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About the game:
Title: APB Reloaded
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Realtime Worlds
Publisher: Gamersfirst

APB: Reloaded (All Points Bulletin) is a free to play 3D massively multiplayer online third-person shooter game (MMOTPS) based in the modern-day fictional city of San Paro featuring two factions, Law Enforcement who take on the challenge of supporting and safeguarding justice, or as Gangs, who operate against the law and any opposing groups by any means necessary. Players can join either faction, and then form their own customized team and group to join the constant battle across the urban landscape.

All Points Bulletin (APB), designed by the creator of the original Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise, brings players into a living, breathing city where cash is king and territory equals respect. APB will provide players with the ultimate customization options from their weapons, vehicles and clothes to their attitude, music and environment. Like the real world, San Paro is constantly on, there is no offline, no escape and no let-up from the action once you are in-game. It is a living, breathing, constantly evolving world where players are the core focus of the action through their conflicts, creativity and sought after celebrity statuses.

Explosive Features:

  • Unparalleled character, weapon and car customization systems.
  • Non-stop PvP action.
  • Game from GTA creator David Jones.

Featured Video

System Requirements

APB Reloaded Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
Memory Ram: 4 GB
Video Card: Card: nVidia GeForce 7800

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  1. A very trashy game with a trashy community probably made by trashy developers who understands that profit before gameplay is priority. The premium users will always be able to shoot and kill you first regardless of who shot first. There are several thousands users that do not speak English or understand English yet you provide servers for them and none join. The threat level is a joke, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE. You will be mixed with users above higher skill levels / or max than you. Servers will disconnect you from time to time. I still can’t believe that hackers exist in this day, this game is old. The majority of the weapons in-game is absolutely trash in comparison to others, why develop. why model weapons that no-one will use?
    – All facts.

  2. dont listen to all the haters saying bad things about apb
    if u have a good pc , a good net connection then nobody can stop u from becoming a pro, the game has awesome population , best customization and ITS THE ONLY GAME WHICH IS NOT P2W
    am a hardcore f2p and i can rekt anybody in apb with the starter weapon which is called “star 556” which is very good. just read a few guides before start playing apb and dont stop playing till 1 hr

  3. This game is awful.
    Pay2Win overpowered Troublemaker.
    Broken matchmaking (4 silvers\bronzes vs 4 golds 90% of time).
    Manual bans covered with fairfight.
    Retarded mods closing useful threads instead leaving lol, kek, broken english and other shit.
    Outdated engine.
    Shittons of bugs.

    10/10 glad i sold my acts and quit this shit game.

  4. This game is really boring and terrible now. Been that way for the past 2 years really.
    Stick with Crimecraft for more content and fun.

  5. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the structure of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  6. Thanks gaming master appreciate the review. I really dont think anything out there is decent. I liked aion, but the hackers, gold sellers, and poor party/guild system was overboard.. Tera made me upset. Bosses had KO skills and I could never defeat kelsaik even with +9 gear all around. … Why is there nothing decent to play..

  7. Kinda sad that this is the only game on earth it seems with this much customization, but if you guys are looking for another game to play, with similar customization, play Crime Craft, its better anyway. I suggest everyone stop playing APB anyway, which i did. Game isn’t going anywhere anyway, stupid ignorant GM’s, hackers everywhere, i would say about 95% of the game freaking cheat. only 2 maps, no real content.

  8. Some things never change. This is one of those things. Sucked when it was first released. Shut down and came back F2P. Sucked then, so they revamped it into what it is now. Still sucks. They didn’t fix any of the core issues–hacks and a very heavy skew in favor of paying players. You CAN’T do that in a competitive shooter and expect it to survive as a hybrid game. It will alienate anyone who plays F2P and end up securing the game’s downfall..which is already has. Just a matter of time now.

  9. What a piece of crap…

    Out of curiosity I downloaded this so called “game” I created my character and jumped in the game and since I was new to the game I had no idea what to do and I find my self in a match with out knowing how the hell I entered into.

    1.The game is absolute Pay to win and people who say otherwise are wrong and should be ignored. As a free to play you must rebuy your weapons that cost insane amounts every 10 days and have access to better gear so on..

    2. Retarded gamers that are outside the match find it funny to block you or stop you from completing a mission (specially if they are in the opposite team clan)

    3. This game is crawling with hackers which reminds me of WarRock (I don’t know if that game still exists)

    4. Free to play get limited customization options for gear and cars

    If I had to rate this game seriously I would give it a 3/10 Terrible ,This game should have remained dead..

    I recommend you do not play this game don’t even bother downloading it even if you would subscribe it’s not worth it.

    • APB reloaded has grown ever since it started.

      The game now feels much better than what it was during RTW times or Closed and Open Beta.

      all those pay 2 win stuff and hacker everywhere stuff is just false, All weapons on the ARMAS Market are Re-skins of existing weapons, that certainly does not make them better. The only weapons that are standing out are the Legendary s, the Legendary s are from the Joker boxes which can be bought via the ARMAS, yet they are Tradable via the auction house for a seriously high price, for example the N-tec 7 “Ursus” which cost from 8 to 10 million in game currency.

      And the hacker thing is that the game definitely has hacker, none gonna decline that, the thing is that butthurt kids call anyone a hacker in the game who killed them, even thought that “hacker” is 150 level above em, hence he has more experience and is better equipped. I would rather blame the matchmaking.

      The Matchmaking is the most stupid thing in the game, far worse than anything else, even the enormous lags cant compete with that Matchmaking. as a rank 10 it is possible to get Gold lvl 255(max lvl) enemy’s, the matchmaking is probably at fault for the game die one day. The Matchmaking is so far below fair that it is already at sadistic.

      The Districts are actually pretty nice categorized Green, Bronze, silver, gold, the only problem is that the Silver District is now the Gold District, Bronze is silver and Gold Districts are either empty or got some Bronze in it.

      The Thread system is based solely on the fact how good your KDA is, Win or Lose does not matter. The old System worked with win or lose as well.

      The game is still better than anyone else says, here on mmobomb since those are probably the butt hurt kids, who does not even have any interest in playing the game at all from the start. if you stay and play it longer you will learn how to move and and and. But those who left are not those who start a game and drop it shortly after. No game needs those idiots.

  10. It’s still a fun game to play, not the best, but enough to sate your thirst for justice/crime, if you don’t want to deal with the *foul* people, just stay in the bronze districts, you actually meet nice people there.

  11. James you’re lying and trolling. This game is nothing like saints row 3 or 4 lol. APB has bad graphics ( RTW looked better ) , only 2 damn maps from 2010, same boring missions, 90% of the game players hacked, GM’s don’t give a damn, game my guess will be shut down within a year. glad i gave this game up and found saints row 3 and 4 to play over this.

  12. one more thing: All you newbies and people that never crossed the line of frustration with shooters when the good Players kill youso fast and you never know where that came from:
    APB splitted their servers. Now the new and lowskill players have servers of their own. I watched some friends playing these days, that never played much shooters at all and they had so much fun. This is a great way to play a Shooter without the need to invest hundreds of hours for training.

    • Thank you for sharing that info about servers Oldashanti.

      I would consider myself an fps noob and getting killed left and right by pros is the LAST thing I want.

      I’ve played APB a while back but I rage quit 3 times, constantly installing then uninstalling until I finally put the game down for good.

      But since they have new serves I will no doubt try APB Reloaded again.

      From my past experience, I’d give APB 3 out of 5 Lumps.

      • @MissLovelyLadyLumps thanks, u still play it until dec 1 2013, wow really veteran APB ahha.
        Bro can i ask u what servers good for APB?? Han had moved to USA location, that make me worries because alot change by G1 from year 2011.
        Hai can some1 answer my question here?
        1. How latest patch of january 2014 today? need info alot, mind and physics exercise are required alot to play this “unroom” game!
        2. Is that true Shaw 556 had lowered (hard to kill cars, lower recoil, etc? to kill anyone with LMG, we must use ALIG/N SSW 74? i miss shaw 556 feary power that kill player and cars!
        3. Are u sure that obir and N tec 5 had had better refixing? nice if u can add comment in here!
        4. Bad weapon still ffa bulshark (new cash item but terrible), PMG shotgun in some miscellaneous types, cobly PMG smg? are they still bad?
        5. How about asylum districts, how it opened? only on weeekend? how about joker tickets? i dont much follow much in-game review anymore!
        6. Anyone can review each server players? i wish good feedback and comment here, i cant play because of alot lag, banned isp adress and low comps specs.
        7. what weapon now that maybe screamed OP?? need info on that!

        Nice to meet u active players !!

        • Haha thanks xD I’m playing pretty much daily nowadays, anyones welcomed to add me. My username is MissLadyLumps (I’m not good with keeping track of my usernames lol if thats not it add me on Steam *MissLovelyLadyLumps*)

          I can’t really answer any of those since I just got back started playing few months ago, I recommend you ask my friend ingame (Hes a practical genius when it comes to APB)

          Hope to see you play one day!

  13. Oxiel, you are 100% correct Sir. Im still plaing and its still great. Last patches gave us some nice little changes. There is only one shooter to kill them all: APB

  14. To those saying it’s P2W are only half right.

    I’ve been playing since RTW owned it, and stopped due to school starting up, and just got back into it a week ago. I beat someone who bought a premium sniper and a scoped pistol with just my default STAR gun that you start out with. The game is entirely based on skill and tactics (where do I go, how do I approach an objective, etc.)

    It might have a steep learning curve to some, which causes a lot of frustration, but I promise it is worth it. You can make plenty of money on free accounts to buy weapons/vehicles/clothes. Good at designing, music, marketing, or just straight up combat? Make songs, make designs, custom vehicles, your own line of clothing, or just fight well in the action districts.

    Aimbotters? Come on. They have been cracking down on those pretty well, and about 85% of the cases of aimbotters have been false. Read up on the forums, check the wall of shame, and try to realize your opponent is just good. They watch their back and their corners. Play like them.

    Personally I think the game is 9/10 and I haven’t spent a dime on it. I make money off selling custom themes and songs, and the playe rbase is both annoying yet hilarious. The mayhem that goes on in the open streets will always make you laugh.

    TL;DR – Really fun, be patient, not P2W, remember it’s a game. 9.0 / 10.0

    • TY Oxiel, your post has convinced me to give it a try and I want to thank all the other poster for the time and lengthy review’s that must have taken a bit of time to share with us.

  15. Overpowered guns for those who pay. Also plenty of hackers and aimbots that the developer doesn’t seem to care enough about to stop. Only good thing about the game is customization. Otherwise P2W garbage.

    • Actually my friend every gun can be beat in this game, whether you paid for it or not it all depends on the user, now for the hacking bit yes there are some but kinda slimming down ( well on EU1 to me ) and i play the damn game every day, now p2w it is not just because someone has a paid whisper doesn’t mean he’s a good user

  16. My computer does not play games with good graphics well, and with the graphics all down, it barely lagged. And my computer was cluttered, so now it should play good. Clean Computer equals no lag, guys. Im sure of it.

  17. Awesome game, for its distinguished performance on the level of graphics crazy characters and cars just so much! 😀

  18. APB is my online favorite game but i dont have the right processor to play this game. Thats why APB freeze all the time and make me becoming very frustating. And i dont have the cash to change processor because to do that i have change the motherboard and memories too.

    • Yup. This game is garbage if you don’t have some cash to spend on it. Sad, really, this game should have been good, but they made it for profit. Greedy little shits.

  19. I used to be recommended this blog via my cousin. I am no longer positive whether or not this post is written by him as no one else realize such designated approximately my trouble. You’re incredible! Thanks!

  20. This game far more interesting than I thought. So does Age of Wushu. The stunning scenes with special effects are vert eye-catching. Huge world map is also interesting.

  21. i played this. i had tons of fun in the beginning, although many features were limited. then came a HUGE explosion of failure….

    i got to some level, not certain of the exact but high enough to face paying players- whom DESTROY me with their weapons. why? they bought it. now im stuck at the level facing impossible to beat players and i just cant win.

  22. TL;DR- everyone whining about hacks _probably_ just sucks at shooters. It’s easier to accept that other players are cheating than it is to admit you suck.

    If you’ve ever played an FPS, you can surely recognize the ‘omfgHAX’ cries of the noob crowd for what it really is. This game is amazing, and I’m sad I didn’t try it sooner.

    • does it work with vista it kept saying error so i just pressed the fix-what ever u can call it- it twice im just getting feedback
      -by the way i played with windows XP and it worked fine-

  23. apb is a horrible game that the customer service never listen to there player base and also never release new conetent the game server still old the company never upgrade them giving frequent fps and game lag drops to players and make the game unplayable freindly warning play at your own risk its a good game but its going to rustrate you with the lag drops and low dps moment in vital moment in gaming in which case is everytime and the game company never releases anything new just waces around something in front of your face later on making so you can ju7st buy it in cssh shop and the only redeeming feature about it is the clothing customization and weapon modification which could use no color coding and have player use them to fit there characters.

  24. Its pretty good, but i don’t recommend it for players with laggy computers, also its a PTW game, so it kinda sucks, BADLY. But i don’t notice any hackers here.

    Uninstalled the game, too laggy.

    • The game is also HIGLY UNBALANCED! At first you go up with pepole who are level-30-80, and you can’t hardly kill them, they own snipers and stuff and snipe your head right off, the snipers are too powerful, it takes only two shots to kill you, also what i hate most is that the game does not have an autobalance feature, many enemy players will come up at you, calling backup is USELESS! and own you, the only thing to do is to stealthily go through the enemies(with a car of course) and get to the objective. Also there are lots of Grenade-Only players here. when they see you they will throw not lead, grenades, they will blow up your cars if your not quick enough, and you can get pretty good kills when you fight other players with the same level as yours, i got 10 kills up against three people who were just the same level, they got kills too, i got killed 7 times. Also, its very easy to lose prestige and respect if your a police chasing gangsta and you accidentally kill a civilian, your lvl will go down. And the graphics are awesome, but a little TOO awesome, the graphics lag me out, even in low graphics quality, Message to G1:You don’t need to make APB like Battlefield 3, and the spawn points are kinda crappy, and the area your in contains people who are not even involved in your mission, increasing lag. The vehicles are VERY hard to maneuver and killing other people is highly likely.

      • Hey at least it isn’t a one-shot-one-kill spiner like CoD right? If you want to survive a sniper never EVER run in a straight line bro.

      • the game does not allow headshots, and it identifies your body as all the same you’ll die with the same amount of hits on your toe as in your head, the diference in the weapon dmg, also this game just eats your memory and doesn’t release space that is not being used anymore, if you switch districts the one you just left will stay on your RAM and not get released, since the initial Beta the game was never optimized and is a resource hag on every aspect for what if can actualy pull off.

    • There are two worlds bro. Get it right. I’ll give you the hacker thing… but there aren’t that many. I’ve been playing this game for like 7 months now and I know what it’s like.

  25. Played this for about 10 minutes, Awesome concept but as usual full of Wanker hackers. Uninstalled as im sick of them ruining games.

  26. Fun concept, and the game could be great. Been playing for about 2 months, and I have to say I still can’t figure out how I can pump half a dozen high velocity rounds into a player, and then they kill me with one shot…. all the time! It really takes the potential fun out of the game. Someone can’t be “better” at the game on that type of level… not sure if it’s all pay-to-play people or hackers, but I want to like this game on fair ground. Looking for another to try out currently.

  27. Hi Folks

    I didnt play for 2 Months or so and returned these days. Amazing how one is intantly back in the groove. Jump in your car, press K and there u go. Just great!
    Not much has changed. G1 is another bad publisher. They released some patches and made some nice small changes but nothing relay interesting except the new Levelcap. They should surley do more, another map is needed!
    But its still the best Shooter in my book and there seem to be more players now than there had been last year when i left. Join the Party ist so much fun!

  28. The games ok, Its not as good as most of the console games but since its “free to play” its pretty good compared to other free MMOs.

  29. you cant even own the weapons you buy for ingame cash it expires plus there is no real hitboxes it doset matter where you shoot the person there is no headshots either

  30. If you guys are having trouble getting this game from other sites, its free to download off of steam, and the download is very reliable, if slow.

  31. Too many hackers.. But This game is just like … DREAM! Customize your own car and character this is all i want.. But this gold – silver system sucks cuz Im GOLD and i need play with aimbots if i dont Im gonna get – % 50 EXP

  32. I need help getting the game, every time im installing it it get’s to decompressing client files 16%(909 ) it skips too 100 then keeps saying installion error :'(

  33. It’s fun until the enemy has more players on their sides and you can’t do the objective because they have so much more people on their team. Hate it when they have more people and I can’t call for back up or when both sides have an even amount of players and then 1 side calls in back up. Also hate how when I first started this game, I had to go up against veterans. Other than that, its pretty fun when your fighting a fair game.

  34. Heya Marco
    maybe u try ur gamers first account on their internetpage instead of the game login. Should be a forgot password option there.

  35. Jeez guys, what are u talking about?

    Killed by a Shotgun? I feel for you. But everybody using Shotguns? Simply not true. If anything Assault Rifles are the most used weapons.

    Out of the net? They just released a big patch. Game is alive and kicking. Too bad these idiots dont do any advertising. This game has serious Blockbuster-Potential.

    And the biggest bullshit is this P2W crap. I tried all weapons in the game. There is no magic stick to be bought. All these whiners crying because this or that weapon killed em. drive me nuts. You can have all the good guns for ur ingame money. If anythingu get the good stuff earlier when paying for it and there are some nice ones in the shop sure. but NOTHING is close to P2W.

  36. Pay to win eh? I just got off of another F2P P2W game so that’s all I needed to know before wasting my time downloading this. I guess developers and game producers just don’t care how it makes a player feel when he has poured so much time into his character only to be beaten by credit card warriors..Thanks but no thanks.

  37. -~- its sucks cause everyone uses a shotgun and smg XD everytime i walk a few steps im killed by a person with a shotgun o3o and i have no clue where they are hiding so then i finally killed him

  38. the game is an awesome game in itself the only thing i find annoying is the p2w concept. most of the time you can get around the over powered pay to win ppl but its a bit of a challange but overall the game is an amzing f2p game thats one of the top games on my list of favorite games. console or pc its high on the list

  39. Hi folks

    After weeks of excessive playing im still totally addicted. Sure the game has its flaws like occasional cheaters or, even worse, the superlame Ghosters (Players not involved in Missions help their friends with infos or disruptive behavior with cars and such).
    BUT its so much fun that ill take that stuff with a smile.
    BF3 is unused till i discovered APB and my PS3 is reduced to a DVD Player 😉
    Try this Game! Give it some time, you wont regret it.

  40. Hai ever1 i new in APB

    I saw all comment from all games, mostly intersting and sharpmind with deep experience for each game.
    I play tradicional FPS like warrock , Point blank, Xshot etc.
    Here my regret to APB developer:
    1. Why no restrict team use special menu (must had room leader) to join mission? SAD for me…
    NEXT PATCH PLEASE build this nice menu with rules ok.!
    2. WHY no KNIFE or melee weapon stabber ? VERY ODDS and dumb not listed!!
    3. WHY only OPGL and OSMAW can area damage? Please man area effect is goosh musthad weapon in APB because u cant brake armed opponet teams wtih cars blocking, Sniper and long range riffle in open area mission. Yes this case happen to my lv 100 friend , so i wish APB makers can build custom redefine area weapon. My friend desperate destroy all car and his expesive cisco mods to brake that solid barrier and all his temate die in 20 min chain mission that frustate all his teamate mission.
    4. I wish IF criminal can steal goods, i wish a free subject to worth fight like nice funny pet can added for money profit for criminal and enforcer.
    5. Ok , based on some wiki site APB background stories lie on rich kids enforcer and criminal NPC stories. Can next patch tweak had mission for their past histories, i think ithat APB stay better than others FPS game.
    6. For madness things, can APB developer build mission that appy only on fight club? I need alot chain mission for upgrade my stat char.
    7. Why water in APB is solid untouched building, I WANT TO SWIM AND REACH AS I walk in ground .

    BYe BYe , this amazing game must had u play for shooting, APB wont u forced u to shoot in mission always , u can relax and enjoy “social rule”, U can talk personally both to enforcer and crims on same channel.

  41. I wait Its patch 1.70 anyone can POST it?

    OK here my personal opinion about APB!

    I. APB bassically for me is adventure RPG with some MMOFSG. U must earn bucks from Waterfront and Financial DIstricts, Spend buck for weapons, armours, car , all customs and etc
    In Social Distric and PURE PVP (POLICE vs CRIMINAL) in Fight club 2 Map.
    2. Criminal easier to life , can ram shops and cashed stolen goods, hit pedestrian for mugging (just 1 hp i assume) and deliver stolen car to car shop. Enforcer not, they likely live from mission awards, kill bounty players (enforcer or not), or GOOD thing steal directly unowned car of criminal that had goods stolen and deliver it to evidence room.
    3. Look like GTA, no no no !! GTA only had some limited char, customize in APB are unlimited!\
    4. Duel dogfighting in car mission or just chase criminal that cought stealling is heartbreak!
    5. 4 G of RAM and high speed comp and internet is must, not mention unpredictable patching and restart servers, damn!

    FOR my personal opinion, Criminal easly rich, enforcer hard to rich, so Police must use handcuff criminal to earn 100$ to earn big money.

    Pros aboaut APB:
    1. U can drive in cars for waterfront and financial distric and try all car in streets u seen. I hate play wow and others game that must kill creatures, so relaxing driving car and watch someone mission kill each other relaxing me … xD (smile)
    2. U can kill high lv player with free weapon, just make sure u know all its range, its weakness and ur best positions (first know idea from me !).
    3. Dont trust someone u said “that man had better gun and i killed many times”, this game only for bravemen who willing finished mission with all ways to win, car and shoot tactics and u cant pick teammate weapon , so u must carefull reload all ur weapon using resupply box.
    4. Awesome building and cover and cornered building and sitemap for any weapon, so start learning all building and its range cost using car if u are NEW USER!!
    5. Can be addicted to play , my friend try it from lv 1 to lv 100 play hundred hours using contact and mission learning , I JUST LOVE its random and very difficult mission and harder teamate players and opponent!
    6. APB can use unlimited art creations from ur own, can redefine ur body and love to watch someone “artwork” in social distric.
    7. never give up hope on mission, never give up earn money, dont cheat everyone, This gam had sharp eye GM which terminate ur account easly.
    8. Never forget my favorite car Charge Cisco : small , can enter veronica lee (criminal NPC) room, can customize with mods, the only luckly car for anyone who know and love it.

    Cont abaout APB:
    1. watch bro u need sleep, addicted for mission and earn contact can bug ur body . LOL
    2. Never underestimated all type of NTEC and shotgun type, many skilled player can kill many times with it to car and humans.
    3. Too much patching time, sometimes some files corrupt (need reinstal damn!) , lag occurs when server said “server will restart in …”
    4. G1 Premium for cash APB from me just buy 1 permanent weeapon and or just buy char slots alot –100 max. Other useless, u must live deeply for low xp and low standing (XP) because if not, ur killing stat will bad or not good enough.
    5. Carefull for say bad words or pishing GM or use cheat and got cought, u likely band permannently. Staff GM usually wont like recover ur id or forgive u even ” u cry for mercy”. I had 4 friend u had banned account alot, so dont this happen to U.
    6. What I hated mostly from this game : weak weapon choice, llimited excuse of GM reason from banned (search google if u dont trust me for topics banned), VIP Escort must guard team player.
    I want to guard NPC stoned in car and deliver it to car chopper for alternate misson VIP (stupidly not implemented).

    Any more discussion please just wrote in here, I had 3 banned account but this GAME is the only game FPS always me curious play again !.

  42. WOW. What a blast. Cant remember when i had so much fun with a new Game. Extremly fast Gamemaking System, awesome action while shooting or driving makes it a real cool Shooter (only one Hitbox is a minus but it somehow doesnt affect my fun).
    And then, the insane possibilities for custumizing your Char and car. You can spend days only with creating clothes, faces, Tatoos or Music Themes (and earn tons of ingame cash by selling those). Freaking unbelievable great.

    Im having zero Prblems with the Servers, Patches coming in frequently, and no trouble with Hackers yet.

    This is THE game for me. Test it, try to overcome the learningcurve, its all worth it.

  43. this game does not have the best graphics but what do you think? A PC game does not have the best graphics but these are pretty decent. the gunplay is exciting and i like the rush of the feeling when you pull the trigger. the game gives you a good feel. Enforcer: be with the law , play by the law (yea kinda). Criminal : where did all this goth come in? and if it’s lethal i’ll use it. but anyways i would put this game from 1 to 10 at a 8-. i would reccomend this game to this audiunce. i want to get up eat get on the internet and kick cop/criminal ass. please comment if you like this post

    • Are you kidding me? PC are much more powerful then any console on the market. PC has the best graphics IF you have a powerful machine (like me), Games on my computer look WAY better then console. DC Universe Online looks like crap on the ps3 (I have a 60 inch 1080 HD TV) And on my PC looks beautiful, so there ya have it.

  44. This game is fun,graphics are nice.It have a realy good customization of characters and cars,but they are like mdb851 said tons of hackers and that’s true.Don’t play on russian servers,there everybody have hacks.If you don’t have good internet connection and pc you get a lot of lags and bugs.

  45. Tons of hackers. After banning the hackers, the game developers struggled to make income, therefore, they allowed the hackers they had banned access to the game once more. The match making system will place brand new players against maxed out veterans in what can only be called a slaughterfest. The game has a player base that is horrible. They will rip you apart in open chat from the moment you step foot into the game. Also, if you are new, you will be kicked from mission groups as the veterans do not like to play with anything else but high level players. In closing, this game is headed right back into the trash can from where it was salvaged. Only upside to this game is the graphics and character customization. Other than that, save your time for something better.

  46. Okay game needs some fixing like maybe faster shooting or something i have a few glitches but over all this game is pretty fun i give it 3 and half stars!!

  47. New Year, New Cheats, No update.
    Punkbuster is too weak to stop people’s cheating.
    Say byebye to this suck game and all of the aimbot users

  48. I saw a feaking aimbot using his joker cabin to murder my 3 full-health-teammates with close-shoots in 2 seconds and I did nothing because he killed me in next sec…
    I saw my teammates’ car are blocked by noob drivers and we could do nothing because those drivers can not be attack…

    • Thats actually one of the reason i don’t play it anymore, I got really annoyed with players friends who aren’t related to the mission blocking and helping, Or enforcers who run people into store fronts so they can witness the crime.. There is alot of stupid crap like that. The game has some serious potential.. Ya know, If people didn’t have to ruin it.

    • Thats because alot of the combat in the game is close-quarters, You’re not going to bring a sniper rifle to a shoot out in a small ally way or apartment complex.

    • i agree with sharkman you cant even use a damn Assultrifle with out some trolling shotty noob trying to get close this game is ment for those who dont like being called shotty noobs in real Fps online games

      • Lol. I was reading this in cpolmete agreement, after all it works for mobile phone companies, so why not games? Then I saw the last line and had to laugh as I’ve been wondering recently what Aion is like now as well. They do periodically do free weekends, but last time they did one, by the time I’d patched up to the most recent and found time to play it was the end of the promotion

  49. i highly do not recommend this game. this new game company is ban happy and playing too good willresult in an immediate ban! do NOT play this game! full of hackers and whiners.

    • Ha ha dmac you are lying, I play it and that rarely happens. If it does happen it’s due to punkbuster issues identifying legit programs as hacks, but that can get fixed with a ticket to support.

      Did mommy ever teach you that lying is bad?

      great game, some hacking is there but most accusations of hacking are false and some players are really good. Learning curve is a bit steep, don’t be discouraged at the beginning and keep playing and you’ll get better and start kicking ass.

      Try it out!!

      • hey!!!!
        just download the punk buster and enjoy nothing will happen than……
        select the games who require punk buster and done if you want to ask any thing more this is my email:deyyansaadat@gmail.com

    • dmac does have a point about there being an absurd amount of hackers and twice that number of whiners, But you won’t be banned for absolutely no reason. They would have had to detect a 3rd party software or a false-positive like mickster said, Or possibly you owned one of the “hacked” cars that flooded the market back in August.

      On a side note, Premium and VIP weapons are overpowered compared to the F2P ones in this game, Unless you’re a high level.

  50. this game is fun but i think they got the ram requirment wrong cause my desktop only has 2gb of ram and i can play it on high detail but it might be cause i have a 3.7 ghz proceser and 1gb 128 bit ddr 3 nvidia graphic card but idk

    • Yeah Dillon, you’re ok because of the 1GB VRAM on your card, which is excellent.

      If you only have a 512MB RAM card or less, you’ll need 4GB-I have 6GB just to be sure. RAM is chheap nowadays, it cost me £15 to get 2GB, so no excuses, unless your MB is too old to allow more than 2GB!!

  51. this is game was so bashed at first cuz it had so much bugs and what not but now everyone is looking forward to playing it. i hope this game does really well the only thing im scared of is the premium players will get overpowered weapons. i guess we will have to wait and see

  52. The game works fine, And 4GB ram is not required to play it.. I was playing on 2GB for abit, It even said during the install it wasn’t enough but it still ran, A little laggy in the high populated servers but ran fine most of the time.

  53. played it at my friend’s place.it’s pretty fun and there are tons to do,but with those pc requirements,they probably wouldn’t get much players.But,i am looking forward to their possible low rez client.

  54. Naah to many cheaters in game ! Dont like, j drow the bomb and 30 bullets and nothing, one bullets and j am dead all face to face.

  55. Wtf?! System requirements are too high, how they expect to have alot of gamers to play if the specs are too steep

  56. APB has been a great game ever since it came out under Real Time World now that it’s F2P it’s even better 5/5 You should try it out!

    • they only turned off pb and all that so they can watch the aimbotters they found the hack site and are going to do lots of changes

  57. This “free2play” it means all of us can play …. when we see a games trailer and then “f2p” sign we say “Hell yeah time to download it and show them who we are” .. But then …. you see … “Sry ppl , its not Free to play its still closed beta only the ones who pay us hard can play” … After that you know what we do . Ah this game looks awesome too and its Open for all of us ! I ‘ll tell it too my friends too (my friends to theirs etc, etc (another game gets 100+ ppl to play) c ya

  58. Aw been waiting like 6 months for this game now 🙁 finally thought it was here with this email but still its closed beta :/ with no keys. Oh well hope its here soon this game = AWSOME

    p.s U should send me a key for getting my hopes up! lol


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