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About the game:
Title: Twin Saga
Status: CLOSED Graphics: 3D
Developer: X-Legend
Publisher: Aeria Games

In Twin Saga, an anime-themed F2P MMORPG from X-Legend and Aeria Games, you’ll become the last hope for humanity’s survival after a long war between twin goddesses. You can switch classes on the fly to adapt to any challenges, and unleash combos and ultimate moves to devastate your opponents. Group up with your friends or recruit senshi, powerful warriors you can enlist to aid you in your journey.

Twin Saga’s most remarkable feature is the Terracottage, a type of mobile housing that contains everything you’d want in a home, such as crafting stations, a holographic trophy room, and a greenhouse for harvesting food. You can also use the Terracottage to move swiftly around the game world or just hang out with your friends in its spacious main hall, which you can decorate freely.

Explosive Features:

  • Class-swapping
  • Senshi NPC Allies
  • Terracottage Roaming Housing

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System Requirements

Twin Saga Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Processor: Intel Pentium4 2.8 GHz or higher / AMD K8 2600+ or higher
Memory Ram: 3GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 6GB of free Space
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8400 / Radeon X1600 or higher

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  1. (Twin Saga Review)
    + Casual Game
    + 4 Job Classes and More Job Class
    + Pets
    + Costumes
    + House System
    + Fishing
    + Crafting
    + Anime Style
    – Small Community
    – Lack of content update
    – Korea Voice Language
    – Gold Sellers
    – Bots
    Star Rate: 4/5 (Great Game)

  2. If you want a game that plays itself, has horrible graphics for a game that new and terrible UI AND runs slow then this is the game for you. Competition? Nope! Need to do anything? Nope! Oh, but the game is more about looking cute and shiny, right? If you have money then yes!
    I waited for this game for some time, then got into open beta and quit it after a week. Not worth anything.

  3. I have been playing Twin Saga since open beta. If you want a competative hard core game and/or PVP is an essential part of your MMO experience then look elsewhere. If you want a fun casual MMO with a friendly and helpful community this game may be for you. You can advance more quickly and make your character OP by spending money but you do not need to spend money to have fun and do all the content. Playing free just means you need to put in more time and effort. Most all the systems are simplified and streamlined so you should have no trouble doing any of the activities. Their was a real problem with lag at the start but it is now only an occasional nuasance. They are getting new content out more quickly. Cash shop is still a problem, many things are still to expensive and to many mystery boxes. Do not buy mystery boxes they are a rip off. You can earn loyalty points in the game and use them to buy many of the things in the cash shop. I good game to play with your girlfriend or for younger players. Recently added desert battlefield which does give a decent PVP experience but is only 1 time a day.

  4. Small community of Twin Saga on Aeria games.This game got hyped up so much that many player don’t even play this game anymore. it a real shame to see this fall so quick in short time.

  5. 0 stars for this game. Won’t even install. Downloader stalls or fails. Viewed Twin Saga forums to find this has been ongoing for a long time. Gives me the impression the developers don’t care and are sloppy. Don’t see this game lasting very long.

  6. I like TS, but it isn’t much of an MMO in my opinion. It would be great as a console RPG with simulated MMO (Tales of meets .hack, kinda). But in general it’s pleasant enough. I like the senshi system, battle voices and overall art, but the dialogue can get a bit boring.

    • Agreed. It looks more like it could pass off as a single player game then an MMO but that’s just one of my thoughts on this game. But before releasing as a single player if they ever did but they most likely won’t they would have to take the multiplayer stuff out.

  7. Im not coming to MMOBomb anymore. 90% of these games are Aeria, extreme crap bot scam games with no player base. i wouldnt recommend 1 game on this list.

  8. OMG dude you’re killin me lol all you have to do is click on the quest and it takes you there, you don’t need to even look at the map.

  9. I really am like the concept of this game idgaf if it’s art style looks like it’s from early 2000s but from reading all the comments and reviews about how aeria games doesn’t care about their community is making me think twice about wanting to try out this game.

  10. Aeria has lost most of their player base on all their games. it is just botter mostly that control Aeria games. They do not Care about the community. it is the profit only.

  11. This game combine the Eden Eternal cuz the system of class unlocked , Aura Kingdom same of the same battle and Dragomon Hunter is get the Chibi Character..
    I like it, same every game but unique in one game like Log Horizon.

  12. This game I like it but after lets say 15 mins the screen crashes goes black and blank but i can still hear the music me pressing buttons for attacks…

    • With crashes, it was the videocard on my box. Switching to onboard video got me going again, and the game runs fine on both of my laptops as well. With a smaller title like this, I’m not sure how much they will do for unsupported videocards, but we can hope!

  13. Omg its a mini aurakingdom. this game was made for babies….( not litterally in a , the animation are kids ) (have a feeling a few salty people will try to talk shit like, ” this game not for babies , you dumb , eheheh” )

  14. I played Dragomon Hunter and got bored out of my mind after just 1 week, but I could honestly say that Twin Saga manage to surpass my expectation. Am still playing it after 3 weeks and still maintaining my interest on it.

    I suppose the class system and terracottage is praiseworthy. The PVP system is so annoying, though.

  15. With Aeria Games and X-Legend especially, it’s the same game over and over again with a few new gimmicks that stay interesting for about an hour.

    You’d be better off just playing Eden Eternal, MAYBE Aura Kingdom as well. Don’t expect anything refreshing or different.

    This is only my experience/opinon, but after the horrible trashfire that was Dragomon Hunter (Monster Hunter if it were cutesy, anime, and awful), I JUST. DON’T. CARE.

    You won’t miss anything by giving this a pass.


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