as they like… and disqualifying one game because it got multiple votes from one computer can push competitors to vote multiple times for the game they are against to disqualify the other… this whole “poll” is total bullshit…

  246. Yeah I found their instructions for this new poll to be unsatisfactory. I mean what if someone votes between 5-399 times? If they can’t make their software limit folks to one vote per person. Then they should throw out all pretense and say “Go ahead vote all you want – bots welcome” and be done with it. At least that would technically be fair.

    1. As much as I hate the idea of people voting more than once per IP, I can see why they allowed that. Families living in the same home who some or all may play and want their own votes counted, people sharing a network at school or something, etc.

      Too bad there is just no way to make everyone happy. :(

      1. Stat————–Prev—–Now——Change
        Total Votes—-11000—12000——1000
        Mabi %———-64%—–63%—–(-)1%
        R.O Votes—–3960—–4440——480
        Mabi Votes—-7040—–7560——-520

        R.O. has gained by the magnetude of the change in difference when it is -ve
        Mabi has gained by the magnetude of the change in difference when it is +ve

        Use the difference between the time stamp of this post with that of my previous similar post to approximate the length of the time interval.

        1. GEEZ! don’t put a minus infront of the 520 , you nearly crashed my brain with that XD

          1. : )

            Don’t worry, I put the sign that matters in braces.

  247. TF2 got taken out by MAPLESTORY?!?!?!?!? Either valve doesn’t care one bit of this vote, or Nexon won by hax;).

    1. Neither does dota2 community cares at all to be taken off by games from 12 years ago on the first round.

    2. Maplestory is infamous for its bots. So is Mabinogi and RO. In fact, which of these games isn’t?

  248. Stat————–Prev—–Now——Change
    Total Votes—-12000—12000——1000
    Mabi %———-63%—–62%—–(-)1%
    R.O Votes—–4440—–4940——500
    Mabi Votes—-7560—–8060——-500

    R.O. has gained by the magnetude of the change in difference when it is -ve
    Mabi has gained by the magnetude of the change in difference when it is +ve

    Use the difference between the time stamp of this post with that of my previous similar post to approximate the length of the time interval.

    How ’bout that . . . no change!

    1. Oops! That should read 13000 under now. :/

      1. I think it should probably read more like 4000, or 5000.

  249. Anyone who believes Ragnarok should rightfully win against Mabinogi needs to take some things into account. What does ragnarok have that differs from any other Aeria game, Perfect world entertainment game, etc, etc. It’s a click once to attack, spam skill game. Anyone who says its not is really over analyzing the game.
    Mabinogi has too unique of a gameplay to be overlooked by people who play the MMO clones that populate 90% of the internet now. I’m not saying this just as a fan of mabinogi, but as simple fact. You can’t faceroll or macro your way through mabi like most other games. I played RO, RO2, and several other games, and nothing sticks out between them. The life skills aren’t even unique. They’re baby fed to you from lvl1.

    1. You definitely haven’t played up to the 2nd job of Ragnarok Online.

      Game-play changes a lot after 2nd job, you can no longer kill any mobs by just attack spamming everything.

      Fyi, to say that people are baby fed from lvl 1, I assume you are playing the “Renewal” server,
      on which basically translates to “No Challenge high PvP server”.

      This server is for players that has no time to spend, and wanted equipments and levels without any effort. The mobs are simpler, mob distribution are map based, and the quest are all cut down into simple hunting quests.

      Try out the “Classic” server, and you will be surprised what you can find in RO.

      Either way,
      There is no way you can kill a single mob with just simple attack spams above 2nd job.

      Each job is unique, but you didn’t know that did you?
      Proves you haven’t even played for more than a week.

      Yes, each job has 100% different experience, and as far as I know, there is no job that “Spams attack/skill” other than Thief & Assassin job, but even so, they still MUST utilize their escape abilities to prevent being killed as they are squishy yet closed ranged fighters.

      As for builds, every piece of equipment has its own advantage in RO,
      Not even the lowest Tier Jackets can be sold without thinking twice.

      you can even spend 99 intelligence and no strength on Swordmans, and still kill one of the strongest MVP (Boss monsters) (Amon-Ra) with the right choice of equipment. (No, you don’t even have to be a billionaire or highly leveled to do that, you just have to be smart.). Its all in the preparations he had. There is a video posted on that on youtube. Its all on calculations and strategy, you are kidding me to compare RO with “Perfect World” and etc.

      Can any of your game allows players to single-handedly kill MVPs with enough preparations?
      Usually MVP requires an entire party or a guild to fight, but with enough brain, you could SOLO anything. (There are over 3000 Mobs with unique card effects to engrave into your character’s equipments) (Choose the right combinations of equipment and cards, with brains, and experience of the boss’s behaviour, you can SOLO them ALL)

      There was a guy that create a blog to SOLO all MVPs of Ragnarok Online with a Knight, bosses which usually requires 5 – 15 peoples, he single-handedly kill them alone. (Ofcourse, with refined technique, switching equipments on specific skills, evading behaviors, etc.)

      Any other games? probably not.

      1. I can kill your Amon Ra with a single arrow XD but to be fair my level goes in the 5 digits and my bow is a living spirit weapon which grows in power when I pay attention to her XD

      2. Actually yes, there are several field-bosses in the game and dungeons and missions which have field-boss quality mobs at the end. Your character on mabinogi has literally no restrictions besides ONE or TWO skills that you can’t obtain on a specific race, but it’s made up for other skills as it is. You can build your character to solo anything because you’re allowed to utilize every combat style in the game. Need to fight Arc lich? np, throw down some barrier spikes and attack from behind. Need to fight the Giant Alligator? np, pull out some good knuckles and have at it. And you missed my point about the combat. Whats different between RO combat and WoW combat? You have no stun times besides skills that actually produce a stun affect. You don’t have to combo specifically. Hell, if you’re dishing enough dps, you can stand stationary and kill most mobs.

      3. Mabinogi is unique BECAUSE it doesn’t restrict you to a “class”.

        Ragnarok is like most MMOs, where you’re stuck with one class.

  250. Wow, I think RO boting out the ass lol

    1. Simple answer would be to DQ both of them, but know MMOBomb…

    2. It does seem sort of…unusual that within a few hours the percentage for RO has been shooting up for the last few hours. I honestly think there is something going on here, but that’s just my opinion.

  251. Ragnarok Online is cheating! They’ve even been talking about using dynamic IPs and Proxies to get in extra votes on their forums!

  252. You see the thing is if MMObomb really lets cheaters like LOTRO and Ragnarok get away with all this shit and even praises the “community effort”, whats the point of winning? Who WANTS to win such a dishonorable contest run by such a sketchy website?

    1. ntm they also encourage using multiple devices to give the rich pricks an unfair advantage

  253. The troll is strong here or just everyone that happens to be posting right now is retarded.

    1. shut up and go back to your fagnarok online, loser. your only bitching cuz we know ur cheating retards

      1. Oh you get me wrong little troll.
        I play maplestory not ragnarok.

        1. Aw look, the little fagnarokian thinks he can lie his way out of it. How cute.

          1. You’re not helping your community very much. Just proving how immature a majority of you actually are. You have good people in your community I respect them but not you.

            I do in fact play maplestory well afk in towns all day if you count that as playing.

          2. It is a shame that each community does have people who let the side down, but then again with the internet these days and all the new children we are bound to get rageous kiddies who want nothing more but to play up and be the center of attention.

            I mean seriously, you’re insulting someone over a contest, when what you should be doing is representing and trying to prove why your game is better, instead of wasting your efforts to make yourself look dumb by trying to insult a game you probably haven’t played in detail.