After A One-Day Delay, Chimeraland’s Update Will Happen Today

New systems have been added, and compensation rewards will be given for the downtime.

Aspen Pash
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Chimeraland Delay

Chimeraland’s open world survival craft MMO update will be happening today, September 23, after a one-day delay. Maintenance will take place from 6:00 - 9:00 UTC+0 and servers will be unavailable during this allotted time.

Players can get ready for the Merfolk Hymn treasure hunt event from September 23 until October 27 and the start of the game's Returning event. A few new systems have also been added to the game like a Gourmet Station, a Food Station Home Tech, and related fusion recipes. Players that would like to read up on all the shop listings that will be added can check out the official patch update notes on Chimeraland Global’s Facebook.

Players will be compensated for the downtime with 150 Sage Jade, 15 Birthlight Pills, and 2,000 Cowries. These rewards can be found in a player's in-game mail. As an important reminder, it is recommended that players completely log out of the game before the maintenance begins.

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