age of wulin

Chapter 8 of Webzen’s free-to-play martial arts MMO, Age of Wulin, has landed. Beginning today, players can explore a variety of new regions; including deserts, grasslands, and mysterious forests of stone. A new game mode is also being made available that will allow players to manage their character’s constitution, hunger, thirst, body temperature, and other health-affecting things.

Another major addition will allow players to claim their very own piece of land and build a home customized to their personal tastes. But the houses aren’t there just to look pretty. More than 100 pieces of furniture will grant powerful buffs that players — and their friends — can use during adventures.

Full details on the expansion are available on the Age of Wulin site.

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  1. Why do you cover Age of Wulin but not Age of Wushu? It’s the same game, true Wushu is somewhat less populated, but this is why Wushu is so low, nobody is covering it. So just curious as to why Wulin gets the attention.

    • Because Wushu sucks – it may be a few patches ahead, but is destroyed by the cash shop, Wulin is the more logical choise to play.


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