Aeria Games has revealed the four classes players will have to choose from when they take to the monster hunting world of Dragomon Hunter. The free to play MMORPG will feature a Scout class, a Mercenary class, a Mage class, and a Cleric class each wielding their own unique skill sets as you take to the world trying to kill or tame creatures for use as a mount.

Take a look at the official notes regarding each class:

  • The Scout: Relying chiefly on their speed, these hunters rush in and out of harm’s way, inflicting massive damage in the process.
  • The Mercenary: Capable hunters wielding battleaxes and greatswords. Hardier than their compatriots, they can deal fearsome damage with their colossal weapons.
  • The Mage: Using staves and hunting horns to channel their magic, these spellcasters rain punishment down upon their foes from afar.
  • The Cleric: The savior of any group of hunters. When they’re not healing allies with soothing magic, they’re more than capable of doling out beatings with a hammer or cestus.
  • You can still head on over to the Dragonmon Hunter website to sign up for the game’s upcoming beta.

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    1. So aeria keep hosting eyasoft games, gets aura kingdom shutdown eden eternal. now dragomon and watch aura kingdom’s death. although aura kingdom barely runs on my computer (I could only play eden eternal), pretty sure dragomon won’t work at all.

      and as usually eyasoft ctrl+c+v their games, change color of everything, names and BOOM a completely new game, mind blown. then a few months later it either closes down or stop getting new content because they’re always “busy” working on new projects.

    2. I hope that pets aren’t that important in the game, since if every class has a pet, what’s the point of having a pet in the first place.

      • You’ve played pokemon right? This game takes after it and digimon and other pet based games from my understanding. Devs have been trying to come up with a means to present the formula in a balanced way in an mmo environment for years. Not sure how this will turn out but if they succeed I’d be interested in trying it out. In that regard the logic is present that each class would have pets. They are trying to merge the pet training with monster taming so it has the standard player class system but the focus is on the pets. Other games have done similarly if you are curious about the formula, dragon prophet being one of the more recent attempts that didn’t work out if you want to take a glance at it.


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