Things have quieted down a bit since Sony Online Entertainment became Daybreak Game Company — and seemingly lost half its staff in the process. Today, H1Z1 Lead Combat Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt added to the list of departures by announcing that he was taking up a position with Twitch.tv.

In announcing his transition via Reddit, Whisenhunt said he “wouldn’t trade the memories made and lessons learned with this talented crew [at SOE/Daybreak] for anything” and that he has the “utmost faith” in the H1Z1 team to carry on his work with weapons — which will carry on, just that you’ll have to “shout at someone else about it.”

Whisenhunt already streams regularly, mostly Counter-Strike with a smattering of H1Z1, so the move make sense for both him and Twitch. Still, it’s another curious loss for the Daybreak team, which seems to be shrinking faster than the population of post-apocalyptic Earth.

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  1. Lesson learned for Jimmy: Never try to make a Counter strike zombie survival horror deatmatch game. Just make other clone like CS.

    I am glad his leaving maybe H1Z1 gun mechanics will be better without him. Or this just confirms H1Z1 is going to be cash grab pretend like they care for little while and then go completely black. Just like what they did with Planetside 2. But W/e I don’t even play this game anymore.But in all honesty H1Z1 is garbage and I still want a refund.


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