Free-to-play third-person anime brawler KurtzPel will land on Steam at the end of this month, courtesy of KOG Games. According to the game’s lore, KurtzPels are “legendary heroes of the past … imprisoned inside the Tower of Gods during the Great Change that was caused by an evil deity.” Your character is a descendant of those ancient KurtzPels, whose mission is to fight the great Holy Bellatos Empire and its evil religious dogma. And who better to fight religious zealots than busty anime girls, right?

Granted, you don’t have to be a busty anime girl. In fact, KurtzPel has a fair number of options in its character creator. You’ll send your character out on various missions, both PvE and PvP, taking on epic boss monsters alone or in groups. It’s maybe not the most innovative concept ever created, but the cel-shaded graphics give it a nice look, and the action seems smooth and sufficiently colorful.

KurtzPel will enter early access on Steam April 30. While it will be free-to-play, KOG will also be offering Founder’s Packs at that time that include exclusive costume sets. To learn more, hit up the KurtzPel website or its Steam page.

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