Duelyst Ancient Bonds

Duelyst got bigger and better yesterday, with patch 1.82 hitting the servers, bringing with it the Ancient Bonds Expansion. This set adds 39 new cards to the game, introducing a new keyword, Bond, as well as introducing synergy between card types. Best of all, you can get them all for a single low price.

The cards come from Ancient Orbs, which you can purchase in-game for 300 gold or from the shop for $2.99 each; alternatively, you can buy 13 for $19.99. Each Ancient Orb comes with a full playset (three copies) of three cards from Ancient Bonds. You’ll never get a duplicate of any card in your collection, so that single $19.99 purchase nets you everything you’ll ever need from the set.

Patch 1.82 also makes some balance changes to the game, increasing a couple of zero-cost cards to one mana, as well as buffing the general Kara Winterblade and the Diamond Golem minion. You can read all about the patch and the new cards on the Duelyst site.

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