The world is in peril and it’s last hope at saviour lies with a group of genetically modified women. Yes you read that right JUST women. Why? Who knows but it was probably man’s fault and we had it coming. Nevertheless therein lies the premise for Aeria Games latest MMO Scarlet Blade.

The game was announced today and according to Tom Nichols, Director of Publishing at Aeria its “one of the most unique and impressive games” the publisher has had the privilege of publishing. According to Tom the MMO features “a phenomenal level of depth and style” and expects the “charming cast of all-female playable characters will attract a passionate following of MMORPG gamers.”

Along with the announcement, a new teaser website and trailer have appeared which give us a small amount of insight into what we can expect from the MMO. Looking past the obvious similarities in armour between Phantasy Star Online 2 and Scarlet Blade, the MMO seems to be set in a world of interesting diversity. Players should expect environments ranging from lush, exotic jungles, snowy peaks and labyrinthine caves to treacherous abandoned military installations.

Players can also expect “dynamic” features such as the ability to don a suit that eerily resembles the iconic space marine suits from Starcraft. We are told these are in fact hulking mechs that provide temporary access to completely new abilities, play style, and vastly increase power. I still say its a space marine suit.

Beyond this the only other feature revealed currently is the PvP battles where players can expect clashes in sizes up to 80 vs 80. Beyond this players can also take to a huge continually contested open zone specifically built for strategic PvP play between factions. I’m always a fan of large PvP and siege warfare and I am excited to see this style of PvP continue.

Aeria is accepting signups now for the closed beta phase of Scarlet Blade. In the meantime you can check out the teaser trailer and let me know if the mech suit 45 seconds in does or does not look similar to a space marine.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. speaking of Aeria anyone know when or if Lime Odyssey is gonna be coming out? seems like that game has been “coming soon” for ages now with little updates… seems like they should finish launching there other coming soons rather then tacking on more to the list

    • They still didn’t release it? lol If they remove it, I wouldn’t be surprised. They have all these other games being added and not a word about LO.

  2. the fact you can’t play as male kinda disappoints me I much prefer to play as my own gender however seeing as how queens blade was mostly about it’s sex appeal I don’t think I’d like to play as a guy in skimpy booty shorts sooooooo yeah

  3. Ew another point and click game, why do they think that just changing the storyline and characters and switching to sci fi would… oh yeah… nvm, just remember how many people love spaming 1-9

    • … I still haven’t played a non-point and click that doesn’t involve spamming some kind of button. Think its kind of a mute point at this point in time.

    • Sam Posted on absolutely aegerd it’s probably more appropriate to have a Best Idea Executed Across More Than One Channel, Including At Least Two Digital category or if you want to be succinct Most Versatile Idea but you’ve got me thinking about how best to evaluate integration

  4. Ohh, Aeria still doing such a rubish games? Its all in past, today people need games like TERA, Blad & Soul, something new, but that kind of games, are very booring…

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  5. “the ability to don a suit that eerily resembles the iconic space marine suits from Starcraft.”

    You mean Warhammer 40k, right? The place where they took those from, right?

    • Im a huge Warhammer fan and yes SC was influenced by Warhammer 40k. But the suit in the video more closely resembles the SC version rather than Warhammer.

    • Victoria Posted on OMG!!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME!! When I was in Santa Barbara I fell in LOVE with biking and miss my green setasnion that I so Southernly named Mint Julep. Lime Dime brings a tear to my eye. KEEP IT UP GURL!!


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