2K Confirms Recent Security Breach Resulted In Personal User Data Being Stolen And Put Up For Sale

"I have just received an email from 2K that they have shat the bed with their security and our personal data has been stolen."

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2k Info Stolen

There seems to be a common theme of third-party hacks and the like surging through the industry lately. Last week, we reported Final Fantasy XIV was under attack by third-party aiming to hijack their internal systems; yet, now 2K gets the same treatment but is directed at unaware players.

One such player, Bobslawnservice, went to Reddit and posted an email from 2K that revealed their information was compromised. The company confirmed that due to a third-party illegally accessing the credentials of one of its vendors to their helpdesk platform, their user data was stolen and put up for sale. The company explained that the stolen data included their "email address, helpdesk ID number, gamertag, and console details."

2K stated there wasn't any indication that their "financial information or password(s)" were compromised, although they urged Bobslawnservice to reset their password, enable multi-factor authentication, update anti-virus software, and restart their computer to prevent further third-party hacking. Moreover, they advised being mindful of malicious links containing malware that may compromise data stored on personal devices.

In response, Bobslawnservice told Redditors how 2K "shat the bed with their security" and is "sick of these companies demanding all our personal information and then not taking their obligation to protect it seriously." This incident marks the second time 2K's help desk platform has been under attack; the first back on September 20 with an identical situation.

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