Albion Online recently released its first content update Aurelius, and now that it’s out, the team has decided to share some of the statistics from the game’s Closed Beta. The free-to-play game jumped in numbers with the opening of Closed Beta due to Veteran Founders being allowed to access the game for the first time. In fact, there are now more than 60,000 Founders exploring the game.

Sandbox Entertainment created a few fun graphics highlighting some of the more important numbers from the Closed Beta Event.


As you can see, players have been hard at work both in battle and in building. 60,000 players from 158 countries have gotten in over 72k kills and still somehow have found time for housekeeping.

The Albion team also revealed which guilds have excelled in areas like territory control:


And… which players have managed to accumulated the most cash:


If you’re curious to see where you stand, you can access ranking stats by clicking on your character portrait in game and selecting “Rankings.”

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  1. Sadly, gone are the days when MMOs were tested by capable people, who only got in betas due to gaming experience and references. Now it’s just who’s got a fat wallet. Ridiculous.

      • It would be funny if the game would stay 1 more year in closed beta just to get more money…
        Hey i understand it is going to be a free to play game but for now it is a b2p game. You know, marketing…

        • Well the purpose of closed beta is to fine tune small things minor game changes and mostly networking changes. If they don’t give out closed beta keys for testing purposes and only rely on founders that will pretty much tell me their marketing base…..I can understand having founder packs in alpha as that makes sense but in closed beta you better be giving out a few keys along side it as testing the server will require more than just a few thousand people.

          • FAQ from Albion Online webpage.

            “I can’t afford a founder’s pack, can you give me free access?”
            Answer: “Sadly, we cannot allow free access to testing to the general public. ….. If you don’t want to purchase a founder’s pack, you can wait until Albion Online is free to play on release.”

            When players have to pay money to test a game then something is wrong. They have 60 000 players from 158 countries….
            Now let’s see how much will stay in beta.


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