Aeria Games announced that they will be bringing Dragomon Hunter to North America and Europe in the fall of this year. The free to play MMORPG is being developed by X-Legend (Aura Kingdom, Grand Fantasia, and Eden Eternal) and features a hunting/collecting system where players can explore an open world to hunt down more than 100 different monsters.

The anime based look of Dragomon Hunter, reminiscent of Dragon Quest titles and Blue Dragon, is very vibrant and colorful. In game, players will take on the role of one of four classes (Scout, Mercenary, Mage, or Cleric) and can team up with friends to hunt down larger prey. Monsters slain can even be added to a player’s mount collection and can also drop rare materials used to craft better equipment.

Dragomon Hunter also features built in controller support.

To sign up for beta and learn more about Dragomon Hunter, check out the newly launched website.

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  1. Wow I can’t wait to play Dragomon Hunter. It sounds almost like an anime version of ARC but it FREE! I’m excited for the North American Release.

  2. God I hate and love X-Legend at the same time. It looks exactly like spirit tales, EXACTLY the characters, monsters, weapons. that’s the reason I hate this enterprise. plus they are TERRIBLE at balancing their games (eden eternal pvp was an exception), they always most of the time give up on their games, leave players without updates, bug fixes and end game stuff. It’s like they copy+paste then put a new name for everything and TADA “new game”.

  3. Aeria Games need to chill. Add a few years of development into a new game that can compete with the rest, tbh guys i really suggest you checkout skyforge that launches in 4 minutes as open beta! its a huge hype and better then all others ive played.

    But yea… Aeria chill guys and develop a game for a few years and spend some time and take the world with storm i know you have a good dev team and you can pull it off if…. and if.. YOU DEVELOP A GAME instead of shooting out something people get tierd of after 5 minutes..

  4. The game is actually quite good, it’s not just point click and spam abilties, there’s skill indicators when monster is about to attack so you do have to move around avoid and attack, and + Anime Style for me!

  5. Same copy paste mmo like Aura Kingdom, or Grand Fantasia…just look on youtube some gameplay, copy paste tab target crap…its nothing like MHO!!!


    Look at the Asian playthroughs and streams of this game. Its the same. old. shit. SAME. SHIT.

    The trailer actually nearly got me, nearly, but no, hopes dashed of something actually worth time.

  7. Looks like a cutesy version of Monster Hunter. I’m actually interested in a game being published by Aeria, go figure.

    I really hope that the combat is indeed similar to monster hunter and the like, I would love to get my big creature fighting fix on PC.

  8. Aeria always relases crap they had Shin megami tensei and that was so far the best shot they had , now the games they have are not even a worth trying

  9. I think it looks pretty good, i personally really like the graphic style. I hope my thoughts are true that it’s not auto-targeting.

  10. aeria has to stop shitting new mmos on a weekly basis and start thinking seriously about quality, oh wait, they never have gave a single fuck.

  11. Looks pretty interesting actually, anime styled monster hunter online. If Aeria doesn’t mess it up with a terrible cash shop this game could provide lots of fun. Hopefully I’ll get into the beta or mmobomb snags some keys to give away šŸ˜‰


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