After a long testing period, a launch announcement, delays, more testing, more announcements and even more delays … the Escalation update for PlanetSide 2 is finally live!

Escalation brings several War Assets to PlanetSide 2, advantages that outfits can call upon to boost their combined firepower in battle. The centerpiece of the update is the Bastion Fleet Carrier, a giant warship that’s limited to one per faction and serves as a mobile base of operation — as well as the central point of any large-scale battle.

We talked with the developers at Rogue Planet Games about Escalation last month, which you can see here. And be sure to visit the Escalation launch guide on the PS2 website for additional details. Or, you know, just hop in and start shooting. That’s what I’d do, and I’ve got the K/D ratio to prove it.


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