Interview: Talking Spark Limits and Invasions with Skyforge

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief


Today I got the chance to sit down with Drew Hahn, Sr. Community Manager, and Aaron Biedma, Producer, from the Skyforge team and talk about the free to play MMORPG's open beta status, talk about Spark caps, and even get a glimpse at what the future holds for's title.

Magicman (MM): Open beta has been open here in the West for a while and the first Invasion is coming, what's the player feedback been as a whole so far on Skyforge in this market?

Aaron Biedma (AB): We've had a lot of feedback ranging from the "you must change this now" to the more thought out and reasoned responses and we've already implemented many changes based on that feedback. We have a lot coming down the road that's in direct response to feedback, but overall the reception of Skyforge has been pretty positive. A few mechanics have been polarizing with players defending the mechanic and other players flat out against the mechanic, but overall we're very happy with the feedback and are constantly making changes.

MM: Are you still seeing player numbers rise and interaction time metrics rise?

AB: Yes, those numbers are on the rise, even through the few server issues we've had to address we always see the player base growing and the numbers going back up as soon as we get things back online.

MM: You mentioned polarizing items, so let's get this one out of the way. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask about Spark Limits. Initially, the idea behind them seemed to be that they kept players grouped around a similar progression path. Now with prestige scaling and content that ignores the caps, why the hell are the limits there? Will they be changing or even going away at some point?

AB: The spark limits are there for several reasons. Initially, yes, we didn't want players getting so far ahead other players couldn't catch up. We're implementing a future upgrade that allows players to catch up faster. Now, they serve to kind of nudge players into playing the Order, PvP, and other game features that all add into player growth.


MM: How do I word this delicately almost seems to me that you're forcing players into other things even though I feel like pushing the Spark gain is the fastest way to grow as a character. Shouldn't I have incentive to do other things rather than be forced to by a cap on one gameplay system?

AB: Yes, you do have incentive to do other things though. For instance, your Order is the system that helps you gain HP. If all you're doing is your sparks, you gain power and can hit things hard but you're a glass cannon with low HP. Customized stats like crit rate and absorption are other incentives to participate in the other Skyforge content. However, part of the long term plan is working with the developers and designers to maybe change some of these things in the future.

MM: Speaking of the Order, you released a dev blog to call attention to this progression path since players, by and large, weren't doing it. Can you take us through the Order, why it benefits players, and how to even do it?

Drew Hahn (DH): One of the biggest things with the Order is that it really helps progress your character so you'll be able to take part in the harder end game content with higher HP and stats. It also allows you to customize your build a great deal and give you things like shield absorption. It allows you to customize your build without having to respec. You can also do all of your Order things on the portal accessible from any browser. Sitting on the bus you can send your followers out and be gaining advancements on your character while not even playing.

AB: We're also looking at implementing things to call more attention to the Order. When we first released, it wasn't necessarily explained the best way which is why we did the dev blog. We're looking at the in game tutorial maybe being expanded a bit in the future to make it easier to get involved with your Order. We're actually looking at a lot of the early game to improve how we get players started.

DH: We've already taken steps like improving the UI in the Crucible of the Gods update to help players understand all the game has to offer.


MM: Big day Friday. First Invasion is coming to Aelion.

AB: Yeah, the first few invasions are basically testing the God's ability to defend the planet with bigger enemies to follow.

MM: This content sounds pretty dynamic. If you don't do certain things the event goes one way versus the other. How does this play out dynamically?

AB: There's a lot of things we're looking to do with this. The first few invasions, the invaders aren't sending their leaders. But if the planet isn't defended it does impact all players. All players lose faith since the people of Aelion don't believe the gods can defend them.

MM: Is this high Prestige only content? How can players of lower Prestige help?

AB: Get into a Pantheon and get your god form and help your fellow players. You need resistances and certain items to be able to fight in the 5 and 10 person content. If you aren't in a Pantheon, you can still get your resistances from other methods, it just takes longer.

MM: What's the highest Prestige you've seen in the Western release so far?

AB: In the West, upwards of 60,000.

DH: There is one guy up at 60,500 and I've personally seen 50-55K running around.

AB: That is someone really working hard, they've been in the game since early access, they get their caps, they work hard.

MM: In theory, there is a cap to overall power. You can only go so far with the Atlas, gear, and Order. Does Skyforge ever become the type of game where everyone gets the latest update's gear then has nothing to do for a while until the next update?

AB: In theory, yes. But because of the way we spread all the progression around from the Ascension Atlas, Divine Atlas, Invasions, Raids, Pantheon Wars and new atlas types coming soon, our aggressive update schedule really doesn't allow everyone to get through everything before something new is being added. We're very aggressive with the content patches. Crucible of the Gods was actually a combination of some Russian updates all put together into one update to add a ton of content at once.

DH: It theory, yes, but it is not possible for most players to "cap" out before the next update.

AB: The upcoming Grand Prix event, for example, is going to give different follower missions and daily content to add to the player's progression already.


MM: Speaking of new content, what can we expect coming down the pipeline for Skyforge?

AB: A lot of big plans. New raids, Pantheon Wars, new invasions with even stronger enemies, new zones...a lot is coming. We're working on releasing updates quicker, as well. We want to get the releases closer and closer until the content is releasing worldwide at the same time. I worked for this goal with a previous game but we didn't quite get there. With Skyforge, we're working hard enough that I think we'll get there.

MM: Sticking to classes currently in the game, what's your favorite class?

DH: I think of myself as an ADD gamer, I'm disappointed if I'm not killing things every 10 seconds. I love Berserker. The skills and attacks suit my gameplay style but I'm curious about what the monk can do.

AB: I like the Kinetic, but the last few weeks I've been playing Archer and it's going to be hard for me to put my Archer down. I really, really like it and I've built it in such a way that I'm utilizing fire and electricity and loving it.

My thanks to Drew and Aaron for spending some time with us!

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Discussion (17)

Reap 8 years ago
Game sucks worse than ever. There are a significant amount of morons who have spent $500-2000 USD in this game and they have stats and things that players who dont pay or simply buy premium can never get. All the caps are still there which is lame as F***. Basically you pay for premium and it simply allows you to cap faster. About the time you reach 80k prestige, the so-called "Catch up" system fizzles out. You cap in 1-3 days, and thats playing for a couple hours a day only. I could go on and on about how many ignorant things are wrong with this game. Such potential, but the greedy pieces of shit who develop it care about nothing but short-term gain. The rich/addict weirdos who pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for stats, dual-chapels and other things give them no reason to change anything. Ah well... what a waste of code.

Felzal 8 years ago
Everything is good in this game except for the talent/class system, it really needs to be taken away, or just change to something more userfriendly.

Also almost all classes are locked when you start playing. which do it less fun, cause you have to spend extra time to unlock the classe you want.
I think the developers of the game has made a really bad mistake by using such system

2 out of 5 stars from me

Cog 8 years ago
This entire interview is full of nothing but garbage responses.

I wish they would do a follow up interview to this one. I'd love to see how the dev's try to defend the bullshit they fed everyone.

Skyforge Sucks 8 years ago
Skyforge sucks fuk this game game this fuk sucks skyforge game fuk sucks fuk skyforge game fuk $hit skyforge game dog$hit

Holy Prinze 8 years ago
As for the invasion only being for ppl with God form. I think you need to Do some for those that are taking longer to get there. Not all Pantheons are moving that fast either cause of the cost of building and the resources. Do you plan to do anything about this. This would keep players attention if something would change like world event for ppl under 30k

TioZ 8 years ago
Fun and all but... you only addressed one elephant in the room.

Sure, you have content scaling now, but it's very poorly done. On one side, if you go around with pubs you run the risk of having a high prestige and/or low prestige members of such disparity that it can hinder the progress of the dungeon because the game scales the content in this case to the highest prestige. So if you have a party of say prestiges of 1000, 10000 and 20000, the 1000 guy is going to be at a loss because he will do very little as everything is scaled to the 20k guy while the 10k will have to stay on their toes. That happens because it basically just ramps up the HP of the party members and scales basic damage, but you won't have the other stats the 20k player has since you haven't gone through the nodes. So no extra symbols, talents and so on.
And on the other hand if you chose to play with your friends and you are the highest prestige you are screwed. The game will in this case scale the difficulty down to the lowest prestige member of the party everyone else not within the old prestige partying bubble will not get anything at all for the run, that granted, is absurdly easy as you just basically hit kill everything if you are further ahead than your friends.

Skyforge is fun but good grief that game shuns at the idea of playing with friends unless you ONLY play with them and keep the progression stagnant unless everyone can play together (since even doing only Order missions will still raise your prestige). Would've loved to hear the reasoning for this crappy choices from the developers in this interview.

aasdasd 8 years ago
game is boring, next game plz

Arieswar 8 years ago
The cap system was a bust.. sadly havent played the game since i hit my first cap and to be fair the game looks awsome but just dont hold a players interest its to generic its to deja vu(enter the same instance 10 times for dfiffrent quests)

main story is somewhat ok but you really messed up with the game in whole, no one wants a game thats grind same area and same quest over and over... no one wants a cap system.. no one wants to get held back face it fix it or get the hell off MMO's

zzzx 8 years ago
all rushit scum should play this piece of sh it and invest for pay to win stuff + subscription, for brainless only, game from scammer devs to scammer , rushits feed own ppl with sh it

Fu*k limits 8 years ago
"The spark limits are there for several reasons. Initially, yes, we didn’t want players getting so far ahead other players couldn’t catch up. We’re implementing a future upgrade that allows players to catch up faster. Now, they serve to kind of nudge players into playing the Order, PvP, and other game features that all add into player growth."

Wah wah wah casuals can't play as much so they'll fall behind and that's not fair wah wah. Bull. Absolute bull$hit. People who put in more time and work deserve more, not to be held back because of workaholic plebian filthy casuals. Screw these stupid russians and anyone who supports them.

CabaL 8 years ago
It's the best mmorpg of 2015. However it needs a lot more to stay on top:
- there are a lot of skill bugs and balancing issues that needs more attention rather then just throwing out new content as priority.
- after capping weekly sparks and credits i can quit until next week because i don't get any further reward.
- pvp is enjoyable but even if i finish on the top players i don't feel rewarded, basically all gets the same price and your personal skill is just mentioned in the bottom of your profile as a purposeless
k/d ratio. I would like to grow my personal reputation as a god, work for increase my pvp ranking, partecipate in tournaments etc... ofc that need a solid balanced game.

View 2 replies
PandaStick 8 years ago
Game get stale and boring after a while, doing the same thing over and over with unbalance pvp.

Todoran 8 years ago
1.Skyforge, 2. TERA 3. Blade & Soul and 4. RIFT 5-10 None good best f2p mmo games 20015/2016!

jetah 8 years ago
What's the details on the Grand Prix event. Will it be P2W (spending argents/credits to accelerate the Adept mission) or not? Will a player be able to get the mount, dual/quad talent setup and the 2 double chapels without paying?

View 1 reply

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