Aion (Europe): Pay to Win?

MMOBomb Staff
MMOBomb Staff

Is Aion Europe version a pay to win game? Does a free player stand a chance? Watch to learn it all!

Play or Pay to Win is a new show of about the Cash Shop of popular free to play online games including some concerns of the Free-to-Play model for MMOs and the pay-to-win stigma.

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Luca 9 years ago
Hello! I don't like aion EU free to play for the gold pack too but i don't understand why some people here talk about the gold pack as a pay to win.
Let's say you have limitations etc etc etc once you buy (with ingame money and not real money) the gold pack your account stay veteran...Yeah you have to wait a bit more for instances cooldown but they have a lot of time to "reload" anyway.

A pay to win is something that give you Armors or Special Potions that you can't obtain ingame but only paying.

Aion don't have this stuff. Aion only have predefinite sets that you obtain ingame going to events like foretress battles and pvping gaining Abyss Points.

Aion CAN'T be a P2Win game..It's impossible...there's nothing in Item mall that you can't have ingame like different armors or else...You sayin is pay to win because you can purchase with money a TRUE BLACK DYE? oh yeah it make the difference if you have a true black Dye especially on the new sets that will come in Aion 4.0 who are Black >.<

And talking about aion 4.0 , you will be able to craft your lvl 60+ armor / weapon with pvp attack/defence...So all these problems there won't be in any way.

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Aion2years 10 years ago
Idk why I got so mad at the end of this video; It's all true what you said about the high vanity item prices and I agree with them being that way; you want to look MORE unique than the high randomness of choices the game offers for free then by all means spend the cash but; why I got mad is because this video is incomplete making other spectators ditch the awesome game it is Why? , because that GOLD PACK Sub, you can get it for FREE! I mean no real cash, just by purchasing it from in-game money which you can get in like 12 hours (3 moderate day plays) and then you have access to all the game. Seriously more research next time pls! But good effort

emKill 10 years ago
I don't know what's the rukus around here, the only problem with Aion EU that i have is the updates, only 3.5 atm

cacalips 10 years ago
AION EU is broke. They are SUPER pay to PROGRESS (not win). You will need a lvl 40 gold pack to get the trade house. All skill boost stones that drop are usually for other classes,...but cant trade or sell as F2P so have to vend it...that is ok up to level 40 when the competitive edge in both PVE - PVP = needing to commerce with your fellow man. EU is greed driven.
US rocks, and is the best. EU cant even update their game. They are 3 versions behind right now and nothing but promises. The problem, I install US and lag worse than the sag in yo grandmas titi's.
Game over. UNINSTALL.

ThePlayer 10 years ago
I played gameforge EU version once in March 2012 and now with a new char in October and still many bots/gold spammers + now empty starting areas and most of the players I saw mostly in the main city where all pay to play players(they have cs mounts, costumes etc and are high lvls mostly) + still existent starter acc(not veteran) = fail, cannot use broker(Auction House).
So right now I'm finishing downloading Aion NA and hopefully I'll have rather small lags like in Lineage 2 ... - there's no other choice for me as a f2p player.
ps: I think it was a big Big mistake made by NCsoft that they sold Aion in EU to Gameforge instead of running it themselves here :(

ThePlayer 10 years ago
@Nekrotik gameforge always sucks and all their games are pay to win including their version of Aion not to mention horrible horrible delays in updates(they just launched 3.0 ...)
And I haven't heard of GF' f2p Aion version like the one that is in NA also they still haven't make access to the veteran status for starting players and I remind you that it is already middle of October 2012!
Even in GF video interview the guy(the boss of Aion from GF) just briefly mentioned about their more and more aggressive cash shop in the future IF current items ceased to sell well enough for them..
Gameforge is one of the worst EU game companies - I'm from EU and played many of their games so I know what I'm talking about.

Nekrotik 10 years ago
im glad the U.S. free to play model is not free/pay to play- its a truly free model with no choice of subscription.i think the E.U. version of the truly free model is coming later in the year.this is just a late review of the first free model of aion tested in E.U..look for the truly free model later this year for E.U. players............witch he dosnt mention in the video.this guy did no research what so ever learn to do your job or dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Lawful (55 SM) 10 years ago
Its quite funny watching a video of a person bashing a game that he has no idea about.

The broker restriction for starter accounts was introduced as a system against bots.
You can buy gold packs from the Auction but you have to be a gold pack first or a veteran member of the community.
Gold pack only cuts down your cooldowns and gives a bit extra medals from the arena, nothing gamebreaking and you do not need one until level 46 at all. (Lv46 is where the instance cooldowns are important)

Secondly gold packs are cheap and by that level you can buy several from your amounted kinnah.

As for the other cash shop items, most of them are useless.
The EXP boosters are not worth it because you level fast in aion w/o them, the game is quit fast paced and there is a resting system while you are offline, to boost your exp after you log in for a while, it helps you with leveling , so you do not need exp charms.

The fashion items are okay, nothing to boast about, the aren't worth your money.
The pets are okay too, you can find similar alternatives ingame for free.
The only thing from the cash shop that would be good to buy are the unique dye's, the gold packs and maybe instance reset scrolls (Which you can also trade).

So generally, the cash shop does not offer anything to help you become more successful in this game, its a convienience store that you can go on without ever using.

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KalameesJr 10 years ago
You should do Allods Online next just to piss Magicman off. :P

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asdasds 10 years ago
You forgot to mention something .... ALL former p2p that now are f2p games, are P2WIN. they want you know how to do it. these games are not for free2play gamers, cause you won't enjoy the game at all .

NinjaBird 10 years ago
Just go with Aion NA. 100% true F2P.. These idiots who host EU version must learn that , the game is supposed to be FREE 2 PLAY and not PAY FIRST AND THEN PLAY FOR FREE !

This EU version will die and it must die ! The hosting company should go bankrupt >.<

kerozinn 10 years ago
very good show and i like the voice of the speaker. looking forward to next episode.

maltray 10 years ago
I saw this earlier today, didn't comment here though.

I must say that this kind of shows are needed, the ones that also watch some stuff not all videos cover, like the bad things.

Keep it up, grats!

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bigguy 10 years ago
no such thing as a free mmo if u want to get the best gear u pay for it or grind grind grind and trust me i did grind but now i pay to play

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Jack 10 years ago
i dont understand some ppl attack him with no reason all what he say is right i love all his show idea it help you to decide what you play and i hope he review more games:)

click 10 years ago
pay to win ??? all you talked about with items that have nothing to do with pay to win
pay to win is items that give you a big advantage .... pvp ....pve and so on
ok you dont seem to know aion very well
lvling is to easy
tons of quests
avg mmo grafix
items are easy to get till lvl60 then you have to farm them
lot of rude people on here and tons of gold farmer who spam there ad's

Jonathan 10 years ago
I think it's pay to win. I also play on the American aion. Where everything is "really" free. No disadvantage with trading and stuff. And dungeon wait times are all the same!

phonz 10 years ago
I hate to be that guy, but shouldn't it say "You're Up" and not "Your Up" at the opening title?

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Jinx 10 years ago
Play on a Private Server like Infinite Aion, you can do anything like if you bought the game and its rates (exp, gold,loot) are identical to retail. No limits at all. Better than their "free2play" crap.

Thor 10 years ago
Loki gtfo or i pushin u with Mjolnir!!!!

I was played at the pay 2 play version and after when i get my premium acc i realized, that game is pay2win lot of ppl sayed the Gold acc membners get +dmg at pvp Aion Eu shame to u4 i goin and play in a lag battle at the other continent...the home of fully free Aion. US and A. xD

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Loki 10 years ago
Not to mention that you can actually use the broker to do one single thing... buy a Gold Pack from other people... That is with in-game money...

Horrible video MMOBomb, spreading lies preventing people from playing something is just nasty business.

Loki 10 years ago
Ohyea btw, I don't play Aion because I don't like it,
but I tried it for one month with gold pack and my account is still ''veteran'' and I feel like I'm pretty much not limited, since I am not interested in raiding anyway.

Loki 10 years ago
Prices being high for little advantage -
This is awesome because now people will not buy it = Not pay to play.

Hey video guy... Not to be mean...
But after you make a single purchase... you become a veteran and you unlock all trading features for ever... Yea, research is something beautiful isn't it?

The only reason to keep being subscribed is the cool down timers... Which in my opinion is annoying if you are the highest level... At the highest level (raiding/dungeons) you are almost required to have a Gold Pack to be in an ''active'' guild.

stolennn1 10 years ago
You were mistaken about the Dyes , you pay 10 euros for 5x True Black , that's a complete set of armor you can Dye.

Demirian 10 years ago
It really funny ) . I played aion with SUB and without Auction House its pain in ass play this game , coz Auction = 30-40% of game , coz you need buy some Materials or Gear and ect so this really ridiculously .

And OMG )) i first time saw AION Cash shop ... I think Free To Play model just Finished Aion . It was already boring game even with SUB when you have All capability and now play this game without SUB with this restrictions! Dont know what to say - this JUST TROLLING from Nexon .

This more TRIAL version

Btw i hat Hybrid style F2p It is almost always "Pay To Win" i dont know even 1 game with HYBRID ( Hybrid i mean when game was P2P and then it changed to F2P ) almost all games died coz this system . Yeah, now they have maybe MORE PLAYERS but you cant to fully enjoy game coz its impossible when you have so much restrictions . I pass , need choose or you playing F2P games and spending 10-20$ in 2-3 months or you playing games with SUB and spending 15$ in month like Aion games.

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