Ladies and gentleman it’s time to prepare your trigger finger because the action RPG Path of Exile has now officially -wait for it- launched!

The start of open beta means no further content wipes allowing players to begin tackling the games absolutely massive skill tree (which some may call a forest) without fear of having to start over. The update to open beta also brings with it an additional 50 percent more content in the form of a brand new act. Players can now experience Act 3 in its entirety, where they can explore 21 new areas including abandoned docks, markets, temples and sewers in the ruined city of Sarn in order to uncover the dark truth of their exile. The new act also brings an additional 18 completely new monster types and over 90 monster variations. Talk about variety!

The update to open beta is fairly massive for an ARPG, clocking in at 1.53GB. The game’s servers and website are apparently under extreme load right now but if you wish to try the game for yourself you can do so here.

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  1. I was really interested in this game untill i found out the classes are gender locked. Also read on their official forum that developers are thinking about adding cash shop item that can change your gender later. I really don’t intend to play a game where i have to pay real money to change the class i want to a gender i want it in.

        • the characters arnt genderlocked per say. since u can make any class you want using the skill tree. the class just determine some quest rewards, and starting skille point destribution.

          • Yep i know, been playing the game for few days now. I had duelist who i played as ranger, sadly i died at lv22 with him in hardcore so i made a new character (marauder this time).

            And guys, this is a must play game, if you haven’t gave it a try, do so whenever you find time for it.

  2. 50% of 0 is still 0
    the quest and levels are so short you can beat the whole game in 1 hour then it repeats itself over and over til level 50 in which it has a looping screen of enemies. its not worth playing at all every Diablo beats it, the cookie cutter skill tree only has 1 path that works for each class and the high ranking skill gems are very very very hard to get almost impossible because its a game based 150% on luck and NO skill involved to play just time and luck, it has no story and no talking. very boring, very old, very dead.

  3. Hey guys!We just created a IRC channel so we can chat =)
    To connect, download HydraIRC
    After installing, type /server irc.foonetic*dot*net
    Then type /join irc.mmobomb
    Lets play some PoE =D

    If MMOBomb dont like the idea, i will close it.

  4. Also can’t wait to try act 3. PoE is awesome. And truly F2P.
    Maybe i’m wrong, but from what i know they gonna add a act each year. They plan to have a total of 10 acts, so only 7 more years =))

  5. i feel stupid cause i didint put it to download yesterday before i was going to sleep U_u i knew i was forgeting something ………..

  6. Im downloading now. Its a bit slow, but It will get there! Been signed up hoping for beta key since it’s birth with zero luck. Time has come for me to finally play 😛


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