Asta Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of ASTA Online on Steam, Move Games, and have all come together to score YOU free Soul Stones (100). You just need to follow the steps and wait until May 5. Your account will be rewarded automatically after May 5. Results may take a few days to be activated so please check your accounts.

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How to get your reward:

1. Follow all the steps.
2. On May 5 the giveaway will finish and your account will receive the award automatically.
3. Results may take a few days to be activated so please check your accounts.
4. Have fun!

This reward contains the following item:

– 100* Soul Stones


ASTA is a free-to-play MMORPG developed using CryEngine3.


  1. el juego no está disponible en mi región, con gusto lo jugaría pero no puedo 🙁 cuando esté disponible en mi región hablamos :D… lo malo es que seguro no me darán mi key

  2. it so hard to find a good mmorpg that you can be addicted these day. Company only want revenue and does not care about their player also having shitting half translation or just basically totally p2w >,<

    • I think they shut down the servers like 2 months ago… wtf
      Last time i played, there was 1 other player in the whole server

  3. Please help, I won but I put my steam account name instead of the character name, my character name is only Moustafa, the name I put was Moustafa ELwasif.

  4. i was playing before its shut down, reason of this was low playerbase on EU server… i hope new publisher and steam will make it good game


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