Following last week’s bit of ‘Schrodinger’s Bless’ kerfuffle, MMORPG sat down with the company’s Director of Game Launches Jérôme Nguyen Van Long for a brief interview. They covered why we haven’t heard too much about the game’s progress — blame the merger process, how much longer players will have to wait to get their hands on the English version, and how the Russian release will impact the English one.

Overall, the answers were pretty much of the “nothing to say yet” variety. What we do know is that Aeria Game is pretty pleased with the progress they’re making so far. We also now know that the company wants the cash shop to be optional:

“Facing a paywall to progress on your journey is definitely a terrible experience. We want to have a seamless experience for all players. The cash shop should be optional, only offering convenience and vanity items to the players who use it.”

That’s great news for players if implemented as described here. But of course, we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find out sooner rather than later.

If you’d like to read the full interview, you can do so on

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  1. I remember a game Aeria had at one time Eden Eternal. There were 15 year old game moderators running around pretending to be roleplaying with other kids and banning people that didn’t rp with them. They even gave free items to players that lied to the BBB because of their bad rating and customer service.

    Then they were like we changed come play Ragnarok online 2. Horrible exp decreases unless you bough exp items from the cash shop. Delayed updates, ect.

    Now everyone seems to have forgotten all of those things and there like but bless developers care about more then money……

    Well then they should have chosen a better publisher. Moving on.

    • Then I guess alot of MMOs are ruined since a majority of them got shitty cash shops or dress up cash shops or VIP or something. But cash shops and micro currency is the worse in my opinion and VIP/subscription is alright but they just tend to favor them more then free players it’s just a no win situation.

  2. Aeria Games is notorious for selling items in the cash that give an unfair advantage to paying players. Additionally, virtually every item in their cash shops can be traded with other players or sold at the Auction House in exchange for gold.

    • For realz? Lol wow bet if a hacker got someones account and did that someones gonna be upset and if aeria support is like I been hearing they probably won’t help.

    • yep they are one of the worst publishers out there for P2P mechanics added in and extra grind to sell exp boosts etc type scams, its a shame too many people know of aerias reputation if anyone else got this title it would have been a bigger game and more populated . i wanted to try out bless but as i heard aeria has it ill pass

    • I know plenty of horrible publishers and devs. I honestly never played Aeria games before and likely never will since all the reviews I’ve seen from it are mostly negative. There is some games I really do wanna try but I took a hard pass on them after I heard all the reviews on how bad aeria games is. I don’t take reviews seriously but if a good majority of the consumers is complaining about it then I do a little fact checking to make sure they are not just complaining for stupid reasons and 98% of the time they don’t.

  3. Let the criminals eat that pay to win crap, ist another copy past asian moba with ugly pokemon faces kid chars with huge boobs and baloon like mobs!Soon to be down like plent of same copy pastes!

  4. Having a cash shop as optional? Pfffffft yeah right that’s what over 90% F2P MMOs say then it turns out it’s a flat out lie. And it’s even worse then those 12 year old kids show off their cash shop items saying how cool they are. But the matter is no one cares as long as you enjoy playing the game it’s all that matters. Rares or cash shop items don’t really matter but F2P MMOs like Aeria games make a big stink about it trying to convince you gotta buy it your better off playing single player games it will be lonely but it will save you alot of money in the long run.

    • Indeed, I learned my lesson with Aeriagames. As much as I wanna’ try that game, I rather just play something else instead. That game will be p2w just like their 20 previous copy pastas games they released every month.


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