Information just keeps flowing about Snail Games’ Wings of Destiny expansion for the martial arts based MMO Age of Wushu. In a strangely silent video (seriously? No sound at all?) we get our first glimpses of Lingxiao City and the Path of the Departed. This city lies within the new areas that will launch when the expansion drops “sometime soon.”

More than just eye candy, Lingxiao City is actually a city divided as players arrive. The city features a 4 faction battle event that unfolds through a brand new game mode.

The new game mode will pass through different phases, during which players from each group will try to gather special resources, recruit powerful NPCs for support, and even rescue hostages from opposing bases. The ultimate goal will be for the players of Lingxiao City to hold out and defend the city, while the Snow Valley people, the Blood Blade Clan, and the Valley of Frozen Souls assault the city. The attackers are no coalition, however, as they compete and even fight each other for resources and the ability to attack the city and defeat Wang Yue.

Players will be randomly added to a faction and will be given special outfits that make it easy to determine someone’s allegiance. However, there’s a bit of a wrinkle. Espionage is also being added to this event. Players will be able to join factions other than the one they were assigned as undercover agents. These “spys” will be acting behind the scenes trying to advance their actual faction’s agenda through poisoning, sabotage, intimidation, and even bribery. Just don’t arouse suspicion! Being outed as a spy could cost you!

I really enjoy some of the systems Age of Wushu implements. While I may not play the game itself a lot (just not a huge fan of the martial arts based gameplay) I can’t help but wonder what some of the game’s systems would look like in other games.

Let us know if you’ll be spying on others in the expansion below!

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  1. have to say it never really clicked with me when i gave the game a try It had some nice ideas it just didn’t grip me, I didn’t find the combat all that fun to be honest.

    • i have to completely agree with you – when i first saw trailers about AoW, i was really excited there is going to be a more advanced MMORPG with a setting in Ancient China, i was talking about it all the time, thinking about playing it… and when the game came out, it was a huge disappointment, im not happy one bit how the game turned out to be

      i also believe that there is no saving for this game, unless the fundamental flaws are fixed, which the developers dont seem to care about at all


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