Albion Dev Talk Introduces New Shapeshifter Weapons, And They're So Interesting I Just Have To Try Them

You are what you wear in Albion Online, and now you can shapeshift.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Albion Online Shapeshifter Weapons

Players can transform into entirely new creatures called Shapes thanks to the new Shapeshifter weapons in Albion Online. The new Shapeshifter weapons will come to the MMORPG in the next major patch.

With Shapeshifter weapons, players will start in human form, channeling raw energy, inflicting damage, disrupting enemies, and supporting allies. While using this energy they build up Shift charges which allow them to shapeshift into the form associated with their weapon.

In the video below, Albion Online devs show off the Bear Shape, Ent Shape, Werewolf Shape, Golem Shape, Imp Shape, Panther Shape, and Eagle Shape. Each shape has its own stats, some more resilient, some more deadly. You can equip armor in human form to match your Shape or use different armor so that you switch roles when switching Shapes.

From an outsider's perspective, this is one of the most interesting things coming out of Albion Online in quite some time, and I might just have to give these new weapons a whirl.

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