Brick-Force Gameplay Dual Commentary (Spunkify – Magicman)

As you probably already know, Spunkify will be joining us from now on with first looks, new series and much more super cool stuff.

To find more about Brick-Force check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. I’m glad you got a new job Spunkify, sorry for the rough things that happened. :[
    Looking forward to Foreign Fridays!

  2. nice job guys

  3. I just want to say welcome and glad to know that there is yet another great gamer to join the MMOBomb community. I haven’t been here long myself, but I can say that MMOBomb is the best choice anybody can make.

    Also, I would love to get in on some games with you guys.
    I really think that is something that should be incorporated here.
    Fans playing with you guys.

    I can see some great friendships being made because of it.

    -xBryce (aka) LucidPixel

  4. Everyone to their own.

  5. LOL in the picture in the homepage you kinda look drunk Spunkify

  6. “Spunkify Returns”? what do you mean with “returns”? did he was here before?

    1. Returns to MMO reviewing.

    2. He wasn’t but he left MMOhut and thus was out of business for a while. Refer to one of the recent artiles.

  7. You two make a good commentary duo.

  8. Awesome Spunkify with THE Magicman! Great to have you in MMOBomb Spunkify!

  9. … Does anyone know how many subs MMOBOMB got after Spunkify joined MMOBOMB? I can’t remember how many freemmogamer had 3 days ago, but was it ~20k or ~30k? Well, atleast MMOBOMB got alot of subs, atleast for now. Means more $$$ for you guys ^^ ?

  10. Nice, this is very interesting with Spunkify. I never watched MMOHUT. But he’s very funny. Keep it up!


  12. Its good to have u back Spunk :D

  13. Spunkify on F2PCast maybe?? ;)

  14. welcome back Spunk ! xD

  15. Wewt :D spunk is back!!

  16. ”I died right on top of you” xD funniest moment in the video

  17. My two favorite gamers are finally working together now what more could anyone want Magicman and Spunkify you guys are awesome!

  18. Yo man spnk u are the best dude and i just unsub Mmohut come over here :)

  19. Spunkify!!! :)
    Btw i’ll miss Omer..

  20. YAY Spunkify :) welcome I can’t wait for vids and Magicman is sooooooooooo coooooooL!

  21. I’m gonna miss Omar

  22. wow! spunk is back thats cool hope you keep up everything dude .. you own !

  23. Great show Spunkify :D

  24. Oh i wish even omer was in MMObomb

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