Add Super Monday Night Combat to the list of free-to-play games that will be shutting down next week due to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (The news actually broke on April 26, so we apologize for just getting to it now.) SMBC hasn’t seen more than 100 concurrent players on Steam since June 2016. To thank players, Uber Entertainment is handing out $10,000 worth of in-game currency until May 22, with the full shutdown coming May 24.

SMBC’s shuttering follows Gravity Interactive taking all its games offline in the EU and Loadout closing up shop completely, both in wake of the GDPR. The CEO of Little Orbit, Matthew Scott, said that players could “expect to see GDPR updates” soon and might be the reason his company was able to acquire APB Reloaded from GamersFirst. With just one week to go before the compliance deadline, GDPR has already had an impact on gaming in Europe and beyond.



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