EVE Online’s Ascension expansion has launched introducing Clone States which brings a form of free access to the game. As of today, non-subscribed players can log into EVE and play as a base or “Alpha” clone. Play is only restricted by available skills and players can access most areas of the game.

To play the new update, players — both subscribers and non — will need to accept the new EULA and sign in via SSO to re-add their accounts to the EVE launcher. Players will also need to make adjustments to their mobile app and make sure they have a verified email address.

More information on the new expansion and Clone States is available on the EVE Online site.

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  1. f2p in eve looks like this:
    you cannot do anything other than trial account. after 2 hours of gameplay you hit the wall where you have to pay.


  2. Man people complain a lot in 2016. This game will probably never going to be free and i agree with that. This is just an endless trial for those people who don’t like to pay for games, it gives you a chance to test their game without time limit. You like the game, subscribe for the first 2 months than start farming for your subscription and you will never have to pay again. You don’t like the game or you don’t want to pay for it, move on or get a job so you can afford to pay. You are a free to play gamer than stick to free to play games. Since i have got a job i pay for every good game that brings me happiness don’t care how much it costs. You cant say a game is not cool just because its not free, the game is cool as it is the only kind for now, its very complex and its definitely not for kids and you need to spend quite a lot of time in this game.

  3. its no use to anyone but, the fact they/CCP yet again think they found a great idea for you to be trapped in a hopefully sucked in.
    Its nothing but a Gage/Prison, it will be exploited by subs to make the new comer into a perk, a person they just play around with, as they really can’t do anything but be NOTHING.
    Its the worst Idea as CCP has them in their thousands, it’ll be a humiliating experience for anyone to think they are getting in the game for free, after a short time in game they should if they have any brains, realise they are locked more tighter than super glue & no where to go but down.
    All EVE is, is a never ending forever, click on the next skill login those years & years, sub fest!
    CCP just keep on rolling this rubbish out. lol

    • It’s what World of warcraft did and why they released a limited free 2 play option. It’s like a never ending severly limited experience and you can’t fully enjoy it without being locked into a subscription. It’s not worth it if you ask me.

  4. Now this is gonna be interesting to see. But at least for the people whos subscription is expired they can relogin to this game again for free starting today but sadly it will be severly limited in skills. Personally I’ve thought this game was cool but it’s not worth it as a free player if they limit the skills.

    • anyone who played before wouldn’t join now under the free to play part of the game… For one if a player has worked months on getting skills only to come on and see those skills are no longer there and you can’t fly in your capital ship now its pointless. Yes people have work months to farm skills each day just to be able to pilot a ship. IN even online the game is about the gameplay its about the skill system…

    • I wouldn’t blame anyone who doesn’t wanna play under the free 2 play system. it’s just not worth it by taking away the skills from our ships.


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