Perhaps Evolve: Stage 2 Will Have More Updates Despite Multiplayer Shutdown In 2018

It’s a wonderful day for Evolve fans.

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Evolve 2 Might be back

Some of you might recall that back in June, an update was posted to the Evolve: Stage 2 Discord server that mentioned how online services had been reinstated once more. Well, 2K Games now has an official statement on this revival and it seems that the game could have a second chance at life.

“It's been exciting (and admittedly a little surprising!) to see the recent community interest in Evolve. Servers are functioning for players who own the game to be able to matchmake with others. We want to acknowledge that we hear and appreciate the feedback, and are exploring options to continue to support fans.”

In addition, both the in-game news feed and the daily sign-in rewards have been reactivated to thank players for their continued play and dedication to the title. Evolve was definitely a surprising revival considering the game had its multiplayer servers shut down in 2018, but to see something come back from the dead simply because of a strong community is something really wonderful in the scope of gaming that isn't seen too often.

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