After a month long Kickstarter Akanerio: Demon Hunters has emerged victorious in their quest to raise $200,000 in order to provide features such as co-op gameplay, crafting, Linux support, as well as IOS and Android versions of the game. Perhaps the most important addition brought on by the Kickstarter is the inclusion of multiplayer support.  Prior to the Kickstarter, Spicy Horse Games was unsure whether or not they would be able to include co-op in a timely manner after release. Now, with Akaneiro safely funded players will be able to enjoy the action RPG with their friends as opposed to just their offline NPC counterparts.

As to when the additional features brought on by the successful Kickstarter will actually be implemented is still unknown.  American McGee, CEO of Spicy Horse Games commented on this stating “over the coming weeks, we’ll be taking a look at what it takes to implement these features and get them out in a timely manner. We’ve also still got contributions coming in on the Paypal page, which may influence which features wind up where on the plan.”

The game is now live and if you are interested in checking out the Japanese folklore inspired ARPG you can visit the official site here.

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    • I played a bit during the beta. It’s quite good but I agree with you, arpgs tend to be repetitive and i don’t want to burn myself out on it before multiplayer is added. Graphics are gorgeous and really do have a similar feel to okami and muramasa demon blade

  1. i’ll say it MOUNTED just cause u people are so against it and idc at all anyways good thing this game got coop but i still wont join it since u can still 1 hit(almost) everything in pve

    • Sad little boy’s comment ‘Mounted’ get a real life.And on that Note i cant wait for Co-op there’s gonna be some fun in the game yet!

      • okofire ik mounted stands for first i say it cause i dont know why people are so “against it” u dont like it just dont read it pff simple as that and sephiroth unfortunatelly i am not a sad little boy and i like my gaming life dont wanna get a real life and if i ever get dont think its any of your bussness?yes?thanks now shhh and just live with the fact that there will be always people who say mounted(doesnt matter if its first comment or not)

        • I find it much more annoying to see the ten posts beneath the one saying ‘mounted’ flaming the individual so I am with you on this. People have to find new reasons to be butthurt or they just aren’t happy i guess.

        • 1, Learn english
          2, Dont copy other names
          3, Kids like you shouldnt play those games. They arent mentally ready for it.
          4, I am against it because he even failed the *mounted*
          5, Go cry somewhere else. In real life you cant even punch somebody you weakling.

          • not sure if u talkin to me but in case u are

            1.i am pretty happy about the amount of english i know thank you
            2.i dont copy other names this is my gaming/forum name in everything internet realted for 10 years now and i like it
   in no position to tell me or anyone else what i should or should not do from the moment you dont know me and i dont know you either
            4.i failed the “mounted”. so?what happened?did the world end?no?good
            5.this is just like i told u above you dont know me so u cant tell what i can or cant do 🙂


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