Enter the world of Eclipse War Online, the MMORPG that’s attempting to transform the genre one collectible card at a time! In Eclipse War Online every monster or boss has a chance to drop their transformation card for you to collect. Once you have a card in your collection you can then TRANSFORM into that very monster. Each species has bonuses and debuffs depending on what species they are fighting, as well as geographic location and time of day.

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This Key contains the following items:

500 RP, or $5 of premium currency

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    • Sweet! I just heard that they will now have a pet system of sorts in-game. I could use those RPs to get myself a nice pet.

  1. Guys Dont troll… we are all gamers here if they have fun playing it thats good. i would hate if Vindictus online Died.

  2. Please stop making mmorpgs that have a technology of half century ago! And, you have so many mmorpgs to choose why would you play this game???

    • Well I play it because its a good game and different, the graphics are not like Aion quality but they are decent,the game is not p2w and it has every kind of pvp you can think of. Why do people play neverwinter? Why do people play tera? Both games are fail imo but people still play them. Not everybody likes the same stuff if we did it would be a pretty boring world.

  3. I wanna try. I make my opinion by myself hehe … just funny to read how some people decide amd yell around. Mounted!

  4. Graphics would be great 10-8 years ago while combat and questing just seem plain and boring :’-(. Looks like a copy and paste mmo.

  5. 3UL84QP65Z3UHSMS take !
    This game is not worthing, the fighting system is very bad, it’s click and attack but very very bad. Graphisc are lower than in ROHAN, for me ROHAN is a 7/10 and this is 4/10.
    I was playing Closed Beta, so i kinda know.


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