A New Free-To-Play Shooter, World Boss, Launches This October

The game will enter Steam Early Access soon, but is available in open beta now.

Aspen Pash
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World Boss

PlaySide Studios' latest game, World Boss, is described as a ‘casual’ free-to-play shooter and will be entering Steam Early Access globally on October 20, 2022. Unlike most multiplayer shooters, World Boss won't have players waiting around in a lobby for other players before getting into a game, instead, players will be dropped into an already ongoing match. These matches themselves will have no definitive end.

The game will incorporate an RPG-like leveling system where players can reach new levels by eliminating players or attacking in-world resource points. Players will be able to receive upgrades, perks, and/or weapons to improve their abilities. Once players reach the level cap, they will have the chance to be the World Boss, gaining additional strength and acting as the target for everyone else in the game.

Players at the maximum level will have the opportunity to ‘prestige’ and then begin the grind all over again, only this time, carrying over weapons and perks that will allow players to progress more quickly the second time around. Players can join the open beta from the World Boss Steam Page.

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