BombPoll #3: What's Your MMO Role?

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor

For this week's BombPoll, let's get back to basics. I mean, really basic: Which role do you prefer in an MMO?

Yes, we're talking about the "holy trinity" of tank, DPS, and support (which includes healers). Though I suppose if you're indecisive, or just prefer to be flexible in any situation, like me, we should include "hybrid" as a fourth option. And so we shall!

(Also, we're trying something new with the poll this week, so let us know if you have any issues voting. And hey, feel free to suggest future topics for BombPolls. We've got a few in the queue, but we're always open to new ideas!)


In last week's BombPoll, we asked if you guys were tired of fantasy MMOs, which is something I've heard a few times before. Overwhelmingly, you voted in favor of the genre, 72.5% to 27.5%, and the comments mostly supported this mindset. I find myself agreeing with Weilan when he said,

"As weird as it may sound, I have trouble understanding the mechanics in Sci-Fi games, even if the concept is the same as Fantasy. They have all those weird gadgets with funny scientific names like 'Complematic Defraginator' that make no sense and you have to waste time reading on what exactly are they used for and 5 minutes later you forget the name."

But Emikochan disagreed:

"I have never liked fantasy, the most fantasy game I can get into is gw2, and thankfully there are the charr and asura there to bring the tech level up overall. Magitek and up please :)"

Hey, good luck dealing with your Complematic Defraginator, Emikochan. I'll stick to my trusty battleaxe.

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Jason Winter, News Editor

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Discussion (12)

Guest 6 years ago
The MMO player base Community doesn't know what they want anymore in MMORPG. DPS is the only thing they care about for power.

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Kevin Flemming 6 years ago
If a game has the typical "T/DPS/H/SUP" roles, then I'm always DPS. Can't really go wrong with it, unless you are a moron lol.

poop 6 years ago
Does anyone even play together anymore. Besides dungeons no one even groups together. Unless your playing with friends your going to solo everything.

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Luffy 6 years ago
I prefer mmorpg's with roles , you know where you stand. But even with games out that have roles as long as there is healers dps tend to do all the tanking and tanks are just mehh.

Yopee 6 years ago
Its sad because the roles are losing on mmorpg. At the last time, we dont need a tank beacuse many roles have many def. and we dont know a healer because hybrid roles or all roles heals. We need a next gen game with classic roles!

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