If you’re looking for a less cartoony Battle Royale to play, or… I dunno… you’re really into reality shows, then the conversion of Outpost Games’ SOS to free-to-play might be good news.

If you haven’t heard of SOS, the premise is that you’ve signed up for a reality show, only to have the producers decide watching everyone fight to the death would be a lot more fun. So, you and 31 other contestants are all dropped off on La Cuna Island where you all fight until there’s only the last man standing.

The game is currently on early access on Steam and will cost $14.99 to pick up until tomorrow, at which time it will be fully free. The F2P conversion is part of the developer’s plan to concentrate specifically on the Battle Royale mode. Yes… There was more than one mode, but Outpost Games has decided to pull it.

There is something worth noting if you decide to hop into SOS after tomorrow. Not all of the game’s current player base is excited about this change — with some reporting that they’ve wasted as much as $60 on the game. So, just be aware they might be a bit cranky when you log in.

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