adventure quest 3d

Adventure Quest 3D has a massive update hitting the servers tomorrow (June 21). The update, which Artix is billing as the “biggest update ever” for the free-to-play game, will introduce a new dungeon, monsters, NPCs, quests, and more.

The Umbral Caves is a level 10 (kinda) dungeon in the Bone Cliffs. It’s suggested that players attempt it with a full party of three and take along plenty of potions. The dungeon comes complete with all new monsters including the Ixtis Harvesters, a species of sentient insect-like creatures mostly found in caves. There are a variety of Ixtis, ranging from a queen who shares an empathetic connection with her people, to guards and workers.

Another addition is the NPC Lidria the Herbalist, located in Doomwood. Lidria offers a short quest chain that runs players through the Umbral Caves and unlocks more repeatable quests. She also sells a variety of potions in her shop that will come in very handy in the dungeon.

Additional changes, inclucing adjustments to crafting, the addition of treasure chests, and more can be read about in the official blog post.

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    • The idea does sound really cool I do admit. But I been beta testing since the tech demo and from what I found out they plan to make a cash cow game sadly. I’d tell more but it’s better they unveil it themselves.


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