Abyss Dark Arisen to Release Next Month

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor-in-Chief May 11, 2015

NGames, under their Game321 flag, is starting a closed beta for their free to play browser game, Abyss Dark Arisen, which is set to launch sometime in June. Abyss is a 3D ARPG in the spirit of Diablo 3 and uses Stage 3D technology to allow browser play without the need for any client or plugin installation.

In Abyss Dark Arisen, there are 3 classes for players to choose from: Warrior, Mage and Priest. In a world filled with magic and swords, each class also has special skills that must be unlocked. With a smaller hotbar than other similar titles, Abyss tries to narrow the focus of gameplay and create a more action oriented combat. While this type of game of course has a solo play mode, Abyss encourages you to grab a friend or two for some challenging dungeon diving and also features a dueling arena mode and a match mode where teams of over 10 players can do battle.

On the story side of things there are gods, giants, some elves...the usual "things were good and then they weren't" type things and of course it's all up to you to restore some type of balance. But who cares, right? We all know this type of game comes down to getting as many purples as you can, as fast as you can.

For more information, pay the game's official site a visit.

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Michael Byrne
Michael Byrne, Editor-in-Chief
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I_Dont_Care 4 years ago
GM please... Give me Download this Games Abyss Dark Arisen...

Drone3d 5 years ago
The game bugs all the time on all servers.
This game has had a few testing rns to iron out the bugs, but its a lot worse now then previous tests.

Server issues/Population issues
What I am referring to is the servers. There is too many servers due to the low gaming population for this game. It is really hard trying to find help with team dungeons. Games always been like this since its release. Why have so many servers when you have hardly any players. Makes the whole game look dead.

The events are a disgrace.... same events over and over again. Never changes. Same thing day in day out. This game only has a few hardcore gamers which makes me wonder how long it will be before the game is closed permanently this time.

NPCs and City
Really.... you didn't take a single suggestion we made in alpha. Not a jolly thing. Same city over and over again, same 7 NPCs over an over again.

There is a theme here.. same same same.... yeet you want us to contribute money ..... not like this I wont. Boss fight is the worse for me. Stand and hit, then stand and hit keep doing this before you get a reward ....maybe.

I don't even know what most of the items do to upgrade or where to get it.... little to no explanation in game. Over it. How does a game that offers so little have so many items needed to upgrade. Its all over the place with little to no explanation. Have you seen how many items are needed to upgrade. No wonder you less then 50 or 100 active players.

Team Dungeon
Can you tell me how the heck are we suppose to recruit people when there are only 5 people playing... could you explain that please. Its not as if you use fb to answer any questions. You have to let us at least try and run the dungeons ourselves and get rewards for doing so.

Over that too. There is very little to do ingame when you run out of stamina points. Not worth farming in evil abyss.

Every single quest feels repetitious, every single event is repetitious, the whole game is a vicious circle of repetition....

Change the scenery, change the npcs, change the events... do something other then what your doing now.

I don't understand, in fail move.... how come you didnt allow players to move their characters freely amongst different servers, instead we have to create a new char for each one. Not going to do that stuck on a server that has hardly any people on it. Not much thought given to this game at all.
Not gaming when you see 4 to 15 people at any one given time.

Games321 has no support or pride in their games.

Jamon 6 years ago
this game shut down alredy dumb.

According2Mike 6 years ago
This has got to be one of the most dip shit publishers in the gaming world. In an epic fail dumb move, games321 has done a beta character wipe, not uncommon in gaming, but when a game has less then 200 active players the need to do a char wipe was a complete waste of time. Game isn't going to attract more then 500 at best. With 200 active players maybe pushing it a bit. Game is unbalanced. It is pay to win. Not worth the effort. Lack of support is games321 biggest issue.

Drone3d 6 years ago
For anyone about to join don't bother. There is only 1 small tiny town. Throughout the game thats where you stay. It doesn't change.

**This game is full of sh/t, they don't answer questions.
**People have paid money and not gotten their items, when players have complained there has been no response.
**Players are getting black screens and still no reply from these w@nkers
**The heroes arena is a fat joke. 1 player vs 2, wtf is up with that.
**The same NPCs over and over again.
**You have to grind to level so you have to use stamina points to do this, as you only get a few quests per level.
**Need stamina which runs out fast so you have to wait 24hrs for it to replenish.
Only 3 classes
**Everyone gets the same pet and mount unless you pay real money for a different breed of mount.
**A lot of quests aren't fully explained.
Games mainly Filipino players so its hard to get help in chat in english unless there is english players online at that time.
Games is unbalanced and is pay to win.
Remember, the city doesn' change. It stays the same.
**So many items you need to enhance different things it will get confusing for most players, hence the low player base.
** So many cons with this game that it outweighs the pros.
Game is let down by the pub/devs. They don’t make changes to their games.

Jooq 6 years ago
Well..I love isometric mmorpg. Maybe I'll try it. Also title looks kinda like Torchlight 2. And trailer is awful.

MrkHUN 6 years ago
I would be ashemed of myself releasing this in 2015...

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hovsep56 6 years ago
i have phone games better than this....

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