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PC APB Reloaded players have a new event on the way. This one’s a bit different than your run-of-the mill event, however, as it’s designed to be a bit of a testing ground for a new mode the developers are considering.

As a bit of a reward for the game’s PC players being patient while the developers handled various issues on the console versions of the game — including ongoing DDoS attacks — Reloaded Productions decided to come up with an all new mode… most likely a survial mode.

According to the most recent developer diary, the team is considering creating gang-land survival. But, they’re not just going to create it and drop it. Instead, they’re looking to get player feedback — not just on the mode itself, but on the name and logo of the preliminary event as well. In fact, a forum thread has already been set up to allow players to submit ideas for those.

As for the mode itself, players will get an opportunity to try it out in the event and should it prove to be popular enough, it could become a permanent feature of the game.

To give players an idea of what to expect in the new mode, the devs also included a bit of a rundown in the developer post linked above.

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  1. This garbage is still alive? Lol, it’s so funny how ppl are blinded by this *bleep* market. I played over 1k hours and maxed 2 toons on crim side, spent too much money for mmo on premium and ****less weaps. Never cared about how this game is doing now, 2010 APB was much better before Gamespot took over…

  2. Not gonna work out cause of the unbelievable pay to get better contents they put on their market they made it really unbalanced.

    • You don’t realize the best guns in the game are the free ones right? Thanks to baddies like you they pretty much make any unique cash shop weapon effectively worse than the base game counterparts. Now the only good cash shop weapons are the reskins of the base/free weapons (same stats/different look), so p2w is not real.

      People just see a veteran with a gold weapon doing well and think its p2w, in reality its just the same weapon you have in your own hands and they just know how to use it better.


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