After Almost Ten Years The Adventures In TERA Are Coming To An End

Players have until June to soak up as much of the game as they can.

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Tera Shutdown Announcement

Well, this is a bad way for people to start their morning – particularly if you’re a fan of Tera. Today, Gameforge announced that the game’s developer, Bluehole, made the decision to cease the development of the game. Unfortunately, this plan does not seem to include shifting the game into maintenance mode, as has been done with other MMOs. Instead, Gameforge stated that as the “last remaining publisher of TERA...[they] must respect Bluehole’s decision” and will be shutting down the game.

After ten years in action, Tera will cease operation on June 30, 2022. Before that, however, there are other things that must be done. It’s more or less the standard stuff that goes along with a game shutdown: halting purchases, and the like. On May 31 Gameforge will deactivate the ability to create new accounts or make purchases via the Tera club.

For those wondering, there will be no refunds for any purchases made before then, nor will any migration to the console version be possible, so if you were planning on spending money soon, perhaps you shouldn’t. That said, players that have Tera Club account subscriptions that are set to run out after the shutdown date will want to contact Payment support following the shutdown. You’ll be able to get a partial refund.

Finally, today’s announcement specifically mentions the PC version of the game. The fate of the console version hasn’t been addressed yet. More information is available in the FAQ.

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nnilsamoth 2 years ago
Lol good riddance, Game died the moment they started puking out female exclusive classes.

OldGlory 2 years ago
sad day...

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