A new, adorable, MMO is making its home on PC today. Titled Tales of Wind, the game originally released on mobile devices early last year. Now the game is making its way to PC, although it may not contain all the features the mobile version has — yet. Reports state that things like Share, voice messaging, and karaoke won’t be available yet.

Still, the game should appeal to fans of cute, and the download is only about 2 gigs, so if you’re looking for something new to do, it’s worth a try. You’ll just want to make sure you check out the post on the game’s Facebook page that details some of the more technical stuff and anything you may need to do to make the game behave properly. Or, you can just snag the mobile version if you’d rather not deal with all that.

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  1. Cool looking game, love the art work and idea, its not a good PC port so far as no fullscreen option, the game also makes it own mind up where to place itself directly onto your hard drive with no choices given, its simple in its approach to auto mobile world play and still wants you to act like its a mobile in your hands with directional dials etc, with crowded interface. You can use wasd to move around and 1234 to mash away, as with all mobile games after a while of playing its just becomes a very mundane Mobilishhh game, especially without the niceity of a full screen. šŸ™


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