Valentine’s Day is upon us and Aeria games offering players of all its games something special to do for the holiday. Echo of Soul, Fiesta, Twin Saga, and more all have something exciting for players to take part in.

Echo of Soul is offering players the Valentine’s Day loyalty program which rewards players with items to charm their chosen one. Fiesta, on the other hand, is celebrating the holiday all month long with a variety of events. Then there’s Twin Saga, which is doing a loyalty program with new costumes and other things for players to gift to their valentine.

To know what your favorite Aeria game is up to for the holiday, head on over to your game of choice’s site — or simply log in — and check things out.

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  1. If you are looking for a casual game with a friendly community Twin Saga is a good choice. And you can enjoy the game without spending money. You may be put off by the cartoony graphics and the fact the characters look like there about ten. And it is not a game you can put 40+ hours into without getting bored. Has had some problems but things are improving, Have been playing since open beta.

  2. This event sounds really fun. I really wanna join in on twin saga’s holiday valentine days festival but I don’t really trust aeria games much due to all the reviews I seen about them.

    • If the Twin Saga event looks fun then just play the game; it’s completely free. People obsessively hate on Aeria Games because that’s the cool thing to do. Most of them probably have never had a single experience dealing with Aeria. Their cash shops focus a lot on selling RNG boxes (essentially gambling online), which is kind of crappy; but you know what? So does every other Asian MMO publisher in existence. It doesn’t hinder your fun in any way, because it’s stuff you don’t need to enjoy the game. Supposedly their customer support is pretty bad, also, but I played Eden Eternal heavily for 2-3 years and didn’t have a single issue that required customer support.
      Don’t let the ravings of a bunch of kids on the Internet prevent you from having fun. Play the game, and when you stop having fun or you feel like you need to buy from the cash shop to have fun, just stop playing and move on. You will lose absolutely nothing, because the game is free.

      • they are not ravings by kids aeria games does the same thing with each of their games p2w cash shop junk , extends the exp grinds, same old generic games with rng . too many things to mention tbh ive tried a fair few of their games and they are all much the same with the same cash grab scams

        there is a reason why people review them poorly thats because they are a bad company

        its great that you are enjoying one of their games but dont be blind and spread your own version of misinformation while saying others are doing it but on the opposite side while you are saying a game is great and aeria is a good company and its all bs by kids

        • I never said Aeria was a good company, I never said their games were great, I never spread any amount of misinformation. I simply stated that the game is free, you lose nothing by playing it, also that my personal experience with Eden Eternal was just fine. That is all truth.

          “aeria games does the same thing with each of their games p2w cash shop junk , extends the exp grinds, same old generic games with rng,”
          That is your—very subjective—opinion, that you’re claiming as absolute fact. To some extent I actually agree with you, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is simply an opinion.

          It doesn’t matter what the cash shop is like, it doesn’t matter how “generic” it is, all that matters is having fun. If you have fun playing the game without spending money, then what are you losing by playing it? The obsessive, nonsensical hate over something so insanely simple—play the free game if it’s fun; stop playing it when it stops being fun; get free entertainment—is, indeed, nothing but childish raving by people who think they are entitled to free entertainment.

    • I guess your right but I don’t think I can. There’s certain things I’m supose to be doing irl and this game would just take up the time and I don’t got alot of time to mess around it’s very important time limit I got.

      • That’s understandable. MMOs are very difficult to get into and really enjoy when you don’t have a whole lot of free time. Good luck with whatever you’ve got going on, though.


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