The battle (royale) is on! In one corner, we have PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the Steam Sensation that’s taken the world by storm! In the other corner, we’ve got the free-to-play new kid on the block, Fortnite: Battle Royale, just a couple weeks old but already a big success!

If we were really mimicking the two games, we’d have 98 other battle royale titles for you to choose from, but there aren’t quite that many — yet, at least. Give it a few more months and we’ll probably have hundreds, all in permanent early access.

But the rivalry between PUBG and F:BR is a special one, thanks to Bluehole Studios’ curious “concerns” about its rival/business partner. Now that you’ve had the chance to play both, which one do you prefer? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with its focus on (somewhat) more realistic gunplay and vehicles? Or Fortnite for its quick action and building mechanics — and being free-to-play probably doesn’t hurt.

Or is there another game you prefer for its battle royale action? Whatever the case, register your vote and let us know in the comments!


  1. At THIS moment in time PUBG….. but when Fortnite implements some sort of progression and unlocks, it will EASILY take the number one spot for me…..right now it’s just aimless killing and adding a “statistic” screen won’t change this for me…. Leaderboards won’t change this much for me either (albeit it will jump my interest a LITTLE, but we need real progression and sense of accomplishment….only the top 5 in the leaderboards will be content with this being the only progression)…. by the way thanks for keeping my interest long enough to KEEP YOU GUYS AS MY HOMEPAGE for so long, MMOBomb team 🙂

  2. Neither of them, both are Gameplay wise good games, people cry about a lot of things in both games. I don’t play either of these games but if then I play PUBG.

      • He said if he did play then probably PUBG, you don’t need to play both of them to realise which game you prefer. Gameplay videos and livestreams are enough information to decide what you like more.

    • Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games EVER (yeah, I know I sound like a fanboy) and PUBG is also one of the best battle royale games EVER, so the point of this poll is to see whether this F2P game is as good as a P2P game. It’s supposed to unite the F2P and P2P communities instead of them being separated and hateful towards each other, like the XBOX and PS4 communities.

  3. Fortnite: Battle Royale. Why? well…it is way more optimized than PUBG – In PUBG I get about 24 fps on high settings and on Fortnite I get a solid 60 fps on max settings.

  4. Fortnite by far as there’s no propaganda involved. + its smooth and fun it just needs better time stretching between cloud or just make it disappear all together and it’ll beat the pube altogether

  5. fortnite for the moment cause they are currently actively fixing the issues with the game. PUBG still has several issues that break the realism they try to create.

  6. I also like PUBG, but Fortnite, besides being F2P is also more optimized, more fun, has no camping, has intuitive and easy building and every gun besides the SMG is good. I’m excited for Fortnite’s future cause I think it has a good team behind it. That’s why it has my vote.

    • I like both, but the main advantage for Fortnite is that it’s free to play, and because of this, it will always be ridden with hackers.

      • Their current effort to cut down hackers has been top notch, and I don’t see them letting up on this issue any time soon….say what you want, but I have seen a MASSIVE decrease in hackers and a lot of ban hammers being dropped!


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