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To celebrate Star Trek Online’s 10th anniversary and the launch of the new update, MMOBomb and Perfect World Entertainment have partnered up to get our users lots of in-game items and cool prizes. Score a Federation Elite Starter Pack key or enter the contest to win 1 of 50 T6 Europa-Class Heavy Battlecruiser codes, or even 1 of 3 REAL Limited Edition STO Anniversary Badges plus more (prizes list below)!

If you enter in our contest (until February 20) please use a valid e-mail so we can contact you and check your email accounts. Please note we will need to request your physical address if you are one the 3 Grand Prize winners.



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How to use your Key:

1. Complete all steps to unlock your key.
2. Learn how to claim your code by visiting this link.

This Giveaway contains the following:

– Federation Elite Starter Pack Key Giveaway:

This starter pack will help any Federation Captain begin their adventure in Star Trek Online! * Available to Federation Captains only. Please note that if you’ve redeemed this pack in the past, you will not be able to claim it again.

Content Includes:
⦁ T6 Reliant Class – Advanced Light Cruiser (Scales as you level!)
⦁ 12 Inventory Slots
⦁ 12 Bank Slots
⦁ 2 Bridge Officer Slots
⦁ 1 Borg Bridge Officer
⦁ 13 Mark II Very Rare Space Gear
⦁ 7 Mark II Very Rare Ground Gear
⦁ Starfleet Academy Uniform

– Star Trek Online’s 10th Contest Prizes:
If you enter the contest you can win one of the following prizes.

1. Federation Fleet Admiral Faction
This bundle is comprised of 3 different styles of Starships as listed below along with faction related items to begin your adventure as a future Federation Fleet Admiral! *Available for Federation Captains only.
Content includes:
⦁ T6 Valiant (Escort Vessel)
⦁ T6 Andromeda (Cruiser Vessel)
⦁ T6 Pathfinder (Science Vessel)
⦁ 2 Ship Slots
⦁ 1 Caitian Bridge Officer
⦁ Racing Uniform
⦁ 1 Exocomp Pet
⦁ Title: Voyager
⦁ Title: Seeker
⦁ Title: Pathfinder

2. T6 Europa-Class Heavy Battlecruiser

The Europa-class Heavy Battlecruiser is well-suited to the frontiers of the Federation, whether the mission is one of exploration or defense efforts. It is named after the U.S.S. Europa – a Nimitz-class vessel lost at the infamous “Battle at the Binary Stars” under the command of Admiral Brett Anderson in 2256. This modern 25th-century counterpart to that ill-fated flagship of yesteryear has been fully outfitted with the latest in team support capabilities, and a substantial array of versatile armaments.

*Available for Federation- aligned Captains only. Upon redeeming the code, the starship will be automatically placed in an active ship slot and cannot be claimed if one is not available

3. Real STO Anniversary Badges
STO Anniversary Badges which mirror the ones available in-game


1. Each code can be redeem just once and each person cannot redeem more than one of these codes.
2. Please note that these codes are only redeemable on the PC version of Star Trek Online and expire on December 31, 2021.


Star Trek Online: Legacy is now live on PC (and launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One March 3). The game’s newest update pays loving tribute to all the different Star Trek series featured in the game over the last decade. Captains will face off against iconic enemies from some of the game’s most popular content updates, while teaming up with some of Starfleet’s finest, who represent the epitome of good. This includes former Borg drone and U.S.S. Voyager crew member, Seven (voiced by Jeri Ryan), from the brand new Star Trek: Picard series and Starfleet’s brilliant commander, Michael Burnham (voiced by Sonequa Martin-Green), from the popular Star Trek: Discovery series. Star Trek Online: Legacy also introduces a brand new space TFO and special anniversary events that allow players to earn the all new Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser.


  1. Well they either just tossed this onto giveaways but forgot to get the keys, they forgot they posted this, they forgot to add keys to the giveaway and don’t remember this is up here.

    I hope they (MMOBomb) will somehow respond to tell us just what happened with this offer. In many ways all the sites that giveaway free stuff/keys/codes I wish they would pull down the giveaway once it has ended or ran out of keys. Perhaps put in “Expired or ran out of keys giveaway” archive or something that says you can come and see what goodies they have given out in the past.

    • Instead of a new reply, just adding

      The date of this “giveaway” was February 11 2020 so either they only had 2 keys or just a lure to get us here to say things.

    • The Elite Keys were limited to a little over 500 and they were snagged up quickly. This post is still here because you still have 6 days to enter the Special Prizes contest which will be raffled off to 3 winners 6 days from now.

  2. Would be awesome to get a key as I have been playing the game for a while now but don’t have a t6 fed ship yet. Would be awesome to get a new ship! Thx for the contest and good luck all!

  3. Yes what happened here. The thing started on the 11th of Feb and by the 12th the entire contest and giveaway was over. You must not have been given many keys to give out. Was the closing a mistake or something wrong with the event that you needed to end it to fix an issue. Saw this in my e-mail and thought how cool. Now depressed but if you have the keys to an elite starter pack, I would be grateful.

  4. Was there some sort of error? I went to get a key and it said it was ended. That seemed pretty short? If a moderator reads this: I’d like a key please 😀


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